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1 Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends on Thu May 19, 2011 1:35 am



Hidden ending sequences:
Highlight the "Play" option at the "Opening"
screen in the options menu, then hold R1 + L1 and
press X. For another ending, hold R2 + L2
and press X.

Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the game in Musou mode with any
character. Alternate costumes for all characters that belong to
the same side will be unlocked. Highlight a person at the character
selection screen, then press L2 or R2 to select
a new color.

Control loading screen:
Press Circle to increase the wind as it flutters
the level name on the loading screen before a battle. Press X
to decrease the wind speed.

Hint: Flashing question mark:
You may see a small purple flashing question mark in
the lower right corner of the screen. In order to complete it,
you must create 120,000 Perfect combos or make 999,999 combo in
game points. Once you make it one fourth of the way, you will
get a purple to yellow question mark. Once you are halfway there,
you will get a red question mark. Once you get the full amount,
you will receive the Musuo Armor, which allows you to get hit
by an arrow and just get the damage without losing your footing.

Hint: Bodyguard third weapons:
When attempting to get the third bodyguard weapons,
play the game under the hard difficulty setting or higher on the
the Yi Ling Level. Be sure to have your bodyguards strong enough
to survive through the entire level. It also may be easier to
use the two player trick, where player one is weaker and player
two is close to or at maximum.

Hint: Easier third weapons:
Play the Battle At You Ting level as Meng Huo's forces
under any difficulty setting. When the north gate is opened you
should get a valuable item message. The weapon is located to the
west of Sun Ce's location. despite the fact it says "item",
it is a weapon. Play the Whu Zhang Plains (extreme) level as the Yuan Shao forces
under the normal difficulty setting. Defeat as many officers as
possible. When they drop a weapon, it may be the third weapon.

Hint: Getting fifth weapons:
When attempting to unlock fifth weapons, you must play
the game under the very hard difficulty setting.

Hint: Easier fifth weapons:
Get Cao Cao's fifth weapon, then boost his stats. When
you want to get a fourth or fifth weapon, have the first player
be the one you want the weapon for and the second player as Cao
Cao. Get the first player to safety and do what is necessary with
Cao Cao. When the weapon or Supply Captain appears, get it with
Cao Cao and complete the mission.

Hint: Cao Cao: Fifth weapon:
To get Blue Steel, which has no element and gives Life
+86, Defense +51, Bow Defense +58, Reach +24, and has Musou Armor
built in, play on the Mt. Ding Jun level as Wei forces under the
very hard difficulty. To make it appear, defeat Huang Zhong in
five minutes. It will appear southwest of Huang Zhong's starting

Hint: Diao Chan: Fifth weapon:
To get the Imperial Mace weapon, which has flame on
her fourth charge attack and gives Jump +21, Life +72, Attack
+25, Reach +30, and Musou Charge +10, play Diao Chan's Escape
as Diao Chan's forces under the very hard difficulty setting.
Defeat Lu Bu (he will drop it) when he appears, after to clear
the third gate. All of the officers north will retreat after you
defeat him. He is fairly difficult. Try using a maxed out Wei
Yan with a fourth weapon, Lu Xun with a fourth weapon, or Sun
Quan with a fifth weapon. Lu Xun and Sun Quan have instant death
on their fourth charge attacks, and Wei Yan has instant death
on his sixth (when he hits them in the air) and seventh charge

Hint: Huang Gai: Fifth weapon:
Play the Yellow Turbans level under the very hard difficulty
setting. Go to the bottom right of the map. Without defeating
any other generals, defeat He YI, then Zhang Bao in order. Then,
wait for the precious item message. The weapon is the Spiked Mace,
and its element is lightning.

Hint: Lu Bu: Fifth weapon:
To get the Demon Slayer, which has flame on the second,
fourth, and sixth charge attack and gives Musou +90, Life +90,
Attack +30, Reach +30, and a Red Hare Saddle built in, play Battle
At Chi Bi as Lu Bu's forces under the very hard difficulty setting.
To make it appear, defeat Lu Meng, Huang Gai, Taishi Ci, and Gan
Ning when they arrive. It will appear above the Place Prayers
in the southwestern part of the map. You can kill them in any
order, however killing Lu Meng first is recommended as he will
kill Diao Chan if you give him the chance. Also, if using two
players use a maxed Diao Chan with her fifth weapon (to assure
that her death does not happen).

Hint: Lu Bu: Silver costume:
Use the following trick to obtain Lu Bu's third costume,
from Dynasty Tactics. Clear all seven Musous (other character).
Make sure your original Dynasty Warriors 3 saved game file
is loaded. Set the game on the very hard difficulty setting. Enter
free mode on Chi Bi, Dong Zhuo's side, using anyone except for
Lu Bu. A silver costumed Lu Bu will appear, from Dynasty Tactics.
Defeat Lu Bu and Diao Chan to unlock Lu Bu's Dynasty Tactics
costume, a special Chi Bi stage, and a new song. To get the Special
Chi Bi stage, choose it with L2 or R2, but you have
to be on Dong Zhuo's forces If you want to play as the special
Lu Bu, highlight Lu Bu at the character selection screen, press
L2 or R2 and press Left or Right to
select the gray Lu Bu. When the stage starts, the special version
of Lu Bu will appear. After you clear the stage with the special
Lu Bu, Lu Bu's third costume will be unlocked at the character
selection screen when you press L2 or R2. To get Lu Bu's extra costume and extra music easier, first, have
a character with a steel type weapon (Cao Cao) for this stage.
Equip Way of Musou, Pickock Ern, Survival Guide, Tiger Amulet
and Tortoise Amulet. When you enter battle, go directly to Lu
Bu and on the fifth normal attack, press Triangle. When
Cao Cao starts to attack press Triangle as he swings so
he causes more damage and kills the regular men in one stroke.
After that save and quit so you can restart at that point you
saved if you die. Go to Diao Chan and use this same attack on
her . Try to get her to follow you away from all the men and archers.
The archers do a lot of damage.

Hint: Ma Chao: Fifth weapon:
Play the Chen Du level under the very hard difficulty
setting. Go to the bottom left of map. Before Pang Tong is killed,
kill the general in the center of the path you may have to go
through, another general, then wait for the precious item message.
The weapon is the Lighting Spear and its element is lightning
and adds +87 Musou.

Hint: Sun Quan: Fifth weapon:
To get the Heavenly Wolf, which has instant death on
its fourth charge attack and gives Musou +68, Life +70, Bow Attack
+52, and Mounted Attack +55, play on The Battle At He Fei level
as Wu forces under the very hard difficulty setting. To make it
appear, prevent Taishi Ci's death event by killing Zhang Liao.
He is a sub-general but his usual location is near Taishi Cim
which is northwest of your starting position. Also defeat Xu Zhu.
He is also a sub-general, but his usual location is in front of
the base where Cao Cao is located. The Heavenly Wolf appears in
the southwest by an Imperial Seal (Musou full for ten seconds).

Hint: Wei Yan: Fifth Weapon:
To get the Twin Stars weapon, which has no element
and gives Musou +82, Life +82, Reach +22, Musou Charge +20, and
has the Way of the Musou built in, play on the Battle at Yi Ling
level as Shu forces under the very hard difficulty setting. To
make it appear, defeat all enemy generals and gate captains. Note:
You do not have to kill sub-generals.

Hint: Xu Huang: Fifth weapon:
Select the very hard difficulty setting and the Tong
Gate level. Kill every leader, except Han Sui or Ma Cho. Han Sui
will defect, and the weapon will appear near the northwest corner,
near the gate.

Hint: Yuan Shao: Fifth weapon:
When at Hu Lao Gate under the very hard difficulty
setting in two player mode, kill the officer (Jia Xu) near the
top of the screen with one player. This will trigger an event
with backup troops appearing faster. When Jia Xu dies, go directly
down to Diao Chan and start fighting her. If you wait, Cao Cao
or Sun Jian will die. You should have her about half or two thirds
killed when the troops show up, so Sun Jian should not die. Yuan
Shao's fifth weapon, the Imperial Saber, will appear. Its stats
are: Element: Flame, Basic Attack +44, Speed +21, Attack To get the Imperial Saber weapon, which has Flame on his fifth
and last charge attack and gives Speed +21, Attack +27, Defense
+54, Bow Defense +49, play on the Battle at Hu Lao Gate level
as Yuan Shao's forces under the very hard difficulty setting.
To make it appear, kill Diao Chan before the Dong Zhou ambush
event with Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Jian and Lu Bu all alive. It
is not likely anyone will kill Lu Bu while you are defeating Diao
Chan; only worry about the others. It is recommended that you
do not kill Lu Bu because it is a waste of time and you are also
putting yourself in danger. The weapon will appear in the northwest

Hint: Zhao Yun: Fifth weapon:
To get the War Dragon, which has lightning on its fifth
and sixth charge attack and gives Musou +78, Life +75, Reach +25,
and Musou Charge +20, play the Nanman Campaign as the Shu forces
under the very hard difficulty setting. To make it appear, defeat
all enemy generals. Note: You do not have to kill sub-generals
or Meng Huo all seven times. However, it is suggested to defeat
him the first time as he will kill Zhuge Liang if you give him
the chance. It will appear next to the wall south of the Shu headquarters,
between the two bridges.

Hint: Zhuge Liang: Fifth weapon:
To get the Griffin Feather weapon, which has Wind on
his second and last charge attack and gives Speed +22, Life +80,
Attack +30, Luck +22, and Reach +25, play on the Battle At Chi
Bi level as the Shu forces under the very hard difficulty setting.
To make it appear, have either the first or second player get
1,000 kills. It is recommended that you use anyone with instant
death when doing this. However, your best choices would be Lu
Xun or Sun Quan, as they both have instant death on their fourth
charge attack, which is better than someone having it on their
last charge attacks (such as Cao Cao).

Hint: 7 Stars Sword:
Get over 1000 combo points in the Combo Mania Xtreme
Challenge. This item helps you get combos easier by having the
numbers disappear slower.

Hint: Beast Harness:
In order to get the Beast Harness, you must surpass
the Speed Demon challenge. The Beast Harness allows you to see
the last horse/elephant you rode on in the radar.

Hint: Combo+ item:
In order to get the Combo+ item, you must surpass Diao
Chan's record for Combo Mania (1000 combos). Suggested characters
to attempt this with are Zang He, Nu Wa, or Zuan Yu.

Hint: Divine Gauntlet:
Play as Dong Zhuo, on Dong Zhuo's side, in the Wu Zhang
Plains level under at least the hard difficulty setting. Move
upwards and keep fighting until you get to the bridge at the very
top. Around there, an intermission sequence will appear featuring
Dong Zhuo standing and looking up at the sky. He sees shooting
stars and says something about "them" all dying. After
awhile, a supply unit should appear on the plateau where Lui Bei
and Zhuge Liang are located. Kill them quickly, because they move
directly for the gate at the bottom left part of the map. Defeat
the Supply Captain and he should drop a red glowing bag. The Divine
Gauntlet lets you deal damage to a blocking enemy, but you must
have the Attack x2 item in effect.

Hint: Fire arrows:
Play the Chi Bi level as Cao Cao's forces under the
hard difficulty setting. Play as Xu Huang and defeat everyone
until you are at the end boat. Do not kill Sun Jian but defeat
Ma Su. The second player has to defeat Huang Gai after the wind
has blown. It should appear in the long line of boats at the very
end of that line.

Hint: Magic Drum:
Play the Nanman level as Zhang Jiao under the very
hard difficulty setting. Wait for Zhuge Liang's ambush party to
appear. An intermission sequence featuring Zhuge will begin. Defeat
Zhuge; do not worry about any of his other officers. The Magic
Drum will appear close to the southern-most bridge on top of a
small hill. This item raises how quickly your forces gain their

Hint: Masters Cloak:
Beat Lu Bu's top score for the Balancing Act (100).
This item automatically performs the mid-air evade.

Hint: Scroll Of Accuracy:
Play the Battle Of Mt. Ding Jun level under the hard
or very hard difficulty setting as Dong's forces. Kill the following
people in order: Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu, then Huand Zhong (who is
carrying the item). This item provides Attack x2, but your defense
will drop. To get the Scroll of Accuracy, which doubles your attack and decreases
your defense for a few seconds after being knocked down, play
as Dong Zhuo's forces on Mt. Ding Jun under any difficulty setting.
Defeat Huang Zhong, who will drop the item.

Hint: Seal Of Darkness:
Play the Battle Of Guan Du level. Go to the castle
and take out all the officers in the castle. Pause game play to
make sure that the officer you kill does not have an officer as
a bodyguard. After killing all of the officers, go in the castle.
An intermission of you saying "Cao Cao where have you ran
now" should play. Once again, make sure all the officers
are killed before the intermission sequence. After about fifteen
to twenty seconds, the "A valuable item has been discovered"
message will appear to the north, next to where Cao Cao can be
found in one small area. Note: This is best done with Yuan Shao
in Musou mode, under any difficulty setting.
Hint: Body guards automatically restore
HP one time when zero:
In order to get this item, complete the Iron man Competition
with a score over 351 (Zhou Yun recommended) You must complete
the Speed Demon, Balancing Act, and Combo Mania competitions.
These must be done in the Iron Man competition. The best way to
do this is to get Red Hare in the Speed Demon (turn left and look)
and rack up the points in the Balancing Act. If you get 100 KOs,
you receive 100 points. Keep going past the 100 maximum. Finally,
use his combo charge 3, then charge 2, then charge 5, then charge
6, tyen finish with a short Musou (and keep them in the air) in
the Combo Mania. Once these three are done and you top the invulnerable
Lu Bu, your will receive the item.

Hint: Longer Musou attack:
To do the double Musou attack in one player mode, your
bodyguard has to have full Musou. To tell if he has his Musou
bar full, look at your Musou bar. If it is flashing green, it
indicates that you and your bodyguard have full Musou. Go near
your bodyguard and press Circle. It should show your character
and his bodyguard back to back and performing a true Musou attack.
This attack is the equivalent of two people doing a true Musou
x2 attack at the same time. To activate a powerful Musou attack, set the game to the very
hard difficulty setting. Choose Pang Tong, Lu Bu, Sun Ce, Zhang
Jiao, Meng Huo, or Xu Zhu. Choose any level. You cannot have bodyguards,
warrior or normal. When you start the level, get your lives down
to the red, and push Circle so your Musou goes up faster.
When you get all your Musou up, get in a crowd and hold Circle.
Your character will then get a powerful and long lasting Musou.

Hint: Get every player on Musou mode:
To get every player on Musou mode, you need to load
data from your Dynasty Warriors 3 game. Every time you
complete a level in free mode with a character that is not currently
in Musou mode, you will get that character in Musou mode. For
example, if you complete Siege At Hei Fe Castle with Liu Biu,
you will get him in Musou mode.

Glitch: Xu Zhu on ground:
Put Xu Zhu as the general for the elephant scene. He
will be on the ground hitting people with his club, instead of
being on an elephant.


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