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1 F1 Career Challenge on Fri May 20, 2011 12:03 am



EA Game Cards:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding

Beat Teammate: Defeat a teammate in a race.
Clean Race: Have your car in a clean state at the end of the race.

Cornering Multiplier: Take selected corners perfectly.
Fastest Lap: Get the fastest lap of the race.
Grid Overtaking Multiplier: Overtake many cars at the start.
Hot Zone: Complete the hot zone wiuth a fast time.
Lap Record: Beat the track lap record.
No Damage: Do not take any damage in the race.
No Penalties: Do not get any penalties in the race.
Outqualify Teammate: Get a higher grid position than a teammate.

Overtaking Multiplier: Overtake several cars in a short amount
of time.
Win a Race: Win a race.

Hint: Team recommendations:
When you get your Super License, choose Arrows Team
Racing as they are the fastest team. If you keep beating your
Boss' expectations, you should get offered a job at BAR or Stewart
within the first half of the first season. By the middle of the
second season you could be driving for McLaren.

Glitch: Skip pit stop:
Drive through the pits without stopping in multi-player
mode. You will not get a penalty.


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