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1 Fight Night 2004 on Sat May 21, 2011 1:29 am



All venues:
Highlight the "My Corner" option at the main menu, then
press Left(3), Right(3), Left, Right(2).
A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Big head mode:
Highlight the "Fight Now" option at the main menu, then
press Left, Right, Left, Right, Left,
Right, Left. A sound will confirm correct code entry.
Select the "Fight Now" option to have a big headed boxer.

Small fighter:
Highlight "Play Now" option at the main menu, then press
Left(3), Right(3), Left, X. A sound
will confirm correct code entry. Alternately, press Left,
Right, Left, Right, Left at the main

Fight as Big Tigger:
To unlock Big Tigger as a boxer, go to the main menu. Select "My
Corner", then "Record Books", then "Most Wins-Boxer".
Tap Up(2) and you will now be able to play as Big Tigger
as a middleweight fighter. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Hint: Bangkok Palace venue:

Win a match at Bangkok Palace in career mode.

Hint: Ceasar's Palace venue:

Win a match at Ceasar's Palace in career mode.

Hint: Staples Center venue:

Win a match at the Staples Center in career mode.

Hint: The Viceroy venue:
Win a match at The Viceroy in career mode.

Hint: Westerholz Arena venue:

Win a match at Westerholz Arena in career mode.

Hint: Alternate uppercut:
Press Jab + Hook to throw an uppercut without Total
Control Punching.

Hint: Easy wins:
Go to the settings and turn off illegal hits. You can
use an illegal head butt or low blow without being disqualified.
When your opponent is in a corner, hit them with a left uppercut.
They will have nowhere to fall back to, and you will be able to
hit them with another uppercut, this time from the right hand.
Keep doing this repeatedly (left, right, left, right) until your
opponent is KO'd. You may also use another kind of punch, but
the uppercuts work the best.

Hint: Easy uppercut:
When your opponent gets close to you, lean back and wait for him
to punch at your head. He can still punch your body, but if he
goes for your head he will miss as he punches. Throw a jab and
an uppercut combo. It will do a hard punch on him more than 75%
of the time. It is difficult to get used to, but you must do it
fast. Once you get the hang of it, you will have no problem knocking
him out.

Hint: Bolo Punch special punch:

Defeat Ray Leonard in career mode.
Alternately, defeat Ray Jones Jr.

Hint: Ducking Hook special punch:

Defeat Muhammad Ali in career mode.

Hint: Homerun special punch:
Defeat Tarver in career mode.

Hint: Look Ma No Hands special punch:
Defeat Roy Jones Jr. in career mode.

Hint: Lunging Hook special punch:
Defeat Evander Holyfield or Joe Frazier in career mode.

Hint: Lunging Uppercut special punch:
Defeat Sugar Shane Mosely in career mode.

Hint: Shine The Glove special punch:
Defeat Jake LaMotta in career mode.

Hint: Sledgehammer special punch:
Defeat Sonny Liston in career mode.

Hint: Watch The Birdie special punch:
Defeat Bernard Hopkins in career mode.

Hint: Wave In special punch:
Defeat Felix Trinidad in career mode.

Hint: Executioner trunks:
Defeat Bernard Hopkins in career mode.

Hint: Tito trunks:
Defeat Felix Trinidad in career mode.

Hint: Recover from knockdown:
Use the Left Analog-stick and Right Analog-stick
to merge the images in your view until they become one.
An easy and effective way to recover is to match up the EA Sports
patches on the referee's shirt.

Hint: Instant knockdowns:
Watch your opponent's stamina (the blue bar). Get them
to throw hook punches and dodge out of the way, Their stamina
will drop about 40%. Throw a jab or a straight and they should
try throwing another hook. When their blue bar is almost drained
completely, hit them with a special punch (R2). If you
can catch them with it while their stamina is all the way down,
it may cause an Instant Knockdown. This also works with upper
cuts, but not as often because a special punch is more powerful.
Instant Knockdowns result in a longer count while they are on
the ground, and can turn the tide in your favor.

Hint: Extra hits after knockdown:
Get your opponent into a corner and knock them down.
If they are in the corner, start throwing alternating hooks, going
from a left hook to a right hook. Doing so will allow you to hit
them an extra three to five times as they are falling because
they are stuck in the corner.

Hint: Taunt:
Press L1 + R1 + L3 + R3
during a fight to taunt your opponent, regardless of controller

Hint: Longer count:
When your opponent's health is at 0 and he is about
to fall down, hit him two or three times. The count will be longer.

Hint: Heavy bag training to increase punch
power and speed:
In the heavy bag training in career mode, start by
a throwing a right hook to get the bag going, then throw a left
hook while the bag is moving to the right. When the bag moves
left, throw a right hook, etc. The bag will swing more and more,
and you will receive the swing bonuses, increasing your score.
Use good timing, and hit the bag when it is just entering the
upswing. You will get more attribute points to increase your fighter's
punch power and speed. To make the Heavy Bag training easier,
set the controller configuration to set 3, 4, 5, or 6, so that
the hook punches are assigned to the Circle (for right
hook) and X (for left hook). By doing this it is easier
to throw the hook punches when the timing is crucial. Once you
master the total punch control, you can try doing the heavy bag
without changing the button configuration, using the Right

Hint: Get away with head butts or low blows:

When the bell rings at the end of the of the round,
use the illegal hit. As long as the bell to end the round sounds,
you will not be disqualified.

Hint: Easy sparring training:
To score high scores in sparring training, wait for
your trainer to throw a punch, then dodge out of the way. Then,
use alternating jabs and straights, alternating between head shots
and body shots. Do about three to five shots, then switch to either
the head or the body.

Glitch: Rocky Marciano stats:
In career mode, fight Rocky Marciano. In the pre-fight
introductions, Big Tigger will say that Rocky is 188 pounds. This
means that he is not a heavyweight (heavyweights are over 190
pounds) At that weight, Rocky would be in the cruiserweight class.
Then in the "Schedule Fight" option, check Rocky's fight
stats. It display his weight at 192 pounds.


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