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1 Dynasty Warriors 4 on Thu May 19, 2011 3:07 am



Hidden preview (Japanese version):
Pressing Triangle at the movie selection screen
to view a preview of Dynasty Tactics 2. Note: This game
is titled San Goku Shi Senki 2 in Japan.

In-game reset:
Press Start + Select during game play
to return to the main menu.

To taunt, press R3. Note: This will leave you
open for an attack, but when it is performed, enemies surronding
you will lose their guard.

Opening Edit option:
Unlock all 42 characters, and complete the game with
at least one character under each force (Wei, Wu, Shu, Dong Zhuo,
Lu Bu, Yuan Shao). Note: By competing one character in each force
you will also unlock Yellow Turban's Force as a selection in Musou

Dynasty Warrior 3
If you are in your first costume and you are facing
yourself (for example, Sima Yi vs. Sima Yi), you will see yourself
in the Dynasty Warriors 3 costume for that character. To get your character's Dynasty Warriors 3 costume, keep
leveling up for awhile. Soon, you will get six costumes. Your
fifth and sixth costumes will be the Dynasty Warriors 3
costumes. To change your characters costume, press Circle
while on on your character at the selection screen. Note: The
sixth costume will be from last game, but it might not be the
same color as in that game. For example, Lu Xun's second costume
in Dynasty Warriors 3 was blue but in Dynasty Warriors
the sixth costume is pink.

Hint: Opening Edit sequences:
At the "Press Start" menu, if you wait long
enough, you will see a sequence with someone breaking a rock.
If that person is Yuan Shao, you will notice that Zhang He breaks
the rock for him. Yuan Shao is not the only one. Here is a complete
list of opening edit characters, that if you select them for sequence
one, that will have a bodyguard or friend break the rock for them.

Zhuge Liong: Yue Ying
Diao Chan: Lu Bu
Yuan Shao: Zhang He
Sima Yi: Xu Huang
Cao Cao: Dian Wei
Liu Bei: Zhao Yun
Sun Jian: Huang Gai
Sun Quan: Gan Ning
Da Qiao: Sun Ce
Xiao Qiao: Zhou Yu
Zhen Ji: Cao Ren

Note: Dian Wei will break the rock with his head if you select
him in scene one. In the scene called "Strike", if you put in the following
paris of characters, one will be saved from the oncoming rock
torpedo by another person. Note: The entries marked with an asterisk
(*) indicate ones in which the character being saved does not
order the troops behind them to battle. Note: Try this scene with
Dian Wei; - no one saves him, however instead of just looking
darkly at the camera like everyone else, he stands up after smashing
the rock torpedo and runs his hand over his head.

Cao Cao is saved by Dian Wei.
*Zhen Ji is saved by Cao Ren.
Sima Yi is saved by Xu Huang.
Liu Bei is saved by Zhao Yun.
Zhuge Liang is saved by his wife, Yue Ying.
Sun Jian is saved by Huang Gai.
Sun Quan is saved by Gan Ning.
Da Qiao is saved by Sun Ce.
Xiao Qiao is saved by Zhou Yu.
Yuan Shao is saved by Zhang He.
*Diao Chan is saved by Lu Bu.

Hint: Cao Cao: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Chi Bi level under the hard difficulty
setting with Cao Cao. First, approach Pang Tong to see through
his trick, then defeat Zhuge Liang to stop the wind prayer. Next,
defeat Gan Ning and Lu Meng to trigger the all out attack. Then,
defeat Huang Gai to stop the fire attack. Finish the level with
your level 9 Sword of Heaven to get Cao Cao's level 10 sword.

Hint: Cao Ren:
Complete Chapter 3 in Wei Musou mode.

Hint: Cao Ren: Level 10 weapon:
On the Siege Of Fan Castle level under the hard difficulty
setting, destroy all enemy castle-attacking vehicles without the
castle being compromised. Lu Meng will exit the enemy castle and
attack. Defeat Lu Meng. Note: Time will be extremely tight for
this task. The following is the best order to destroy the four
castle-attacking vehicles. Equipping a saddle is recommended.
Immediately, run to the south wall. There will be a cloud ladder
vehicle moving towards the west gate. Destroy the vehicle as quickly
as possible. Then, immediately run to the east wall. There will
be a cloud ladder vehicle approaching from the north. Destroy
the vehicle as quickly as possible. Then, run to the stone toss
vehicle at the south gate and destroy it. Next, run to the stone
toss vehicle at the north gate and destroy it. Do not stop to
fight enemy generals In between, as there is not enough time.

Hint: Da Qiao:
During the Two Qiao's Tales level, locate and rescue
both sisters (Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao) and escort them to the Escape

Hint: Da Qiao: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Xu Chang level under the hard difficulty
setting on the Wu side. Defeat Deng Ai, Hu Zhi, and Dian Wei.

Hint: Dian Wei:
Complete Chapter 1 in Wei Musou mode.

Hint: Dian Wei: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Wan Castle level. Defeat Hu Che
Er, then join with Cao Cao. After the Cao Cao conversation with
Dian Wei event, deplete about half of Zhang Xiu's HP and he will
retreat. After the castle gate closes, clear the map of enemies
for Cao Cao to advance. After Cao Cao reaches the dead end, two
fire blocking exit messages will appear. After the Xu Zhu breaks
through wall event, Dian Wei earns his Level 10 Weapon.

Hint: Diao Chan: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Si Shui Gate level on Dong Zhuo's
Side. Allow Sun Jian's messenger to complete his task. Then, wait
for Sun Jian to defeat Hua Xiong. You must now defeat Sun Jian
and Cao Cao to gain her level 10 weapon, Diva. You must quickly
do this before your forces retreat and you lose the map. Play The Battle Of Si Shui Gate level. Sun Jian will send a messenger
to Yuan Shao, and you must let the message be received before
you defeat any enemy officers. After this, defeat two officers
out of Sun Jian, Liu Bei, or Cao Cao. You should receive a message
stating "Diao Chan has earned her ultimate weapon, Diva".
Then, complete the level. Note: If you do not kill Hua Xiong at Si Shiu Gate he will appear
near the allied camp and attack it.

Hint: Dong Zhuo:
Complete Lu Bu's Musou mode once.

Hint: Dong Zhou: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Lu Bu's Revolt level under the hard difficulty
setting. Kill everybody on the screen where Lu Bu is the only
one alive. If done correctly, Dong Zhou will make a comment.

Hint: Gan Ning:
In Battle of Xia Kou, defeat Gan Ning, after Act 4,
he will be unlocked.

Hint: Gan Ning: Level 10 weapon:
On the Battle of Xia Kou level under the hard difficulty
setting, defeat Su Fei and Chen Shen. Wait for Zhou Yu to tell
you about gun powder on Huang Zu's northern ship. A burning gun
powder pot appears on the ship. Go near the gun powder pot. The
gun powder pot discovery message will appear. Destroy the burning
pot on Huang Zu's northern ship. Then, defeat all enemy generals
on the map (Chen Jiu, Deng Long, Zhang Hu, Cai Mao) before Huang
Zu's northern ship and southern ship connect. Huang Zu's two ships
will connect and Huang Zu's southern ship starts burning (about
three minutes after destroying the gun powder pot), with Ling
Cao and Ling Tong alive. Note: In free mode, Gan Ning will appear
in place of Chen Shen. Defeat him instead of Chen Shen.

Hint: Gan Ning: Run faster:
To make Gan Ning run faster, use his Musou attack when
you get Liu Chan (the baby on the Battle Of Chang Ban) and uses
Gan Ning's Musou.. None of them will stand in your way for 60
seconds, allowing you to cicle the entire map quickly.

Hint: Guan Yu: Level 10 weapon:
Kill all the Wu generals at the Fan Castle level under
the hard difficulty setting. Make sure that all your soldiers
switch sides before you kill the Wu generals.

Hint: Huang Gai: Level 10 weapon:
On the Battle Of Chi Bi level under the hard difficulty
setting, eliminate all enemy entry points before the fire attack,
then defeat Cao Ren, Cao Hong and Cao Pi.

Hint: Huang Gai: Easy duel win:
When the duel starts, put a bomb on the ground. Run
to the wall and put another bomb down. Make sure your clear of
your own bomb and put another one down. Keep hugging the wall
and setting down bombs. Do not bother looking back; look at his
health bar to see large chunks of health dropping. When about
seven explosions hit Lu Bu or any other opponent, he will have
no health but the bombs cannot actually kill him. Jump in the
air and do your stomp (Triangle). If you cannot jump over
Lu Bu's jumping attack, stand on the ground and counter him when
he attacks for his last desperation attempt.

Hint: Huang Zhong:
Complete Act 4 in Shu Musou mode.

Hint: Huang Zhong: Level 10 weapon:
Play The Battle Of Jian Ye level under the hard difficulty
setting with Liu Bei's forces. You must play with Huang Zhong
and defeat the officers with Huang Zhong. First, do not defeat
any of the fake Sun Jians (that appear in four different places).
Defeat Huang Gai, Taishi Ci, or Zhou Tai. This allows for the
gates of the real Sun Jian's main camp to open. After this is
done, you must defeat Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shang Xiang at
least once before any of them become commanders of the Wu army.
A message stating that you have acquired Huang Zhong's level 10
weapon, the Oracle Sword, will appear. Then, finish the level.

Hint: Huang Zhong: Strong character:
In order to have an unbeatable Huang Zhong with two
elements (Fire and the element of your choice), max out his stats.
Get his tenth weapon. He should carry four items by then. Set
these items:

Special: Fire arrows (T attack and SST attack will have a fire
element); Tiger Amulet 15+; Tortoise Amulet 15 +; Huang's Bow
Orb: Level 3 Ice Orb recommended.
Harness: Shadow Hare recommended

Hint: Jiang Wei:
Play the Shu Musou mode as any character. Play the
last level for every act until you get to the Battle Of Tian Shui
level. Wait for Zhuge Liang to reveal his plan. Then, kill Jiang
Wei's sub officers. Later in the level, Jiang Wei will surrender
to you. Do not kill Jiang Wei. Finish the level. Alternately, play in Musou mode with Zhuge Liang. Then, kill Lu
Bu in a duel under the hard difficulty setting.

Hint: Jiang Wei: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle of Tian Shui on Musou mode. To unlock
this area, play the Shu Musou mode and skip to the Battle of Chi
Bi on Act 3; do not play the battle of Bo Wan Po. Allow the enemy
to spoil all of your ploys (Pang Tong's ploy, Zhuge Liang's calling
of the wind and Huang Gai's fire attack). After all of your ploys
fail, finish the battle of Chi Bi and play through the rest of
the Musou mode normally. The Battle of Tian Shui will appear before
the final act. When the Battle of Tian Shui begins, run quickly
to the right side of Ji Castle. Kill the Guard Captain there to
open the gate. Step inside to activate an enemy ambush. Then,
run back around to the southern gate on Ji Castle. Kill the Guard
Captain there. Once again, run inside to activate an enemy ambush.
Run inside and kill Cao Ren and his two Sub-Generals. You have
to do this before Cao Ren decides to charge out and attack Zhuge
Liang. At this point, it would be a good idea to eliminate all
enemy troops that are not inside Tian Shui Castle, including all
Officers and Gate Captains. Zhuge Liang gets in trouble very easily
on this map, and the enemy morale stays high throughout. Once
that is done, kill the Guard Captain on the left side of Tian
Shui Castle to open the gates. Just like in Ji Castle, run in
to activate an enemy ambush. Then, move back out and around to
the southern gate. Kill the Guard Captain there. Run inside to
activate one more ambush. Run in and kill Yin Shang and Liang
Xu. You then recieve Jiang Wei's level 10 weapon, Blink. Note:
This map only gives you thirty minutes to finish; you must act

Hint: Jiang Wei: Unlimited combo:
Use Jiang Wei's jump attack (Square(2) to a
double stab in the air). Go to any enemy officer or soldier then
do that attack and keep repeating this process. You will get an
unlimited combo from Jiang Wei. Note you can only hit one person
with this attack. The best way to practice it is to go to challenge
mode (Bridge Battle). Knock out all troops out of the bridge until
one one weak soldier remains, then practice it on him.

Hint: Liu Bei: Level 10 weapon:
In the Battle of Ru Nan under the hard difficulty setting,
meet with Zhao Yun after he appears on the map (about ten to twenty
seconds into the game at the bottom right horizontal path). After
the Zhao Yun swears allegiance event, defeat Li Dian, and join
with Zhang Fei. At the Xiahou Yuan appearance, defeat Xiahou Yuan
before Guan Yu appears (about 4:30 to 5:30 into the game), defeat
Yu Jin, defeat Xu Zhu. At the Xiahou Dun appearance, defeat Xiahou
Dun, defeat Zhang He, and defeat Yue Jin. Note: Other than defeating
Li Dian after meeting with Zhao Yun and defeating Xiahou Yuan
before Guan Yu appears, all other enemy generals can be defeated
in any order.

Hint: Lu Bu:
Play in Musou mode under any difficulty setting as
any character (Edit Officers included). In the Battle of Hu Lao
Gate level, locate and defeat Lu Bu. You will unlock Lu Bu and
his Musou Mode story. Note: You also have to complete that same
Musou mode in order to unlock him, and it might not indicate whether
you unlocked him or not.

Hint: Lu Bu: Guan Du level appearance:

This must be dome in Musou mode. Get to the level at
Xi Pi as Cao Cao forces Destroy the carriage that will make Yaun
Shu appear as a ally for Lu Bu. Do not kill Diao Chan, but make
all Lu Bu's men surrender and kill the general at the top, because
he will not surrender. After all that is done, Lu Bu will retreat
with Diao Chan. Then, go to Guan Du and Lu Bu will appear. He
mostly appears when you destroy the Wen Chou compound. Note: If
you kill Lu Bu, Yuan Shoa's morale will drop massively, allowing
you easy victory.

Hint: Lu Bu: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Lu Bu Rebellion level. Clear the entire stage
of every enemy so that only Dong Zhuo remains alive. Be sure to
kill every general and sub-general yourself. Lu Bu will earn his
Level 10 weapon. Note: If the weapon does not appear after only
Dong Zhuo is alive, move around the map awhile. There may still
be ambush troops you did not encounter.

Hint: Lu Bu: Unlimited combo:
Equip Lu Bu with the Lightning Orb. Having his level
10 weapon makes this easier. Go to an officer and use Lu Bu's
second charge attack where he swings his halberd around. The lightning
will hit the officer into the air and you can continue hitting
him. Make sure you hit him before he lands on the ground or his
body will disappear. You have to do this on an officer that does
not have a death intermission sequence or a Gate Captain. It is
possible to get a 100+ combo by doing this.

Hint: Lu Bu: Lightning Shower:
To use this special attack, have a full Musou bar and
Lightning Orb equipped. You must have his level 10 weapon (Square
Sky Halberd). Go to a group of enemies that consists of at least
15 soldiers under the hard difficulty setting. Press Square(3),
Triangle or the Square(5), Triangle(2). When
the lightning strikes on all the soldiers quickly press Circle.
If timed correctly, you will see shower of lightning.

Hint: Lu Meng:
Complete Act 1 of Wu Musou mode.

Hint: Lu Meng: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Mai Castle level on the Wu side.
First, allow Liao Hua to escape from the battle. Enter the castle
through the northern gate. Kill Jiang Wei's Sub-General Wan Fu.
Then, kill the Gate Captain at the north wall, then the one at
the south wall. Liao Hua will return with additional troops. Destroy
them, including the Sub-General in the group. Return to the castle
and kill Guan Ping. This causes Guan Yu to attempt an escape.
This is why the two Gate Captains had to be killed; he will try
to escape to one of them if they are not sealed. Kill the northern-most
Gate Captain. Guan Yu will change direction and head for the southern-most
Gate Captain. Once both of those are shut off, go back into the
castle and an ambush troop will appear. Destroy them. Zhang Fei
should appear soon, if not already. Eliminate all Generals and
Sub-Generals (besides Guan Yu). Kill Zhang Fei and you should
then receive the White Tiger. Finish the level.

Hint: Lu Xun:
Complete Act 4 of Wu Musou mode.

Hint: Lu Xun: Level 10 weapon:
On the Battle of Yi Ling level under the hard difficulty
setting, protect and keep Zhu Ran alive until he successfully
triggers the fire attack. Enter stone maze, and pass through it.

Hint: Ma Chao:
In Battle Of Cheng Du, defeat Ma Chao when he arrives
as enemy reinforcements. After the battle, he will be unlocked.

Hint: Ma Chao: Level 10 weapon:
In the Chen Du Suppression level go to the left side
of the map to trigger the appearance of enemy back-up troops.
Kill the enemy back-up troop generals Pang De forst, then Ma Dai.
Note: This can only be done in Musou mode, because the generals
will be Ma Chao and Ma Dai in free mode.

Hint: Ma Chao: 100+ combo:
In the Chang Ban level, equip Ma Chao with any horse.
Play as usual until getting the message about Liu Bei's infant
son being inside the fortress. Rescue him and you should get a
60 second Musou. While on a horse, do your Musou and keep holding
Circle until it runs out. You should be able to get 100+

Hint: Meng Huo: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Cheng Du level under the hard difficulty
setting as Meng Huo on the Nanman Forces. Kill every character
that is playable. Note: Make sure you personally kill the character
and have his level weapon. You will get his level 10 weapon, King
Of Beast.

Hint: Meng Huo and Zhu Rong:
Note: You must be in Musou mode. Defeat Meng Huo seven
Times throughout the stage. At least one defeat must be a duel.
Also, duel and defeat Zhu Rong. Complete Musou mode and Meng Huo
and Zhu Rong will be unlocked.

Hint: Pang Tong:
Complete Act 2 in Shu Musou mode.

Hint: Pang Tong: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Luo Castle under the hard difficulty
setting on the Shu side. When Zhang Ren appears, decline his duel
challenge. Destroy the bridge and kill Zhang Ren.

Hint: Qiao Sisters:
In order to get the Qiao Sisters, clear the Wu Musou
mode once. Then play it again, but play the Yellow Turban Fort
Attack level first, then the Yellow Turban Rebellion level.

Hint: Sima Yi:
Complete Chapter 4 in Wei Musou mode.

Hint: Sima Yi: Level 10 weapon:
Ho to Battle Of Wu Zhang Plains level under the hard
difficulty setting and defeat Wei Yan, Jaing Wei, and Ma Chao.
A message will appear, stating that Dark Feather has been unlocked.

Hint: Sun Ce:
Complete Act 2 of Wu Musou mode.

Hint: Sun Ce: Level 10 weapon:
On Unification of Jiang Dong level under the hard difficulty
setting, defeat Liang Gang. Wait for Zhou Yu to be defeated and
the ally food supply fort to fall (about ten minutes). Then, defeat
Chen Ji and Yue Jiu. Defeat Yuan Shu, go the bottom left path,
and meet with Ji Ling. Liu Xun orders an attack on the ally food
supply fort and starts moving towards it. Defeat Li Feng before
Liu Xun enters the ally food supply fort. Note: Do not stop to
fight Ji Ling, as there is not enough timeRun past him and head
directly for Li Feng in the ally food supply fort. Riding on a
horse is recommended.

Hint: Sun Jian: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Search For The Imperial Seal level under the
hard difficulty setting with Sun Jian. You must defeat Li Jue,
Zhang Liao, Diao Chan, and Lu Bu. Finish the level with Sun Jian's
level 9 weapon to get his level 10 weapon.

Hint: Sun Quan:
Complete Act 3 of Wu Musou mode.

Hint: Sun Quan: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of He Fei level on the Wu side. First,
allow Zhang Liao to retreat. After the bridge is destroyed and
Sun Jian is trapped, defeat Li Dian. Run back around to where
Sun Jian is located and wait for Zhang Liao to make his ambush.
Kill Zhang Liao. Then, go up the left side of the map and defeat
Xiahou Yuan. Next, run across to the right side of the map and
defeat Xiahou Dun. After that is done, you will receive the Master
Wolf. Complete the level.

Hint: Sun Shang Xiang: Level 10 weapon:

Play the Race For Nan Territory level. Defeat Wang
Lang to open the gates on the right side castle. Enter and wait
for the event where Zhou Yu gets hit with an arrow. Then, kill
Cao Ren. You get Sol Chakram. Finish the level.

Hint: Taishi Ci:
Play the Wu Musou mode as any character. At the Campaign
For Wu Territory level, defeat Taishi Ci. Then, go and secure
the supply depot. Taishi Ci will then appear as reinforcement.
Finish the level.

Hint: Wei Yan:
Complete Act 4 in Shu Musou mode.

Hint: Taishi Ci: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Campaign For The Wu Territory level. There
is a bridge directly in front of you. Once you cross that bridge,
a message will appear stating that Yu Mi is retreating towards
the Niu Zhu Fort. Catch up with him before the fort gate open
after the fort gates reopen. Note: Have a Hare equipped. Defeat
Yu Mi and Zhang Ying before they retreat. The "Taishi Ci
earns Tiger Slayer weapon" message will appear.

Hint: Wei Yan: Level 10 weapon:
On the Jing Zhou Strategic Battle level under the hard
difficulty setting, defeat the enemy ambush troop general Xing
Dao Rong, defeat Liu Du and Liu Xian, do not defeat Jin Xuan (decline
the duel), and defeat Han Xuan's sub-general Yang Ling. After
Huang Zhong exit castle and attack message, defeat Huang Zhong,
Wei Yan and Huang Zhong defect event.

Hint: Xia Pi: Defeating Lu Bu:
During the course of the game, begin running south
along the outside of the castle. You will run into Lu Bu's officer,
who will challenge you to a duel. Accept or deny; either way,
he is not difficult to defeat as long as you assure that you get
the first hit. Start by pressing the Analog-stick Up, then
prepare to use either a normal attack, or a Triangle attack.
Continue to hit him and follow his movements as you hit him. Try
not to let up on him for any longer than a second. After you defeat
him, continue moving around the map, killing all the Generals.
Once you are at the top left section of the map and have defeated
the Generals around the screen, you will see a sequence that reveals
that the water level is playing havoc on the force's advances.
Note: If you play Cao Cao while doing this adventure, you have
to assure that he is near the large bolder next to the river on
the north end of the stream. You will have to wait until one of
the officers says "Use the boulders to block the water",
then walk to the boulder. Cao Cao will leap onto it and demand
that the forces charge in. From there, either go the long way,
and race towards the southeastern section of the map (resembles
a donut on the map), or cut through the castle to get there. When
you arrive, defeat the small group of men, then run across the
exposed section of land to the Red Hare horse. After you "rescue"
the Red Hare, race into the castle and join your other officers.
Do not go directly to Lu Bu. Pass the massive clump of men that
he is pounding on, and head to his sister, Diao Chan. For Cao
Cao, she is an easy defeat. Beat her up and let her sequence of
running off injured play out. After that, you will be warned that
Lu Bu is angry over her defeat. Shortly after that, the General
that was near her gives up because he thinks Lu Bu has no "peace"
on his mind, and that all he sees is the battlefield. The sequence
will play out, and he will tell Cao Cao to "Bind me, I am
no longer needed here". Make sure your life meter is full
and go after Lu Bu. Be careful, and let your other Generals have
a piece of him as well. Through the massive horde of men, keep
hitting Lu Bu from behind if possible. If you meter begins to
show red, run. Do not stop; just keep running. Chances are he
is directly behind you, and he can move. Go to the other side
of the river that runs through the castle. Defeat the small enemies
and search for bottles and boxes. They may be difficult to find,
but they are there. Get a full meter and return. Repeat the same
thing. Attack him from behind if possible. When the meter gets
red, run. Make sure you leave jars and boxes at the strongholds
so you can collect them. The battle will continue endlessly until
he has no men left, and has no choice but to go by himself and
secure the strongholds outside of the castle. You have lots of
time. Repeat this and you will eventually get him. However, he
is not dead yet.


2 Re: Dynasty Warriors 4 on Thu May 19, 2011 3:08 am



Hint: Xiahou Dun: Level 10 weapon:
On the Battle of Xia Pi level under the hard difficulty
setting, after the Xiahou Dun shot by an arrow event, defeat Diao

Hint: Xiahou Yuan: Level 10 weapon:
On the Battle of Mount Ding Jun level under the hard
difficulty setting, immediately kill the exchanging hostage Chen
Shi. Then move directly to Huang Zhong. Defeat Huang Zhong.

Hint: Xiao Qiao:
During the Two Qiao's Tales level, locate and rescue
both sisters (Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao) and escort them to the Escape

Hint: Xiao Qiao: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Cheng Du level under the hard difficulty
wetting on the Wu side. Trigger the "Advance on Cheng Du"
event without triggering "Cheng Du closes gate" or "Mian
Zhu ambush" before Ma Chao appears. Defeat Guan Yu and Guan
Ping. Play the Battle Of Cheng Du level under the hard difficulty setting
on the Wu side. This has to be done in Musou mode. Trigger the
"Advance on Cheng Du" event without triggering "Cheng
Du closes gate" and before Ma Chao appears. Defeat Guan Yu
and Guan Ping.

Hint: Xu Zhu:
Complete Chapter 2 in Wei Musou mode.

Hint: Xu Huang:
Complete Chapter 1 in Wei Musou mode.

Hint: Xu Huang: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle of Guan Du as the Wei forces. Defeat
Wen Chou and Yan Liang to trigger Yuan Shao to appear and order
a charge. Shortly after that, Guan Yu will "return to his
brother's side", and Liu Bei, Zhang Fei along with Guan Yu
will withdraw. After this happens, wait for your two castles/forts
to fall to Yuan Shao's forces. Cao Cao will retreat into his castle.
The enemy supply depot will be spotted and Cao Cao will charge
up the right side path to attack it. Cover him while he moves.
The castle walls should soon be destroyed by the rams. Then at
the supply depot, defeat Chen Yu Quiong and Lu Wei Kuan. Continue
to kill enemy troops to allow Cao Cao inside to burn the enemy
supply depot. Zhang He will defect to your forces and you will
get Xu Huang's level 10 weapon, the Marauder.

Hint: Xu Zhu: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle of Tong Gate as the Wei forces. First,
defeat both of Ma Chao's sub-generals Ma Dai and Pang De. Then,
defeat Cheng Yi, Wei Yan, and his sub-general Meng Da. Next, wait
for the event where Cao Cao meets with Han Sui. Afterwards, defeat
any two of Han Sui's sub-generals; either Li Kan, Yang Qui or
Hou Xuan. Li Kan and Hou Xuan are easiest to get, as they run
ahead of Han Sui to the upper left enemy Gate Captain. After defeating
them, Han Sui will join Cao Cao's Forces and you will get Xu Zhu's
level 10 weapon, the Stone Crusher.

Hint: Yi Ling: Stone Sentinel maze:
When you get to the Stone Sentinel Maze, turn left
and navigate on the sides in a clockwise direction. You will end
up where Liu Bei is located. In the Stone Sentinel maze, do not waste your time trying to destroy
all the broken statues of men in it. They do not do anything.

Hint: Yue Ying: Level 10 weapon:
On the Nan Man Campaign under the hard difficulty setting,
defeat all enemy generals except Wu Tu Gu (and the defected Dong
Tu Na and Ah Huei Nan). Defeat Zhu Rong in a duel, defeat Meng
Huo six times (including one duel). Meng Huo appears for the seventh
time in his base. Approach Wu Tu Gu. Zhuge Liang says that he
has a strategy. Battle Wu Tu Gu but do not defeat him. Zhuge Liang's
fire arrow attack to deal with the bamboo armored enemy soldiers
event will play.

Hint: Yuan Shao:
Complete Wei's Musou mode once.

Hint: Yue Ying:
Complete Act 4 in Shu Musou mode.
Hint: Yuan Shao: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Guan Du level under the hard difficulty
setting as Yuan Shao. Protect the ramming vehicle until the castle
wall falls. You will then get the Sword Of Kings.

Hint: Zhang Fei: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle At Chang Ban Bridge level under the
hard difficulty setting. Defeat Xiahou Dun, Xiahou En, and Xiahou
Ye to keep Zhao Yun alive. Accompany Liu Bei down the path across
the bridge. The Chang Ban Bridge yell event with enemies in the
bridge will occur. J A Do is left in the castle. A message will
appear, Rescue him; go on a horse to get there fast. An event
where J A Do defeats Xiohou Yaun will happen. Zhao Yun must still
be alive. The weapon message will appear.

Hint: Zhang Fei: Taunt damage:
Zhang Fei also damages people when he does his taunt.
His taunts will send the opponents who are not guarding flying
to the ground.

Hint: Zhang He:
Clear 11 stages in Wei Musou mode.
Alternately, play the Battle Of Guan Du as the Wei Forces. Burn
down the supply depot Wu Chao. If Zhang He has not been defeated
yet, he will defect to your side and become unlocked as a playable
character after completing the level.

Hint: Zhang He: Level 10 weapon:
On the Battle Of Jie Ting level under the hard difficulty
setting, surround Ma Su and defeat him. Then, defeat all enemy
generals and sub-generals.

Hint: Zhang He: Alternate costume:
Get Zhang He's third or fourth costume and he will
have fairy wings.

Hint: Zhang Jiao:
Complete all Musou Modes at least one time.

Hint: Zhang Liao:
Complete Battle of Xia Pi in Chapter 3 of Wei Musou

Hint: Zhang Jiao: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Yellow Turban Rebellion level under the hard
difficulty setting on the Yellow Turban side. Defeat every General.
When He Jin is killed, Dong Zhou will appear. Kill Hua Xiong.
Note: Make sure Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang are still alive when
Hua Xiong is killed. Play the Yellow Turban Rebellion and defeat all enemy generals
and sub-generals. Defeat He Jin last. Dong Zhuo troops will appear.
Defeat Hua Xiong, with Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao alive. The weapon
message will appear.

Hint: Zhang Liao:
Clear Battle of Xia Pi in Chapter 3 of Wei Musou mode.

Hint: Zhang Liao: Level 10 weapon:
In Lu Bu Musou mode, play the Battle At Si Shui Gate
under the hard difficulty setting as Zhang Liao with your level
9 weapon. Defeat Sun Jian, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei, then complete
the level. Then on Hu Lao Gate, do not defeat any enemy generals
until the enemy's fire attack event. To activate it, go directly
towards Sun Jian, Cao Cao, or Liu Bei and it will commence. Then,
defeat Sun Jian, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei.

Hint: Zhao Yun:
Complete Act 2 in Shu Musou mode.

Hint: Zhao Yun: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Bo Wang Po level. Follow Zhuge Liang's
instructions. First, lead Xiahou Dun to the designated fire attack
spot in the middle path of the map left area. After the fire attack
event, defeat Xiahou Dun. The Han Hao attack message will appear.
Zhuge Liang next tells you to lead Han Hao to the designated ambush
spot in the top path of the map left area. Guan Ping ambush troops
will appear. Defeat Han Hao. At Zhuge Liang's next instruction
message, lead Yu Jin to the designated ambush spot on the upper
bridge. Guan Yu's ambush troop will appear. Defeat Yu Jin, Zhuge
Liang. Order Zhang Fei to fire attack on enemy food supply. After
the fire attack is successful, clear the path of enemies for Zhuge
Liang to enter the enemy castle. The Zhuge Liang meeting Cao Cao
event will appear. Zhao Yun earns his Level 10 Weapon. If after
you have cleared all enemy generals and soldiers except Cao Cao,
and Zhuge Liang stands in front of the enemy castle but will not
enter, you can lead Cao Cao to follow you out of the castle to
meet with Zhuge Liang.

Hint: Zhao Yun: Unlimited combo:
Press Square, then Triangle to do an
attack that juggles enemies in the air. Do this repeatedly. You
will get stopped when you are struck.

Hint: Zhen Ji:
Complete Chapter 3 in Wei Musou mode.

Hint: Zhen Ji: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle of Chang Ban level as Cao Cao's forces:
Any Harness, the Tiger Amulet, Tortoise Amulet, Peacock Urn, and
Wind Scroll are recommended. Ride towards Zhao Yun. He will challenge
you to a duel; defeat him. Wait for Liu Bei to cross the bridge.
Ride toward Zhang Fei. Bridge event. Zhang Fei will challenge
you to a duel; defeat him. You must defeat Zhao Yun and Zhang
Fei in the duels to get this weapon. Ride south to Mi Zhu and
defeat him. Li Qui will arrive with Guan Yu and his navy. Defeat
Li Qui first, then Guan Yu. This will prevent Liu Bei from escaping.
Ride north and defeat Zhuge Liang. The "Zhen Ji earns her
level 10 weapon" message will appear.

Hint: Zhou Tai:
Complete Act 3 of Wu Musou mode.

Hint: Zhou Tai: Level 10 weapon:
To get Zhou Tai's weapon, Dusk, play under the hard
difficulty setting. Zhou Tai must have the weapon Dawn, at level
9. Go to the Nanman Campaign, and play on the Wu Forces. Using
the Red Hare for this is recommended. Ride down and kill Wu Tugu,
then get into Meng Huo's castle before Ahui Nan and Dong Tu Ne
defect to the Wu side.

Hint: Zhou Tai: Over 100-hit combo:
Select Zhou Tai from the Wu forces and play the Battle
Of Chang Ban level in free mode. Equip Zhou Tai with the Way Of
Musou and a harness, preferably the Shadow Harness. Go through
the level to clear the path for Liu Bei. Either path will do,
but do not kill Cao Cao. Make sure to kill all the main officers
(except Cao Cao), even the reinforcements, to ensure Liu Bei's
safety. When you reach a bridge, a message will appear stating,
"Liu Chan, Liu Bei's infant son, is still inside the central
fortress!". Find and retrieve the son, which is in a red
valuable item box. After the story line, get the item and you
will have unlimited Musou for sixty seconds. Go to a group of
enemies or just one and hold Circle until the Musou runs
out. Keep it on one enemy and a numerous combo will happen.

Hint: Zhou Yu:
Complete Act 2 of Wu Musou mode.

Hint: Zhou Yu: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle For Fan Castle level. At 10:20.00 into
the battle, the enemy Supply Team will appear at the top right
corner of the map and move towards the castle's right entrance.
Defeat the Supply Team Captain before the Supply Team reaches
the castle. Zhou Yu will earn his Level 10 Weapon. This weapon can be obtained in the Siege of Fan Castle on the
Wu side. Note: If you try to get Zhou Yu's level 10 weapon without
taking care of Wu's siege weapons, Lu Meng will come forward and
get killed by Cao Ren's all out charge. However, if you have an
already powered up Lu Meng, choose him as player two and equip
him with a Shadow Saddle, level 15 Horned Helm, Tiger Amulet,
Tortoise Amulet, and Elixir. You need two good bodyguard teams,
one for each player. Make them wait at Lu Meng's camp entrance.
Play fast, as you have ten minutes to kill the generals and Zhen
Ji's entire side. While doing this, Wei must have destroyed all
your siege weapons and charged. After you clear Zhen Ji's area,
make Zhou Yu wait there until the Supply Team Captain comes up.
Kill him, and once you get the level 10 weapon message, switch
to Lu Meng and go for Cao Ren. Cao Ren is weak against mount attacks.
Keep moving and bounding him until he dies. Instead of building up Lu Meng to keep him alive during Fan Castle,
use this trick to keep him alive manually. First, it is obvious
that you need Zhou Yu's level 9 weapon and have him at maximum
rank, but, you can can do this trick without touching Lu Meng
before (meaning having completely default stats). First, have
Zhou Yu as player one, then press Start on controller two
and choose Lu Meng for the second player. He should be equipped
with any Peacock or Tortoise items, and a Shadow Harness is recomended.
At the begining of the level, wait for Cao Ren to charge, then
make Lu Meng go next to the bridge on the northern river (by the
pots and boxes). Have him wait there and switch to Zhou Yu. Have
Zhou Yu fend off troops for awhile, untill the Wei forces start
to shift northward (towards Meng). Have Meng ride down to Fan
Castle's eastern bridge. The troops should be gone from that bridge
by now. With Lu Meng safe once again, Zhou Yu should be free to
kill the Supply Captain and acquire the Ancients Sword. Now, it
is time to slaughter Cao Ren.

Hint: Zhu Rong: Level 10 weapon:
Play the Battle Of Xu Chang level under the hard difficulty
setting. Join the Nanman side. Defeat Man Chong, then to to Cao
Hong. Defeat him and fight off the other soldiers while you wait
for the siege ramp to be set up. After that, defeat Xiahou Dun.
Then, go back over to the supply depot and kill Cao Zhang. Finish
the level with her level 9 Magma Wheel and you will get the level
10 Inferno.

Hint: Zhuge Liang:
Complete Act 2 in Shu Musou mode.

Hint: Zhuge Liang: Level 10 weapon:
First, clear the Battle Of Jie Ting level, then choose
the Battle Of Wu Zhang Plains level. Go to the left path and approach
Zhang He. After the consecutive arrow vehicle event, defeat Zhang
He. Approach the enemy base, and start the enrage Sima Yi event.
A Supply Troop appearance message will appear. Backtrack and defeat
Xiahou Dun to protect the Supply Troop. The "Supply Troop
broke through battle lines and reached the ally base" message
will appear. Note: This weapon can only be earned in Musou Mode.
If you do not clear the Battle Of Jie Ting level first, there
will be no Supply Troop appearance.

Hint: Edit Officer: Drive spear through
an enemy:
Use a spear officer Edit Officer with spear one. Attack
four times then continuously press Triangle. If you do
not kill the enemy or they do not recover, you will do your Ariel
charge, stab your spear through their chest. Depending on who
you are fighting and your weapon and attack strength, you could
kill them. This almost never works with Lu Bu, even in easy mode.

Hint: Art of War Scroll:
Follow the exact procedure to get the Charge Bracer,
but with Dong Zhou's campaign at the Campaign against Sun Jian.
Kill the generals until the Supply Captain appears, then kill
him to get the item. In the Campaign Against Sun Jian level, play as Dong Zhuo's forces.
Kill the sub-officer on the left part of the map. Gan Ning should
appear. Kill him, then go to the castles's west gate. Kill the
sub officer there to open the gate. Without going to the top part
of the castle, stay close to the southern door and kill the guard
captain there. Open the gate and defeat Sun Quan. After that,
kill Zhou Tai and Lu Meng then go to the right part of the map.
Go north and kill the sub-officer there. Keep going north, kill
the sub-officer guarding the gate so it opens, enter, and notice
that there is no one there. The supply team should appear south
of the castle and start running south
(through the path in which
you killed Lu meng). Kill the Supply Captain to get the item.

Hint: Bodyguard Manual:
Play the Guan Yu's Escape level on the Shu side. When
Xiahou Dun appears, let him catch-up to Guan Yu. Let them talk.
The item will appear near the boat. Note: Make sure the carriage
or Guan Yu does not die. Play the Guan Yu's Escape level on the Shu side as Guan Yu (recommened).
Get to gate three or four and Xiahou Dun will appear. Run to the
last gate and wait for him to get there. Once done, a message
will appear and you will have acquired it. To get the Bodyguard Manual wich makes your bodyguards stronger,
play the Guan Yu's Escape level on the Shu side. If you are not
Guan Yu, or he is not leveled up, this may be difficult. You must
stay ahead of Guan Yu, but not too far or close. Once you open
the fourth gate, Xiahou Dun will start to chase you. Defeat the
ambush party. Once you are about to get past the fifth gate, stall
on defeating the general until Xiahou Dun is almost there then
have him talk to Guan Yu after you clear the fifth gate. The Bodyguard
Manual will appear near the escape point.

Hint: Charge Bracer:
Play the Sun Jian Invasion Battle level on Yuan Shao's
side. Enter the castle at the top before the enemy backup troops
arrive. A supply team will appear to the south of the castle.
The Supply Team will not stop to attack you; they will just keep
running. Defeat the Supply Captain to get it.

Hint: Elephant Saddle:
Play the Nanman Campaign level as the Nanman forces.
In order to get the item, you must get on an elephant and ride
into the enemy's main base. The special item message will appear
in your main fort. The best way to get an elephant is to play
as Huang Gai and use his attack where he lays a bomb. Lay it near
one of your elephant units and the rider will fall off.

Hint: Fire Arrows:
Play the Unification of Jing level on Sun Jian's forces
and defeat Wang Lang's sub-general, Zhou Xin. Make sure he is
the first General you kill. You must do this before the other
Generals decide to stage a joint attack. The Supply Captain appears
near the upper left side castle and runs east.

Hint: Hex Mark Saddle:
Win all the Musou modes until you get the Yellow Turban
Musou mode. Choose the Yellow Turban Fort Attack level. Win it,
then choose the Liu Bei invasion battle. Defeat Zhou Yun and Guan
Yu before all the backup troops arrive. Then, defeat all other
enemy generals (to ensure Zhang Jiao's safety). Bring Liu Bei's
health down to about half and the special item report should appear
on the little island on the lower right corner of the level.

Hint: Power Scroll:
Play the Yellow Turban Fortress level on the Yellow
Turban side. Kill Liu Bei and the Supply Captain will appear near
the upper left side of the map and run northward. Do not worry
about catching him; he stops once he gets there. Kill him and
get the Power Scroll. Play the Yellow Turban Fortress level. Kill Zhao Yun in a duel,
then defeat Guan Yu. Play the Yellow Turban Fortress level on Yellow Turbans side.
Kill Zhao Yun and Guan Yu first, before killing Liu Bei. A Supply
Captain will arrive at the west. Note: Be fast. The Power Scroll's
effect is to never lose Deadlocks

Hint: Red Hare Saddle:
At the Battle Of Xia Pi level, while on Lu Bu's forces,
do not kill any enemy officers. You can kill peons, it is recommended
that you not do this until you have gotten the item. Let Guan
Yu find the Red Hare, then defeat Guan Yu. He has high attack
and high defense. To do this easier, play in two player mode.
Use the second player to defend Lu Bu. When Guan Yu finds the
Red Hare, go and kill him. This way you do not have to worry about
Lu Bu dying.

Hint: Shadow Rider Saddle:
Play the Battle At Tong Gate level as the Shu forces.
First, defeat the four generals in the bottom right corner, then
defeat Xu Huang's sub-officer and then Xu Huang. Defeat Cao Cao's
two sub-generals, then wait for Han Sui to meet with Cao Cao.
After that, fight Cao Cao's men until his morale is one star.
Wait for both of the following things to happen: an intermission
sequence showing some of Cao Cao's men finding lots of horses;
and Han Sui declining defection where he says "Ma Chao is
like a son to me". The special item will then appear near
the bottom right enemy Gate Captain.

Hint: Shadow Rider Saddle: Never get knocked
If you start any level on the Shadow Rider and get
onto another animal (horse or elephant), you will not get knocked
off, no matter what. This means that you could knock Lu Bu or
Guan Yu off the Red Hare you could ride and not get knocked off.

Hint: Storm Saddle:
Play the Campaign Against Cao Cao level on Lu Bu's
side. Kill all the generals on the right side of the screen (near
the circle object). Get ambushed by Xu Huang, then kill him. Next,
go and discover the other ambush party (behind Xiahou Yuan). Kill
Xiahou Yuan, then go into the castle and get ambushed again. Xiahou
Dun will appear as reinforcements. Kill him and the saddle will
appear near Cao Cao. Note: After you get ambushed by Xu Huang on the right side of
the map, go down and discover the ambush. The ambush will retreat.
Kill Xiahou Yuan, then proceed to do the rest.

Hint: Survival Guide:
In order to get Survival Guide, you need to have the
two Qiaos. To do this, use Wu and complete the Yellow Turban Fortress
and Yellow Turban Rebellion. Then, go to Xiao Qiao save her and
her sister, Da Qiao. The "A valuable item has appeared"
message will appear. Then, complete the mission.

Hint: The Way Of Musou:
First, get Guan Yu's Escape for Wei. Do this by choosing
Yellow Turban Rebellion first in Act 1, then in Act 2, clear both
stages. After the Battle of Guan Du in Act 3, it will be Wei Tales,
Guan Yu's Escape. When at Guan Yu's Escape, equip the Red Hare
saddle, if available. Pass the fifth gate and a Supply Team will
appear around the fourth gate. Dart back, kill the Supply Team,
and get the item he drops. Forget about Guan Yu and all the other
generals when you get the item, and focus on the Carriage. It
is somewhat easy to defeat.

Hint: Wind Scroll:
To get the Wind Scroll (which boosts your weapon range),
play the Battle of Xu Chang level as the Shu Forces. When Yue
Ying begins to set up the Siege Ramp, protect her. However, you
also have to kill Xu Zhu before your rear flank dies. Note: The
Red Hare is recommended. Kill the people around Hu Zhi, and him
if desired. Find and kill Man Chong. You do not have to kill Man
Chong and Hu Zhi, but it is recommended. The Siege Ramp will appear.
Find and kill Xu Zhu before the Flank dies. There will be a precious
item report. The item will appear around the top of map, slightly
off center. If that was too long to do, just make sure Yue Ying
sets up the ramp and that you kill Xu Zhu before the rear flank

Hint: Eclipse (Edit officer pike):
Play the Hu Lao Gate level on the allies side under
the hard difficulty setting. You must have a level 9 Star Pike.
Defeat Lu Bu to get the weapon. You can get this weapon in Free

Hint: Holy Avenger (Edit officer sword):

In order to get the Holy Avenger, you must have a Great
Sword from edit mode. You must get it to level 8 and do the final
battle and defeat Cai Ren. He gives you 1,181 experience. You
need 3,000 experience. Defeat all other generals and you should
level up to Holy Avenger.

Hint: Nu Wa's Rapier (Edit officer level
10 rapier):
You need to have a level 9 rapier. Select the hard
difficulty setting and play the Yellow Turban Menace level. When
it begins, defeat (in order): Gao Sheng, Deng Mao, Huang Shao,
He Yi, and Yan Zheng. You should get a message reading "…
has obtained the Ultimate Weapon Nu Wa's Rapier" or something

Hint: Phoenix Tail (Edit officer sword):

You need to have a level 9 edit officer sword. The
best way to level up the sword is to do the following. At the
Yellow Turban Fortress, as the Allied Forces under the hard difficulty
setting, kill the following in order: He Yi, Pei Yaun Shao, and
Chen Yaunzhi. You must complete killing them in under six minutes.
The weapon should have +54 attack power and at level 9.

Hint: Typhoon (Edit officer level 10 spear):

First, you must have an Edit Officer with a level 9
spear. Then, go to the Si Shue Gate level. Kill only officers
that are not in one of the two fortress. Once Sun Jian retreats
and Yuan Shao says "Is there no one who can defeat Hua Xiong?",
defeat Hua Xiong. Next, go into the main fortress and kill the
main general's two sub-officers. After awhile, Zhang Liao will
appear as backup for the enemy. Kill Zhang Liao then go into the
supply depot (the fortress nearest to your main camp) from the
back entrance and kill the officers in there. Then, defeat all
other enemy generals besides the main commander. Next, after all
officers are gone, defeat the commander. If your weapon was level
9, it should now upgrade to level 10, Typhoon. Play under the hard difficulty setting using a created officer
with a level 10 spear. When the level starts, go south, and kill
(in order): Li Su, Gao Shun, and Niou Fu, Then, wait for Sun Jian
to retreat, and for Hua Xiong to charge. When Yuan Shao says "Are
there no warriors here that can defeat Hua Xiong?", go forward
and fight Hua Xiong. Killing his sub-officers is not necessary.
Then, go past where Hua Xiong was located and kill Li Jue's two
sub officers, Li Meng, and Yang Feng. After defeating those two
opponents, wait for Zhang Liao to appear and defeat him. After
defeating him, go north, past where Li Jue is located, up to the
back entrance of the enemy supply depot. Defeat Wang Fang and
Fan Chou. After this, you should get a message that reads "…has
obtained the Ultimate Weapon Typhoon." Then, just finish
the level.

Hint: Fu Xi (Edit officer level 10 sword):

To get the 10th level great sword, play the Yellow
Turban Rebellion level in the Ji Province. When the stage starts,
move out and defeat Pei Yuanshao, Zhang Man Cheng, Zhang Bao,
Zhang Liang, Zhang Bo, and Cheng Yuanzi in that order. You need
to be maximum class and have the level 9 Holy Avenger.

Hint: Edit level 9 weapons:
If you train up an edit character so they have a level
9 weapon then create another person (with the same type of weapon,
but not the same one), you will have a level 9 weapon to start

Hint: Orbs:
You do not have to do anything special in order to
get an Orb. They appear randomly. For the Orb element to take effect, you must have a full Musuo
bar. If your character has a level 10 weapon, then a full Musuo
bar is not required. Orb powers will only work if you have your Musou full, unless
you have your fourth weapon/level 10 weapon that has Jade attack
(which will use the orb every time you do a charge attack).

Hint: Orb recommendations:

Shu: Lightning Orb because of their long ranged weapon that will
not steal the experience.

Wu: Fire Orb Because of their costumes and beam that comes appears
from their hand when you press Triangle on some character.

Wei: Vorpal Orb because of their short ranged weapon.

Lu Bu: Lightning or Fire Orb because of their strong damage attack.

Dong Zhou: Any Orb because Dong Zhou is a very slow player.

Yuan Shao: Wind Orb to gain more experience for them and strong
wind effect.

Nanman: Poison Orb when playing Nanman campaign on Nanman side
so you can bring poison from the river to them.

Yellow Turban: Any Orb.

Hint: Electric Orbs:
Electric Orbs are one of the worst Orbs. They give
a lot of damage, but there is a 75% chance that the Orb will steal
the points that the player gives you (weapon and regular), if
the last attack was a T attack that is affected by an Orb.

Hint: Vorpal Orb:
Play the Battle Of Cheng Du, Battle Of Xu Chang, and
Battle Of Jian Ye levels as any force under the hard difficulty
setting with Xu Zhu without a Hare. You also cannot ride any horse.
Kill every soldier and General, including sub-Generals, in each
and every stage. You should get the orb at the last stage as one
of the items. Note this does not always work.

Hint: Fire Orb:
Play the Battle Of Yi Ling, Battle Of He Fei, and Battle
Of Wu Zhang Plains levels as any force under the hard difficulty
setting with Dong Zhou without a Hare. You also cannot ride any
horse. Kill every soldier and General, including sub-Generals,
in each and every stage. You should get the Orb at the last stage
as one of the items. Note: This does not always work, but you
can get a level 4 Orb. Equip the Fire Orb on an Edit Officer and attack an enemey three
times. Then, press Triangle. You will stab the enemy several
times then throw him, creating an arch of flame. This will work
with any orb but looks best with the Fire Orb.

Hint: Finding hidden items:
Spend a few minutes riding around the battlefield,
destroying pots that are in sight. Some power-ups are in areas
you would never expect, such as location where there are no enemies.

Hint: Eliminate Zhang Jiao level:
To get a new level in the Yellow Turban Rebellion,
play Musou Mode with Shu. Be any character, and do the Yellow
Turban Rebellion first. Kill Zhang Jiao and make that the only
general you defeat. After you finish the level, it will say Shu
Tales. It is called Eliminate Zhang Jiao. Alternately, do the first level in Shu Act 1. It does not matter
who you kill -- just make sure you kill the leader.Then, skip
the second level. You pretty much get the same result. Also, make
sure you kill Zhang Jiao in the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

Hint: Battle Of Bo Wan level: Elixir:
Play the level under the hard difficulty setting on
Liu Bei's side. Do not listen to Zhuge Liang. Defeat everybody,
even Cao Cao's sub-officer. You should get the Elixir. If you
do not, keep trying and it will appear.

Hint: Battle Of Chang Ban level: Musuo
full for sixty seconds:
At Battle Of Chang Ban level on Liu Bei's forces, go
down the path on the right side of the map. Defeat any enemy General
in the way to ensure Liu Bei's protection. After you get over
the Chang Ban bridge, a message stating "Lie Bei's infant
son is still in the central fortress" will appear. Press
Start and go to "History" to find the exact location
of Liu Bei's son. This is not required, but it helps. Go to the
point were the history said the baby was located. The baby is
in a decorative box. When you pick up the baby, your Musuo bar
will be full for sixty seconds. It also helps to have a horse
or be Gan Ning when you get the baby; or your full Musuo will
be wasted on a few troops of soldiers.

Hint: Battle Of Cheng Du level: Wei Yan's
defection to Wei:
Play as Cao Cao's force. Wei Yan will be at the bottom
left. He will want to attack, but Zhuge Laing will tell him to
stop. Continue to kill officers at the top. However, do not go
close to Wei Yan or fight him. After awhile, Sima Yi will offer
him the chance to defect and he will accept.

Hint: Battle Of Cheng Du level: Get Liu
Zhang to surrender:
Note: Do not exit out of the forest at the start, as
Liu Zhang will appear and he will not surrender. Select Campaign
for Cheng Du and choose any character. When the level starts,
wait until Zhuge Liang tells you that an ambush area is set up.
Approach Li Yan and get him to chase you. Do not accept his duel,
as he will ask you every time you meet up with him. Lure Li Yan
to the ambush site for Guan Ping to appear. Kill Li Yan. You should
get a message that Li Yan has been captured. Next, defeat all
of Liu Xun's sub-generals. There should be four in total. Go south
to engage Liu Han and Deng Xian's sub-generals and eliminate them.
If you are lucky, Deng Xian may approach you instead. Also kill
him. Defeat Liu Han. Also, defeat the guard captain that is near
him. You should get a message that Liu Zhang is considering surrender.
Go ahead and Kill Liu Xun. Approaching him will trigger enemy
reinforcements. Do not defeat Pang De or Ma Chao, depending if
you' ae playing Musou or Free mode. If they challenge you to a
duel, ignore them. Go back and kill Yang Huai, Geo Pei, and Ma
Dai. When everyone is defeated, go ahead and kill Pang De/Ma Chao.
You will get a message stating that Liu Zhang will surrender.

Hint: Battle Of Cheng Du level: Getting
Ma Chao:
Play the level as the Shu forces in Musou mode. Fight
some enemies and wait for Zhuge Liang to say that they can lure
Jiang Wei and some other general. Defeat more enemies and start
getting closer to Jiang Wei. Jiang Wei will soon say that Zhuge
Liang is a devious man. Zhuge Liang will say "Kill all the
generals under Jiang Wei so he will be isolated.". Kill the
two generals under Jiang Wei. Someone on Jiang Wei's side will
say "Jiang Wei, you traitor! The enemy is not attacking you!"
Jiang Wei will argue and say that he is not on the Shu side and
that it is an enemy ploy. Find and kill Jiang Wei. Then, go after
the main person in the castle on the left. Defeat more enemies
and get closer to him. Ma Chao will arrive in the castle very
near. Kill Ma Chao and complete the level to unlock him.

Hint: Battle Of Fan Castle level: Hidden
A Life Up is on the top of the walls that the siege
ramps lead to. The pot stands near five others. There is a Musou
Up on the top wall that siege ramp also leads to.

Hint: Battle Of Guan Du level: Make Yuan
Shao retreat:
Play as Cao Cao's forces. Defeat every general including
sub-generals to make Yuan Shao retreat

Hint: Battle Of He Fe: Easy experience:

Play the level under the easy difficulty setting. Kill
all generals and sub-generals, which gives you two items, +11
to attack, and +12 to defense. Destroy the lone pot near the buildings
at the left entrance (of the middle part, not the castle) to get
+10 Musou. You should also get at least 3,500 weapon experience,
which levels you up very fast. As you do this more often, you
should be able to complete the level within eight to twelve minutes,
depending on who you play as.

Hint: Battle Of Hu Lao Gate:
Play as any character in the Allies (in Musou mode,
anyone of Wei, Wu, Shu, or Yuan Shao's forces). Quickly defeat
the marked general and the general under him (for example, in
Wei, the marked general is Li Ru, and Xu Rong is under him) to
be able to open the gate blocking you from the rest of the battlefield.
Take the marked officer's horse out to the battlefield. An intermission
sequence will start, showing a ram rolling and hitting Hu Lao
Gate. Game play will resume and Yuan Shao will say, "Protect
the ram while it heads for Hu Lao Gate". Quickly get to the
gate. There will be a small space on either side of the ram between
the gate's sides. Park your horse in the one on the left. Then,
get off and try to defeat as many soldiers as possible. At a certain
point, start battling near your horse (possibly before, or when
an intermission sequence shows the gate breaking apart). Quickly
get on your horse and ride through the gate. Continue charging
forward until you pass the point Lu Bu starts and the wooden fences
are behind him. Then, take a right and take your horse out of
the fenced area through the right side. Proceed going around it.
Note: Besides challenging you to a duel, Lu Bu will completely
ignore you unless you get too close. Do not try to engage in battle
with Lu Bu. It is basically impossible defeat beat him in a duel,
and you need more allied officers and forces working with you
to defeat him in battle. When you get around it, go directly towards
the gate where Diao Chan will be waiting. Defeat her, and the
gates will open. Just as you get through the gates, Dong Zhuo
will say that he has no use for the city anymore and to burn it
down. An intermission sequence appears, showing enemy soldiers
setting fire to the buildings. Start making your way towards Dong
Zhuo, who will be in the area past the open gate on the right,
when you enter the city. Try defeating some of the other generals
there before you go after Dong Zhuo. Then, take down the officer
under him and he will call to retreat. You should be able to catch
up to him. His escape route involves leaving his section of the
city and proceeding into another section to the left. Quickly
defeat him. Note: You do not have to defeat him; you will still
have won. However if you defeat him, your weapon gets more experience.

Hint: Battle Of Hu Lao Gate: Mountain climbing:

Play as the Shu forces as Lei Bei with the Red Hare
saddle. At the beginning of the stage, move in a straight line.
If done correctly, you will go on the mountains and be able to
get ahead of the entire army. Note: This will not work all the

Hint: Battle Of Jian Ye: Easy experience:

In the Battle Of Jian Ye, as Wei Forces, defeat Jiang
Qin. Three fake Sun Jians will appear. Defeat them all. After
defeating one, another will appear. Defeat him. When they are
all defeated, kill Ding Feng, Zhu Ran, and Xu Sheng (if alive).
Move towards the bottom and defeat the real Sun Jian. Then, defeat
Sun Ce. Move towards Sun Quan and defeat Taishi Ci and Sun Quan.
Then, move to defeat Zhou Tai and Sun Sang Xiang. If done under
the easy difficulty setting, you will get about 10,000 experience
points. For the normal and difficulties, it is 20,000 experience


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Hint: Battle Of Tong
Gate level: Hidden items:
A Life +10 can be found in the
upper-left corner, directly next to the Wei's Gate. It is one of the two pots
on the left. A Musou +10 can be found in the middle of the shallow waterway.

Hint: Battle Of Tong
Gate level: Make Han Sui defect:
Play as Cao Cao forces. Make Cao Cao
and Han Sui meet. An intermission sequence will begin. To make Han Sui defect,
you must defeat all of his sub generals. This will also earn Xu Zhu's tenth
weapon if you are playing under the hard difficulty setting.

Hint: Battle Of Tong
Gate level: Prevent Han Sui from defecting:
Pay as Liu Bei's forces. To stop Han
Sui from defecting to Cao Cao's side, defeat all generals, including Cao Cao's
sub generals. This will lower his morale to one star. After awhile, Han Sui
will not defect. This will also earn you the Shadow Saddle which prevents you
from being knocked off by enemy attacks.

Hint: Battle Of Wan
Castle level: Lu Bu appearance:
Go to Musou mode and get to the
Battle Of Xia Pei. Make Lu Bu retreat. Do not kill Diao Chan or he will be
angered and try to kill everyone. Once he retreats, go to Wan Castle. At some
point, he will appear and try to kill Cao Cao.

Hint: Battle Of Wu
Zhang Plains level: Orb:
Go to Zhuge Liang's castle, but do
not go inside. Instead take a right go until you are past the building. Then,
go left. There should be a lot of hay in those sticks. Go to the end of all of
them. There should be a wooden box there. Break it open. There will be a Get
Item. Then, finish the level. Note: It is always an Orb under the hard
difficulty setting.

Hint: Battle Of Wu
Zhang Plains level: Items:
To get the best items get a good
character that is fast at running and attacking. Max out his defense and
attack, then go to the Wu Zhang Plains level on the Wei side under the hard
difficulty setting. There are a few items in crates. Their locations are as
follows: top left near gate, middle path, top middle where Cao Cao appears, and
on the left-hand side of the Shu fort. Look for single crates. The rest of the
items appear with a supply team (group of wooden oxen on wheels that start
around Ma Chao's original position heading down the south path towards the
bottom left gate). Defeat Jiang Wei and they should appear, but you have to be
fast. Note: Have Luck equipped. You should have Seven Star Sash at least level
14 and Hex Mark. You do not have to be on horseback to activate Luck.

Hint: Battle Of Xia
In the Battle Of Xia Pi, your Wei
Forces are on the opposite side of the same castle that they were defending
during the Yellow Turban Menace. Quickly go south to a small encampment of
buildings just west of the southwest corner of the castle, and just north of
the river. Wait for a short while and Zhang Liao will appear (he will be
against you). Try to defeat him from his horse before he can challenge you to a
duel. Getting his horse is crucial. If you defeat him in a duel which he
challenged you to on his horse, defeating him will make the horse disappear. If
you fail to defeat him from his horse before he challenges you, press Start
to decline his duel when he challenges you. Defeat him in battle, then quickly
try to get on his horse. Ride north around the northwest corner of the
building, past the enemy stronghold at the top, and go to the bridge crossing
the northern stream. Soon Lu Bu will say, "The enemy outnumbers us
vastly". Just after he says that, the north gates will open and not only
will Lu Bu charge out, but so will an enemy carriage. Dodge Lu Bu and destroy
the carriage. Do not allow it to escape or your battle will be much harder.
Once the carriage is destroyed, Lu Bu will say, "Damn! We will have to
retreat". However, he does not retreat and continues fighting. Dodge
around him again and try to just enter the castle. An intermission sequence
will show the stream running through the castle, then an island in the middle
with Lu Bu's horse, Red Hare, and a pot on it. Once this is done, quickly exit
the castle. Dodge Lu Bu (setting your guards on attack and letting them
distract Lu Bu is recommended) and cross the bridge of the northern stream
again. Guo Jia, your ally, will meanwhile say that there is a stream running
through the castle that will substantially limit your movements. Go to the big
boulder between the bridge and the north stronghold and stand near it. Note:
You could go to the north stronghold and take out the gate captain, but be sure
to get close to the boulder once done. Also, destroy the pots to regain any
lost health. Soon Guo Jia will tell you to use boulders to dam the stream. Then
a battle note will state that the Rockslide preparations are complete. Another
intermission sequence shows your character jumping on top of the rocks and
saying that the water should recede now, attack. Immediately take your horse
and ride south around the west side of the castle. Go to the south part of the
stream and cross it over a bridge. Then, go to the southwest corner and take
out Hou Cheng (or let him surrender and withdraw). Then scan by the river in
the southwest corner and you will find another group of five enemies under Lu
Bu, guarding a land bridge leading to the island in the middle of the stream.
Take out the men, then cross the land bridge. Break the pot, as it has a Musou
Up +10 upgrade. Then, mount and capture Red Hare. Note: As you do these actions
you may notice that your overall morale expands to a very high extent. During
this time, a lot of the generals are withdrawing. Quickly go around the south
and east side of the castle. Sneak around Lu Bu again (you could also try to
inflict damage to him) and enter the castle through the north side. Then, keep
to the building's right by the stream running through the castle. There will be
a large alleyway leading to stairs into the water. Go into the stream. Notice
that before damming the stream, the water would have dragged you to the south
side of the castle, but not now. Go north and exit the river to the west. You
are now at the northwest part of the castle. Meanwhile, more of your allies
will be starting to advance on Lu Bu himself. As you exit the river inside the
castle, there will be enemies on the north side. Ignore the enemies. An
intermission sequence will soon appear, showing Chen Gong sadly saying how Lu
Bu only sees the battlefield. Then, Chen Gong will surrender to you. When the
sequence is over, continue around the buildings and move south along the west
wall of the castle. Lu Bu will try to retreat for real this time, along with
Diao Chan. If you feel confident enough, and if your health is high, defeat
Diao Chan instead of letting her escape. This will anger Lu Bu and he will
restart fighting again. Meet him this time and attack. As the others attack,
try to get behind him and attack him. He will usually be blocking in front.
Note: If no other ally officer is trying to fight him as well, do not go near
him. When you succeed in killing Lu Bu, you will have won the battle.

Hint: Battle Of Xu
Chang level: Kills:
Play as the Wu or Shu side. After
every General is killed on your side, Sun Jian will struggle and will soon only
have one or no guards. After Xu Zhu appears, he will bring Cao Cao srtonghold.
It will be non-stop; advance slowly and protect Sun Jian while doing so. You
will get about 800 to 1000 kills. If you do this and kill lots of Generals,
12,000 points will be given to you after the battle. This also works with Cheng
Du on Wu or Wei side, where the non-stop stronghold is in Luo Castle (top where
Ma Su is located), and in Jian Ye (bottom of map where Sun Jian is found).

Hint: Battle Of Ye
Ling level: Easy completion:
Play as Xiao Qiao and equip the Red
Hair Harness. When you enter the Stone Sentinel Maze, after the figures start
to move up and down you can ride over them. When one starts to rise, move
directly towards it. When it is about a quarter up, you should run right up and
over it. This makes it possible to enter the Bai Di Castle from the maze. If
this does not work, try to ride up different parts, such as the sides.

Hint: Battle Of Yi
Ling level: Get Meng Huo and Zhu Rong as reinforcements for Shu:
In Shu Musou mode, finish The Nanman
Campaign. Defeat Meng Huo seven times (once in a duel) and Zhu Rong (in a
duel). An event with Zhuge Liang and Meng Huo will happen. Then, in the Battle
Of Yi Ling, after the fire attack event and Zhuge Liang appears, wait about ten
minutes. Meng Huo and Zhu Rong will appear.

Hint: Campaign For
Jing level: Wei Yan And Huang Zhong's defection to Shu:
Defeat Han Xuan's sub-officer Yan
Ling. Then, defeat Huang Zhong after his attack message. An event of them
defecting will occur.

Hint: Chang Ban level:
Special intermission sequence:
Play under Liu Bei's forces. When
you pass either bridge on the side of the map, a message will appear stating
that Liu Chan is still trapped inside the castle. Locate where he is at the
pause menu, then smash open the box while you are on a horse. You will get an
intermission sequence where you save a baby.

Hint: Guan Yu's Escape
level for Shu:
In Act 1 of Yellow Turban Menace, do
the Fortress and Rebellion levels for the Yellow Turban. Then in Act 2 at Shi
Shui, first let Hua Xiong come out of the gates. Yuan Shao will say "Isn't
there anyone who can kill Hua Xiong?" Take out the Supply Depot and kill
Xua Xiong. Then, finish the level (Red Hare or two players recommended). At Hu
Lao Gate, kill Lu Bu and Diao Chan and let Dong Zhuo escape.

Hint: Hu Lao Gate
level: Hidden items:
There is a Life Bar on the top of
the Hu Lao gate. Use the stairs behind the gate to walk up. There is Musou Up
on the other side of the gate from the Life Bar.

Hint: Hu Lao Gate
When Lu Bu comes out, get his
attention. Bring him towards other officers on your team. Defeat him, then take
his horse and quickly go to Yuan Shou. Hux Iang from Si Shui Gate comes to kill
Yuan Shou. Protect Yuan Shou, then wait and Dong Zhou's forces will retreat.

Hint: Hu Lao Gate
level: Defeating Lu Bu:
Choose Gan Ning. Go to Hu Lao Gate
approach Lu Bu. He will challenge you to a duel. Accept the challenge. Let Lu
Bu hit you or charge your Musou. Lure him into a corner or pin him on the wall.
Use your Musou. His life will drop quickly. Note: Make sure Gan Ning is strong.
Do the same to defeat Gan Ning in a duel. Use a character whose first charge is
shooting out elemental orbs (for example, Zhuge Liang, Jiang Wei, Pang Tong,
Cao Cao, Sima Yi, Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Lu Meng, and Da Qiao). Then, get their
fourth weapons and equip a Blast Orb (level 2 or above recommended). When you
get in a duel with Lu Bu, keep tapping Triangle and his life will slowly
drain to nothing. Note: this method will let you win any duel. To defeat Lu
Bu,you need any character at maximum rank; a level 9 weapon; the following
equipment at these levels: Peacock Urn, Tiger Amulet, Tortoise Amulet, Dragon
Amulet (optional), and Speed Scroll (optional); and level 20 bodyguards with
pikes, spears, or crossbows (only because it is guard piercing). You can defeat
Lu Bu or anyone else with this on any level. Make sure the bodyguards are
always on the sword icons. Wait until the bodyguards surround Lu Bu then hit
him in the back (or in any unguarded spot), then unleash an all-out attack on

Hint: Hu Lao Gate
level: Easy five secret costumes:
Play the Hu Lao Gate level on Han
side under any difficult setting in free or musou mode. At the begining of the
level, go to the first gate and encounter a gate captain (Guo Si, Li Ru, or
Zhang Liao). Defeat the gate captain's officer and the gate captain himself.
The gate will open. Note: You must defeat the gate captain's officer before
him, or he will run away, Otherwise, defeat all enemy entry port but this is
not necessary. Follow the rules to unlock the costumes easier then defeat these
generals in any order: Lu Bu, Diao Chan, Li Jue, and Dong Zhou (you can still
let him escape). If this does not work the first time, try it again. It mostly
works when your character's weapon is at level 2 or higher.

Hint: Jian Ye level:
Hidden items:
There is a Life Bar near Yuan Shu's
location. The pot stands alone.

Hint: Lu Bu Rebellion
level: More weapon experience:
Play the level under the easy
difficulty setting (when your weapon is below level 5) or the hard difficulty
setting (when your weapon is above level 5). Do this fifteen times or more and
you will have your weapon at level 9.

Hint: Lu Bu Rebellion
level: Easy experience:
Play the level under the hard
difficulty setting as Lu Bu's forces. Defeat every enemy general and sub
general to gain one to three levels.

Hint: Mt. Ding Jun
level: Hidden items:
There is a Life Bar is in the top
area where Huang Zhong is located. There is a Musou Bar in the pot near the
statues when traveling. At the beginning of the level, turn directly around.
There will be a wooden fence surrounding a couple of little huts. Enter the
fenced area and run to the right rear-most corner from the point where you entered.
Break the barrel closest to the back wall to discover a Musou +10. To find a
Life +10, take Mt. Ding Jun and enter the gate after defeating Han Hao.
Continue running down the path until you see a Gate Captain in a small path to
the left. The barrels on the left side of the gate contain the Life+10.

Hint: Nanman Campaign
level: Hidden items:
There is a Life Up is in the poison
swamp near King Mulu. There is a Musou Up is in the straight land leading to
Dong Tu Ne and Ahui Nan in a pot on the left; the path under Jihuan Sanjie.

Hint: Nanman Campaign
level: Easy completion:
When the level starts, kill Zhu Bao,
Gao Ding, and Yong Kai. In other words, kill Yong Kai's two sub Generals and
Yong Kai in that order. After doing so, Dong Tu Ne and Ahui Nan will defect.
Get a horse nearby or equip a saddle. Immediately ride or run to Meng Huo's
castle. Defeat Wu Tugu or King Mulu to get the gate to open. Go in the castle.
Meng Huo will appear immediately and you can kill him there. Note: When
fighting Meng Huo, massive reinforcements will arrive and Gate Captains will
appear every ten minutes. Lu Xun or Zhuge Liang will be struggling in battle.
Be careful, because Zhu Rong will also march to kill your main commander. If
you go into the castle, a 1000 kill possibility can happen.

Hint: Nanman Campaign
level: Getting the Elephant Saddle:
On the Nanman Campaign level on the
Nanman side have any player be Meng Huo and the other player be a maxed out
character (Lu Bu or an Edit Character with the Fu Xi weapon on level 10
recommended). Have the player controlling Meng Huo follow his troops who have
elephants. Have the other player protect the Meng Huo player, then kill any
enemy soldier or general. Wait for your ally to get knocked off his elephant
then ride the elephant the Zhuge Liang's base. The item report should appear.
Get the item in your base then finish the level.

Hint: Nanman Campaign
level: Getting Zhu Rong and Meng Who:
Play the Nanman Campaign as the Shu
forces. Kill Meng Huo in all the times that he appears including the duel. When
Zhu Rong challenges you to a duel, accept it and defeat her. Complete the level
and you will unlock Meng Huo and Zhu Rong when you finish the Shu Musou mode.

Hint: Si Shui Gate
level: Hidden items:
There is a Health and Musou +10 in
this level. The Musou +10 is located past the wall guarding the secret path to
the Grand Generals Fort to the south. The Life +10 is located in the southern
part of the supply fort in the north.

Hint: The Two Qiaos
level: Easy completion:
After rescuing Xiao Qiao, quickly
rescue Da Qiao. Then, meet up with Sun Ce. Once all three are following you, go
south. However, go over to the east side of the map, through the gate. When
Dong Zhuo's troops arrive, they will hunt for you. If you try to meet them down
the center, you will lose, as you will be overwhelmed by their sheer numbers.
You might survive, but odds are that you will be defeated. Going to either side
causes them to split up, making it easier for you to survive. You will not have
to deal with five to officers, their sub-officers (if any), and their troops. A
fully decked general is recommended. Equipment should include: Red Hare Saddle
(to move quickly), Charge Bracer, Peacock Urn, Tiger Amulet, and Vorpal Orb.

Hint: The Two Qiaos
level: Fighting Dong Zhuo's Army:
If you want to fight Dong Zhuo's
entire army but have problems with the Qiaos dying, get a second player (or
control player two by yourself). Have player two collect both Qiaos, and then
have player one attack some of Niou Fu's troops so that they will stop
following player two. Let player one be found before Dong Zhuo's army splits,
then seal a gate in a far-off corner with player two. Wait there and fight the
army using player one. The Qiaos will be safe because everyone will be
following player one.

Hint: Xia Kou level:
Make Gan Ning weak:
Go to Xia Kou and wait until Zhou Yu
talks about the gunpowder on Huang Zu's northern ship. Break the burning pot so
that his ship will be on fire. Leave the ship. Gan Ning and Su Fei will get on
the burning ship. The ship will move and hit the other ship, causing a fire.
Gan Ning and Su Fei will appear. Gan Ning should be very weak by now.

Hint: Xu Chang level
for Wu side:
Play in Musou mode under the Wu
side. You may play as any character. Play all levels in any way desired. When
you get to Act 3, play The Battle of Chi Bi level. You must make sure Zhuge
Liang wind prayer, Pang Tong ploy, and Huang Gai's setting the ship on fire are
all succesful. If done correctly, the final level of the final act will be Xu

Hint: Yellow Turban
Fortress level: Orb:
Play the Yellow Turban Fortress
level on the Han side. Once you start, there will be two forts (left and
right). Go to the left fort and defeat the officer outside the gate to get the
gate open. Once inside, go to the bottom left corner. A crate should be there,
near a fence. Open it, and an item that should be an Orb will appear. To help
you get these Orbs easier, equip the Seven Star Luck.

Hint: Yellow Turban
Menace level: Hidden items:
There is a Life Up on the top left
squared area near Zhang Liang with flame geysers. The pot stands by itself.
There is a Musou Up in the top right squared area the opposite of where the
life up is located. The pot stands alone.

Hint: Yellow Turban
Menace level: Persistent opponents:
You will find Huang Gai and Guan Hai
fighting outside of a gate on the lower middle portion of the map. These two
characters will always be fighting when you go to them. If you notice, Huang
Gai is Guan Hai with the G and the H switched. The G at the end of Huang is
also removed.

Hint: Yellow Turban
Rebellion level: Hidden items:
There is a Life Up near Zhang Jiao
on his right. The pot near the brown box. Another pot has 200 HP+. A Musou Up
is in one of the three pots near Zhang Liang's location, when coming in
straight from below. To get +10 Musou, go to the far right-hand side of the map
at the beginning of the level where Liu Bei is fighting with He Yi. Go towards
the circular area. You will see two or three pots lined up. Break them and get
the +10 Musou. To get +10 Life, go to the fort on the map with the phantom
army. Go into the bottom corner along the side (to the right side of your
character, and left side of the map). Break the single pot. You will get a +10

Hint: Yellow Turban
Rebellion level: Stop the fire cannons and wind:
At one time during this battle,
Zhang Jiao will grant Zhang Bao powers. After this you must kill Zhang Bao, and
at that time the fire cannons will stop, as well as the wind in the fort where
Zhang Bao is located.

Hint: Yellow Turban
Rebellion level: Dong Zhou appears in Dynasty Warriors 3 costume:
Note: In order to do this, you must
have the Zhang Jiao team. Play the Yellow Turban Rebellion level on the Yellow
Turban side as Dong Zhou. Kill all of the generals until Dong Zhou appears. Get
close to him, and you will notice that he is wearing his costume from Dynasty
Warriors 3

Hint: Easy stats and
If you have a strong character
capable of completing levels with a difficulty rating of about six or more and
you need upgrading, go to the Mt. Ding Jun level. Fight for the Shu side. Once
in the level, fight your way towards Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He. If you defeat
Xiahou Yuan, he will give you +4 attack and 1228 weapon experience points.
Zhang He will give you +4 defense and a little less experience points. If your
character is not strong enough to battle at Mt.Ding Jun, select the Battle of
Guan Du level and fight for Wei. There are many officers and Zhang He, Liu Bei,
and Zhang Fei all drop +2 power-ups. Go to the Unification Of Jiang Dong level
in the Wu Territory under the medium difficulty setting. All generals and their
officers give a minimum of +2 to attack/defence, and the rest give +4. The
difficulty for the level is only rated for 4 on medium difficulty. Weapon
experience is not very high, however, and you will only acquire about 3000
weapon experience points (more if you juggle the Named Ones). The Battle of
Jian Ye is the best level for weapon experience, and there are some good
power-ups there as well. The four fake Sun Jians will all give over 1,000
experience each, as well as the real one. Then, Taishi Ci, Zhou Tai, Sun Ce,
Sun Quan, and Sun Shang Xiang will give you a lot more. Most of the power-ups
dropped by Generals in the game are Attack ups. Your attack will reach maximum
before your defense does. To raise your defense faster, play the Campaign
Against Sun Jian level as any force. Many Generals there will give you Defense
ups. Go to the Hu Lao Gate under the hard difficulty setting and kill all
generals. You will get over 5,000 experience points. Go to the Battle Of Hu Lao
Gate level as any character (at least Class 10 and weapon level 5). Destroy all
generals except Lu Bu (just evade him) and run up sides of gate. Collect the
Musou +10 and the Health +10. Many generals in Hu Lao gate have at least +2
items. Note: Do not knock Lu Bu off his horse because it will be easier for him
to attack you; just run and stay away from his slash. He cannot go up the
stairs of Hu Lao Gate on his horse. With any character with a level 5 weapon or
above, go to Lu Bu's Revolt on Dong Zhou's side under the hard difficulty
setting in free mode. When you start, go to the room west of Gao Shun. Go south
and find the pot in the back corner. Get the Life Up +10 from it, then kill Gao
Shun to get an Attack Up +4. Go north from there and kill Zhang Liao to get an
Attack Up +8. Go west to the room where Chen Gong is found. Go south and break
the pot to get a Musou Up +10. Kill Chen Gong to recieve a Defense Up +8. Then,
kill Lu Bu. Repeat this level many times. The Attack for the character you are
using will fill up first, and Life and Musou should be close together. Defense
will fill the slowest.

Hint: Easy win:
Jump up and press Triangle.
Your character will do a slamming stab attack into the ground. This is quite
effective, but on the way down your character is defenseless. The enemy will
often attack you. However, if you hold Square on the way down, most
times you will not get hit. When fighting with a lot of enemies around you,
sometimes the game slows down. If you enter the power struggle thing (where you
attack repeatedly) while the game is slowing down, you will win easier because
everything else is slow while you are at normal speed. Use the following trick
for an instant death of any enemy that is not an officer. Equip the Vorpal Orb
at a high level so you do not really need a Tiger Amulet.

Hint: Easy win in two
player mode:
If you are having trouble defeating
a general, have one player use his surprise attack (R3). When the enemy
unblocks, and pulls back, strike. This is also useful when defeating Lu Bu or
any other general.

Hint: Musou modes:
In order to unlock the Naman Musou
mode, you must unlock the character Meng Huo. To do so, during a Musou mode
with either the Shu or Wu Kingdom, defeat Meng Huo in a duel when he challenges
you. After that Musou mode, you will unlock him. After have completed the Shu,
Wei, Wu, Lu Bu, Yuan Shao and Naman Musou modes, the Yellow Turban Musou mode
will be unlocked. To unlock the Yuan Shao and Lu Bu Musou mode, complete the
Shu, Wu and Wei Musou mode once.

Hint: Extra spin
When an officer's Musou bar is full,
press Triangle + Circle. He will do six spins instead of three.

Hint: Defeating
Grow your Musou, then use your
jumping charge attack. When you land, use your musou immediatly to do double
damage on any opponent. If you have a high level character, this will work well
on any officer. You can usually kill them in two or three hits.

Hint: Easy weapon
Play the Jian Ye level on the Nanman
side under the easy difficulty setting. This requires a level 15 Tiger Amulet
and a Red Hare Saddle. Play normally, killing the four fake Sun Jians, then
kill sub-generals in the following order: Taichi Ci, Cheng Pu, Zhou Tai, Sun
Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shang Xiang. Any unpowered-up character will
instantly have there level 5 weapon and some ranks up. Do this four times and
you will have the level 9 weapon and rank 1 or 3 at least. First, get Guan Yu's
Escape for Cao Cao's forces (Wei). Access this by selecting the Yellow Turban
Rebellion first in Act 1. Then in Act 2, clear both stages. After the Battle of
Guan Du in Act 3, it will be Wei Tales, Guan Yu's Escape. Now that you have
Guan Yu's Excape, set it to the easy difficulty setting. Equip a saddle of any
kind, if available, and sprint up to Guan Yu. Try and isolate and defeat him.
He will give you 848 weapons points under the easy difficulty setting after he
is defeated. If you hit him with a Charge attack, you will receive 32 weapons
points under the easy difficulty setting. Combo him five times at least, and
you will unlock the level 2 weapon for any character in under five minutes. Be
careful, as Guan Yu has three times his normal stats on this level. Play the
Yellow Turban Rebellion on Zhang Jiao's side. Defeat every officer and sub
officer. By doing this under the easy difficulty setting, you will leave the
stage with over 12,000 weapon experience. Play the Battle Of Jian Ye level
as the Shu side in free mode. Choose the character for which you want to
maximize his or her power. It is best to have at least the level 7 weapon.
Quickly, eliminate Sun Jian at the bottom of the map. If you want to boost your
weapon experience first, kill one illusion of Sun Jian. After you kill the real
Sun Jian with the static around his body, you will get about 2,028 weapon
experience and an +8 attack in normal mode or 1,016 weapon experience and a +4
in easy mode. Sun Ce will now take command. Kill him to get another 2,000
weapon experience and +8 attack. If your health is low, kill SunSan Xiang or
one of the elite guards to get an All Recover boost. Sun Quan will now take
command. Kill him to get 2,000 weapon experience and +8 defense. Make sure your
health is towards full before facing Sun San Xiang; she will have Zhou Tai
nearby and lots of soldiers. Taici Ci will also pursue you when facing Sun
Quan. If "The main camp is under attack" message appears, forget the
general-killing spree. Instead, help Liu Bei get secured. There are lots of 10
second Musous and Life Recovers in boxes near Liu Bei -- do not worry about
your vitality bar. If you do not kill the soldiers fast enough, then Sun San
Xiang will appear and hunt you down. Kill her, but there will be no weapon
experience or status items. Also, before facing Sun Jian, you need to kill
Huang Gai to open the gate. To finish the stage quickly, equip Red-Hare, or if
you do not have any saddles, knock a general of his or hers. Note: Under the
hard difficulty setting, status items will still be the same, but weapon
experience will be doubled to 4,000 points.

Play the Battle Of Jian Ye level
under the hard difficulty setting. If you think that your character will die if
you play that level on that difficulty, then get someone to be a character who
is already powered up (level 10 weapon recommended) and have that person help
you. Kill all of the Generals in the level, and if needed have the powerful
character weaken the General, then kill the General yourself. Sun Jian alone
gives over 2,000 weapon experience points. Play the Yellow Turban Rebellion
level under the hard difficulty setting. Defeat all enemy sub-officers and
officers, but do not defeat any Gate Captians or Zhang Jaio will retreat to
prevent this. Do not defeat Zhang Liang; they will have more morale, and it is
impossible for allies to get to Zhang Liang. You can now defeat all Gate
Captains. The best order is: He Yi, Yan Zhang, Gao Shing, Deng Mao, Cheng
Yuanzhi, Pei Yuan Shou, Guan Hai, Zhang Man Chang, Zhang Bao, Zhou Cang, Han
Xian, Bo Zhang, Zhang Liang (optional), Lui Pi, Huang Shao, and Zhang Jiao. If
you are on the Wei side, you can defeat Deng Mao, Gao Sheng, Cheng Yuanzhi, He
Yi, Yan Zheng, etc. Also, you should get Life +10 by killing Lui Pi and going
straight up. There should be two pots and one box. Break the pot on the very
right. If you are running low on health, break the middle pot and Musou +10 by
going to Zhang Liang after killing Han Xian. Charge to Zhang Liang and once you
cannot go any further, take a right. There should be three pots. Break the one
that kind of pops out. If you are once again running low on health, break the
right pot by the end. You should have a good 3,500 experience points, but this
is mainly for weaker characters. If you have about a level 7 weapon, just go to
the Battle Of Jain Yi level and defeat every officer and sub-officer. Defeat
all Sun Jian's images to get a good 10,000 experience points. Use the following
strategy to increase a character's weapon to level 9 within an hour and a half.
Do the following levels in order under the hard difficulty setting: Nanman
campaign three times, killing every officer and sub-officer; Campaign Against
Sun Jian Lu Bu's forces under the normal difficulty setting, killing all
sub-officers and officers; and Campaign Against Sun Jian Lu Bu's forces under
the hard difficulty setting. You should now have a level 9 weapon. Play the Jie
Ting leve as ether Cao Cao's Forces (easier) or Liu Bei's Forces. You will get
about 1024 experience for defeating a famous officer and about 500 experience
for a lower officer. You will also get an extra 40 experience for Charge hits (Square(2),
Triangle) or other combos ending in a charge attack on famous officers.
Remember that your weapons change at level 3 and level 7. It would help to have
a level 15 Tiger Amulet, a level 20 Tortoise Amulet, and a level 15 Peacock
Urn. Even if you get knocked around, you will lose less damage if you did this
stage without a Tortoise Amulet at all. You could probably do this with a level
2 and higher weapon. Get the desired character with the weapon to level up to
the Hu Lao Gate level(on Dong Zhuo's side). Clear the stage of every officer.
When you get to Yuan Shao, do not use regular attacks on him. Instead, get a
horse and keep riding by, continuously hitting him with the Triangle
move. Every time you hit him, you should get 32 weapons experience under the
normal difficulty setting. First, complete the Wei Dynasty campaign or at least
make it to the The Siege Of Fan Castle level. Play this level in free mode
under the easy difficulty setting. Fight for the Wei Forces as any character
you wish to gain weapon experience for. Defeat every officer on the map. Try
starting with Zhou Tai and his officer, Xu Sheng. Then head up towards Lu Xun
and his officer, Ding Feng. After that, go towards Sun Zhang Xiang and her
officer, Ling Tong. After that, go for Taishi Ci and his officer, Zhu Ran. By
this time, either both Lu Meng and Sun Quan, or just Lu Meng are at the west
gate. Move to Lu Meng and his officer Jiang Qin. Now all that remains in your
way is Sun Quan and his officer, Cheng Pu. Once the mission is done, you should
have about 8,000 weapon experience. Be careful, as this level is somewhat
difficult. Make sure that you have at least a level 12 character.

Hint: Easy level 10
Play in two player mode. Use a low
trained character who has a ninth weapon for player one and another trained
character with at least a ninth weapon for player two. If you were supposed to
defeat an enemy general, let player two weaken him. Then let player one defeat
the enemy general.


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Hint: Fourth weapons:
If you are trying to get a fourth
weapon and it is not working, make sure your weapon is at level 9. If it still
does not work, then try it in Musou mode. Start a game under the hard
difficulty setting with the correct level and character for the weapon desired.
As soon as you start, pause game play and quit. Set the difficulty to
"Easy". Do not select "Continue"; instead, start a new game
in free mode or Musou mode. As soon as that level starts, press Start + Select.
Do not worry if the game resets, this is meant to happen. Then, select
"Continue" to get the weapon in "Easy" mode. I you get
three stats for any character completely maxed out, he or she will gain their
fourth weapon. Obviously, you must accomplish this with your third weapon
already gained.

Hint: Easy weapon
For easy second weapons or level 4
weapons, play The Yellow Turban Menace a few times. If you want to get your
rank faster, also keep playing the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

Hint: Weapons:
For a second weapon, get your weapon
to level 4. For a third weapon, get your weapon to level 7.

Hint: Locating
valuable items:
If you are having trouble locating
valuable items when they appear, pause game play, select "History",
and scroll to the "A valuable item has been discovered" notice. It
will show you the exact location of the item when it appears.

Hint: Easy duels:
Use Huang's Bow at level 10 or more.
When a duel begins, take out your bow and shoot. The officer will fly back and
come towards you. This gives you enough time to use your bow. To do this
easier, shoot the bow, release the button, hold it again, and shoot. Repeat
this until he or she is dead. Note: This will not work for all generals, especially
Lu Bu. While in Musou mode during a duel, if you are losing, run up as close to
the wall as possible. Press R1 to aim with a bow and arrow. The general
you are dueling will not attack, and you can survive to fight him on the

When you are losing a duel, go to
the side of the dueling fences and hold R1 to switch to bow mode. While
in bow mode, look outside the fence. Note: You must to be touching the fence
and be looking outside for this to work. As you are starting a one or one duel,
the best way to get a good start and kill them quickly is run towards them.
Jump and use your Square attack in mid air to hit them. They usually
stop guarding when you jump. Then, get behind them when they are on the ground.
When they get up, do your 1, 2, Triangle attack and repeat until they

Hint: Defeating Lu Bu:
This trick will take quite a long
time, but is worth it. Before facing Lu Bu, charge up your Musou. Then, charge
towards him (from behind, if possible). Use your Musou on him. After he is on
the ground, use this chance to run away. Charge up your Musou again and return
to attack him. Your Musou could be more powerful when your life bar is red.
This will set Lu Bu on fire. Take Lu Bu's Red Hare and run back and forth. Run
him over and attack with Triangle to get weapon experience or just a
normal Square attack. When he is almost dead, you can get off the horse
and use Musou, or keep riding horse and lunge at him. Use the following trick
to defeat Lu Bu in a duel. When in Hu Lao Gate, Yuan Shao will say
"Protect the ram while it heads for Hu Lao Gate". After the ram
destroys Hu Lao's Gate, Yuan Shao will say "All forces march. Take Dong
Zhuo's head." After that, Lu Bu will appear. A few seconds, later Lu Bu
will say "You dare face the mighty Lu Bu" . Duel him. Use the
following items as Zhao Yun under the easy difficulty settin to defeat him.
Note: Also use Zhao Yun's Max combo, which is Square(2), Triangle(3).
If done correctly, he should fly in the air, allowing you to land another
combo. The items are: Tiger Amulet: 15, Tortoise Armulet: 19, Peacock Urn: 15,
Dragon Armulet: 15, Wind Scroll: none. Make sure your character has almost
maximum stats. Use the following trick to defeat Lu Bu in a duel. This can be
somewhat difficult to actually do, but if it works you can defeat Lu Bu in a
duel easily. First, get your character's weapon to at least level 4. Going to
all three of the Yellow Turban levels twice (and defeating most, if not all
Generals and sub-Generals) should take care of this. Attack Lu Bu with the third
charge (Square(2), Triangle) and keep pressing Triangle.
You will notice that since the character has the second form of the weapon,
they do more hits than before. When Lu Bu becomes dizzy from the last hit, get
behind him and do a very strong combo (varies for each character). Keep doing
this until he is defeated. Note: Some characters tend to push Lu Bu to the
side, thus missing the blow that actually makes him dizzy (for example, Liu
Bei, Sun Quan, Guan Yu, etc.). However, this does not make it impossible for
them to pull this off. To defeat Lu Bu in under ten minutes, when the battle of
Hu Lao Gate starts, quickly get your gate open by defeating the General that
blocks it (Li Ru, Dong Min, etc.). The battering ram should now appear. Kill
the General that blocks the Shu army. After killing him, the Shu army should
protect the ram. Do not kill the Guard Captains. You will need their health
power-ups when fighting Lu Bu. When the gate breaks, quickly hit Lu Bu off his
horse. He should now be in rage and pursue you. Do not accept his duels. When
fighting Lu Bu non-duel style, just block (L1) all of his attacks. If
the light shines, jump and press Triangle for a jump charge. He should
now be flying in mid-air. Quickly slash twice before he guards and counter.
After jump charging, guard again. It is best for Lu Bu to let him decrease your
health to red so you can Musou rather than slashing. Make sure health is
nearby. When his life gets low, his Musou attack will shatter your defenses if
not blocked correctly. Make sure you are in a stance in front of him. If he
Musous, execute your Musou as well if you want to do damage. A stalemate will
start; press Square rapidly. First, get your character to level 8 or
lower. Then, get your weapon to level 5 or higher. Finally, level up your
bodyguards until you get 8. At the beginning of the battle of Hu Lao Gate,
defeat at least four officers. When the ram appears, do not kill the guard
captains. Wait until the ram breaks the gate and Lu Bu appears. Knock him off
the Red Hare and do not challenge him to a duel. Get him to chase you, and run
into only one other General. Get that General to attack him. Keep your distance
and try to use your Charge Bow to knock him out (hold R1, then press Triangle).
When he is knocked out, go up to him and perform a combo. If your life is red,
keep your distance and let the General and your bodyguards attack him. When you
get your Musou, use it on Lu Bu. Keep doing this until he dies. You can kill a
Guard Captain to heal. Choose Zhao Yun. Equip him with a Lightning Orb. Charge
up your Musou, then go to Lu Bu. Use your Triangle attack on him when he
runs toward you. This may take a while to do, but it is worth it. Use the
following trick to defeat Lu Bu without getting hit. Use Ma Chao or an edit
character who uses Ma Chao's techniques (Spear 2 as a female). Before you get
to Lu Bu, get a horse. Having a level 9 or 10 weapon helps, but is not
necessary. Having eight bodyguards also helps, but again is not necessary. Once
you reach Lu Bu make, kill all of the normal soldiers near him; this is
optional if you have the Shadow Saddle equipped. Be careful not to hit him or
he will attack you savagely. After the normal troops are dead, you can get to Lu
Bu. The reason the normal soldiers must die is that they would knock you off
your horse. Once there is noone around, kill Lu Bu with your normal Triangle
attack. It has a large range and stuns Lu Bu. The second time will knock him
over, but since he always does the fast jump up your next shot will hit him
anyway. If your character is weak, it is easier if you have a second person.
This is a precaution because if Lu Bu does get a hit in (uncommon) they can
charge past and knock him over while you get back on your horse. Choose anyone,
then if desired try to duel him. It probably will not work. Then try as best as
you can with either sticking with groups of men to attack him or doing a small
amount of attacking while running back and forth.

Hint: Easy kills:
Unlock Ma Chao and the Shadow Rider
saddle (to avoid getting knocked off). Then, ride into a crowd of enemies and
use your charge attack. It will send a shockwave into the enemies, taking
anywhere to half or a little less than half of their health. Repeat this a few
times and you will have killed any enemies around you. Using this, it is
possible to get 1000 or more kills easily in a stage.

Hint: Regain health:
When you are low on health after an
officer battle, you can get health easily by defeating elite guards, guard
captains, and gate captains. Note: The Yellow Turbans do not have elite guards,
but some of the captains have health.

Hint: Sniper bow:
When aiming at someone far away,
hold R1 for a few seconds without touching anything else. You will zoom
in on the target, making it easier to select who you want to hit with an arrow.

Hint: Flaming geysers:
The geysers will stop burning or
shooting up in the air just before they explode.

Hint: Dim Sums and
Musou Wines:
This can only be done in Musou mode.
Choose the Wu Kingdom and play until you reach "The Little Conqueror"
tale. Choose Campaign for Wu Territory first and take the supply depot. Then,
choose Unification of Jiang Dong. The Dim Sum is located on the top fort, to
the left of the bottom entrance. The next one is located inside the bottom
fort, to the left of the center building. The two Musou Wines are located
inside the Elft fort, in the smaller center fort, at the bottom left corner,
next to a guard watch tower. The other one is on the top fort, to the right of
the bottom entrance.

Hint: Defense from
Gate Captains:
Go to a difficult level and let your
Gate Captain get killed. A Defense +1 will appear.

Hint: Flip up after
being knocked down or off a horse:
After being knocked down or off a
horse, quickly press L1 to flip up and get ready to attack or guard.
This also works well when fighting in duels.

Hint: Counter-attack:
If you jump and press Triangle,
but are hit in mid-air, quickly press R1 and Triangle again.
Almost always, you will not get hit a second time.

Hint: Attack Range:
The Attack Range determines how long
the sword is ("Reach", according to Dynasty Warriors 3). The
Wind Scroll item increases it. The characters with the most Attack Range are Lu
Bu and Cao Cao. The ones with the least is Sun Ce and Nu Wa (edit female character
with Raeper).

Hint: Luck:
Luck gives you a chance to get
better recovery items, Orbs, and special items. The items that increase luck
are Seven Star Sash and the Hex Hare Saddle. For example, in Battle Of Jian Ye
level, the elite guard next to Huang Gai gives you Life Recovery +100, but if
you a Hex Hare equipped it should give All Recovery Full.

Hint: Raising morale:
To raise your army's morale, you
must defeat a group of 50 soldiers. Every 50 soldiers defeated, one of your
generals will make a comment such as "I bow to your skills", "We
will all follow your example", etc. This will raise your army's morale.
Defeating 1000 soldiers will raise every general to eight stars.

Hint: Longer Musou
Hold Circle during a Musou
and it will last slightly longer. If you do this during Musou full for ten or
sixty seconds, your player will continually do the Musou attack until the bar
runs out.

Hint: Special Musou
Play with two players. Fill both
player's Musou bar to full. Each player must stand near the other player, then
press Circle (or do Musou Attack) together. The screen will act like if
they did a True Musou Attack (when the health is in the red). Then, both
players will have a Special Musou Attack. Note: This can be done even when at
full health.

Hint: Horse ability:
Before you start a battle, equip any
harness. During the, battle you will get the ability in any horse. For example,
equip the Shadow Rider Saddle which prevents you from being knocked off when on
a horse. Then, try to sit on other General' horse you will also get that

Hint: New sides:
In order to get new sides on levels
(Shu on Cheng Du, Wu on Jian Ye, Wu on Battle of Fan Castle, Wei side in Tian
Shui gate), you must activate some tales (Imperial Seal, Eliminate Zhang Jiao,
etc.) depending on which character you use. For example, getting Jian Ye for Wu
is very difficult, as you have to activate tales and finish levels in under the
hard difficulty setting.

Hint: New tales:
Do the following to unlock new
"tales" or acts.

To unlock Tong Gate, play on the Shu side. Play the last
level in every act until it appears.

To unlock Tian Shui, play the last level for every act with
Shu until it appears; ; even after Tong Gate tale, continue on.

To unlock Imperial Seal, play with Wu. Play all three levels
in the Yellow Turban act, then play Hu Lao Gate only and kill Lu Bu. It is your
choice to kill Dong Zhuo or not.

To unlock the Battle Of Ru Nan (not the race), play with Shu
finishing Yellow Turban Rebellion first, then Hu Lao Gate, but do not kill Lu
Bu. Also, killing Dong Zhuo is required.

To unlock the Wei Tales- Battle Of Ji Province, in the Wei
Musou Mode with any Wei general, when you get to Act II go to Hu Lao Gate
first. Defeat Lu Bu. You may kill Dong Zhuo if you wish. Then, after Act III
you will go to Wei Tales the Battle of Ji Province.

To unlock the Wu Tales - Battle of Mai Castle, when playing
the Battle Of Chi Bi in the Wu Musou mode with any Wu general, make sure all
the ploys work. After Act V, you will go to the Battle of Mai Castle.

Instead of playing Si Shui gate in Musou mode Shu Act 2,
play Hu Lao gate and the two main officers Hua Shung and Li Jue will appear.
Win the level and you may kill Dong Zhou or let him escape. Either way, you
will unlock a Shu Tales. You will get more experience this way

Complete the levels in order for the Wu Musou mode. When you
get to Hu Lao Gate, do not accept Lu Bu's challenge. Do not kill Lu Bu. Kill
Dong Zhuo, then in the next Act just play the last level. You should unlock Wu
Tales: The Unification Of Jing.

Kill all Generals, Sub-Generals, Soldiers and Gate Captains
and leave Zhang Jiao the only enemy on the map. He will retreat and the next
battle will be Eliminate Zhang Jiao.

Start a Musou with any of the main forces (Wu, Shu, or Wei)
and kill every general including all four of Zhang Jiao's officers. After a few
minutes Zhang Jiao will retreat and the next Act will be a Tales level,
Eliminate Zhang Jiao.

Hint: Alternate
You may have noticed that every time
you complete Musou mode, you will get ending 3. There are special requirements
for endings 1, 2 and 4. To get ending 1, you must play Musou mode with a clear
time of twenty minutes and up on every stage as an average. You must also clear
fourteen or less stages (Wei, Shu, Wu) or five or less stages (others). To get
ending 2, you must play Musou mode with more than 200 kills average per stage,
more than 4,000 points average per stage, and a clear time of twenty minutes
and up per stage. You must also clear more than fifreen stages (Wei, Shu, Wu)
or clear six or more stages (others). To get ending 4, you must play Musou mode
with more than 200 kills average per stage, more than 4,000 points average per
stage and a clear time of twenty minutes or less per stage. You will also have
to clear more than fifteen stages (Wei, Shu, Wu) or clear six or more (others).
You need to fulfill other special requirements for ending 4:

Side: Wei
Stage: Battle of Chi Bi
Requirements: Disrupt all 3 plots (Pang Tong, Huang Gai, Zhuge Liang)

Side: Shu
Stage: Campaign for Cheng Du
Requirement: Get Liu Zhang to surrender

Side: Wu
Stage: Race for the Nan Territory
Requirement: Take all 3 territories

Side: Lu Bu
Stage: Lu Bu's revolt
Requirement: Defeat all enemies

Side: Dong Zhuo
Stage: Battle of Si Shui Gate
Requirement: Defeat Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Jian, after Li Jue begins to

Side: Yuan Shao
Stage: Battle of Guan Du
Requirement: Defeat Guan Yu

Side: Yellow Turbans
Stage: The Yellow Turban Rebellion
Requirement: All Yellow Turban generals must survive

Side: Nanman
Stage: Battle of Cheng Du
Requirement: Wu Tugu must survive till the end

Hint: Poem meanings:
After you have finished Musou mode
with any force, you will receive a little poem which reflects your score during
Musou mode. Each quote is related to how you performed. At the end of the poem,
there is a result. You will get three results.

[Strength of fire] or [Strength of the inferno]
[Mind of lightning] or [Mind of the heavens]
[Speed of the wind] or [Speed of the tempest]

After the results have shown, there
is a conclusion which includes either "Thus, a miracle was born",
"Thus, conquest was achieved", "Thus, order was restored"
or "Thus, the world was changed".

Strength reflects your number of kills either by:
Fire (worst): Less than 200 kills on average
Inferno (best): More than 200 kills on average

Mind refers to the number of points you got either by:
Lightning (worst): Less than 4000 points on average
Heavens (best): More than 4000 points on average

Speed reflects the time it took you to complete a stage
either by:
Wind (worst): More than 20 minutes on average
Tempest (best): Less than 20 minutes on average

For example, if you got Strength of
the inferno, Mind of lightning, and Speed of the tempest, that counts as two
feats and the conclusion will be "Thus, conquest was achieved". This
poem will help you get those endings.

Hint: Edit character

Sword 1: Zhou Yu
Sword 2: Cao Cao
Sword 3: Liu Bei
Sword 4: Sun Jian
Sword 5: Sun Quan
Sword 6: Dong Zhou
Sword 7: Yuan Shao
Sword 8: Huang Zhong
Sword 9: Gang Ning
Sword 10: Xiahou Yuan
Spear 1: Zhao Yun
Spear 2: Ma Chao
Spear 3: Jang Wei
Pike 1: Zhang Liao
Pike 2: Lu Meng

Hint: Items dropped by
If the General's strategy was
tactical or balanced, it should give you defense. If the General's strategy was
offensive or defensive, then it will give you attack. If the General's strategy
was normal, it will most likely give you attack, but may also give you defense.
There are some exceptions to the items at times.

Hint: Gain power-ups
from allies:
Play with one character as Huang Gai
and the second player as the character you want to work on. Make sure you are
playing on an easy level, such as one of the Yellow Turban levels (because
allies are not really needed there). Have the player who is not Haung Gai stay
close to him, as the power-ups eventually fade away, and it also saves time. Go
near an allied General with Huang Gai. Lay two bombs next to him by pressing Triangle(2).
Run away before the bombs hurt you and repeat. The allied General will have 1
HP remaining after you repeat the bombing. Wait for the general to be hit once
by anyone, even peons. The General will die, leaving a power-up. It is not a
good idea to do it to the commander, considering he or she needs to stay alive
or you will lose. This works on any General, friend or not. It also affects
your bodyguards; keep them away from the bombs. Put your bodyguards to hold
position by pressing Select.

Hint: Preventing
bodyguards from killing an officer for you:
To prevent a bodyguard from killing
an officer that you are trying to kill for weapon experience, press Select
until you see the "wait hand" symbol. This will cause the
bodyguard(s) to basically attack the people around you, but not have the
finishing kill for the officer.

Hint: Easy bodyguard
level up:
To level up your bodyguards quickly,
play the Yellow Turban Rebellion level as a strong character (preferably with
at least a level 7 weapon). Use all your bodyguards as soon as you start the
level. Press Select only once. Do not kill many troops. Let your
bodyguards do all the work. When you meet any officers or generals, weaken them
and let your bodyguards finish them off. This will get your bodyguards up at
least one level every time. Collect health when your bodyguards are dying to
heal them. Jhang Jaio may be difficult for them; you may have to do it instead.

Hint: Quick Act
In Musou Mode, you do not have to
play all three stages in an Act. You just have to win the last one to finish
that Act.

Hint: Horse abilities:
Each special horse has an ability.

Red Hare Saddle: Fastest horse.
Hex Mark Saddle: Raises your luck.
Shadow Rider Saddle: You cannot get knocked off when on horse or any other.
Storm Saddle: Raises your horse attack.
Elephant Saddle: Runs over objects such as towers, crates, and bottles.

Hint: Dragon class
You must have your Bodyguards set on
bow from the start until they reach level 10. At level 10, switch them to spear
until they get to level 13. When the guards are on level 13, set them to pike
all the way through. Note: At about level 17, your guards will change to
Phoenix, but when they get to level 20 they will be Dragon class, which gives
them the Blast Orb elemental attack.

Hint: Recommended
Lu Bu is of course the strongest
character, but others can also be good. Ma Chao has a good mounted attack.
Equip him with Herbal Remedy and Horned Helmet and he will be good. Storm
Saddle is also recommended for higher attack. Also, if on foot, equip him with
an Electric Orb, and do his final charge attack (Square(5), Triangle).
He will hit everyone around him and shock them, doing massive damage. Zhou Tai
also is strong with quick attacks, a strong final charge attack, and a very
powerful Musou attack.

Hint: Always have orb
Once you have a level 10 weapon, the
orb you equiped to your player will always be in effect, reguardless of how
full you Musou bar is.

Glitch: Multiple Red
To get multiple Red Hares, play as
Zang He under Yuan Shou in the Hu Lou Gate level. Defeat the six generals
outside of the main fortress before the ram knocks down the gate. Charge in on
foot and watch Lu Bu appear. While you are fighting him, knock him back and get
on his Red Hare. Note: Stay inside the main castle. Charge him through a few
times on the Red Hare, then go far enough away that he is no longer in your
line of vision. Each time you bring him back into view, he will be on a new Red
Hare. When playing the Battle Of Hu Lao Gate level, after facing Lu Bu, knock
him off his horse then retreat long enough so that Lu Bu is not visable any
more. Then, move forward again. Lu Bu will be sitting on a second Red Hare
horse, and his previous Red Hare will still be avalable. Note: You can repeat
this as many times as desired.

Glitch: Character
At the end of a battle, there is a
victory sequence showing your character doing a simple swing or two. If you
continue to fight even after you defeat the enemy General, every once in awhile
your character will spin slightly, causing them to be completely or partially
off the screen when the camera is done spinning around you.

life, Musou bar, and morale:
Get Ma Chao's Weapon at level 7 or
higher so that he can make the final charge attack (Square(5), Triangle).
Equip him with the following items: Way Of Musou,Lightning Orb, and Tiger
Amulet at level 7 or more. Go to a group of soldiers and use your final charge
attack. Thenm quickly hold Circle, Everything will disappear from the
screen. Note there must be at least seventeen soldiers surrounding you and have
a full Musou bar when doing this. Note: It is important that you hit them with
the last Triangle attack.

Glitch: Unlimited
Musou for Sima Yi:
Note: This trick requires two
players. First, make sure player one is using Sima Yi, and player two is using
Zhuge Liang. When player one has his/her Musou bar full, have player two to
stand in front of player one. When you do that, you will see that player one's
Musou bar becomes full again. Note: This is useful if you use Zhuge Liang to
walk in front of Sima Yi and then walk away, in front, away, in front, away,

Glitch: No arrows:
This trick requires two players.
Start in free mode with any character and stage. When the stage starts, make
both players meet each other. Have one player waste all of his arrows. When
there are no more arrows remaining, keep R1 held. Have the other player
hold R1 also, and look at the side of your other player. The character
will be holding the bow with an arrow in his hand, but will not shoot it.

Glitch: No duel
During a one on one duel with any
general, if you think you are about to die from battle, run directly into the
fence and pull out your arrow. It seems that the general will not hurt you
while you do this until time runs out.

Glitch: Damage from
Play as Lu Bu and do his taunt when
standing a certain distance from enemies. They will actually take damage from
the taunt istelf. You can even kill enemies this way (commanders, generals,
troops). They will all go down if you do it enough times.

Glitch: Nothing hits
When you are near deathm pull out
your bow (R1) and aim into the sky.While holding the bow, hold L1.
This allows you to move around. Eventually the officer will run away from you.
This trick is very useful when you are trying to escape Lu Bu.

Glitch: Walking in
This trick requires two players.
Select the Chang Ban level and have each player choose any desired character.
Once the game starts, play through the level until Liu Bei commands you to
destroy the two bridges near the bottom of the map. Have both players meet,
then choose either bridge one or two. Make player one walk past the bridge
while player two stands on the bridge. After the intermission sequence showing
that your character has destroyed the bridge ends, player two would fall off,
into the river. Once you go out of the river, you cannot go in again. This may
take a few attempts, as your character may warp to the other side of the river.

Glitch: Temporary air
This trick requires two players. You
must both have a horse. One player must stand next his horse while the other
player stands pretty far away (while on his horse) to the side of the of the
other player's horse. Next, the player on the horse should run at the other
players' horse. The player next to his own horse must get on it just before the
other player hits the horse. If successful, when the player is getting on his
horse, it should be pushed away by the other player, so that the player will be
floating in mid-air and teleport onto the horse when the process of climbing
onto a horse is over.

Glitch: Lightning
element does not give you the kill:
Whenever you kill an officer or
soldier with the lightning strike dealing the finishing blow, you do not get
the actual kill.

Glitch: Weapon sound:
When attacking with the Xiahou Yuan
weapon (Sword 10 in the Warrior Edit mode), it sounds like a blunt weapon, and
not a sword as it is supposed to be.

Glitch: Yellow Turban
Rebellion level: Air flotation:
Go to Zhang Bao's fortress. You will
notice that there are some broken buildings that all look the same. Go to the
lower right corner to see a different brownish building. Use a high jumping
player (Zhang He recommended) and equip her with Fly Boot. Try to jump on the
southern side of the building where there is no wall. You will land in mid-air.

Glitch: Yellow Turban
Rebellion level: Dead character retreats:
On the Yellow Turban Rebellion
stage, after you kill Zhang Jiao if you have killed every other officer on the
map, including sub-officers, and enough time has passed after the cinematic
when Zhang Jiao falls to the ground, a guard will tell Zhang Jiao to retreat.
The "Zhang Jiao is retreating" message will appear, even though he is

Glitch: Both players
as Xiahou Dun:
This trick requires two players.
Choose Guan Du then select Yuan Shao's Force. When prompted to pick your
characters, have player one choose Zhou Yun and the second player to select
Xiahou Dun. When the game starts, both players will be Xiahou Dun. Note: This
may cause the game to malfunction. This may include player one's character
screen not following that character or player two's screen not having any

Glitch: Both players as Zhou Yun:
Same as above but player one chooses
Xiahou Dun and player 2 chooses Zhou Yun.


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