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1 Arc The Lad: End Of Darkness on Sun Apr 24, 2011 5:56 pm



Hint: Lillia card at beginning:
After defeating the final Boss and completing Arc The Lad: Twilight Of The Spirits, save your game. Once you start Arc The Lad: End Of Darkness with that memory card, you will be prompted to load from Arc The Lad: Twilight Of The Spirits. Respond "Yes", and after it loads you will receive the Lillia card.

Hint: Better than Cure:
Once you become a apprentice, make sure to have two Cures and four Magical Stones. Both can be bought in town of Yewbell for 200 gold each. Synthesize the Cure and Magical Stone to make Cure 2. Then, use Cure 2 and a Magical Stone to make Cure 3. Once you have done this, put the Cure 3s together to make Healing Card. The Healing Card will refill your HP at a rate of 10 every three seconds without wasting your card points. This will make the capture missions very easy, because you will be able to heal yourself just by moving to someplace where you will not get attacked for a bit. Also make sure that you use the Magic Expert to make the Cures and the Special Parts expert to make the Healing Card. Also, once you find a Universal Cloth, synthesize it with the Healing Card to make Healing Pygmy. It will heal 10 HP every two seconds. You can also make the Healing Card and then sell it repeatedly to make a profit of 300 gold each time.

Hint: Defeating Malademons:
You can defeat a Malademon by dodging its attacks (press Square to dodge), keep attacking it (press X andb dodge). Then keep doing this in a pattern: attack once, dodge, attack once, dodge, etc.

Hint: Defeating The Chalice:
To defeat both forms of The Chalice, repeatedly use Thunder Storm 2. However, be careful with the second form. You must protect Ursula, and watch out for when it jumps up and starts spewing blood then slams down onto you. Also make sure that Ursula's Exorcist's Gun shoots it to stun it. The stun lasts about five seconds.

Hint: Get desired cards at lottery:
When you are going to use the lottery, first save your game. When at the lottery if you do not receive the desired card, then reload and try again. This is a good way to get all the character cards.

Hint: Overcome dizziness:
If you get hit with a Dark Sphere 2 and get dizzy, the best way to overcome it faster is to repeatedly move the Left Analog-stick in a circular motion until you overcome the affect of dizziness. You can also get dizzy by "monsters" hitting you frequently, For example, If you get hit a lot by a Dark Dweller, Giant Slime, Giant Ooze, Ooze, and Giant Desert Devils (only be found in online mode).

Hint: Attack interrupts and knockdown/stopping power:
Each character has different knockdown and/or stopping power. Some are so strong they can stop almost any attack. Others have none, so monsters can hit them even if they are being hit. Also, some characters are able to interrupt enemy attacks. Whether or not they can do this depends on the character. These effects also apply to magic and special moves.

Hint: Winning with Paulette:
If another player is using Paulette online and you are also using Paulette, a good way to win is with Heat Cyclone. If another player tries to Cyclone you, quickly step out of the way and Cyclone them. They will not be able to escape. Try to learn all of the characters' strengths and weaknesses.

Hint: Mission Person tasks:
To get past Missing Person tasks easier, avoid all dangerous creatures (not when there are only Malademons in the "room"). When you are at a "doorway" as well as a creature, run against the invisible wall until it loses interest in you. When you have found the missing person, you must escort him or her to the beginning of the area. Make it past the "room" quickly. Once there, he or she will be there beside you with full health. Continue to the start to complete the task.

Hint: Easy gold:
An easy way to get a 500 gold profit each time is as follows. First, buy a number of Fighting Travelog (300 gold each). Then, buy the Survival Guide in twice the amount that you bought the Fighting Travelog (600 gold each). Combine the Fighting Travelog and Survival Guide to make Complete Combat. Again, combine Complete Combat and Survival Guide to make Tome of Five Rings. You can sell the Tome of Five Rings for 2,000 gold each for a 500 gold profit.

Hint: Character cards:
Lottery in Dilzweld
  • Alec: Seventh card to appear; must have the other six first.

  • Camellia: First card to appear.
    Delma: Second card to appear; must have the first card.
    Diekbeck: Eighth card to appear; must have the other seven first.

  • Iga: Fourth card to appear; must have the other three first
    Lutz: Third card to appear; must have the other two first
    Shu: Fifth card to appear; must have the other four first.
    Tosh: Sixth card to appear; must have the other five first.

Main quests
Note: If you miss one of the mission cards you can get them
from the lottery once you have all of the other lottery cards.

  • Bebedora: From the "Wanted Exorcist" quest.
    Cheryl: From the "Wanted Master Hunter" quest.
    Darc: From the "Urgent Manhunt" quest.
    Ganz: From the "A Favor to Ask" quest.
    Kukuru: From the "Find the Missing Person" quest.
    Leeza: From the "Help my Fathert" quest.
    Maru: From the "Find my Husband Demill" quest.
    Paulette: From the "To Anyone Who'll Believe Me" quest.

  • Tatjana: From the "Find Our Teacher" quest.
    Theo: From the "Find Our Teacher" quest.

  • Arc: Complete the game and then complete the Arc Hunter exam.

  • Choco: From a Mofly in a hole in Rueloon market once you have completed the monster book.
    Elc: From a molfy in a hole in Milmarna Palace after you wake up at the start of the game.
    Kharg: Found in the last dungeon, the Cathena Lab at the end of the game on your way to fight the final Boss.
    Lilia: Load Arc The Lad Twilight Of The Spirits cleared save game; may also be obtained from the lottery.
    Volk: Defeat him after you complete the game when Orcoth opens up.


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