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1 Arcana Heart on Sun Apr 24, 2011 6:00 pm



Extra menu:
Defeat Mildred with all characters and get the good ending.

Alternate ending:
Defeat Mildred in Story mode before time runs out in the last battle for a knock out victory and to see the good ending. Note: Do not win by having more life than her (by allowing time to run out).

Bonus picture:
Choose a character ten times at the selection screen in any mode (Arcade, Story, Training, or Versus) to unlock her bonus information with picture.

Arcana Portraits:
Execute all eleven Arcana's Arcana Blaze Attacks in Story or Arcade mode.

Story mode artwork:
By playing in Story mode you will unlock the character artwork for the story events for the character being played. Successfully complete Story mode to see the character ending art for for that person.

Pre-Super Attack animations:
Do a super move for each character in Story or Arcade mode.


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