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1 Family Guy on Fri May 20, 2011 12:13 am



All mini-games:
Successfully complete the game to unlock all minigames.

Stewie's ray gun upgrades:
Collect the indicated number of components to unlock
the corresponding upgrade for Stewie's ray gun.

Ray Gun and Spread Shot level 1: 20 components
Plasma Ball level 1 and Spread Shot level 2: 100 components
Plasma Ball level 2 and Plasma Artillery level 1: 200 components

Hyper Plasma Ball level 1 and Plasma Artillery level 2: 300 components

Hyper Plasma Ball level 2 and Shock Wave level 1: 400 components

Rocket Launcher level 1 and Shock Wave level 2: 500 components

Rocket Launcher level 2 and Heat Seekers: 600 components

Hint: "Hospital Madness": Hidden
When in the hospital level when playing as Stewie,
there are hidden components. When you reach the rooms with the
pregnant women, jump on their stomachs. First, a baby should fly
out. If you jump on her again, nothing should come out. If you
jump on her usually three or four times, a component for Stewie's
ray gun will fly out onto the floor. Do this with every pregnant
woman in the level, even the ones who shoot missiles out of their
stomachs. Only one component is in each woman. After it comes
out, there are no more.

Hint: "Martinis In Prison": Hidden
Go to the storage area (where you get lamp shade).
In the upper left of the room are Stewie's ray gun and tricycle.

Hint: "Over The Lungs And Through
The Balls": Avoid losing to Helen Keller:
On the Helen Keller level, do not move. If you touch
her you will lose.

Hint: "Stroll Down Spooner Street":

In level 5 "Stroll Down Spooner Street",
at the second checkpoint kill the cop last. Do not mess with God.

Hint: "Temptation At The TV Station":
See Family Guy clips:
Get to the part where you are at the TV station were
Brian has to collect the tapes in the room were you must move
the person in the striped shirt. Continue and as you are going,
hide under the desk's with the televisions on them. As you are
walking, you will notice some clips from Family Guy episodes.
Note: One is showing you walking across the news channel. On the part where you are going to the dressing room, a television
screen shows Meg strangling Neil.

Hint: "What Happens At Geronimo's...":
Restore Peter's health:
When playing as Peter in his levels in the Indian casino,
kick the support wooden logs four times or trees. Health and food
will fall out.

Glitch: Case cover:
There is a misprint on the back of the game's cover.
The memory card value is listed at 144 MB, but in reality it should
much less than that, as there are no standard PlayStation2 memory
cards of that capacity.


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