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1 FIFA 2003 on Fri May 20, 2011 4:56 pm



Seoul stadium:

Win the EFA trophy to unlock the Seoul stadium.

Stade de France stadium:

Win the Club Championship to unlock the Stade de France stadium.

Yokohama stadium:

Win the ECC trophy to unlock the Yokohama stadium.

Unbeatable challenge:

Win the World Tour tournament.

Skip introduction sequences:

Load your game as usual. When the loading screen appears, hold
L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + Select
+ Start until the game starts.

Hint: Easy goals:

When you start a match, change controls to the other team and
hold Keeper Rush for the goalkeeper to rush out and get
the ball. Pause game play while still holding Keeper Rush
and change back to your side. The other goal keeper should keep
rushing out and slide tacking you. Shoot from halfway and you
should get a goal. Also for laughs, sometimes the goalkeeper grabs
the ball meters from the box and nothing happens.
When you get a corner kick, aim it to the teammate nearest to
the goal post (For example, a right corner, the person on the
right goal post), then press Maximum Pass to him. When
the ball gets to him, aim the shot pressing Up or Down
then press Shoot. You will get an easy goal from the corner
every time. The shooter must have a shot and accuracy ability
that is high; the person should play on the right midfield when
you are playing 4-4-3 (For example, use Zidane - Real Madrid).

In a corner, just pass the ball. A player will get the ball and
kick it. Before he kicks it, move him near the goal. There is
a good chance that he will score a goal.
When you have a throw-in near your opponent's goal, throw the
ball as near as you can to the goal. As soon as your player gets
the ball, he will kick it. Before he kicks it, move him near the
goal. There is a good chance that he will score a goal.
Control the team that you are facing, and in the settings change
the skill level to "World Class". Then, play as normal.
Your team (the original one) will play much better.
When the opposing teams team takes the kick off, get the ball
from them and run down field until you get to the penalty box.
Stop and hold Circle for about three seconds, then release
for an easy goal.
When you have any player with a shooting rating of 7 to 10, try
to aim to the sides like the bottom left corner or right top corner,
etc. You will have a greater chance of scoring. Also, try to be
in the middle of the field tfor easier aiming.
When you want to score from far away, try to run a few yards before
you shoot to give more power to your shot. Or, try to pass the
ball to a player. Shoot immediately when he gets the ball (do
not let him stop the ball). Shoot it how it comes to you, but
it does not guarantee a goal.
Start a match against a team with 5 or less skill points,(for
example, Birmingham City). Next, set the difficulty level to "Amateur".
As soon as you get the ball, sprint down the middle of the field.
The players of the defending side will just keep running towards
their goal if you approach them. Once you get inside the 18 yard
box, just quickly tap Shoot. Note: This trick does not
work in the second half.
At kick off, sprint to the rim of the senator circle. Shoot with
full power and it may go in. Note: This is difficult to do.
Press Start during game play. Go down to "Controller
Select" and switch over to the other team. Then, let your
original team attack at you. Press L1 or R1 to bring
the goalkeeper out. When he is a few meters away from the player,
press Start and return to "Controller Select".
Switch back to your original team. Shoot, and you should score
a goal. Note: Every time you now attack with your team, the keeper
from the team you are against will come out automatically. Note:
You will have to do this every game.

Hint: Always score on free kicks:

If you have a long range free kick (if the aiming circle is on
the grass and not aiming at the goal face), aim just inside one
of the posts. Double tap Shoot as close to the green as
possible. It will always fly in along the floor. It is not difficult
to get a free kick that far out.
When you have a free kick, first aim for the top right/left hand
corner of the goal, depending on the goalies side. If the goalie
is on the right side, aim for the left and vice versa. Then, add
ballspin near the diagonal bottom left/right (but not totally
at the bottom right/left; put it diagonally up from it), depending
on what side of the pitch you are at and where the wall is located.
Then, try to get it in the green area. If done correctly, you
will score. This works for a free kick over 30 yards out and at
a straight angle. For a free kick under 30 yards or at a diagonal
angle, aim for the top corner, but this time chip it by putting
ballspin near the bottom. Then, try to get it in the green. Note:
You may hit the wall if you do not get it near enough to the bottom.
If you are finding it difficult to get it in the green, then use
a player with a higher overall stat. The higher the overall stat,
the slower the needle moves, thus making it easier to get it in
the green. Try players such as Matteo Brighi (97) and Roberto
Carlos (91). However, for some reason this does not work with
Edgar Davids (94).

Hint: Easy victories:

First, win a couple of matches in season or tournament mode. Save
the game, then see what your next match is. Select "Simulate".
If you lose that match, exit the mode and reload your game. With
every win, save the game. This will ensure that you finish first.

Hint: Running moves:
When running down the field with one of your forwards,
press the Right Analog-stick Down and Right Analog-stick
. The player will either meg, stutter step and push the
ball to the left; or the player will pull a step over.

Hint: Overall ratings:
Although you usually pay attention to overalls, as
long as your player has good shooting, running, or fitness, he
is usually very good. Note: nine and eight shooters are actually
also good.

Hint: Free players:
You can buy players from any team without paying for
them. Go to the options screen and select "Team Management".
From there, select the desired team. Keep pressing Circle
until the transfer screen appears. You can now transfer anybody
from any team for free.

Hint: Custom scoring poses:
The following players have the corresponding custom
scoring pose:

Elber: Clinches his fist
Van Der Vaart: Punches the air
Steven Gerard: Runs and slides on the ground
Raul: Kisses His ring
Zidane: Run likes Superman
Ronaldo: Little air plane
Beckham: Open two hands like God
Van Nistelrooy: Showing off
Henry: Pretending to be weak
Pires: Shhh!
Kluivert: Choo choo train
Roberto Carlos: Samba baby
Ole Gunnar Solsjaer: Appreciates the crowd

Hint: Recommended players:
Create a great squad with the following players:

Oliver Kahn (starts on a German team)
Roberto Carlos
Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd.)
Alessandro Nesta
Pascal Cygan
Edgar Davids
David Beckham (Man Utd.)
Ryan Giggs (Man Utd.)
Victor Agali
Ruud van Nistelroy (Man Utd.)

A good player plays for Parma right mid. His stats are very good
(overall 97).
Create a squad with the following players:

Oliver Kahn or David Seamen
Lilian Thuram
Alessandro Nesta
Roberto Carlos
Luis Figo
Patric Vieira
Edgar Davids
Thierry Henry

Gilberto Silva
Cygan or Zidane

Create a squad with the following players:

Oliver Khan (Bayern Munich)
Lillian Thuram (Juventes)
Alesandro Nesta (AC Milan)
Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United)
Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Edgar Davids (Juventes)
Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Mateo Brighi (Parma)
Ruud van Nistlerooy (Manchester United)

William Gallas (Chelsea)
Francesco Totti (AS Roma)
Paul Scholes (Manchester United)
David Beckham (Manchester United)
Fabian Batherez (Manchester United)

Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
Lucas Neill (Blackburn Rovers)
Alexi Lalas (Los Angeles Galaxy)
Luke Chadwick (Manchester United)
Diego Forlan (Manchester United)
Brad Friedel (Blackburn Rovers)

Create a squad with the following players:

Formation 3-5-2 normal
GK: Oliver Kahn (Bayern Munich)
RB: Lilium Thuram (Juventus)
CB: Rio Ferdinand (Man U)
LB: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
RWM: David Beckham (Man U)
RCM: Roy Keane (Man U)
CM: Edgar Davids (Juventus)
LCM: Rivaldo (AC Milan)
LWM: Ryan Giggs (Manu U)
RS: Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Man U)
LS: Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

Jaap Stam (Lazio)
Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)
Patrick Kluivurt (Barcelona)
Mateo Brighi (Parma)
Edwin Van Der Sar (Fulham)

Create a squad with the following players:

Kahn (B Munich)
Thuram (Juventus)
Maldini (Ac Milan)
Nesta (Ac Milan)
Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Davids (Juventus)
Figo (Real Madrid)
Pires (Arsenal)
Zidane ( R Madrid)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Rivaldo (Ac Milan)

Del Piero (Juventus)
Henry (Arsenal)
Totti (As Roma)
Ronaldinho (PSG)
Casillas (Real Madrid)

Becks (Manchester United)
Giggs (Manchester United)
Ferdinand (Manchester United)
Owen (Liverpool)
Gerard (Liverpool)
Nistelrooy (Manchester United)

Create a squad with the following players:

O Kahn (Bayern Munich)
M solas (Juventes)
Lillian Thuram (Juventes)
M Lutiano (Juventes)
Raul (Real Madrid)
R Van Nistlerooy (Manchester United)
R Giggs (Manchester United)
R Carlos (Real Madrid)
R Ferdinand (Manchester United)
E Davids (Juventes)

P Nedved (Juventes)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
A del Piero (Juventes)
D Trezeguet (Juventes)
D Beckham (Manchester United)

Create a squad with the following players:

Formation 4-3-3
Kahn (B.Munich)

Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Ferdinand (Manchester United)
Nesta (AC Milan)
Chamot (AC Milan)

Davids (Juventus)
Rivaldo (AC Milan)
van der Meyde (Ajax)

van Nistelrooy (Manchester United)
Shevchenko (AC Milan)
Cissè (Auxerre)

Canizares (Valencia)
Thuram (Juventus)
Kluivert (Barcelona)
Di Viao (Juventus)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

Create a squad with the following players:

GK: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus)
LB: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
RB: Lillian Thuram (Juventus)
CB: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United)
CB: Allesandro Nesta (Roma)
LM: Rivaldo (AC Milan)
RM: Mattio Brighi (Parma)
CM: Edgar Davids (Juventus)
CM: David Beckham (Manchester United)
RS: Rudd van Nistelrooy (Manchester United)
LS: Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

Create a squad with the following players. Note: The lowest player
on this team is a 93.

Van Nistelrooy

Create a squad with the following players.

Formation 4-4-2


Svensson (Southampton)


Also, try Roy Keane, Crespo, or Vieri.

Create a squad with the following players.

Formation 4-3-3




Buy the following players. All starters are above 90 except for

Formation: 4-4-2

GK: Oliver Kahn (B. Munich - 95)
DR: Lilian Thuran (Juventus - 91)
DCR: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United - 93)
DCL: Roy Keane (Manchester United - 94)
DL: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid - 91)
RM: David Beckham (Manchester United - 89); He takes free kicks

RCM: Edgar Davids (Juventus - 94)
LCM: Mattao Brighi (Parma - 97)
LM: Ryan Giggs (Manchester United -93)
RS: Ruud Van Nistelorooy (Manchester United - 93)
LS: Ronaldo (Real Madrid - 92)

G: David Seaman (Arsenal - 85)
D: Fernando Hierro (Real Madrid - 91)
D: Fabio Cannavaro (Inter de Milan - 90)
D: Alessandro Nesta (Milan - 91)
M: Raul ( Real Madrid - 90)
M: Luis Figo (Real Madrid - 90)
M: Rivaldo (Milan - 91)
M: Patrick Vieira (Arsenal - 93)
S: Gabriel Batistutita (Roma - 90)
S: Thierry Henry (Arsenal - 91)
S: Aneriy Shevchenko (Milan - 92)

Other players you can get include: Totti (Roma), Del Piero (Juventus),
Owen (Liverpool), Guti (R. Madrid), Stam (Lazio), Kluivurt (Barcelona)

Select a squad like this.

Formation: 4-3-3

Cudicini (Chelsea)
Lauren (Arsenal)
Campbell (Arsenal)
Ferdinand (Manchester United)
Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Beckham (Manchester United)
Zidane (Real Madrid)
Pires (Arsenal)
V.Nistelrooy (Manchester United)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Henry (Arsenal)

Buffon (Juventus)
Figo (Real Madrid)
Nesta (AC Milan)
Forlan (Manchester United)
Trezeguet (Juventus)

Davids (Juventus)
Giggs (Manchester United)
Radzinski (Everton)
Rodrigo (Everton)
Toldo (Inter Milan)
Li Tie (Everton)

Create a squad with the following starters:

GK: Oliver Kahn
LB: Roberto Carlos
RB: Thuram
CB: Rio Ferdinand
CB: Alessandro Nesta
LM: Ryan Giggs
RM: Guti or Cisse (Auxerre)
CM: Patrick Vieria
CM: Del Piero
CF: Ronaldo
CF: Thierry Henry

Create a squad with the following players.

Goalie: Oliver Kahn
Defender: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Defender: Fernando Hiero(Real Madrid)
Defender: Lillian Thuram (Juventus)
Defender: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United)
Midfielder: Roy Keane (Manchester United)
Midfielder: Edgar Davids (Juventus)
Midfielder: Patrick Viera (Arsenal)
Midfielder: Mateo Brighi (Parma)
Forward: Rudd Van Nistelrooy (Manchester United)
Forward: Andriy Shevchenko (Milan)

Cisse (Auxerre)
Andy Van Der Meyde (Ajax)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Michael Ballack (Bayern Munich)
Canizares (Valencia)

Create a squad with the following players.

Kahn (Bayern Munich) 95
Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid) 91
Keane (Man United) 94
Ferdinand (Man United) 93
Thuram (Juventus) 91
van Der Meyde (Ajax) 92
Davids (Juventus) 94
Rivaldo (AC Milan) 91
van Nistelrooy (Manchester United) 93
Cisse (Auxerre) 92
Agali (Schalke) 93

Canizares (Valencia) 90
Hierro (Real Madrid) 91
McCarthy (Celta Vigo) 91
Shevchenko (AC Milan) 92
Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 92

Buffon (Juventus) 89
van Halst (Ajax) 91
Chamot (AC Milan) 91
Henry (Arsenal) 91
Nesta (AC Milan) 91
Cembranos (Real Vallecano Madrid) 92
Brighi (Parma) 97
van Wonderon (Feyenoord) 90

Create a squad with the following players.

GK: Oliver Kahn (Bayern Munich) 95
RB: Lillian Thuram (Juventus) 91
RCB: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) 93
LCB: Roy Keane (Manchester United) 94
LB: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid) 91
RM: Andy van der Meyde (Ajax): 92
RCM: Matteo Brighi (Parma) 97
LCM: Edgar Davids (Juventus) 94
LM: Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) 93
RS: Michael Owen (Liverpool) 89 or Shevchenko (AC Milan) 92
LS: Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 92

CF: Ruud van Nistelrooy (Manchester United): 93
CDM: Patrick Viera (Arsenal): 93
LWM: Rivaldo (AC Milan) 91
CB: Fernando Hierro (Real Madrid) 91
GK- Santiago Canizares (Valencia) 90

Create a squad with the following players.

R. Carlos
Van Der Meyde

This is an affordable team that is realistic. Go from a 4-3-3,
and be Manchester United.

G: Oliver Kahn (Bayern Munich) 95
RB: Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid) 88
RCB: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) 93
LCB: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid) 91
LB: Roy Keane (Manchester United) 94
RCM: Matteo Brighi (Parma) 97
CM: Filippo Inzaghi (AC Milan) 82
LCM: Edgar Davids (Juventus) 94
RS: David Beckham (Manchester United) 89
ST: Rivaldo (AC Milan) 91
LS: Ruud van Nistelrooy (Manchester United) 93

CF: Simone Inzaghi (Lazio) 87
LAM: Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) 93
RM: Javier Zanetti (Inter Milan) 90
CAM: Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus) 90
LAM: Juan Sebastian Veron (Manchester United) 88
CM: Hidetoshi Nakata (Parma) 85

Right Corner: Roy Keane
Left Corner: Matteo Brighi
Free Kick and Spot Kick Taker: Roberto Carlos

Create a squad with the following players:

G: Toldo
RB: Maldini
RCB: Kovac
LCB: Marquez
LB: Cafu
RM: Beckham
CM: Veron
LM: Baggio
RS: Owen
ST: Bergkemp
LS: Del Piero

Try the following team, especially if you are Real Madrid.

GK: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus) 88
RB: Lillian Thuram (Juventus) 91
RCB: Fabio Cannavaro (Inter Milan) 90
LCB: Allessandro Nesta (AC Milan) 91
LB: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid) 91
RM: David Beckham (Manchester United) 89
RCM: Edgar Davids (Juventus) 94
LCM: Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid) 88
LM: Francesco Totti (AS Roma) 89
RS: Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 92
LS: Christian Vieri (Inter Milan) 90

Rivaldo (AC Milan) 91
Clarence Seedorf (AC Milan) 88
Andriy Shevchenko (AC Milan) 92
Tierry Henry (Arsenal) 91
Iker Casillas (Real Madrid) 86

Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) 93
Luis Figo (Real Madrid) 90
Michael Reiziger (Ajax) 88
Raul (Real Madrid) 90
Sol Campbell (Arsenal) 86
Fredrik Ljundberg (Arsenal) 86
Oliver Kahn (Bayern Munich) 95
Santiago Canizares (Valencia) 90
Ronaldinho (Paris Saint Germain) 86

Create a squad with the following players:

GK: Tim Howard
D: Pablo Maesteroni
D: Ryan Suarez
D: Joe Franchino
D: Preki
M: Cobi Jones
M: Landon Donovan
M: Joe Max Moore
M: Demarcus Beasley
F: Clint Mathis
F: Taylor Twellman

Carlos Ruiz
Adin Brown
Steve Ralston
Jason Kreis
Mammadu Dialo

Brian McBride
Joe Franchino
Carlos Valderamma

Create a squad with the following players:

Starting Lineup: Arsenal

GK Oliver Kahn (Bayern Munich)
RB Lillian Thuram (Juventus)
CB Rio Ferdidnand (Manchester United)
CB Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan)
LB Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
LM Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
CM Matteo Brighi (Parma)
CM Edgar Davids (Juventus)
RM David Beckham (Manchester United)
RS Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
LS Thierry Henry (Arsenal)

ST Djibril Cisse (Auxerre)
CF Agali (Schalke 04)
ST Ruud van Nistelrooy (Manchester United)
CB Jan van Halst (Ajax)
CM Patrick Vieira (Arsenal)

LB Paolo Maldini (AC Milan)
ST Rivaldo (AC Milan)
CM Roy Keane (Manchester United)

Other good choices are
Raul (Real Madrid)
Andriy Shevchenko (AC Milan)
Patrick Kluivert (Barcelona)
Ruben Baraja (Valencia)
Pablo Aimar (Valencia)
Jens Nowotny (Bayer Leverkusen)
Michael Ballack (Bayern Munich)
Ze Roberto (Bayern Munich)

Create a squad with the following players:


Oliver Kahn 95
Lilian Thurman 91
Marcel Deasailly 90
Allesandro Nesta 91
Roberto Carlos 91
Rivaldo 91
Edger Davids 94
Matteo Brighi 97
Ryan Giggs 93
Ronaldo 92
Patrick Kluivert 92

Luis Figo 90
Deco 88 (FC Porto)
Alessandro Del Piero 90
Zinedene Zidane 88
Gianluigi Buffon 88

From the main menu, select "Team Management", then choose
any team that plays in the ECC. This way, your "FIFA All-Stars"
can play most competitions. Then trade/steal the following list
of players. Use a strategy formation of 2-5-3 to create an overly
aggressive and attacking team (mainly with strikers and midfielders)
with the players who have the highest overall statistics. Note:
To be more consistent with the aggressive nature of this team
(and less consistent with a real match-day squad), replace Canizares
with CF: Andriy Schevenko (I.M.) 92. The total transfer value
of the players is $603,492,000, even without the players such
as Beckham (89), Zidane (88) Raul (90), Rivaldo (91), Figo (90),
and Henry (91).

GK: Oliver Kahn (Bayern Munich) 95
RCB: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) 93
LCB: R.Carlos (Real Madrid) 91: Left corner
RCM: Roy Keane (Manchester United) 94: Right corner
LCM: Matteo Brighi (Parma) 97: Spot kicks
RAM: Patrick Viera (Arsenal) 93 : Free Kicks
CAM: Edgar Davids (Juventus) 94 : Pen Kicks 4
LAM: Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) 93 : Pen Kicks 2
RS: Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Manchester United) 93 : Pen Kicks 5
ST: Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 92 : Pen Kicks 1
LS: Victor Agali (FC.S) 93 : Pen Kicks 3

GK: Santiago Canizares (V.CF) 90**
CB: Fernando Hierro (Real Madrid) 91
CM: Lee Bowyer (L.U.) 93
LAM: Kizito Musampa (M.CF) 93
CF: Patrick Kluivert (FC.B) 92

Create a squad with the following players:

Oliver Kahn
Frank de Boer
Roberto Carlos
Nouridine Naybet
Luis Rivaldo
Edgar Davids
David Beckham
Roy Makaay
Patrick Kluivert

Start a season with these players. You will not need a sub goal
keeper because the goalie is hardly ever booked, and is never
injured. If you need another player, the best person to sell is
Valeron, as he is the player with the lowest rating.

4-4-2 (Attacking)

GK: Oliver Kahn 95
RB: Lilian Thuram 91
RCB: Rio Ferdinand 93
LCB: Matteo Brighi 97
LB: Roberto Carlos 91
RAM: Ruben Baraja 92
RCM: Michael Balack 92
LCM: Roy Keane 94
LAM: Ryan Giggs 93
LS: Ronaldo 92
RS: Ruud Van Nistlerooy 93

LCM: Joe Cole 91
CF: Andriy Shevchenko 92
CDM: Edgar Davids 94
LB: Allessandro Nesta 91
CM: Juan Carlos Valeron 90

Create a squad with the following players.

Casillas (Real Madrid)
Maldini (AC Milan)
Veron (Man. Utd)
Keane (Man. Utd)
R.Carlos (Real Madrid)
Beckham (Man. Utd)
Rivaldo (AC Milan)
Zidane (Real Madrid)
Rui Costa (AC Milan)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Del Piero (Juventus)

Create a squad with the following players.

4-4-2 (Attacking)

Oliver Khan (Bayern Munich)
Crasson (RSC Anderlect)
Nesta (Milan)
Cygan (Arsenal)
Thuram (Juventus)
Del Piero (Juventus)
Davids (Juventus)
R. Carlos (Real Madrid)
Giggs (Man.United)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Agali (1860 Munich

Giuly (Monoco)
Zalenka (AS Sparta Prague)
Van der meyde (Ajax)
Lopez (Celta Vigo)
Selgado (Real Madrid)

Create a squad with the following players (you need Real Madrid):

R. Carlos
van Bommel


Create a squad with the following players.


G: Oliver Kahn (Bayern Munich) 95
LD: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid) 91
CD: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) 93
RD: Fernando Hierro (Real Madrid) 91
LWM: Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) 93
LCAM: Edgar Davids (Juventus) 94
RCAM: David Beckham (Manchester United) 88
RWM: Roy Keane (Manchester United) 94
LF: Agali (Schalke 04) 93
RF: Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Manchester United) 93

FW: Rivaldo (Real Madrid) 91
M: Andy van der meyde (Ajax) 92
D: Pascal Cygan (arsenal) 90
M: Matteo Brighi (Parma) 97
FW: Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 92
G: Santiago Canizares (Valencia) 90

FW: Francesco Totti (AS Roma) 89
FW: Gabriel Batistuta (AS Roma) 90
M: Emmanuel Petit (Chelsea) 93
FW: Michael Owen (Liverpool) 89
D: Charles Poyol (Barcelona) 89
G: David Seamen (Arsenal) 85

Other players that can be used include the following.
M: Lee Bowyer (Leeds United) 93
M: David Batty (Leeds United) 90+
M: Patrick Viera (Arsenal) 93
FW: Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 91
M: Juan Sebastian Veron (Manchester United) 88
G: Fabien Barthez (manchester United) 84
FW: Raul (Real Madrid) 90
M: Zidane Zinedane (Real Madrid) 88
M: Luis Figo (Real Madrid) 90
D: Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan) 91
D: Paolo Maldini (AC Milan) 90
FW: Christian Vieri (Inter Milan) 90
FW: Henrik Larrsson (Celtic) 88

Create a squad with the following players:

4-4-2 Defensive

R. Carlos
Van Nistelrooy

Note: Start as Real Madrid as you get the money

Create the following squad for a European Dream team. Note: Start
as Real Madrid for money.


G: Seaman (Arsenal)
D: R. Carlos (Real Madrid)
D: Cafu (AS Roma)
D: Cole (Arsenal)
D: Rui Costa (AC Milan)
M: Beckham (Manchester United)
M: Figo (Real Madrid)
M: Robbie Keane (Tottenham Hotspur)

F: Lauron Robert (? used to be on Paris-Saint Germain)
M: Zidane (Real Madrid)
D: Hierro (Real Madrid)
G: Barthez (Manchester United)
M: Cheyrou (?)
F: Tristan (Deportivo)
D: Marquez (Malaga or Monaco?)
M: Brighi (Parma)
D: Nesta (AC Milan)
F: Owen (Liverpool)

Create the following squad for a European All-Star team. Note:
Start as Real Madrid for money.


F: Sonny Anderson (Lyon)
F: Andriy Shevchenko (AC Milan)
F: Raul (Real Madrid)
M: Figo (Real Madrid)
M: Keane (Tottenham Hotspur)
M: David Beckham (Manchester United)
D: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
D: Cafu (AS Roma)
D: Ashley Cole (Arsenal)
D: Rui Costa (AC Milan)
G: David Seaman (Arsenal)

F Thierry Henry (Arsenal)
M: Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)
D: Fernando Hierro (Real Madrid)
G: Fabien Barthez (Manchester United)
M: Bruno Cheyrou (Lillie?)
F: Diego Tristan (Deportivo la Coruna?)
D: Rafael Marquez (Monaco or Malaga?)
M: Matteo Brighi (Parma)
D: Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan)
F: Micheal Owen (Liverpool)

Considering averages, Mexico has one of the best overall teams.
Do not be fooled by the ranking in the game. Use the following
players for the best performance with Mexico:


Right: Vidrio
Middle: Marquez
Middle: Brown
Left: Mercado

Right: Arellano
Center: Aspe
Left: Torrado

Right: Blanco
Center: Borghetti
Left: Palencia

Two major transfers are Beckham (Manchester United) to Real Madrid
and Marquez (Monaco) to Barcelona.

Create a squad with the following players:

GK: Oliver Kahn 95
RB: Pablo Aimar 93
RCB: Rio Ferdinand 93
LCB: Alessandro Nesta 91
LB: Ryan Giggs 93
RCM: Fernando Hierro 91
CM: Roy Keane 94
LCM: Ruud Van Nistelroy 93
RS: Matteo Brighi 97
ST: Ronaldo 92
LS: Edgar Davids 94

R.Carlos 91
Rivaldo 91
Jose Maria Guti 91
Ruben Baraja 92
Lillian Thuram 91

Roberto Ayala 90
Raul 90
Santiago Cathizares 90
Luis Figo 90

Create a squad with the following players:

Formation: 3-5-2 Attacking

GK: Oliver Kahn (Bayern Munich) 95
RCB: Fernando Hierro (Real Madrid) 91
CB: Rio Ferdinand (Man.Utd.) 93
LCB: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid) 91
RWM: Pablo Aimar (Valencia) 93
CM: Roy Keane (Man.Utd.) 94
LWM: Ryan Giggs (Man.Utd.) 93
RCAM: Matteo Brighi (Parma) 97
LCAM: Edgar Davids (Juve) 94
RS: Ruud van Nistelrooy (Man.Utd.) 93
LS: Victor Agali (FC Shalke 04) 93

Kizito Musampa (Not Sure) 93
Patrick Vieira (Arsenal) 93
Alessandro Nesta (Roma) 91
Ronaldo (Real Madrid) 92
Santiago Canizares (Valencia) 90

Jose Quevedo 92
Andriy Shevchenko 92

Create a squad with the following players:

Tim Howard(NY Metrostars)
Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Rio Ferdinard (Man Utd)
Paolo Maldini (AC Milan)
Lilian Thuram
Ryan Giggs (Man Utd)
David Beckham (Man Utd)
Zinadine Zidane (Man Utd)
Ronaldinho (PSG)
Ruud van Nilsterooy (Man Utd)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

Roy Carroll (Man Utd)
Eric Djemba Djemba (Nantes)
Roy Keane (Man Utd)
Rivaldo (AC Milan)
Van der Vaart (Ajax)

Luis Figo (Real Madrid)
Raul (Real Madrid)
Carlos Puyol (Barcelona)
Hierro (Real Madrid)
Steve Mcmanaman (Real Madrid)
Edgar Davids (Juventus)

Create a squad with the following players:

GK: Toldo
RB: Paolo Maldidi
RCB: Rafael Marquez
LCB: Pablo Iglesias Montero
LB: Cafu
RCM: David Becham
CM: Edgar Davids
LCM: Juan Sebastian Veron
RS: Michael Owen
ST: Ruud Van NIstelroy
LS: Del Piero

Create a squad with the following players:

G: Kahn (Bayern munich)
D: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
D: Terry (Chelsea)
D: Maldini (AC Milan)
D: Bridge (Southampton)
M: Beckham (Man U)
M: Zidane (Real Madrid)
M: Figo (Real Madrid)
M: Pires (Arsnal)
F: Beattie (Southampton)
F: Vieri (Inter)

Create a squad with the following players:


GK: Oliver Kahn (Bayern Munich) 95
RB: Crasson 90
CB: Rio Ferdidnand (Manchester United)93
CB: Hierro (Real Madrid) 91
LB: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid) 91
RM: Alonso real S the player man u want for 20m 87
CM: Matteo Brighi (Parma) 97
LM: Roy Keane (Manchester United) 94
LS: Claton Zane 91
CF: Van der mane Ajex
RS: Cissè (Auxerre)

Your choice

Create a squad that includes the following players.

G: Oliver Kahn, 95 Bayern Munich (Germany)
D: Roy Keane, 94 Man United
D: Patrick Viera, 93 Arsenal
D: Rio Ferdinand, 93 Man United
D: Edgar Davids, 94 Juventus (Italy)
M: Kizito Musampa, 93 Malaga (Spain)
M: Matteo Brighi, 97 Parma (Italy)
M: Pablo Aimar, 93 Valancia (Spain)
M: Lee Bowyer, 93 Leeds
M: Ryan Giggs, 93 Man United
F: Ruud van Nistlerooy, 93 Man United
F: Victor Agali, 93 Schalke 04 (Germany)

Create a squad that includes the following players. Formation

Left: Del Piero
Di Vaio
Edgar Davids
Right: Beckham
Roberto Carlos

Van Nistelroy

Create a squad with the following players:

Kahn 95 (Bayern Munich GK)
Thuram 91 (Juventes)
Ferdinand 93 (Man United Center Back)
Roberto Carlos 91 (Real Madrid Left Back)
Aimar 93 (Valencia Right Midfield)
Davids 94 (Juventus Right Center Midfield)
Brighi 97 (Parma Center Midfield)
Roy Keane 94 (Man United Left Center Midfield)
Giggs 93 (Man United Left Midfield)
Van Nistleroy 93 (Man United Right Striker)
Agali 93 (Schalke Left Striker)

Substitutes/ReservesRaul (Real Madrid)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Nesta (AC Milan)
Rivaldo (AC Milan)
Buffon (Juventus)
Lee Bowyer (Leeds)
Heirro (Real Madrid)
Cahizares (Valencia)

Note: It is best to be Real Madrid when making this team, as they
have the most money.

Create a squad with the following players:

Formation: 3-5-2
GK: Kahn 95 (Bayern Munich)
RB: Nesta 91 (AC Milan)
CB: R Ferdinand 93 (Manchester Utd.)
LB: R.Carlos 91 (Real Madrid)
RWM: Aimar 93 (valencia)
RCM: Davids 94 (Juventus)
CM: Brighi 97 (Parma)
LCM: Roy Keane 94 (Manchester Utd.)
LWM: Giggs 93 (man u)
RF: Van nistleroy 93 (Manchester Utd.)
LF: Agali 93 (FC Schalke)

Substitutes and reserves
Shevchenko (AC Milan)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Lee Bowyer (Leeds)
Rivaldo (Juventus)
Thuram (Juventus)
Heirro (Real Madrid)
Buffon (Juventus)
Cahizares (Valencia)

Create a squad with the following players:

GK: Oliver Kahn 95 (Bayern Munich) German Bundesliga
RCB: Matteo Brighi 97 (Parma) Italian League
LCB: Edgar Davids 94 (Juventus) Italian League
RCM: Johnny Hanssen 88 (SFK Lyn) Norwegian Tippeligaen
LCM: Anders Svensson 87(Southampton)FA Premier League
RAM: David Beckham 89 (Man United) FA Premier League
CAM: Brett Emerton 85 (Feyenoord) Rest of World
LAM: Harry Kewell 82 (Leeds United) FA Premier League
RS: Michael Owen 89 (Liverpool) FA Premier League
ST: Clayton Zane 91 (RSC Anderlecht) Belgian League
LS: Mark Viduka 87 (Leeds United) FA Premier League
Corners: David Beckham
Free Kicks: Harry Kewell
Spot Kicks: Michael Owen
Penalties: Mark Viduka, Michael Owen, Anders Svensson, Clayton
Zane, Harry Kewell

Create a squad with the following players with formation 3-5-2.

GK: Buffon
RB: R. Ferdinand
CB: A. Nesta
LB: R. Carlos
RWM: D. Beckham
RAM: Z. Zidane
CM: P. Viera
LAM: Guti
LWM: F. Totti
RS: Raul
LS : T. Henry

M: Ronaldinho
F: P. Kluivert
M: L. Figo
M: H. Kewell
F: Ronaldo
M: Guti
B: F. Cannavaro
M: Rivaldo
M: E. Davids
F: V. Nistelrooy
B: L. Thuram
M: M. Ballack
GK: Cudicini

If you choose Raul (Real Madrid) and Saviola (Barcelona) as your
strikers; and have Z. Zidane (Real Madrid) as your play-maker,
you will have an unstoppable strike force.


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