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1 FIFA 10 on Sat May 21, 2011 1:21 am



Hint: Man Marking:
Use the Man Mark option to slow down a dominant opposing
player and improve your chances of winning. Man Marking assigns
a specific defender to shadow an opponent and helps to restrict
their influence on the game's outcome.

Hint: Increasing overall rating after player
has peaked:
Go to "Office". If a player is close to reaching
his peak, sell him. Do not sell him to a rival team or you may
not be able to get him back. Note: You can view his status under
"Team Management", then select "Player Growth".
Buy that player again at the next transfer season after his peak
has been reached. Buying him again will increase his overall rating.
Note: This can only be done one time. and remember not to sell
this player to rival teams or you might not get him back. To have
him grow faster, go to "Office", then "Calendar".
Schedule training sessions so that players can grow. Do not give
them too much training or it will affect their fatigue.

Hint: Be a Captain early:
If you intend to use a created player with stats already
boosted (or your idol), when you select your team and country
(if available) on the "Edit Squad" screen, press Square
to assign captaincy to him. Do this before you start a new "Be
A Pro" mode. Being a captain allows you to make team management
and team strategy changes. The former is very useful if you are
playing an international team with limited players with higher
ratings (for example, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland)
because coaches choose players based on form rather than skill

Hint: Player task: Never have offside flag
on your name:
If you are the designated corner kick taker (without
pressing Square), you will always be in an offside position
the moment you release the ball. Become a captain and never take
the corner kick to avoid being caught out. Also, if you are clean
through with only the keeper to beat, score the goal or miss it
badly. If the keeper takes you out or caught it from your shot,
you are certain to be in an offside position.

Glitch: Frozen game:
In Be A Pro mode, if you have a maxed out a player
at level 10, always be in an offside position at least once by
taking a corner kick. If you have completed the task, there is
apparently no more player task available. From the next match
onwards, once you have selected the controller for the next match,
the game will freeze. Note: Turn off autosave in case if the
task is completed.


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