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1 FIFA Street on Sat May 21, 2011 1:23 am



Maximum speed, power, tackling, tricks,
Hold L1 + Triangle and press Left(3),
Up, Down(2).

Pause game play, then hold L1 + Triangle
and press Up, Left, Down(2), Right,
Down, Up, Left.

Normal size players:
Pause game play, then hold L1 + Triangle
and press Right(2), Up, Down(2), Left,
Right, Left.

All apparel and footwear:
Hold L1 + Triangle and press Right(2),
Left, Up(3), Down, Left at the main

All apparel:
Hold L1 + Triangle and press Up(2),
Left, Up(3), Down, Left at the main

Hint: Long shot goal:
Choose Worns and play with him. Shoot by pressing Circle
and the direction where you want the ball to go. Before he takes
the shot, hold L1. He should score from there.

Hint: Easy goals:
When you are at the bottom left or right of the pitch,
cross to a nearby player and head it. You will score about 95%
of the time and about 60% of the time you will do a classy goal.
Do many skills during a game. This enables a GameBreaker, which
is a very easy way of scoring. You can score about 99% of the

Hint: Easy Skill Billz:
When you have a good team in Rule The Street, go to
the first course. Play that team and you will always win.

Hint: Easy GameBreakers:
In most matches you will start with the ball in your
possession. At this point, pass to a teammate who has good Trick
skill. Have him run to your side of the pitch, near the keeper.
Face the keeper, with your back to the rest of the players and
the other team. Press Random Trick about three times while
you are stationary. Immediately after the third one, a player
from the other team will start to run at you. Stay with you back
to him, but press Triangle when he is directly behind you.
Note: Timing is important. You will most likely fake him out.
After this, do another trick and immediately high pass to a player
on your team. Keep high passing and you will be getting a lot
of points. There are two options from here. You can eventually
high pass to a player in the middle to try to score, or you can
just keep high passing. If this is done correctly you will almost
always get a GameBreaker.


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