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Level 1: Red spiral
Level 2: White whorl
Level 3: Pyroclasm

Level 1: Fulminating darkness
Level 2: Ruin impendent
Level 3: Flame purge

Level 1: Fires of war
Level 2: Tides of fate
Level 3: Element of treachery

Level 1: Intercession
Level 2: Evanescence
Level 3: Resplendence

Level 1: Northswain's glow
Level 2: Heaven's Wrath
Level 3: Maelstrom's bolt

Level 1: Feral strike
Level 2: Whip kick
Level 3: Shatterheart

Quickening Concurrences:

PowerLvl 1Lvl 2
Lvl 3
Ark Blast2052
Black Hole2534

Hint: Defeating Adramelech:
Note: Do not attempt this until your characters are
at least level 50. It would also be a good idea to save in the
land of the Garif. It is the last save spot you will see before
this battle. Go to the farthest area in the Ozmone Plain, then
go down into the underground cavern called the Zertnan Caverns.
Follow the cave though the status-inflicting horses until you
reach the third room. You will know you are there when your mini-map
gets fuzzy and there is a sandstorm to your right. If you have
any damage or you need to get back MP, heal them now for an advantage
in the fight. Remember, there is no save crystal before the fight.
You should have at least three long range weapons equipped. He
is a flying foe. Also get the people with long range weapons the
best Ice spell possible. He is a Thunder type, and is weak to
Ice. One of the most annoying things in this fight is the corpse
that appears. The best strategy is to have two people deal with
the corpses and one person hit the Esper. You can make the "zombie
attacks" attack the zombies immediately if you make their
Attack Gambit into Foe, Undead/attack or foe, Undead/ Curaga to
make it so that they attack them. The person who attacks Adrammelech
must have a long range weapon. It is best if you control the one
attacking the Esper. By doing this you can have your eye on the
most powerful enemy in the battle. He sometimes uses his Thundaja
attack. It can do a lot of damage and inflict Stop on some of
your characters. Just use a Chronos Tear or a Remedy with Remedy
Lore 3 to get rid of it. If your first team dies it may be a good
idea to use some Quickenings to turn the table. Keep everyone
above 60% HP and keep hacking away until the the Esper falls and
becomes yours.
This Esper is located at Athroza Quicksands in Zertinan Caverns.
The place where you fight him has many other monsters that join
him. Do not attempt to fight him until you can routinely kill
a numerous amount of level 40 monsters at the same time. Keep
in mind he is not summoning them. If you can keep from pushing
the battle to areas you have not yet walked on you should be able
to stop them from springing up from the ground. One monster spawns
for about every one or two square feet in relation to your character.
Before looking for him, you should have Vaan, Penelo, Ashe, Basch,
Baltheir, and Fran with you. They should know all of their Quickenings.
Once you get to him you should have everyone at level 18 or higher.
Have one person use Cura or Curaga Magick in your party and on
the zombie things that come out of the ground, at least 5 Ethers,
and in Config set the Battle mode on "Wait". Start by
having only one person in your party (preferably your weakest).
Then, immediately have them use their Quickening. Then just after
bring out another person (the second weakest in the group) and
keep out the person you used before, use their quickening immediately.
Then bring out another person and use their quickening. Next put
your weakest member into your reserve and bring out another person
to use their Quickening. Repeat this until everyone's MP is zero.
You should have done six Quickenings. By this time, if you did
at least a seven-combo Quickening each time he should have about
5% of his health remaining. Restore the person using Healing Magick's
MP and put your weakest person out until Adramelech uses the big
thunder attack. Then, switch out your strongest people to attack
him and finish him off.

Hint: Defeating Belias:
Have the following party order: Fran, Basche (party
leader), Vaan, and Vossler. Equip a character with low magic (in
this case Basche) with the Nethicite, as this makes magicks take
half damage. If you have the Evil Slayer, it would be very helpful.
Buy a lot of Handkerchiefs (oil remover) from the NPC outside
and some Phoenix Downs. Before entering the altar to Belias, have
Fran cast Protect and Shell on everyone. Next, have Vaan do the
healing and Basche do the hitting. Have Fran cast Water and Slow
on Belias. When Belias is at 40% HP or less, he will cast Firaja
(different from Firaga) on you. This creates an Oil status which
makes fire hurt a lot more. Cure this with the Handkerchiefs,
and cast Protect and Shell on Basche. Keep this up and eventually
you can acquire him as your first Esper (summons). Purchase the spell Water and several Handkerchiefs rom the merchant
outside the tomb. Make sure that all of your party members have
at least one Mist charge. Choose three party members that will
use their Mist for Quickenings. Make sure that the three people
who are not doing so have the Water spell. Enter his domain when
you are prepared and begin the fight. Have the three party members
who are going to use their Mist for Quickenings use them immediately.
If they do not finish him off, bring out the team with the Water
spell. Beware, as sometimes he will cast the very deadly attack
Firaja. It is a lot worse than Firaga, which can instantly kill
some of your party members and leave others with Oil status (making
fire attacks do about twice as much damage. Use a Handkerchief
if someone is Oiled. Also, make it so that all party members always
stay above 50% of their heath. When everyone is healed, have two
of your party use Water on Belias and have the last member attack
(Vossler is the second attacker). Keep this up, and you will receive
your first Esper.

Hint: Defeating Chaos:
Note: To do this you should be at least level 65 and
have completed the " Waterway Haunting " and the "Lost
In The Pudding" hunts. This is a very long side quest, but
it is worth it. Chaos will always use the enemies weakness against
them. After you defeat Judge Bergan, go back to Old Dalan's place.
You must find four pieces of a medallion. One is already there.
Go to Deeg's house, the kid Seeq, and grab the letter on the table.
After you read it, talk to him once more. If you have the Sluice
key, go in the waterways. Open all the gates so that the lights
are off. Close #11 and #4, open #11, shut #3, open #4, and walk
around gate #3, and look for a glint. If it is not there, you
have skipped or missed something. If you have not already done
so, complete the "Crime And Punishment" hunt. Note:
When you are looking for him, only have your female party members
out or he will not appear. Make your way to the Nabreus Deadlands.
It is not too far behind King Bomb in the Salikawoods. Speak to
Ma'Kleou on why he is there. Go back to Old Dalan's place and
talk to Roh'kenmou. Then, talk to Filo in the south sprawl. Then,
talk to Curious Woman. Next, go to the shopping area and speak
to all of the people claming to be merchants. One remembers selling
a necklace to an Imperial. Go to the magiks store and talk to
the Spotted Imperial. Tell him to talk to the woman at the fountain.
Find Kytes. Talk to him and go back to the store. Bring all the
items you gained to Old Dalan's. Go to Archades then to the Magikery.
Talk to Roh'kenmou about the medal. Go to Old Archades and talk
to Otto. Take the medal and give it to Roh. Go back to Nabreus
Deadlands. Talk to Ma'kleou. Look for a secret path in northwest
Eternity. Reach the shrine at the top to be given the Medal of
Bravery, Medal of Love, and Lusterless Medal. Go to the Necrohol
of Nabubis. Go to The Door of Loathing, and use the Medal of Love
to open the door. You must defeat Fury to go on. Go to The Door
of Horrors. Defeat Humbaba Mistant. Use the Medal of Might on
the last door. This fight is only difficult because there is no
attacking. You can only use magik. Start by destroying the Chaosjets.
Then, use Bio on Chaos. Have two people use your most powerful
spells on him, and one person heal. He will go down quickly. You
now have one of the most powerful Espers in the game.

Hint: Defeating Cuchulainn:
Note: Do not attempt until you are at least level 50
and have the spell Curaja. He is located in the Garamsythe Waterway's
No. 1 Cloaca under Rabanastere. To get there however, complete
the "Waterway Haunting" and the "Lost In The Pudding"
hunts to open the way to get the Sluice Gate Key. Now with the
key, go to waterway control and follow these steps to get to the

1. Begin by closing the No. 3 and No. 10 controls in the Central
Waterway Control.

2. Enter the No. 3 Cloaca Spur and use the No. 1 South Waterway
Control at the end.

3. Return to the Central Waterway control and open No. 3 and No.

4. Close No. 4 and No. 11, then enter the No. 4 Cloaca Spur and
use the No. 1 North Waterway control.

5. Return to the Central Waterway Control again and open No. 11
and close No. 3.

6. Enter the No. 1 Cloaca and find the boss at the low point on
the south end. Save the game before the battle.

In the battle, there is a constant HP sap in the area that cannot
be stopped in any way. Have one character use Curaja always, and
the other two attack the Esper. Dispel the Boss immediately, give
as many characters as you can a Black Belt, and stop his Disable
attacks. Make one of your characters have Ensna as one the first
Gambits. When Foolbars join the battle, use your strongest Fire-type
spell against them. The Esper likes to use Invert to quickly kill
your characters. It resembles an instant-death spell and in combo
with the HP sap, and can kill your people very fast. Revive them
immediately and use some Quickenings if your first team gets knocked
out. Keep it up and the Esper is yours.

Hint: Defeating Famfrit:
You will not encounter Famfrit until the near the end
of the game. However you will not meet Famfrit alone. He is actually
summoned by Dr. Cid. After he loses about half of his heath, Dr.
Cid summons him to his aid. Focus all your attacks on the Esper,
because he is invulnerable with him out. He is a Water type; use
Oil on him and shoot some Firagas at him. You can also use your
summoning abilities to summon Belias. If he survives long enough
to use his final attack, the Oil will double the damage. He already
takes double damage from fire attacks, so it will do quadruple
damage. When he has been defeated, you can then focus on Cid.

Hint: Defeating Flowering Cactoid:
When you locate Flowering Cactoid, defeat all of the
surrounding enemies in the area. This will leave him without a
place to run and hide. Then, simply defeat him with attacks and
magic. Although you can do this with just Vaan, it will be a lot
easier if you do this hunt after Penelo has joined the party.

Hint: Defeating Garuda:
Have three players with the Arcane magick called "Dark".
Garuda likes Vossler and will attack him first. While he does
that, command all the members to cast Dark. When they all cast
Dark it will do about 1,890 damage total. Keep repeating this
and Garuda will die in about fifty seconds. To do a lot of damage to Garuda, cast Reflect on all your characters
before the battle. Then, cast Dark with all of them to the party
itself. By doing this, Dark will bounce off every character and
hit Garuda once each, dealing a lot of damage.

Hint: Defeating Hashmaul:
Start by Dispelling his protections and using Haste
and Protect on your party. You should also use a large chain of
Quickenings to lower his HP by some, but save some MP for later.
He likes to use Slow and Disease at you often. Get rid of it with
the proper spell or item. After Hashmaul loses three quarters
of his HP, he uses a very powerful attack called Quakeja. There
is a secret on how to take absolutely no damage from it. Cast
Float on your party before he uses it. He will only use it once.
Because he is an Earth type, he is weak to Wind. Shoot Aero at
him as much as possible. Keep everyone above 50% HP and keep up
your Aero to win in no time.

Hint : Defeating Ixion:
To defeat Ixion, a strong MOB, you must first see Monblanc
to see Ixion's poster. Go to Balfonheim bar. Talk to the girl
in the first counter to accept the hunt. Go to the Ridorana Cataract.
Take the nearest elevator and go to the new area (a strange area
with a fuzzy map). Press Select on the new area to see
the map. The map will show that this place is shaped like a circle.
Walk around this place two or three times. Ixion should appear.
He is strong and has very high HP. Try using Vaan, Penelo and
Basch to defeat it. Equip Vaan with Runeblade and Kaiser's Shield,
and equip Basch with some strong equipment such as axes or hammers.
Have Penelo keep healing your ally (Gambit: Ally: HP < 60%:
Curaja). Ixion should die in two minutes if your characters are
at a high enough level. Quickening may also help. After you defeat
Ixion, return the Balfonheim bar. Talk to the girl. She will give
you Ragnarok, a very strong blade.

Hint: Defeating Mateus:
Have your party to be at least level 30 at least (for
example, Vaan as party leader, Basch, and Penelo). Have both Vaan
and Basch to learn Thundara and equip them both with Ice Shield.
Equip Penelo with Storm Spear. Buy at least five Banchus Wine
(Berserker). At the battle, have Vaan and Basch immediately cast
Thundara to kill all the Ice Ace. Then have Basch keep casting
Thundara at Mateus and Vaan heal when needed. Let Penelo keep
attacking Mateus. Once its effect wears off, make her berserk
again. It is possible to defeat Mateus in about seven minutes
by doing this. Before the battle, equip as many Ice Shields to your party as
possible. Get all of your party members to at least level 30.
Also, teach as many characters as possible Thundra. When you are
prepared, enter the battle. Immediately get all of the Esper's
friends close to her and unleash a chain of Quickenings. If you
are lucky they will completely kill her little friends. If not,
take out your reserve party (or just use some Ethers and/or Exthers
to get back MP) and use your Thundra spell to finish them. The
only attack of Mateus' that you would have to really worry about
is her Blizzaja attack, unless you equipped the Ice Shield, then
it will not do too much damage. Also an ability she has may cause
Sap, but you can get rid of it using Regen. Keep everyone above
the halfway mark and do not cast any spells on her. The Esper
has Reflect on herself, meaning that Thundra will be bounced back
at the party. Keep attacking and healing and she will soon be
yours to summon whenever desired. Train all your characters to level 32 or above. Set your characters
to Vaan (party leader), Balthier, and Ashe. All of those characters
must be equipped with Ice Shields to reduce Mateus' Blizzard attacks.
Go to the last Ancient Door and fight Mateus there. Have Vaan
and Ashe cast Thundaga on Mateus and Basch cast Thundara on all
of Mateus' slaves. Also set Ashe's Gambit to heal every character's
HP. Heal yourself if Mateus casts Blizzaja. It is a very powerful
spell. If you keep doing those tactics, Mateus should die and
you can summon her anytime desired. Fran is the recommended character
for this summon. Use the following trick to defeat Mateus before level 30. Mateus,
although annoying, can be easily defeated with characters at level
23 to 28. This fight is marginally easier if you have used the
previous hints to obtain the Demonsbane Sword. You will need Esuna,
or a good supply of Alarm Clocks and Hi-potions for last minute
healing, and a good set of Light/Mystic armor or helms on your
party to prevent them from getting slowed by Mateus' magnetic
field. First, make sure you cast Protect, Shell, Decoy (if available),
and Regen on your strongest character equipped with an Ice Shield.
As long as your main buffing caster has at least a level 2 Quickening,
you should still be able to start a chain with them if needed.
The hardest part of this battle at lower levels is making sure
that when you start Quickening chains, that all of your party
members are awake and able to chain along with it. Sleep effects
will happen seemingly at random as the ice mobs are casting them
and there are a lot of those mobs at the start. First let, your
buffed tank rush in. Preferably have your White Magic caster and
ranged DPS in your opening team so they do not immediately end
up surrounded by the ice mobs that Mateus has at the start of
the fight. If you have obtained the Golden Amulets in Euryt, it
should be easy to have multiple levels of Quickening on most of
your characters by doing some of the level II hunts prior to attempting
the dungeon to get x2 License Points (just kill as much as possible
while doing hunts). As always, make sure you have saved the game
before starting the fight, because you will be relying on getting
the quickening chains that link into area of effect damage (Torrent,
Windburst, Inferno, etc.). Once the ice mobs have gathered around
Mateus, start unleashing Quickening chains. If you cannot shuffle
well, make sure you have some characters with Raise and Cura to
fall back on and use your main healer in the opening chain. As
long as you can get a good chain off to get an area of effect
finishing blow, you should be able to defeat all the ice mobs
and be left with a marginally injured Mateus. From this point,
swap out only one character at a time, relying on Mist Charges
with the characters remaining that have already used Quickening.
If possible, keep your Ice Shielded tank in the party at all times
to absorb most of the melee damage and use Hi-potions on himself
to stay alive. Do not summon Belias, as Mateus will likely kill
the summoner with ease and you will have wasted a Quickening.
Once you get three or four Quickening chains, it should be quite
easy to just fall back on your backup White Magic user and fight
the remainder of the battle normally. However, if you are uncertain
of your party's and gambits capabilities, continue to swap out
one character at a time and initiate Quickening chains as much
as possible. You can always use an Ether on anyone with the Ether
potencies or anyone with a small max MP to squeeze in a few more
quickening chains.

Hint: Defeating Omega MK XII:
This is the second most difficult fight in the game,
although it is not the longest. After solving the puzzle to get
to Omega, take the way stone and follow the rest of the rising
and sinking paths until you find Omega. When the fight begins,
quickly set the first support character's gambits to "Party
Leader/Reverse " and the second support character's gambits
to "Party Leader/Decoy ". Then, set the party leader's
gambits only to "Foe Nearest/Attack" and set every characters
accessory to Bubble Belt to ensure their HP stays above the normal
amount. Omega MK XII's attack takes off 5,200 HP or more, and
the party leader may be hit once or twice and may fall if he ir
she is not equipped with a Bubble Belt and Zodiac Spear. Omega
MK XII's has about 1,500,200 HP. His power makes up for his HP.
Around the end of this fight, Omega MK XII's speed, defense, and
power increases rapidly although his HP goes down faster. Make
sure to go to the top of the rising path area and cast Haste and
Protect on every character. Do not stay at the top too long or
Omega's HP will start building up again. After Omega MK XII is
defeated he will drop the Omega Badge, which is needed to make
the Wyrm Heroblade in the Bazaar.

Hint: Defeating Rockeater:
Use a lot of wind magic (Aero) on him and attack him
physically. He will go down fairly quickly. To defeat him very
fast, make sure you are at full MP and summon an Esper. He will
help greatly in battle.

Hint: Defeating Shemhazai:
This Esper has a very annoying habit of Silencing your
party. Make sure everyone has an Anti-Silence Gambit before fighting,
In the battle, immediately Dispel the boss to remove her Haste.
Start a chain of Quickenings to deal a good amount of damage quickly.
After she uses her Mana Spring ability she is weak to an element,
but absorbs all the rest, Only use spells on her if they are non-elementel.
The Esper also casts Syphon, stealing some of your MP, but its
not that much to worry about. Keep attacking and healing until
you win.
Hint: Defeating Thextera:
You must be at least level 4. Go to the Sandsea and
look at the board that contains information for all the hunts.
After choosing the Thextera hunt, talk to Gatsly, who should be
east of the board. He should be sitting on the floor. After talking
to him, go into the Westersands. Do not look for Thextera just
yet. First, defeat all the wolves in the area. If you fight Thextera
without clearing out the wolves first, he will call for backup.
The wolves you have not defeated will come to his aid. After all
the wolves have been vanquished, fight Thextera. He should have
two wolves by his side. Try to take them out first by luring them
away from Thextera. After they are finished, you will only have
Thextera to fight. Make sure you have a decent amount of potions
before you fight him -- his fang attack does about 120 damage.

Hint: Defeating Tiamat:
When on the Henne Mines, you will fight the Boss, Tiamat.
He does an Aero attack on all of your party members which can
cause a lot of damage. To prevent this, cast Reflect on all of
your party members before the fight. Whenever he uses Aero, it
will bounce back to Tiamat. This will cause it to recover a little
HP, but you will not receive any damage from that attack.

Hint: Defeating Ultima:
Note: You should be at least level 70, and have Light
proof armor and Dark type weapons. To find Ultima, go back to
Giruvegan. Go back in the Great Crystal and follow these steps.
Note that sometimes you will be timed, so be quick.

1. Begin at Way Stone VIII and trek up to Scorpio Gate Stone.
Hit the switch and go back to the stone, turn right, and head
up to Way stone IX.

2. Pass Way stone XX and take either the left or the right path
on the opposite side to get to Sagittarius Gate stone. Return
to Sagittarius I and II. Go though gate 1 and go to Way Stone
XI and use it.

3. Take the rising path to get to Gemini Gate stone. Hit the switch
and go up the next rising path. Go past Gemini 1 and go to Gemini
2. Go though either of the gateless paths after the door to Way
stone XV. Use it.

4. Follow the center path up to Libra Gate stone. Use it, then
go back to the Way Stone. Take the path on the right to Gate Libra
I. Deactivate it and go on up. Take the rising path on the left
to Capricorn Gate stone. Flip the switch and go back down. Take
a right, back to Way stone XVI. Use the path going down on the
opposite side to find Gate Capricorn I and Virgo Gate Stone. Hit
the switch and once again go back to Way Stone XVI. Use the center
path to go to the next platform, then take either path to the
last Way Stone, XVII. Use it, then save the game. The middle path
is Ultima's.

You will most likely not defeat her on the first try. Dispel her
first, as always. She uses physical attacks, with a chance of
a blast of Holyja. If you have White Masks on it will not hurt
as much. Be careful as she may leave Reverse on some of your party.
Please do not have group heals. The real problem with this battle
is the shifting battle conditions. It starts with HP Sap, then
MP Sap, then No Attack, No Magik, No Technicks, No Items, Magnetic
Field, then goes back to HP Sap. The HP Sap can be difficult when
some of your party members have been Reversed, but you will pull
though. The MP Sap is okay if you have the things on your License
Grid that gets your MP back without the need to run around. For
No Attack, use spells like Darkaga and Flare. For No Spells, just
attack. No Technicks and No Items are the easiest to survive,
if you do not use those that often. Take advantage of those times.
With Magnetic Field, replace heavy armor with light. Do all that
you can to not be overwhelmed. Have two people on offense and
one healer and you will make it though. To get out, take a right
turn from the Save Crystal though a group of Way Stones.

Hint: Defeating Vossler:
Start by killing the three soldiers around him. Once
they are dead, focus on Vossler. He will be easy, as his attacks
do not do too much damage. Heal when necessary. After he is down
to a quarter of his HP he will use a move called Enrage, which
basically makes him go crazy and attack very fast. He can kill
your characters very quickly this way. Summon your newly acquired
Esper, Belias. Belias takes full MP to summon. You may want to
teach him to a character that is not in your active party. After
Belias is summoned, have the character that summoned him step
back so that Vossler will target Belias. If you summoned Belias
after Vossler used Enrage, Belias will kill him. Heal Belias when
necessary. Get at least three characters above level 18. Make sure that they
all have level 3 Mist abilities. After doing this, you should
practice doing Mist Chains. For example, a 13 chain Mist combo
will most likely take care of Vossler for you and most foes. You
should also make sure that one of those three characters can summon
Belias just in case you cannot chain your Mist abilities together.
After summoning Belias, get near enough to Vossler so that Belias
targets him. Then stand back and watch him take care of Vossler
for you. Equip Belias as just after you defeat him. Summon Belias at the
start of the battle and let him do the dirty work. After the battle
you will receive about three times the experience because it was
an Esper who defeated him.

Hint: Defeating Zalera:
Note: Before you attempt this, you must be level 56;
no more, no less. To begin you must complete the "Dalmasca's
Desert Bloom" hunt. Go back to Dantro after the hunt and
he will ask you if you can bring that "Cactus Flower"
to his wife in the Estersand South bank village. Go there and
find his wife. She will reward you for coming with a buddle of
neetles. Exit and reenter and she will ask for some Semclan Shells.
There are two sitting on the shore in the area. They are glowing
glints. Next, she asks for Nebralim. Go back to Dantro and he
will say they are near crates, but they are really on top of the
tall boxes. Get two of them and go back. Next on the list is Valeblossom
Dew. They are always near a white tree in the broken sands area.
Get three and return. Then later in the game go back. Talk to
her to learn that the patient has made a full recovery and is
behind her house. He is actually a traveler hunter that will give
you the item you need to get Zalera. It is called the "Barheim
Key". Use it on the "Weather-beaten door" in the
area that is left of the village going south. Make your way to
Terminus 7. and just keep going though there. Soon you find that
there is no way to get to the next bridge. Just look for a mine
cart that is on the right-hand side and press X. There
will be what seems to be an endless army of the undead on your
way. Save at Terminus 7 Adjunct before the fight. There are a
few things in this battle that make it annoying. First of all,
there is a 5:00 minute timer. If you do not defeat him before
the time runs out you must start again. You also cannot use physical
The Esper when there are undead in the area. Finally, he can cast
status effects on you based on your level. 2-5 are the ones he
can do so on, and he can also use status effects on you if you
have a prime number for a level. To begin the fight, Dispel the
Boss. If there are undead in the area, get everyone to attack
them. When his HP starts to get low he will start to cast Sleepga,
Stop, and Death, no matter what level you near. Near the end,
use a Quickening chain to finish this long fight and get one more
Esper. Before you look for him, you should have Vaan, Penelo, Ashe, Basch,
Baltheir, and Fran with you. They should know all of their Quickenings.
Once you get to him you should have everyone at level 20 or higher.
Have your strongest people using Cura or Curaga Magick on your
party and Zalera, have at least five Ethers, and in Config set
the Battle mode on "Wait". Start by having only one
person in your party (preferably your weakest). Then, immediately
have them use their Quickening. Immediately afterwards, bring
out another person (the second weakest), but keep the person you
used before out, and use their quickening immediately. Next, bring
out another person and use their Quickening, then put your weakest
member into your reserve and bring out another person to use their
Quickening. Repeat this until everyone's MP is zero. You should
have done six Quickenings. By this time, if you did at least an
eight-combo Quickening each time he should have about 5% health
remaining. Restore the people using Healing Magick's MP and switch
out your strongest people to use healing Magicks on him to finish
him off. You will end up in the waterways and your party will
probably be too weak to kill the monsters. Save, and summon Zalera.
He will use Kill on the monsters that you pass so you can leave
easily. Before you fight Zalera make sure everyone in your party has Curaja.
Once you get to the save point just before you fight him, have
everyone cast Faith and Reflectaga on your party. Run up into
the room where you will see Zalera and have your party members
start casting Curaja on themselves. If you have Faith on your
party members, Curaja will do about 8,000 to 9,999 points of damage
when reflected back at him. If he has not summoned his minions
yet, he will get hit nine times for near maximum damage. Do that
twice with each party member and the battle will be over. If done
correctly you should be able to defeat him in less then one minute.

Hint: Defeating Zeromus:
Note: It is recommended that this be done at level
50 or higher. You can defeat Zeromus as soon as you complete the
Stilshrine of Miriam dungeon and get through the scenes at Mt.
Bur-Omisace afterwards. Upon defeating the Judge, exit the map
where you killed him. Speak to the Acolyte somewhere on the map
to receive a Stone Of Condemner. Stock up on healing items. You
cannot use magic during the battle with Zeromus. At the southern
end of the Ward of Measure, touch the Waystone. You will be given
an option to use the Stone Of Condemner. Use it. You will be transported
to the Throne Of Veiled Gods. Before you open the door to Zeromus,
place positive status effects on your characters and tweak your
Gambits to use items instead of magic to heal. You may want to
do this later in the game when you have more powerful equipment
and are at a higher level. Note: Before you attempt this, at least get your characters to
level 51. After defeating Judge Bergan you are automatically teleported
directly outside the area. In front of you will be an Acolyte
pacing back and forth. Talk to him. He will ask you to find a
"greater power" in the Stillshrine of Mirinam and gives
you a Stone of the Condemner. Teleport to the Shrine and go inside.
Go to the Way Stone at the south end of the room you are in. You
may meet up with two deadly Undead foes at the Way Stone, but
if you can defeat them you can defeat the Esper. If you use the
Way Stone, it will stop and say that the stone is having a reaction.
Use it to be transferred to the room before the room of the Esper.
All Magicks are disabled in this battle. Before the battle, change
all healing Magicks to items. Because you cannot use Dispel on
him, you cannot get rid of his status Help. The Boss is also not
alone. He is joined by a large army of Dark Lords. If you have
Holy Motes, use them. After defeating about thirty Dark Lords,
they will stop appearing. When he is very low on heath (about
30%), throw in a Quickening Chain. Keep everyone above 50% HP,
just to be safe from from the Esper's Gravity Magick.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
A good way to win any Boss fight at the beginning of
the game is to spend a lot of time in the Estersand or Westersand
just killing wolves (for chains) or any other creatures. If you
get some license points at the start, get as many characters as
you can to get Quickenings. For example, after getting Fran and
Balthier get each of them at least one Quickening to make the
Barhiem passage very easy. Also, you can level faster by using
them to kill the Wild Saurian in the Estersand for lots of experience

Hint: Easy experience:
Go to the Lhusu Mines. Battle only skeletons as you
run through it. As you begin to build up , steal from them as
much as possible. You will collect Bone Fragments from them, even
after a defeat. Each skeleton will give you about about 150 experience
points each time. It is possible to build up to 83 level chain
with 53 bone fragments in about fifteen minutes. If you run out
of skeletons in a certain area (the bridge way), run to the area
where the scene with the Nethicite took place earlier. Face a
few there and work your way back to the bridge to build it up
once more. You will also gain something for your collection for
the 50 or more Battle Chain completion. At the Dreadnought Leviathan, after defeating the two judges and
the soldiers, go inside the room and save the princess and save
the game. Once you go outside an intermission sequence sill start.
There is a alarm sounding, and there are unlimited soldiers that
you can fight. Do not use potions and other items. Try to save
them and use magic more. Once you are low on health you can go
back into the save room and refill your health and MP. Keep doing
this for easy experience and AP. You can also stealth as much
as desired. While venturing through the Nam-Yensa Sandsea, go to the northern
most part of The Sandscale Bank. You will encounter an enemy named
Bagolys. They are worth 448 to 676 experience points each and
can drop Bent Staffs, which are worth approximately 1300 gil each.
Fight them, leave, then come back. Keep fighting them. You will
gain levels and get gil. On the mission of the Blue Basilisk "Nidhogg", one of
the parts of the roads is a place where lots of skeletons keep
appearing. If they stop, go off two maps then return. The skeletons
will respawn. This requires a lot of patience, but it will result
in both gil and experience points because you get Bone Fragments
and Iron Helms which sell for 182 and 300 gil respectively. The Henne Mines is also one of the best spawning pool of pats
that result in about 192 to 200 experience points when you have
four people. Do this when Larsa is a guest and has infinite potions.
Also, you can fight the Jellies that appear. One part of this
map has many Jellies that appear all at one time at that time.
Be careful; try pulling off a Mist: Inferno or better yet Cataclysm.
Note: It is recommended that all your characters have their Gambits
turned on to Foe Nearest: Fira so that you attack the slimes with
weakness to f fire. Also, it would be wise if a character can
equip Golden Armlets to double the amount of LP earned. The easiest
way to build a chain is to turn your Gambits on in the junction
then turn them off and run to another area. Return to the junction
and turn them back on. This will allow you to build an incredible
chain, and with the Monograph for jellies you can get 99 vials
of Yellow Liquid quickly, which sell for about 50,000 gil. Accept the Vorpal Bunny Hunt. Go to the petitioner: Neru (Eruyt
Village/Spiritwood), then go to the village entrance and talk
the nearby Moogle merchant. Buy as many Phoenix Downs as possible.
Make your way to the mark at Golmore Jungle/The Rustling Chapel.
In this area you will fight the regular enemies. Make sure you
kill all enemies in the area but do not kill the bunny. Leave
him alone. This mark will not even want to fight you, which makes
your job easier. Once all enemies are gone dark skeletons will
appear and keep respawning. Set your party leaders first Gambit
to Foe: Undead/Phoenix Down, or anything you have available. The
party leader will detect the skeleton. Shoot it with a Phoenix
Down to kill it within a matter of seconds. For a kill you will
get either 912 or 974 experience points and 1 LP for one second
of fighting. With the Golden Amulet you will get 2 LP per kill.
The skeleton will drop either Dark Magacite and/or Sturdy Bones.
You can build a battle chain easily. When you are done you can
go back to Eruyt village and sell all your items. Buy more Phoenix
Downs and repeat as many times as desired. Just make sure not
to kill the bunny yet. Equip Thief's Cuffs (a better chance to steal rare loot gloves).
Go to the Tchita Uplands. Steal from the Coeurl. You can get the
Embroidered Tippet which doubles the experience for the character
in use, making all enemies in the Tchita Uplands worth over 1,000
experience points each. Use the following trick to gain a lot of experience early in the
game. You should be at least level10 (or 300 to 400 HP) before
attempting this. To do this fast, you must have one character's
first quickening. It will work using regular attacks, but will
take a lot longer.First, go to the Giza Planes/Crystal Glade and
save at the save crystal. This is the place where you found the
little boy when making the Sunstone. Set your battle type to active
so that you can trigger your action as soon as possible. Go out
into the Giza Planes/Starfall Field (left link) and find the werewolves.
Do not get too near yet. If you have a quickening ability, attack
the closest werewolf with it. Once the ability finishes, run for
your life back to the Crystal Glade (top right link). Touch the
stone to heal both HP and MP, then go back out. Save the every
time you kill one of the werewolves. Once you kill both, save
and restart the PlayStation2 to repopulate the level. When alone,
each kill should give you 1,000 to 1,500 experience points. About
three kills are required to level up at level 14. The tactic works
the same way when in a party. If you have a character who is taking to long to upgrade, get
that person an Esper. Then, find a place that has a lot of enemies
that you know you and that your Esper can defeat. Summon that
character's Esper and start defeating enemies as fast as possible.
An enemy destroyed by an Esper gives you at least three times
as much experience as normal. Note: This trick requires the ability to go to Old Arcades and
have an Esper to summon. If someone is taking too long to upgrade,
purchase an Embroidered Tippet for 5,000 gil from the Seeq near
the enterance. Buy the licenses for the accessory and equip it.
Then get that person an Esper. Find an area full of enemies to
summon your Esper and do so. Let the Esper start killing. Every
enemy killed by an Esper gives you 3X experience, and with the
Tippet equipped, it doubles for a total of x6 experience. Doing
this will upgrade any character very quickly. There are various of tricks that can lend you levels, chains,
items and money. Three of them are the Jelly method, the Dead
Bones method and the Abysteel method. Note: You must have completed
Henne Mines and be at least level 35. However you can do this
at higher levels for the items (usually Yellow Liquid). Go to
Pithead Junction B. Activate the lever and be prepared for jelly
rain. Summon Belias, whoever he is with, and begin doing your
best fire-based attack. Belias will contribute with some Painflares,
and perhaps at low levels with a Hellfire. When they finished
raining, move away two areas and return to repeat as many times
as desired. Play through the storyline normally. After the events
at Draklor Laboratory, reach level 60 and go to Nabreus Deadlands
by the Salikawood (northern exit Piebald Path). Use the following
route to reach The Fog Mutters and Overlooking Eternity: from
Greencrag, north exit to The Muted Scarp (save point), east exit
to Vale Of Lingering Sorrow, north exit to Hope's Reach, and east
exit to The Slumbermead. There is a hidden route in the northwest
part (usually a Foobar appears when you find the route). Take
it and you will reach The Fog Mutters. There are five to seven
monsters in that area: a Banshee, a Foobar, and the rest are Dead
Bones. When you kill all the Dead Bones, go to Overlooking Eternity.
Begin to slaughter the thirty to forty Dead Bones that will appear
here. It is recommended that you complete the Roblon hunt before
trying this; if you kill Roblon, it will break your chain. To
make it easier, set your attack gambits to: Foe: Nearest Visible
> Attack (leader) and Foe: party leader's target > Attack
(the other two). If there are any Dead Bones at The Fog Mutters,
kill them, then turn off the leader's attack gambits. Run back
to The Slumbermead without killing the Banshee, then return to
Overlooking Eternity and repeat as many times as desired. Play
through the storyline normally. When you are ready to go to Bahamut
(or even before, depending on your level), have ten Espers, and
achieved the Knight Of The Round rank in the Clan Centurio, go
to Jahara and talk to Geomancer Yugelu. Then, go to Henne Mines.
Go north from Staging Area to Ore Separation (where you fought
Tiamat), then east to Phase 2 Dig. Go south two areas to reach
Pithead Junction C. Set everyone's attack gambits to: Foe: status
= Sleep > Curaja and Foe: Undead > Sleepga. Activate the
lever and a group of Abysteels will appear. Kill them all and
activate the lever again. Go back the same way you entered. In
the next room, go left when you can, then return to repeat as
many times as desired. [email=private.email.address][/email]There is an easy way to gain experience at the Third Ascent of
The Pharos at Ridorana. When you are supposed to hit the correct
color sequence, hit any color. After two wrong colors, you will
be taken to a secret area of the first part of the Third Ascent,
full of undead and strong enemies. Kill them and repeat the process.
Note: You must be at high levels, or else you will die.

Hint: Easy gil:
Very early in the game, the easiest way to gain money
fast is to do the first hunt mission. Also, Steal from the Cactoid
in the Eastern Sands. You will Steal a Cactus Fruit usually. This
sells for about 77 or more gil each, allowing you to get a decent
amount of money to start the game. Once you can access the Salikawood after the Mosphoran Highwaste
in Nabradia you can do this trick. Go north into the section of
the wood called Quietened Trace. There should be a Gate Crystal.
Save the game and switch to just one character. This character
should be able to equip the Thief's Cuffs accessory. Enter the
Grand Bower section of the wood. The Giant Bomb optional Boss
will appear. Steal from it, then exit the area. Heal at the crystal
and repeat as desired. The three items you can steal from him
are Bomb Shell (common) which sell for about 900 gil each; Fire
Crystal (uncommon) which sell for about 100 gil each; and the
Bomb Fragment (rare) which sell for about 2000 gil each. In the Easternsands, steal from the Cactus. Once in a while you
will obtain a Broadsword which sells for 200 gil each. Upon defeating the optional Esper, Zeromus (Stilshrine of Miriam),
you can reenter the Throne Of Veiled Gods and chain the Dark Lords.
The Dark Lords drop Blood-Darkened Bones that sell for a little
over 1,400 gil each. After reaching a decent chain, each Dark
Lord can drop up to four Blood Darkened Bones, worth about 5,600
gil. After attaining 99 bones, use the Teleport Stone to go to
an area with a store (Mt. Bur-Omisace recommended; it has a merchant
near the Teleport Stone). Sell all your items. The 99 bones will
result in about 140,000 gil. Also sell the Dark Crystals, Pebbles,
Capricorn Gems, etc. Keep the Teleport Stones. You will occasionally
find Dragon Mails from them as well (worth 6,250 gil each). To
respawn the Dark Lords, simply leave and return to the map via
the waystone (use it three times). The Dark Lords should have
respawned. Use the following trick for easy mid-game gil and LP. After you
complete Henne Mines, get the spell Fira. Get to the southeastern
Pithead Junction. Push the button and kill all the Jelly Fiends.
Then flee, to not break the chain, up then west two rooms total
to make the Jelly Fiends respawn. Then flee back and kill them
again. To obtain higher chain quicker, try not to pick up any
loot until you have killed the all. Fira is recommended, as it
is an area damage and they are weak against fire. When you have
about 99 Yellow Liquid, teleport to Eruyt Village. You should
have gotten a lot of teleport stones as well. Sell all the loot,
teleport back, and repeat. One round should take about twenty
minutes and result in 60,000 gil plus a lot of LP and experience.
Use the following trick for easy gil and LP. Go to the Lhusu Mines
in Bhujerba. It is recommended that you are over level 15 to make
this easier. If you have enough, equip all six party members with
the Golden Amulet. Even the reserve party members can gain LP.
Go to the second bridge area where all of the skeletons spawn.
Go up the bridge and fight all of the skeletons as you did earlier
in the game. However, instead of going to the next area, just
wait at one of the ends for about five minutes or less, depending
on how long it takes for the skeletons to respawn. Keep doing
this repeatedly. Within a short time you will have built up a
massive chain of skeletons to increase your drop chance for Bone
Fragments. When the skeletons stop spawning in that area, proceed
to the area where Larsa picked up the Magicite. You will encounter
some more skeletons on your endeavor there. When you clear out
all the enemies in the Magicite area, just wait in the middle
for a few minutes like before. They will respawn. Fight your way
back to the skeleton bridge. Repeat this process until you get
the desired amount of LP. If done correctly, you can get 99 Bone
Fragments in an hour. All 99 Bone Fragments sell for 19,107 gil.
You can get over 20,000 gil this way with the dark stones that
the skeletons also drop. Although they may only give about 93
to 97 experience points, you can still even level up a few levels
within this trick. Go to the fleet place (the area where Vossler tells you about
the lasers). Go through the lasers. The alarm will sound, calling
enemy troops. Have one person specialize in White Magic and buy
a lot of potions. When you defeat enemy troops, you will obtain
gil. Go to the nearest save crystal and use it. Repeat this until
you are satisfied with the amount of money you made.

Hint: Easy LP:
When you are doing the God or Devil hunt, on the first
floor that you visit on the elevator trip to Penumbra, you will
encounter a creature called a Magic Pot. Do not attack it immediately.
If you have to, turn Gambits off. If you attack it when you see
it, there is a significant chance you will die. It will be immune
to your attacks and magic if you attacked. The only way to kill
it is to wait until a message appears stating that it craves an
item. If you have the item it wants, use it on the Magic Pot.
It will then become ecstatic and begin hopping around the room.
You can now attack it without it attacking you. When you manage
to kill it you will be rewarded 0 experience points, but 123 LP.
Equip the accessory that doubles LP earned to get the most out
of each kill. Make sure you have already accepted the Cluckatrice Mark at Giza
Plains. Next, make sure you are at a good level (about level 40)
and can easily defeat the Cluckatrice. Go to the south bank and
kill all the enemies there. Then go to the left and enter the
nomad village and immediately go back out. There should be only
a little yellow Chickatrice rolling around a few steps ahead.
Attack the Chickatrice to get the Cluckatrice to run out. Now
that it is out, go ahead and kill it. You should gain 6 LP. Hold
R2 and flee back into town. Make sure that you do not kill
all three Chickatrice or else you will not be able to repeat this.
In town, heal up and do whatever else is needed. You can now go
back out again and do the same thing repeatedly. You will get
6 LP each time and 12 LP if you have the Golden Amulet equipped.
Make sure you have not completed the mission yet. Also, do not
save the game. If you do you must kill all the enemies again before
it comes back out. Finally, do not go to any other screen than
the town or the south bank or you will have to fight the enemies
again. Go to the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea and stay on the platforms. Just wander
them, killing Urutu-Yensas and get your chain as high as possible.
If you see a tomato, or the "fire elemental", just get
away from it. After getting a chain of about 106, you can obtain
over 800 LP for your characters with Golden Amulets, and over
400 for those without. Go to Eruyt Village and buy six Golden Amulets. Equip all your
players with the Golden Amulet then go to the Ozmone Plain. Put
your weakest character in your party alone. Go through the Ozmone
Plain and kill enemies. This is a quick way to gain LP for your
characters and to gain experience points for your weakest character.
Keep doing this until your reach a high level or have as much
LP as desired. Note: If you die when killing enemies in the Ozmone
Plain, switch characters and put in your second weakest character.


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Hint: Easy Restoration:
Find a place without any mobs. Run around until your
Magick bar fills to capacity. You can then heal and remove status
effects from your allies without using any potions or special
items. Note: This may take a long time depending on your level.

Hint: Exodus Esper:
This Esper becomes available after you battle Cid in
Draklor Laboratories. Go to the Babbleing Vale in the Moshphoran
Highwastes. One of the villagers there by one of the shires will
tell you that the shrines have started working, but he is not
sure what they do. Activate the three eastern wind ones first
(northeastern, eastern and southeastern). You can only activate
three at a time. Look at your map and you will see three new marks
on it that indicate bridges have formed to areas you could not
reach previously. Next move east to the Rays of Ashen Light section
and find the Chocobo in the northern section. Feed him a Gyshal
Green and ride him through the newly opened area to the end where
you will see a path leading onward blocked by bushes that only
a Chocobo can cross. This will take you to the Sky Reach Ridge
section on the western side of the Vale. From here you can enter
the Vale and activate a shrine that was out of reach before. Once
you have gone north of the shrine to the big boulder, you will
find a section that you can break to clear a path into the Vale.
You must now activate one more shrine to get access to Exodus.
It was the north or northwestern shrine. Check you map to be sure.
It will open a place near the last shrine you activated on the
northern part of Sky Reach Ridge. Next, go back to Sky Reach Ridge
and fight him. Part way through the battle he will become immune
to physical attacks. He is very good at keeping up his reflect
barrier. Make sure to dispel it before hitting him with magic.
He has some very powerful magical attacks, like flare.

Hint: Esper timeline:
The following are the times of when you can receive
or find the Espers.

Before you receive the Dawn Shard
Belias (in story line)

After you receive the dawn Shard
Adrammelech (side quest)
Cuchulainn (side quest)
Zalera (side quest)
Mateus (in story line)

After Judge Bergan has fallen
Zeromus (side quest)

After Sakikawood Gate is fixed
Exodus (side quest)

After Visiting Archades
Chaos (side quest)
Shemhazai (in story line)

After receiving the Treaty-Blade
Ultima (side quest)
Zodiark (side quest)
Hashmaul (in story line)
Famfrit (in story line)

Hint: Gaining notoriety:
While you are in the floating palace and need to gain
popularity by claiming to be Captain Bosche, the best way is to
just walk into a store and press Square. Be careful and
make sure that a guard is not facing you or you will lose a lot
of notoriety. When trying to convince the people of Bhujerba that Bash is alive,
seek out the City Pasijanahs (always holding books). They increase
the Notoriety bar by nearly 20% per pie. Make sure the Bhujerbas
Sainikahs are not too close when you do this.

Hint: Arcana and High Arcana:
Sell ten Arcana, one Feystone, one Soul of Thamasa.
Arcana is a common drop with Canopic Jar. Feystone is stolen from
any elemental or Entite. Soul of Thamasa is a rare drop from Oversoul
with Warmage Monograph. To obtain Arcana and High Arcana easily you will need 99 Phoenix
downs and the Canopic Jar, which is an item you can buy at the
Bazaar after selling the Phobos Glaze (reward for clan hunt "Paradise
Risen" ), the Horakhty's Flame (reward for clan hunt "Crime
and Punishment"), and the Deimos Clay (reward for clan hunt
"Paramina Run"). After obtaining the Canopic Jar, go
to the "Corridor Of Sand" area of the Dalmasca Westersand
with 10% HP to make Rare game Dustia appear. As soon as Dustia
appears, hit it with a Phoenix Down. Dustia will fall. Grab any
treasure present, then run out of the area. Reenter the area with
10% HP again. If done correctly, Dustia should appear again. If
the chain is big enough, Dustia will start dropping Arcana, then
High Arcana. Keep doing this until you have as many Arcana and
High Arcana as desired. Note: This is also a good tactic of gaining
levels and obtaining LPs.

Hint: The Danjuro:
The Danjuro can rarely (5% chance) be dropped by rare
game Larva Eater in the Great Crystal. Larva Eater appears after
256 monsters have been defeated near "Teleport XIII or Teleport
XIV " of the Great Crystal.

Hint: Deathbringer sword:
The Deathbringer sword is a very powerful weapon that
you can obtain early in the game. It has a good hit rate of 1300
to 1500 and it can cast instant death whenever you strike. If
you have been working on your weapons licenses, this weapon would
be the best choice that early in the game. The Deathbringer sword
can be stolen from a creature named Ithuno in the Barheim passage.
In order to obtain it early in the game you must do a few quests.
Keep playing the game until you and your party arrive to the Jahara
village. This is when Larsa will join your party. You do not have
to wait that long if you want the Deathbringer sword early, but
it is preferred. You must next go to the South Bank Village in
the Dalmasca Eastersands to complete two side quests. Also check
if you done any hunts, more specifically the one with the Cactaur
leader and the hunt for the Nidhogg. Make sure that you keep the
snakeskin and the flower from each of those hunts. First, help
Danturo's wife take care of a sick traveler. She will ask for
some herbs and other things to take care of her patient. She will
begin to ask about you obtaining the Cactaur flower. If you have
gone on that hunt and have gained the flower from the fallen enemy,
give it to the wife. She will then ask for more ingredients to
help out the sick traveler, like fresh dew from a flower and a
great snakeskin. If you have hunted down the Nidhogg, give her
the snakeskin so that the traveler can heal faster. For the dew
you must cross the river, and for that you must help out Danturo's
son to get his father back. Check for a boat at the docks and
a boy asking for help. Agree to help the boy and move on to the
other side of the river where Danturo and other villagers are
held hostage to a huge family of Cactaurs. The father will tell
you to find the Cactaur mother's son so that they can go free.
Go back over the river and ask Danturo's wife about the Cactaur.
If you have been doing some hunts and given the Cactaur Flower
to her earlier, she will say that the flower the Cactuar had was
already boiled and tossed in the back. Go to the back and investigate
the flower to discover that the Cactaur has grown back. Go back
over the bridge and deliver the son to the Cactaur family. You
will recieve an award and can move on to obtain the dew from the
flowers in the next areas ahead in the Eastersands. Get as much
dew from the flowers as possible. You can now go to the village
and deliver the medicine to the wife. She will finish treating
her patient, which should give you time to obtain a tool to help
steal the rare Deathbringer sword. Go over the river and head
to the Mosphorean Highwastes. Try to go to the center to find
a transportation save crystal and a merchant in that same area.
Talk to the merchant and buy three Thief's Cuffs from him. These
items will help you obtain the Deathbringer sword. Make sure that
you have enough License points to equip them. If not, fight in
the Highwastes until you can. After that, then return to the South
Bank Village and speak to Danturo's wife. She will say that the
traveler is fully healed and that you can speak to him. Speak
to the traveler and he will give you a key to Barheim Passage.
Go to the door to the Barheim Passage and enter. Make sure that
you have the Thief's cuffs equipped. Enter the passage and continue
on the path until you reach a save crystal. Save the game then
go back down the passage. Once you reach a fork in the road, from
the direction of the save crystal move to the right. Keep going
straight until you reach a section called Special Op Sector 5.
There will be some strong enemies in the sector. Make sure that
you have your three strongest characters go in. Once you defeat
all of the enemies in this sector, there will be a treasure vase
behind a big rock on the mine tracks after the big turtle enemy
Anamantitan. The Ithuno have two ways of appearing. The Ithuno
is there if there are two vases behind the bolder (one a regular
color and the other a metallic white), or there should be a treasure
vase there with the same brownish color like the others but with
a red tinted shadow underneath the vase. If the vase gives treasure
or if there is no vase there, keep coming in and out the sector
until the vases have the red tint or two of them appear. Investigate
and Ithuno will appear. This rare creature has the Deathbringer
sword. Once he appears, go into your menu and equip the Thief
Cuffs to the three characters that are facing Ithuno. Also enter
the Gambit menu. Change the Gambits for the three characters going
against Ithuno. Turn off all of the Gambits and turn on the Gambit
that reads "Foe: Any >Steal". All of your characters
should now be stealing from Ithuno. Because Ithuno is level 41
or 42 he will hit hard, Make sure to heal when it hits. If you
have Larsa, who has unlimited potions, he can do the healing while
all three steal with the Thief's Cuffs. Repeat this until you
obtain the Deathbringer. Then you can either attack it or run
out of the area. Once you do, save the game and return in order
to find the creature again. Repeat the entire process until you
get enough Deathbringer swords for your party or to sell.

Hint: Demonsbane:
In the Tomb of the Great King (King Thornwall or whatever
name ends with the word wall), there is a secret door in the tomb
that gives you the Demonsbane sword. It adds +59 to attack. After
you defeat the two Demon walls in the main corridor there will
be three teleport pedestals. The middle one takes you back to
the beginning of the tomb. The other need to be activated. Take
the right path and explore through the area until you reach a
room with a jewel in the wall. Activate the jewel. An altar will
rise and give you a brief description of what it is. Take the
teleporter pedestal back to the others. Then, take the left path
this time. Explore the area to find another jewel in a room. Activate
it and an altar will lower, leading you to the room with Belias.
However, do not go this way yet. Backtrack to the room with the
activated jewel and teleporter pedestal. Take it back to the others.
Then take the first pedestal back to beginning. Here (if you defeated
the first demon wall) behind where the demon wall was located
is another jewel. Activate it, then take either of the new stairways
to the secret area that does not show up on the map which are
to the left and the right. Once through the doors you can take
either way to the bottom. However, be careful as there will be
many high level elementals that fall from the ceiling. At the
very bottom of the staircases, go towards the middle. There will
be chest. This chest should contain Demonsbane. During the first trip to Raithwall's tomb make sure to be at least
level 17 and have Quickenings. Fight and defeat the first Demon
Wall you encounter. The best way is to use a Quickening chain
to start off. You can also set the game speed to fast because
this optional Boss is not affected by it. Make sure you do at
least 6,000 to 8,000 damage during your Quickening chains. If
you run out of MP, either use an Ether or just change that character
with another who also has Quickening(s). You will probably have
to fight it out at the end of your chains. When you defeat this
Boss go back and save. Then, continue over the bridge where you
defeated the first Demon Wall and proceed through to defeat another,
who is rather easy. After this is done, go back to where the first
Demon Wall was located and you will see a glowing stone. Touch
it to reveal two staircases. Go down either of them and follow
the path down. You do not have to fight the enemies encountered
-- just run past them. You will reach a chest which has a 30 to
40% chance of being the Demonsbane. If the chest is different,
quit the game, return to the title screen, and repeat. You can
keep doing this until you get as many Demonsbane as desired. They
can also be sold for 3,000 gil each. Note: This requires some
patience and time.

Hint: Empyreal Soul:
Sell one Soul Powder, two Wargod's Band, and one High
Arcana at the same time. Soul Powder is dropped or stolen from
Etem. Wargod's Band is a rare drop from Leynir with Hunter's Monograph.
High Arcana can be stolen from Espers or made.

Hint: Ensanguined Shield:
To obtain the Ensanguined Shield, equip the Diamond
Armlet and check the treasure in the residents of Balfonheim Port.
It can also be obtained from a treasure in The Henne Mines, treasure
appearing once in the "Edge Of Reason" area of the Feywood.
It stats are 90 Evade, Equip: Poison, Sap, Slow.

Hint: Feather Of The Flock:
When in the Giza Plains during the Rain season, there
are five withered trees on the banks of the water. Strike them
all down. They will float down the river and cause a path to form
in the south bank. Cross it and go all the way to the southeast
corner to find an urn. Open it and you will receive the Feather
Of The Flock. It gives you a bond with Cockatrices.

Hint: Gemsteel:
Sell one Scarletite, two Damascus Steel, and two Hell-Gate's
Flame at the same time. Scarletite is stolen from Aspidochelon
rare game in Cerobi Steppe, or found after completing fishing
game. Damascus Steel is a rare drop from Bune if you have Knight's
Monograph. Hell-Gate's Flame is a rare drop Cerberus with Hunter's
Monograph. Gemsteel is also a rare steal from a level 99 Red Chocobo
(not recommended).

Hint: Godslayer's Badge:
In order to get the Godslayer's Badge, you must defeat
Yiazmat. In order to fight Yiazmat you must first complete the
first 44 hunts and defeat the Hell Wyrm. To find the Hell Wyrm,
get the Ageworn Key by trading the Dragon Scale obtained from
defeating the Vyraal to the Wyrm Specialist at Windmill 10 in
Cerobi Steppe. Then, go to the Sochen Cave Palace. Take the eastern-most
path to Destiny's March. Go up the path until you get to the entrance
to the Eastern Door. Go through all the Door of Hours in a clockwise
direction until you get a message stating that a door is unlocked.
Go to the western most door in this map to find the Ascetic's
Door. Follow this path until you find the Hell Wyrm. The Hell
Wyrm is the first of two marathon fights, where you can fight,
leave, and come back to resume where you left off. Hell Wyrm has
10,000,000 HP, but can be handled extremely easily with the correct
Gambits. Once you defeat it, talk to Montblanc and accept the
Yiazmat hunt. Go to the coliseum on the Ridorana Catoract. There
is no easy method to defeat Yiazmat, as he is the single most
powerful enemy with over 50,000,000 HP and the ability to attack
ten times in a row doing about 2,500 to 3,500 damage per hit.
This is a marathon fight; take your time and run when necessary.
Once you defeat him, talk to Montblanc to get the Godslayer's

Hint: Heavy Armor 10: Grand Armor:
The best Heavy Armor is The Grand Helm and Grand Armor.
This type of armor cannot be purchased anywhere, although rare
game Tower and Helvinek can rarely drop (5%) The Grand Helm (from
Tower) and Grand Armor (from Helvinek). Note: To have a better
chance at obtaining the Grand Armor, lead Helvinek to the exit
in any area, defeat it, and exit before it disappears. Reenter
the area and Helvinek will be respawned. Continue doing this until
you obtain the Grand Armor. To have a better chance at obtaining
the Grand Helm, go to the Mosphoran Highwaste and chain the Clay
Golem to top chain level (until they drop huge loot token). Then
go to Tower's location. If the chain level is high enough Tower
will drop The Grand Helm the first time the party defeats it.

Hint: Heavy Armor 12: Grand Armor:
The best heavy armor is The Grand Helm and Grand Armor.
This type of armor cannot be purchased. Rare game Tower and rare
game Helvinek can rarely drop (5%) the Grand Helm (Tower) and
Grand Armor (Helvinek). Note: To have a better chance at obtaining
the Grand Armor, lead Helvinek to the exit in any area. Defeat
it and exit before it disappears. Reenter the area and Helvinek
will have respawned. Continue doing this until you obtain the
Grand Armor.

Hint: License:
If you want your characters very strong in low levels,
the best way is complete all of the Gambit portion of the license
chart and get all the physical lore. After completing that, your
characters will be almost un-defeatable. If you are level 37 and
completed that portion, you will be able to defeat level 45 to
48 monsters.

Hint: Light Armor 12: Dueling Mask and
Brave Suit:
The Dueling Mask can be obtained in a treasure in one
of the three areas of the Pharos - Subterra. The Brave Suit can
be obtained in a treasure in the Henne mines - Eastern Section
(areas past the "Ore Separation" area).

Hint: Lu Shang Badge:
Make sure you have completed the Gilgamesh Hunt. Go
to Balfonheim Port and talk to the Fishing Expert twice on the
way to the Aerodome. Run to the Aerodome but do not go in. Go
back to where the Fishing Expert was and take the rod. Go to the
village in Dalmasca Estersand. Give the rod to Ruksel. Go fishing
and keep getting "Perfects" until you unlock the Upstream
area. You should now have a Colored Bottle (Blue, Green, Red,
Yellow, Black, etc.) You must now to go to where the clues hint:

Blue: The boat in the southeast corner of "Echoes of the
Past" in Nabreus Deadlands.

Green: The hut in the center of "Piebald Path" in the
Salika Wood.

Red: The broken shrine in the northwest corner of the "Babbling
Vale" in Mosphoran Highwaste.

Yellow: Change the status of the #2, #3, #5, and #8 windmills
in Cerobi Steppe.

Black: Go to the Garamscythe Waterway. There will be a group of
rats swarming around this area in the Central Sluice Control.

Next, go to the Barheim Passage. Go through the Zeviah Span to
the West Annex. There is another path that goes back to the Zeviah
Span. Take it and approach the rubble. You now have the Matamune
Fishing Rod. Go back to Ruksel and give him the rod. Keep getting
"Perfects" and fishing the extra items to unlock the
last two spots. In the last area, enter the eight button command
until you hook the King of the Nebra. You now have the Lu Shang

Hint: Mystic Armor 12: Circlet and Lordly
The Circlet and Lordly Robes can be obtained in the
"Umbra or Abyssal" areas of the Pharos - Subterra.

Hint: Mythril Sword:
This sword can be obtain as Vaan's starting weapon
or found as a drop from Omega MK XII.

Hint: Omega Badge:
To get the Omega Badge, defeat Omega Mark XII. Go to
the Great Crystal. Work your way through the crystal and unlock
gates Aquarius I, Capricorn II, and Taurus I. Take the Waystones
until you find him. The easiest way to defeat Omgea is to keep
the Reverse and Bubble status on your characters. By doing this,
they will keep healing for 5,000 to 7,500 HP instead of taking
damage. He only has about 1,200,000 HP. Once you defeat him, make
sure you collect the bag he leaves behind. If you do not do this
it will be gone forever.

Hint: Ragnarok:
To obtain Ragnarok with 109 attack power you must pass
the Pharos at Ridorana. After you pass the Pharos, go to the clan
hall and talk to Montblance. He will give you special hunt to
kill Ixion. Once accepted go back to the Pharos at Ridorana. You
must be at least level 66. Purchase a Golden axe for 18,000 gil
and some Echo Herbs and Eye Drops. Equip the Golden axe to your
strongest character. It will take a ranged damage of 1 to 9,999.
Make sure you have three Bubble Belts to double your maximum HP.
To find him, go to the lift just when you get in and take it up
to Penumbra. It will require a few attempts to find and kill him.
Once you do, go back to the petitioner and he will give you a

Hint: Serpentarius:
Serpentarius can be stolen from the Zodiark Esper.
It is rewarded for reaching a certain rank in Clan. Sell four
Snake Skin, two Serpent Eye, and one High Arcana at the same time.
Snake Skin is a common drop from Wildsnake. Serpent Eye is a rare
drop from Basilisk with Hunter's Monograph.

Hint: Shell Shield:
To obtain the Shell Shield, complete the Clan Hunt
"A Scream From The Sky" and take the reward, or receive
it from a treasure in the Stilshrine of Miriam.

Hint: Staff of the Magi:
This weapon can be stolen from rare game Luxollid.

Hint: Tournesol:
Tournesol is the second most powerful weapon in the
game. It has a 140 Atk with a maximum of 11 hits. It can be made
using three Gemsteel, three Serpentarius, and three Empyreal Soul.

Hint: Wyrmhero Blade:
The Wyrmhero Blade is the second-most powerful greatsword,
and the most difficult weapon to get. In order to obtain it, you
must sell the Godslayer's Badge, Omega Badge, and Lu Shang's Badge.
The sword can now be bought in the bazaar for 65535 gil. It has
a 130 attack power with a Holy element and hits 2x or more every
other hit for a maximum of nine hits. It is also the "Sword
of Legend" from the Gilgamesh Hunt.

Hint: The Yagyu Darkblade:
To have a better chance at obtain the Yagyu Darkblade,
chain Bombshell. To do so you must defeat Bombshell once then
take the mine cart in the "Site 5" area of the Lhusu
mines back to site 11. Then, go back to the area of Bombshell's
appearance. Zone in and out of the area until Bombshell reappears.
Keep repeating this process until Bombshell drops the Yagyu Darkblade.

Hint: Zodiac Escutcheon:
The Zodiac Escutcheon is the most difficult shield
to obtain. Equip the Diamond Armlet, then find the treasure in
the "West Annex" area of Barheim Passage with traps
leading up to it. Note: There is a 0.5% chance that it will appear
in that treasure. Trying to obtain this shield may take a few
hours. Its stats are 50 Evade, Added Effect: Immune to lightning.

Hint: Zodiac Spear:
In order to obtain the strongest weapon in the game,
the Zodiac Spear, you must not open certain treasure chests. They
are somehow connected to the Zodiac Spear, and if you open them
you can never get the Zodiac Spear. The first treasure chest you
must not open is the one in front of Old Dalan's place. It should
be the chest nearest to you when you enter Lowtown. The next chests
to avoid opening are the ones in the southeast corner of the cellars
(when you are doing the mission to steal from the castle's treasury
early in the game). The next chests you must not open are the
ones in the Confiscatory after you recover you lost equipment
(when you are in jail). The final chests not to open are the sixteen
chests all in a group at the eastern end of the Vaddu Strand (in
the Phon Coast region). The Zodiac Spear itself is in a chest
in the Necrohol of Nabudis.

Hint: 13 Quickening chains before totally
out of mana:
For the following trick, refer to your party as follows.

Person A: Your weakest character

Person B: Your second weakest character

Person C: Your third weakest character

Person D: Your second strongest character

Person E: Your tanker or strongest character

Person F: Your healer

All six characters and all three Quickenings for each character
are required. This trick is useful against Bosses. It allows for
13 different Quickening chains while still having your healer
at full mana, or even up to 16 chains if you use your healer,
all without using a single Ether. Start the battle with your weakest
character (Person A). Have only him or her do the strongest Quickening
chain possible, then bring in your second weakest character(Person
B). Have them use only their first Quickening, continuing the
Quickening chain with Person A's Mist Charges. Once Person B uses
their last quickening, you may then use their Mist Charges as
well. Then, bring in your third weakest character (Person C) and
repeat. After you use Person C's Quickenings, get rid of Person
A and bring in Person D. Use all of Person D's Quickenings, then
get rid of Person B and bring in Person E. After you use up Person
E's mana, get rid of Person C and bring in Person F (your healer).
At this point it is your choice to use your healer's MP to cast
three more Quickening chains, or you can keep their MP and do
it the old fashioned way. If you have full mana with everyone
and this is done correctly (as well as have a few Ethers and Hi
Ethers), you can do anywhere up to 22 Quickening chains, meaning
not even Adrammelech has a chance when your characters are low

Hint: Recommended Gambits:

1. Ally: Any / Raise
2. Ally: HP < 40% / Curaja
3. Ally: Any / Esunaga
4. Ally: Status = Confuse / Attack
5. Foe: Status = Haste / Dispelga
6. Self / Bubble
7. Self / Decoy
8. Foe: Flying / Telekinesis
9. Foe: Party Leader's Target / Attack
10. Foe: Targeting Ally / Attack
11. Self / Libra
12. Ally: Any / Regen

Try the following Gambits.

1. Ally, Any / Raise
2. Ally, HP<30% / First Aid
3. Foe, Party Leaders Target / Attack
4. Foe, Flying / Telikises
5. Foe, Undead / Curaga
6. Ally, Any / Ensna
7. Ally, Any / Protecta
8. Ally, Any / Shella
9. Ally, Any / Reflecta
10. Foe, Any / Oil
11. Foe, Status: Oil / Firaga
12. Self / Libra

Try the following Gambits.

1. Ally status = KO / Arise
2. Ally HP = 50% / Curaja
3. Self MP = 10% / Charge
4. Foe status = Protect / Dispelga
5. Foe status = Shell / Dipelga
6. Foe Fire-weak / Firaga
7. Foe Lightning-weak / Thundaga
8. Foe Ice-weak /Blizzaga
9. Self / Bubble
10. Self / Haste
11. Self / Float
12. Self / Libra

The following is an excellent stealing Gambit setup. To have a
character steal from all enemies without the dreaded "repeat
steal" that plagues most conventional steal Gambit setups,
try the following. With this setup, your thief will run around
stealing from all enemies in the immediate area, while the other
secondary will run around dealing damage to all enemies in the
area. The thief will stop stealing once the other secondary has
knocked all foes below 100%. The team of three will then focus
on and kill all enemies one at a time. Typically most enemies
will be stolen from, but only once instead of repeatedly. It works
perfectly on hordes as big as ten foes strong.

Include these gambits in your party leader's list:
Foe: Party Leader's Target / Attack
Foe: Nearest Visible / Attack

Include these in a secondary character's list (preferably a melee
Foe: HP=100% / Steal
Foe: Party Leader's Target / Attack
Foe: Nearest Visible / Attack

Include these in the other secondary character's list:
Foe: HP=100% / Attack
Foe: Party Leader's Target / Attack
Foe: Nearest Visible / Attack

Hint: Level 99 Chocobo:
After gaining free access to the Strahl Airship, travel
to the Ozmone Plains "Haulo Green" area. Defeat six
or more red and black Chocobos, then enter and reenter repeatedly
until it appears somewhere in this area. There is a 1 in 256 chance
this monster will appear. When defeated it will drop a very rare
or valuable item such as a Ribbon or Gemsteel. Trying to make
this monster appear is very difficult and it could take a few
hours. This is not recommended when searching for a Ribbon, Gemsteel,
Empyreal Soul, or Mega Elixir.

Hint: The Mandragoras in the Feywood:
When the Mandragoras are first encountered they are
in the Sochen Cave Palace although the game's Bestiary states
them not as Bosses or hunt marks, but as normal monsters. The
Bestiary also states these monsters must be defeated another fourteen
times to get another explaining page. To make the Mandragoras
appear in the Feywood, go to the "Ice Field Of Clearsight"
area and defeat every monster in the area (27 or more). Exit and
reenter and the Mandragoras will be somewhere in this area. Note:
The Mandragoras are very difficult to see in this area.

Hint: The hunt trophy rare game:
There are thirty rare game that only appear when you
meet their conditions after joining the Hunt club in Phon Coast.
These rare game are: Aspidochelon, Thalassinon (this rare game
must be defeated in order to join the hunt club) , Killbug, Gavial,
Kaiser wolf, Dreadguard, Rageclaw, Grimalkin, Nazarnir, Victanir,
Bull Chocobo, Skullash, Myath, Anubys, Melt, Kris, Dheed, Terror
Tyrant, Abelisk, Ishteen, Vorres, Arioch, Crystal Knight, Zombie
Lord, Disma, Ancbolder, Wendice, Bluesang, Avenger, and Alteci.

Hint: Rare game locations:
There are four or more rare game monsters in one area,
although an Esper may make up for a rare game or two. For example,
at the Tomb of Raithwall the rare game Zombie Lord in the "Northfall
Passage", rare game Barmuu in the "Royal Passage",
rare game Cultsworn Lich in the "Southfall Passage",
and Esper Belias in the "Cloister of Flame" area.

Hint: Rare game: Ancbolder and Anchag:

To make both rare games appear, go to the "Kanydine
Glacier" area of Paramina Rift. Defeat every monster in the
area. Exit and reenter to find Ancbolder and Anchag somewhere
in this area. Note: Ancbolder is a Hunt trophy rare game so it
will not respawn. Anchag is not a hunt trophy rare game and will
respawn if you meet its conditions.

Hint: Rare game: Avenger:
The path to Avenger is very long and difficult if you
have not already cleared the Pharos storyline. Go through the
first ascent in the Pharos then enter the "Station Of Ascension
(63F)" area further in the second ascent. There is a 40%
chance that it will appear near the exit in this area.

Hint: Rare game: Barmuu and Vishno:
To make Barmuu appear, go to the "Royal Passage"
area of the Tomb Of Raithwall. Defeat twelve Seekers and go up
to the three teleporters. Barmuu will be sitting in the middle
of all three of them. To make Vishno appear, somewhere in the
"First Ascent" area of the Pharos, defeat every Deidar
and Brainpan monster in any of the four flight areas after the
Horizon Of First Light area. Flight Two or Three recommended.

Hint: Rare game: Biding Mantis and Rage
Biding Mantis has a 40% chance of appearing in the
lower part of "The Needlebrake" area of Golmore Jungle
each time the party enters from the Erupt Village (although any
area is acceptable). Rage Claw will appear at one of three exits
in the "Piebald Path" area of the Salikawood after every
monster in the area has been defeated.

Hint: Rare game: Bombshell, Pineapple,
and Megabomb:
Pineapple has a 5% chance of appearing for any character
in the "Platform 1 - Refinery" area of Ogir-Yensa Sandsea.
If you have Balthier alone as your party leader, Pineapple has
a 60% chance of appearing. Megabomb will appear randomly (40%
chance) in the "Demesne Of The Sandqueen" area of the
Nam-Yensa Sandsea. Make sure to check the whole area. Bombshell
has a 25% chance of appearing in the "Lasche Span (South
Segment)" area of the Lhusu Mines each time the characters
enter the area from two zones away. Note: Bombshell drops the
Yagyu Darkblade which is the best ninja sword in the game.

Hint: Rare game: Bull Croc and Aeros:
There is a 60% chance Bull Croc will appear in "The
Shred" area of The Ozmone Plain. Aeros will appear somewhere
off the edge of the area for a 100% chance after Bull Croc is

Hint: Rare game: Cubus:
Cubus will drop down near the characters for a 20%
chance on the entrance path of the "Temptation Eluded"
area of the Sochen Cave Palace.

Hint: Rare game: Cultsworn Lich:
Cultsworn Lich will divide off of any Lich monster
after every other Lich has been divided and defeated.

Hint: Rare game: Drowned:
Drowned will have a 30% chance of appearing in the
"No. 4 Cloaca Spur" area of the Garamscythe Waterway
each time the water is drained out of the area.

Hint: Rare game: Dustia and Velelu:
To make Rare game Dustia and Velelu to appear you need
to enter the area in which the rare game will appear with 10%
HP. Dustia's location is Dalmasca Westersand, "Corridor Of
Sand". Velelu's location is Nabreus Deadlands, "The
Fog Mutters".

Hint: Rare game: Etherian:
To make Etherian appear, go to the "The Northsward"
area of The Cerobi Steppe and clear the area of all enemies. Do
not exit the area when doing so. When you defeat the last monster,
Etherian will drop down in front of the characters.

Hint: Rare game: Fideliant:
There is a 20% chance that Fideliant will appear walking
in "The Midfault" area each time the party enters the
area from one or two areas away.

Hint: Rare game: Gemhorn:
To make Gemhorn appear, go to the Lhusu mines, "Site
11" area. Defeat every monster in the area. Exit and reenter
to find Gemhorn somewhere in the area. Note: There are two or
more enemies that mimic treasures in the area.

Hint: Rare game: Greeden and Gavial:
To make Greeden appear near the river in the "Banks
Of The Nebra" area, quickly defeat every monster in the area
except the Cactoid monsters. To make Gavial appear, close off
all the water in the "No. 10 Channel" area of the Garamscythe
waterway. Then, go to the sewer way leading nowhere in this area
that shaped like a square with a entry way. Gavial will show up
charging behind your character.

Hint: Rare game: Helvinek:
Helvinek will appear in any area of the Necrohol of
Nabudis after every Over Soul monster is defeated in the area.

Hint: Rare game: Kaiser Wolf:
To make Kaiser Wolf appear, defeat Lindbur Wolf (another
rare game). There is a 40% chance it will appear in the "Corridor
Of Sand" area of the Dalmasca Westersand. Note: To make Lindbur
Wolf appear defeat 14 or more and Lindbur Wolf will appear in
the Smallest area of the " Shimmering Horizons " area
that can only be accessed from the Galtea Downs area.

Hint: Rare game: Larva Eater:
To make Larva Eater appear, defeat 256 monsters of
any kind near the "Teleport XIII" or the "Teleport
XIV" area of the Great Crystal. The Great Crystal has no
inner map to check your directions. Note: Larva Eater may drop
a Danjuro, which is the best dagger in the game.

Hint: Rare game: Lindbur Wolf:
To make Lindbur Wolf appear, enter from Rabanastre
(although any entrance is acceptable). Defeat fourteen or more
Lesser Wolves in the "Galtea Downs" area of the Dalmasca
Westersand. Lindbur Wolf and two Lesser Wolves will appear in
the smallest part of the "Shimmering Horizons" area
that can only be accessed from the Galtea Downs area.

Hint: Rare game: Melt:
There is a 50% chance Melt will appear in the "Pithead
Junction B" area of the Henne Mines after you hit the switch
in the room.

Hint: Rare game: Matriarch Bomb:
The path to Matriarch Bomb is not that difficult. First,
enter the Stilshrine of Miriam "Ward Of The Sword King"
area. Go left toward the giant statue. Before entering the statue
area, look around. There is a wall near the small hall with two
Gigas monsters close together. If you hit the correct wall you
should go through it and find a stairway. Go up the stairway and
enter a doorway. You may encounter Oilings, but they are not really
a threat. Inside the room will be Matriarch Bomb, surrounded by
lesser bombs guarding a treasure containing a shell shield.

Hint: Rare game: Molen:
There is a location near the "Hour-glass Basin"
area of the Zertinan cavern with a save crystal and a secret path
leading to another area inside the Hour-glass Basin. Get to the
ending point of this area so that the view is that of the Hour-glass
Basin exit (or entrance). Molen will appear near the exit or entrance
within a few seconds.

Hints: Rare game: Pallicant:
Go to the "The City Of Other Days" area of
Ridorana Cataract and defeat every monster in the area. Exit and
reenter to find Pallicant somewhere in this area. Note: Steal
from this rare game to obtain the Gastrophetes crossbow, which
is the best in the game.

Hint: Rare game: Rain Dancer:
Rain Dancer has a 40% chance of appearing anywhere
in Giza Plains while Giza Plain is in the rains.

Hint: Rare game: Razorfin and Apsara:
Rare game Razorfin appears in the "North Spur
Sluiceway" area of the Garamscythe waterway, for a 15% chance
each time the characters go two zone away. They can be defeated
very early in the game. Apsara will appear on "The Mauleia
Strand" area of Phon Coast after the party defeats ten Piranhas
in the entire Phon Coast area.

Hint: Rare game: Ripe Rampager:
There is a 33% chance that Ripe Rampager will appear
in the small area of the "Dalmasca Estersand" after
every Cactoid in the area is defeated.

Hint: Rare game: Spee and Crypt Bunny:

Spee will appear in the "Sun-Dappled Path"
area of the Salikawood after the Wyrd Hare monsters are defeated.
Crypt Bunny will appear for a 40% chance after every Cerberus
and Tartarus monster in the "Walk Of Stolen Truths"
area of the Feywood is defeated very quickly.

Hint: Rare game: Tarasque:
Go to the "Garden Of Life's Circle" area
and defeat 22 or more Serpents. Then, go to the small lake area
near two area exits with a normal lizard monster setting near
it. Tarasque will jump out from the lake.

Hint: Rare game: Terror Tyrant and Abelisk:

Terror Tyrant will have a 40% chance of appearing in
the "Broken Sands" area of the Dalmasca Estersand after
the Wild Saurian in the Yoma area is defeated. Abelisk will have
a 30% chance of appearing in the "Echoes of Time's Garden"
area of Ridorana Cataract.

Hint: Rare game: Tower:
Tower will appear in the small area containing a teleporter
and a Dais of Ascendance elevator in the "Third Ascent"
area of the Pharos, for a 20% chance each time you use the teleporter.

Hint: Rare game: Urutan Exile:
To make Urutan Exile appear, defeat 100 Urutan-Yensa
humanoids in the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, then enter the "Platform
2-Refinery" area. Urutan Exile should appear by the gray
construction area near the exit. Note: This rare game may drop
a Osafune Katana. This weapon is good to have early in the game.

Hint: Rare game: Vagrant Soul and Luxollid:

To make Vagrant Soul appear for a 100% chance, defeat
The Shadowseer hunt mark then go to the "Abyssal-North (Northwest)
" area of the Pharos-Subterra. Find the door leading to the
empty room in this area. Enter and Vagrant Soul will be in this
area. If the Shadowseer has already been defeated there is a 25%
chance Vagrant Soul will appear each time you go two zones away
from the empty room. To find Luxollid, defeat Vagrant Soul and
there will be a 100% chance that Luxollid will appear in the "Umbra-South
(Southwest)" empty room in the area. Note: Steal from the
two rare monsters because they are holding the Eight-Fluted Pole
(Vagrant Soul) also stolen from rare game Abelisk, and The Staff
Of Magi (Luxollid). These weapons can only be stolen; you cannot
purchase these weapons.

Hint: Rare game: Wood Toad:
Wood Toad's location is the lake area near the exit
of the "Corridor Of Ages" area of the Salikawood. Go
to the lake in the area and make sure there are one or more other
monsters near you. Wait for Wood Toad to appear. Note: Wood Toad
has the Vanish spell effect on it and it can be very difficult
to see. Cast Reflect on one of your characters. When you see Wood
Toad's silhouette, cast any spell on the character that can be
reflected (Scathe, Flare, and Ardor are not recommended). When
Wood Toad is hit, it will become visible.

Hint: Rare game: Zombie Lord and Grave
Zombie Lord will appear in one of five different locations
in the "Northfall Passage" area after the party is in
the area for 0 to 29 minutes. Also check the five location every
minute for Zombie Lord's appearance. Grave lord will appear in
the "The Rustling Chapel" area for a special condition,
which is to defeat everything in the area. Skeletal monsters will
start appearing. Defeat these monsters for a short amount of time
and Grave lord will appear among them.

Hint: Hunt trophy rare game:
There are 30 of 80 rare game called "hunt trophy
rare game", meaning their appearance conditions are activated
after the party joins the Hunt Club on the Phon Coast. When defeated
they will never respawn, although normal rare game such as Bombshell,
Larva Eater, and Lindbur Wolf will respawn if their appearance
conditions are met. When hunt trophy rare game are defeated, they
will drop hunt trophies that you can give to one of the three
Bangaas related to the Hunt Club side quest. For example, Kaiser
Wolf and the Fanged trophy.

Hint: Fishing mini-game: Additional locations:

Complete the indicated task to unlock the next fishing

Middle Reaches: Get 5 perfect fishing in the Lower Reaches.
Upper Reaches: Get 5 perfect fishing in the Middle Reaches.
Secret Reaches: Fish the p Saboten Bond in the Upper Reaches with
Master Den: Fish the Saboten Crest in the Secret Reaches.
Taikou treasure chest: Get 9 perfect fishing in the Master Den.

Hint: Sky Pirate's Den Figurines:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding

Ashe: Have the average party level over 50.
Ba'Gamnan: Complete the hunt catalog.
Balthier: Attack 300 times.
Basch: Kill 500 enemies.
Belias: Obtain every Esper.
Carrot: Defeat Carrot.
Chocobo: Walk 50,000 steps.
Crystal: Obtain every character's magics.
Daran: Complete every map.
Death Gaze: Defeat Death Gaze.
Devil Dragon: Defeat Devil Dragon.
Fafnir: Defeat Fafnir.
Fran: Use magic 200 times.
Gabranth: Initiate every fusion technique.
Gilgamesh: Defeat Gilgamesh.
Gurdy: Spend 1,000,000 gil.
King Behemoth: Defeat King Behemoth.
Larsa: Master every character's license board.
Migelo: Sell 1000 loot.
Mimic: Obtain every rare bazaar goods.
Montblanc: Attain monster chain level 50.
Penelo: Get 100,000 gil.
Reks: Get 500,000 clan points.
Trickster: Defeat Trickster.
Ultima: Defeat , Ultima.
Vaan: Steal 50 times from enemies.
Vayne: Use techniques 100 times.
Vossler: Obtain every character's techniques.
Yazmat: Defeat Yazmat.
Zodiac: Defeat Zodiac.

Hint: Bazaar items:
All the merchants in the game take part in the Bazaar
system. The Bazaar often offers exclusive deals and bargains based
upon the amount of loot you have sold to merchants. The loot is
used to make item packages that are often cheaper than normal,
or are exclusive to the Bazaar. The rarest bazaars are from collecting
the following loot:
and Cassensjim.

Ancient Turtle (1337): Drops from Adamantitan in Cerobi Steppe
and Nabreus.
Shell: Deadlands; poach from Silicon Tortoise in Giza Plains.

Aquarius Gem (150): Drops from Golem in the Feywood
Arcana (10): Drops from rare monsters; drops from all monsters
after obtaining Canopic Jar.
Beastlord Horn (1334): Drops from Humbaba in Mosphoran Highwaste.

Cancer Gem (150): Drops from Preying mantis in the Feywood.
Capricorn Gem (150): Steal from Neglamer.
Charged Gizzard: Drops from Thunderbug in the Henne Mines.
Chimera Head: Drops from Chimera brain in the Pharos.
Coeurl Whisker: Drops from Ose in Great Crystal upper layer; steal
from Grimalkin in Tchita Uplands.
Corpse Fly: Drops from Dragon Lich in the Pharos.
Damascus Steel: Dropped or stolen from Bune in the Pharos; steal
from Vishno in the Pharos; steal from Anchang in Paramina Rift;
steal from Bluesang in Cerobi Steppe.
Deimos Clay: Reward for the clan hunt "Paramina Run".

Dorsal Fin: Drops from Focalor in the Nabreus Deadlines.
Empyreal Soul: Sell High Arcana x1: Soul Powder x1: Wargod's Band
Feystone: Dropped or stolen from Entite monsters.
Gemsteel: Sell Scarletite x1, Damascus Steel x2, Hell-gate Flames
Gemini Gem: Drops from Behemoth in the Feywood and Giruvegan;
drops from Blood Gigas in the Stillshrine of Miriam; steal from
Godslayer's Badge: Reward for final clan hunt.
Great Serpent's Fang: Drops from Python in Mosphoran Highwaste.

Hell-Gate's Flame: Drops from Cerberus in the Feywood.
High Arcana: Sell Arcana x10: Soul of Thamasa x1: Feystone x1
to Bazaar; drops from many monsters after obtaining key item Canopic
Horakhty's Flame: Reward for clan hunt "Crime And Punishment".

Leshach Halcyon: Dropped or stolen from Leshach Entitie in Paramina
Rift during snowstorm.
Libra Gem: Drops from Ose in Great Crstal upper layer; drops from
Tartarus in the Feywood.
LuShang's Badge: Complete fishing mini-game.
Mirror Scale: Drops from Mirrorknight in the Feywood; drops from
Dreadguard in the Feywood.
Moondust: Drops from Mu in the Feywood.
Mythrill: Drops from Mythrill Golem in Giruvegan.
Omega Badge: Drops from Omega MK: X11 in Great Crystal upper layer.

Orichalcum: Drops from Deidar in the Pharos; dropped or stolen
from Vishno in the Pharos.
Phobos Glaze: Reward for clan hunt "Paradise Risen".

Ring Wyrm Liver: Drops from Shield Wyrm in Cerobi Steppe.
Sagittarius Gem: Drops from Hecteyes in the Henne Mines east section;
dropped or stolen with Thief's Cuffs from Oiling in the Stilshrine
of Miriam.
Salamand Halcyon: Dropped or stolen from Salamand Entite in the
Ogir-Yensa .
Sandsea During Sunny Weather: Reward for Gibbs and Deweg side
quest. Scarletite: Drops from Emeralditan in Nabreus Deadlands; steal
from Aspidochelon in Cerobi Steppe.
Scorpio Gem: Steal from Gargoyle Baron in Giruvegan; steal from
Larva Eater in Great Crystal upper layer. Serpent Eye: Drops from
Basilisk in the Feywood. Serpentarius: Clan reward for collecting all 13
Espers; steal
from Zodiark in the Henne Mines east section; sell High Arcana
x1: Snake Skin x4: Serpent Eye x2 to Bazaar. Sickle Blade: Drops from
Preying Mantis in the Feywood; steal
from Rageclaw in the Salikawood. WyrmHero Blade: Sell a Godslayer's
Badge (obtained after completing
the Farewell To A Legend hunt), an Omega Badge (drop from Omega
Mark XII), and a Lu Shang's Badge (obtained after completing the
fishing mini-game).

Hint: Final Fantasy series
Explore around Rabanastre. You may get to a place
called Nalbina Fortress. Once there you can actually meet imperials
named Gibbs and Deweg, which are the names Biggs and Wedge scrambled.
Those names also appear in previous Final Fantasy games.
During the fight with Gilgamesh (the rank VII mark given to you
by Montblanc named "Ancient Mystery Man"), he will pull
out various swords that are from previous Final Fantasy
games. Because Gilgamesh has eight arms, he holds all of them
at once. The most famous swords include Cloud's Buster Sword,
Squall's Gunblade, Tidus' Brotherhood, and Sephiroth's Masamune.
For some reason, all of these swords have some alterations to
their previous forms. For example, Cloud's Buster Sword has a
huge Japanese symbol on it. Tidus' Brotherhood has a hook at the
end of the blade on both sides instead of just the bladed part.
It is possible the swords are alterations because after Gilgamesh
is defeated, in the Bestiary it states that it is not proven that
all of the swords Gilgamesh owns are authentic. In the city of Arcades, one of the NPCs refers to an acting troupe
by the name of Tantulus. This is the same acting troupe that Zidane
belongs to in Final Fantasy 9. If you return to Rabanastre after leaving Balfonhiem, there is
a NPC located across from Migelo's Sundries. He makes a claim
that his friend counted people attending the fete at the beginning
of the game. He says that the count might even include the "spoony
bards". This is a reference to the classic Final Fantasy
line spoken by Cecil, "Oh, you spoony bard." When you sneak into the palace close to the start of the game,
Barthelio says "Ifrit", referring to the Aeon Ifrit
in Final Fantasy 10 and X-2. There are a lot of references of Aeons from Final Fantasy 10.
There are two airships called The Ifrit and The Shiva. These are
the names of the second and fourth Aeons obtained in Final
Fantasy 10
(as well as names that appear in most Final Fantasy
games since the North American version of Final Fantasy 3).
There is a place called Sky Fortress Bahamut. Bahamut is the name
of the fifth Aeon you receive in Final Fantasy 10. Finally,
one of Montibecs elite marks is Ixion. That is the third Aeon
obtained in Final Fantasy 10. Before you originally go to the Golmore Jungle there is a quick
scene with several of the judges. One of them mentions a man Judge
Jecht. This is a reference to Sir Jecht, who is Tidus' father
and also Sin in Final Fantasy 10. At the beginning of the game, just after the first Boss battle,
you can hear the pilot of the Air Cutter referred to as Tonberry.
In Final Fantasy 10, Master Tonberry is an enemy in the
Omega Ruins. Montblanc is the name of a Moogle in Final Fantasy Tactics
. They are both the leaders of the guilds. Most of the airships are named after the Guardian Forces in Final
Fantasy 8
. Some examples of these are the Empire ships Leviathan
(also the name of a summon from the North American version of
Final Fantasy 2) and Alexander. There is an Esper called Ultima. This a reference of a spell that
appears in most Final Fantasy games since the North American version
of Final Fantasy 3. It was one of the strongest spells
you had, just like Ultima is one of the strongest Espers you can
get. While doing the clan hunts one of the ranks you get is called
"Knight Of The Round". This is a reference to the red
Materia summon in Final Fantasy 7 called Knights Of The
Round. There is a Moogle mechanic named Nono. There is also a Moogle
mechanic named Nono in Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance.
Many of the Quickenings are variations of Espers from previous
games. One prime example is the Frans Shatterheart Quickening
which fully resembles the Esper Shiva's Diamond Dust Attack. Other
Quickenings also seem to be variations on the specials used by
former Final Fantasy series characters. There is an monster named Zeromus, which is a reference to Zemus,
the final Boss from the Final Fantasy 2. There is a hunt later in the game with five total marks. One of
the mark is named Fenrir, which is a reference to the Esper by
the same name in Final Fantasy 3. The name of the airship you are on when you find Ashe is called
the "Dreadnought". It is the same name as the airship
in Final Fantasy 2 which you have to throw the Sunfire
into. During the progress of the Shadowseer hunt you will encounter
the optional Boss Phoenix in the Pharos Subterra "Penumbra"
area. This Boss (elite hunt mark) is a reference to an Esper also
named Phoenix in the old Final Fantasy series. There is an extremely difficult optional Boss by the name of Omega
MK XII in the Great Crystal upper layer. There are optional Bosses
in other Final Fantasy games such as Final Fantasy 7
which are also extremely difficult and are named of Omega.

Hint: Voice acting:
The intermission sequences with voice acting have famous
talent. One is Phil Lamar of Futurama and Family Guy
fame. The other is Steve Blum who is most known for his work in
the anime series Big O, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai
and various others. He also has starred as Vincent
Valentine in the movie Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
and Dirge of Cerebus: Final Fantasy 7.


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