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1 FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer on Fri May 20, 2011 12:30 am



Bypass opposing players:
Pause game play, go to the options menu and choose
"Side Select". Switch to the opposing team and resume
game play. Get the ball with a defender or attacker, then hold
R1 and shield it. Keep R1 held, and pause game play.
Go to "Side Select" and switch back to your original
team. Whenever that player gets the ball, he will shield it, allowing
you to pass him and score.

Hint: Easy goals:
When you get the ball, try and get past the defenders
by sprinting (tapping Triangle). When the goalie is going
up to you, press X and the ball will bounce back off the
goalie, allowing you to easily score a goal.
Gather the ball in mid-field and make a run towards the goal.
When you are home free, the moment you see the goalie charging,
tap Up, Down, Circle and you should score
a goal. Choose a player with the ball and sprint towards the goalie. As
you get close to the goalie, press L2 to juggle the ball
into the air and over the him. If timed correctly, the goalie
will try to get the ball and miss the grab. No one will now be
defending the goal. Note: If it is pressed too early, the goalie
catch the ball in midair and kick it to centerfield. Get the ball to a winger and have him carry the ball to the corner.
When he is between the 18 and the goal box, have him cross the
ball (Square) and then tap Circle(2). You will score
every time if you cross the ball at the correct moment.

Hint: Bicycle Kick Goal:
When doing a Corner Kick, around the 18 or goal box
should be an icon (usually Square). Kick it to that icon,
and when the ball is in the air, tap Circle(2) in quick
succession. Either you will score or the goalie will hit it out
of bounds every time.

Hint: Scoring on free kicks:
When you are shooting at the wall, look around for
an icon next to the wall. Press that icon, run in, and either
press Up, Down, Circle; shoot full power;
or score your own way.

Glitch: 7 on 7 game:
Enter the training part of the game and set all the
settings as desired. Go to "Training Game" and select
"Offense". Now it will be a 7 on 7 game. You can remove
the disc from the PlayStation2 and the game will still run, but
without music.

Glitch: USA chants:
You can hear the voice of the fans and audience shouting
"USA" "USA" "USA", in any league
or match whatsoever even those that do not concern the USA.


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