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1 Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly on Fri May 20, 2011 12:22 am



Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game under the easy or normal difficulty
settings to view the first ending and unlock the "Mission
Mode", "Gallery", "Ghost List" options
and the "Feel" and "Expand" camera abilities.
Additionally, a new game can be started with the current items,
maps, and camera abilities. Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting
to also unlock the "Hard Mode" options, two alternate
costumes (red/blue kimono and dark blue kimono), and glasses for
Mio. Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting
to view the alternate ending and unlock the "Nightmare Mode"
and "Album" options, the true ending sequence, and two
more alternate costumes (short kimono and Yae and Sae kimono). Successfully complete the game under the nightmare difficulty
setting to view the alternate ending and to unlock two more alternate
costumes (leather). Successfully complete all missions in mission mode to unlock the
maid costume and glasses for Mayu. Successfully complete all missions in mission mode with an "S"
rank to unlock two additional costumes. Successfully complete the Ghost List to unlock set-up information.

Hint: Easy Fatal Frame shot:

When fighting a ghost, let it catch Mayu. The ghost will grab
Mayu and you will have a chance to take a Fatal Frame shot.

Hint: Defeating Twins Spirit:

When one of them raises her hand after the red circle fast, do
not attack her or you will be attacked by her sister behind you,
If she raised her hand after the red circle slowly, this is the
real spirit and you will not lose film on the twin's doll, if
you know which is the real one. Notice that the Twin's spirit has red lips and the doll does not.
This will make it easier to learn which is the real one.

Hint: Final chapter:
After the battle against the Ceremony Master Kurosawa (and for
the final battle against Kusabi), you may be tired and do not
want to use any Healing Herbals or Holy Water in the long underground
passage. You must not fight the enemies there. You can walk until
an enemy appears then run back to spiral corridor. Then, go back
to underground passage. The enemy should have disappeared. Continue
ahead, and if an enemy appears, repeat the process. In this underground
corridor, there is a place with an "S" shape. If you
meet enemies after this place, go back to the "S" passage
until the enemy disappears. You will finally arrive at a place
where the enemy appears at your back. Do not look back. Just run
to the ceremony place to fight the Kusabi. Note: There is one
mirror stone in the underground passage.

Hint: Screen saver:
Keep the game unpaused, and out of the menu/map screen. Allow
Mio to remain idle for exactly five minutes. A ghostly image of
a woman's face will fade onto a random point on the screen (looking
at you) for a moment before disappearing. Then, the screen will
get blurry for a moment and the woman's face will fade back in
on another location on the screen. This will keep repeating until
you use the controller again.

Hint: Bloody hands surround Mayu:
Go into the Kurosawa House on the first floor. Go into
the Great Hall (where you first encounter Sae Kurosawa and the
Kusabi). Make sure you have Mayu with you. Have Mio stand in front
of Mayu, face-to-face, and pull up your camera. Take a picture
of Mayu and bloody hands should be surrounding Mayu in the picture.
Note: This event only happens in the Great Hall. If you take any
other pictures of Mayu in other room, then those bloody hands
will not appear.

Hint: The Ring reference:

When you are in Chapter 7: Sae, go to the sliding
screen room in Tachibana House and look under the ladder. You
will see the floor broken and a well under it. Also, if you get
Film Reel 6, go to the projector room and watch it. You will
see the ghost of Woman in The Box getting out of her box and coming
to get you, just as Samara did in The Ring.


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