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Add defeated AC emblems:
Press Select + Start when viewing a defeated
AC at the victory screen to add the defeated AC's emblem to your
list. A sound will confirm correct code entry.
First person view:
Insert a memory card with saved game files from Armored
Core 2
or Armored Core 2: Another Age. After saving
and resuming in Armored Core 3 from that memory card, pause
game play, then press L1 + R2 + X + Square
+ D-pad to get a first person view of the current screen.
Note: The screen will return to normal when the game is resumed.
Drop parts:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2
+ Triangle to drop your R arm weapon, Back Unit, and Inside
parts. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + L3
to drop Extension parts. Hold L1 + L2 + R1
+ R2 + Circle to drop L arm weapons.

Human Plus enhancements:
Successfully complete the game and load up the clear
data. You will receive mail stating that someone wants you to
defeat a pilot named "Exile" and that he is very powerful
and if you need an edge. Buy the OP-INTENSITY part. It is free,
but you need every optional slot open for it. Successfully complete single player mission mode to get the Optional
Part (OP-INTENSIFY). Save the game and equip the part. Note: It
will use all slots in the AC. You must then do the following to
get the enhancements while that part is equipped. You will receive
a mail when each enhancement has been unlocked.
Add Radar Function: Defeat the Arena opponent "Thunder House".

Add Sensor Functions: Defeat the enemy AC in the Eliminate Intruders
Blade Wave: Defeat the target in the Destroy Massive Weapon mission.

Enhanced Booster Performance: Defeat Arena opponent "Ace".

Enhanced Cannon Operation: Defeat the larger of the two targets
in the Destroy Massive MT mission.
Enhanced Cooling: Defeat the smaller of the two targets in the
Destroy Massive MT mission.
Enhanced Missile Interception: Defeat the enemy AC in the Defend
Water Processors mission.Enhanced Turning Performance: Defeat the enemy AC in the Bomb
Disarmament mission.
Improved Targetting Accuracy: Defeat the enemy AC in the Defend
Ruglen Laboratory mission.
Increase Blade Range: Defeat the Arena opponent "Exile".
Extra Arena: Defeat Ace and get an "A-1" rank to unlock
the Extra Arena. This arena allows you and a partner to face two
other ACs.
Hint: Easy Arena match wins:
Go to the "Reservoir" arena level. At the
beginning of the match, boost backwards to the point where your
AC is almost out of bounds (indicated by the red line on your
radar). Most arena opponents will try to get in behind you to
attack. Using this trick will cause them to go out of bounds.
You may take a little damage, but most fights will be over within
ten seconds. Keep in mind that some opponents will not fall for
this, but most will. In the "Parking Lot", as soon as the match begins, boost
backwards (into the corner). On occasion the enemy will get caught-up
on the wall and you will have up to a minute worth of free shots.
Since the part of the wall covers the R arm weapon, there are
only a couple of Arena opponents that this trick will not work
on. Buy and equip the machine gun with 1000 ammo (R arm weapon), and
the hovering legs at the end of the list (it is a long shaft).
Strafe around your opponent in the arena while firing the machine
gun. This trick usually works up until rank A-3. Equip Heavy Tank Legs, and the heavy EO Core. Equip the Flamethrower
L arm part and the Grenade Rifle R arm part. Go to the "Parking
Lot" level. In the beginning, move backwards into the very
back of the corner. Wait until the opponents get close, which
they almost always do, and turn on the flames while pelting them
with the Grenade Rifle and the EO weapons. The enemy AC might
land on your head. Just look up and keep on attacking. No AC should
be able to defeat you. In the "Arena", there is an easy way to avoid a ground
torpedo. In the center of the arena is a slightly raised platform.
It may be difficult to notice, but its there. If you separate
yourself from the enemy with that platform, the ground torpedo
will hit the platform instead and not do any damage. Equip any AC with a machine gun and flamethrower. Pick the Ruin
level and put your back to a corner. They will come directly at
you, or land on top of your AC. Just fire away to win. This works
on any arena opponent. Equip an AC with legs that can support a lot of weight, two Back
Grenade Launchers, and the Howitzer on the left arm (the right
arm is optional). Choose the Parking Lot for the stage, and immediately
go back into the corner. Equip the Grenade Launcher, and as the
enemy is locked on, repeatedly press Circle + Square
ate the same time. This will kill the opponent very quickly. You
will not lose much health, providing that your aim is good. Even
if you do take heavy damage and use a lot of ammunition, you do
not have to pay for anything since it is in the Arena. Complete enough missions to buy two chain guns (the black ones
that go on the shoulder), a good big gun for your right hand,
a good blade, and the best tread module legs in the game. The
game will indicate this with the information that appears under
the part when looking at it. Equip it all. Next go to the "Reservoir"
arena level and stand at the starting location while firing your
hand gun or sniper rifle until your opponent gets close enough
to target him with the chain gun. Unload on him with it while
strafing. When you run out of ammunition, switch to the other
weapon. This will work on almost any Arena opponent and many of
missions. If you cannot defeat an Arena opponent with this (for
example, Comeback, Ace, or Exile), switch to the Abandoned Factory.
As soon as the match starts, press R3, turn left, and switch
to your chain gun while moving to the tiny hall on the other side
of the room. Remain there until they enter or get within range
of the chain gun. Ace or Exile will constantly try to get above
you, and may get stuck on your top of you. In this case, it is
an easy Arena win. If not, they will constantly hit you with their
blade, which you can retaliate with your blade. Win at all the
arena battles then buy the most defensive parts (keep the legs,
chain gun, and blade). Buy a chaingun, then stand in one place and fire. You should kill
the enemy very quickly. Equip the fastest leg part (petal) and the machine gun with 1000
ammunition. In the battle arena, and just strafe around your opponent
until they run out of ammunition. This takes time, but it works.
You can also equip the best generator you can. Do not worry about
AP, as they will not hit you that often. To defeat literally anyone in the Arena (even Exile), equip the
following parts and go to the reservoir. Immediately turn left
and go as quickly as possible to the platforms sticking out of
the reservoir wall. Try to use over-boost as much as possible.
First, boost up to the lowest one, second from right, and from
there boost to the next one, to the right. Once you land on that
platform, turn on your extensions and blast away. If you are fighting
Ace, he might land on your platform and shoot you or stand there
and recharge his energy. He will probably fly up again and go
out of bounds by flying too high. The recommended parts are as
Head: CHD-Skyeye (highly stable Crest masterpiece)
Core: CCL-01-NER (Good OB thrust, but lacks defense)
Arms: CAW-DVG36-01 (Toggle missile type: vertical/torpedo)
Legs: CLR-00-MAK (a fine example of Crest worksmanship)
Booster: n/a
FCS: AOX-F/ST-6 (Enhanced VREV-ST-1, six locks max)
Generator: KGP-ZSV (Revised version of the KGP-ZS4)
Radiator: RMR-SA44 (Competing product with the RIX-CR11)
Inside: n/a
Extension: KWEM-TERRIER (Vertical launch support missiles)
Back Unit R: MWX-VM20/1 (Dual vertical missile launchers)
Back Unit L: MWX-VM20/1 (Dual vertical missile launchers)
Arm Unit R: n/a
Arm Unit L: N/a
Optional Parts: OP-Intensify or your choice.

When facing anyone in the Arena, use the middle machine gun with
500 ammunition, the second blade for the left arm, and the second
hover legs. Hold R1 or L1 to circle around the other
AC. This trick usually works until the top seven opponents. Then,
just create an AC like Ace's . When you get to Ace, use the second
hover legs again.
In an arena fight, go to the "Reservoir". Go straight
to the ledge jutting out of the big wall. Your opponent will move
around a lot, while you can fire missiles at them safely out of
reach. Make sure you have missiles on each shoulder, as you can
miss a lot. This can be long and boring, but it works well until
you get to the higher levels.

Hint: Bonus parts:
Get an "S" rank on every mission. Depending
on the mission, you will receive various parts that cannot be
earned by getting a lower rank. Each mission is based on speed,
damage taken, and ending price.
Hint: AC Test 1: Hidden part:
Get a "A" or higher rank in the AC Test 1
(target practice exercise) to unlock the MLH-MX/VOLAR (heavy humanoid

Hint: Defend Helicopter Crew: Hidden part:

Complete the mission with an "S" rank. You
will get a mail stating that you were very good and that a new
leg part, CLF-D2-ROG, is in the shop. It is a quadruped leg part.

Hint: Defend Naire Bridge: Hidden part:

There is a hidden head part on the mission "Defend
Naire Bridge". Eliminate all enemies on the first half of
the bridge. However, before crossing the incomplete part of the
bridge, fly underneath the middle section of it towards an alcove.
It resembles a road that just stops. Look on the ground of the
alcove and you should see a very small circular object. Press
Circle to pick it up. It is the hidden AC head part.

Hint: Defend Personnel Convoy: Hidden part:

To get the MLR-MM/Petal leg part (same legs as Exile),
get an "A" or higher rank. After completing it, you
will receive mail stating that it has been added to the shop.

Hint: Defend Water Processors Hidden parts:

There is a hidden inside part on the mission "Defend
Water Processors". From where you start, go right (directly
east, and go over the pipes) and back a bit (south). You will
see a small object next to the pipes (somewhere in between the
yellow and red out-of-bounds line). When you spot it, stand next
to it and press Circle. You will be notified when you acquire
it. Complete the mission to receive the MWI-DD/20 inside part.
Complete the "Defend Water Processors" mission as quickly
as possible. If done fast enough, you will be asked to destroy
two Crest bombers that are on their way to destroy a Kisaragi
base. Complete this mission and the KES-ES/MIRROR energy shield
is yours (Defense 71, Coverge 445).

Hint: Destroy Germ Canisters mission: Hidden
To acquire the OC-22 (Dual Orbital Maker) part, destroy
all of the enemy MTs located in the laboratory (including the
AC sent by the "Controller" that you fight in the last
room) and extra canister in the area. When this is done, a message
will be sent to you by mail stating that there is an additional
reward for your "Excellent" performance. The part will
appear in the garage. Note: Get a "B" rank or better to unlock the part. Using
the MWG-MG/1000 machine gun and an MM-AD/20 ammo magazine is recommended.
The CLB-LS-2551 laser blade can also be used to save a bit of
extra ammo.

Hint: Destroy Gun Emplacements: Hidden
To get the Karasawa, you have to complete the "Destroy
Gun Emplacements" mission in a short amount of time. There
are two guns on the shore you start out on, and three on the other
side. After that, you will be asked to participate in an attack
on a Union fortress. You must hold out for five minutes against
a never ending onslaught of jets and Mobile MTs (the hovering
type with the big cannon). When the timer reaches zero, immediately
fall back to the escape point. Complete the mission and the MWG-Karasawa
is yours. In order to get the Karasawa laser rifle, complete the "Destroy
Gun Emplacements" mission under two minutes with an "A"
rank or better. Doing this will unlock the "Distract Union
Defenses" mission. You must do both missions back to back
using the same AC. An easy way to go about this is to use the
Orc core unit, the Oc-22 back unit (releases independent weapon
pods), and a good machine gun and blade. For the "Destroy
Gun Emplacements" mission, boost over to the guns and pound
them with the machine gun. Strafe heavily and try not to get hit;
do not worry about the MTs). If done correctly, you will get a
message stating there is another mission possible. You must get
to the transport. When the second mission starts, do not fight
as you will probably die. Instead, boost to the rear left corner
and hide behind one of the leafy trees. Turn on the Exceed Orbit
and switch to the Oc-22 and release it. Note: Do not release one
after another, because the new one will destroy the previous one.
Doing this will ward off fighters while your comrades take care
of the rest. Last for five minutes and get to the escape point.
You will take damage, but not too much.

Hint: Destroy Massive MT: Hidden parts:

There is a hidden booster part on the mission "Destroy
Massive MT". When you first start the mission, turn due west
and boost straight ahead. You will see hill in front of you. Boost
to the very corner of the map (somewhere in between the yellow
and red out-of-bounds line). You will see a small, circular alcove
on the backside of the hill. Look for a very small black dot on
the ground of the alcove. When you spot it, stand directly over
it and press Circle. You will be notified when you acquire
it. Complete the mission to receive the CBT-FLEET booster part
(boost power 19900). Go to the "Destroy Massive MT" mission. Do not get a
consort or you will not get the part. Attack the target however
desired, but watch out for the four pursuit missiles it launches
at once and the two large missiles and the four grenade rifles
it has. Provided that you do not die, the thing will split in
two. Attack the big part and defeat it. Once it is dead, the mission
is complete and you will get the part. To get the MLB-MOONLIGHT, you must complete the mission Destroy
Massive MT mission without a consort. There are two rewards for this mission. The first reward for completing
the mission is the MLB-MOONLIGHT. The second award for the mission
with a completion of rank(s) "A" or "S" is
the AC core part, model number MCM-MX/002 from Union. Note: This
is the best AC Core in the game.

Hint: Destroy Massive Weapon: Hidden weapon:

Immediately when you start the "Destroy Massive
Weapon'" mission, look down. You will see a destructible
floor section. Blow it up. Go underneath the platform and look
towards the enemy. On the railing surrounding the area is a part.
Press Circle to grab it. It is a Parrying Blade that does
3,100 damage. It can be sold at the shop for 59,000 C.

Hint: Destroy Naire Bridge mission: Hidden
Destroy two or more monorails to unlock the KWG-HZL30
(left arm spread-shot Howitzer).

Hint: Disable Pulse Generators: Hidden
In the "Disable Pulse Generators" mission,
you have to disable four Pulse Generators. After you have disabled
the first two Pulse Generators (in the first part of the structure),
get to the second part or the other side. When you get there,
ignore the Raven that you are facing and disable the third Pulse
Generator. It is located all the way at the bottom. Note: You
should be on the other side, where the other Raven is located.
Then, get to the fourth Pulse Generator. This Pulse Generator
is in one of the doors with the air vents. Once you are in the
room where the fourth pulse generator is located, destroy the
vents on the top. Look up to find it. When you get to it, do not
disable it. Look up again to see that there are air vents that
are already open. Go to it and turn left to find the Stealth extension

Hint: MT Training Exercise: Hidden part:

Complete the mission without getting hit to unlock
the KWM-AD-50, which increases your ammunition storage by 50%.

Hint: Protect Crest Convoy: Hidden part:

There is a hidden radar part on the "Protect Crest
Convoy" mission. It is found behind the radar dish southeast
of the starting point. When you spot it, stand next to it and
press Circle. You will be notified when you acquire it.
Complete the mission to receive the MRL-SS/SPHERE back unit.
Hint: Rescue the Survey Team: Hidden parts:

There is a hidden extension part on the "Rescue
The Survey Team" mission. The part is found in one of the
sewage drains in the wall, to the left of the hallway immediately
before you get to the only door you have to open in this mission
(just before you meet with the construction crew). When you spot
it, stand next to it and press Circle. You will be notified
when you acquire it. Complete the mission to receive the MEBT-OX/MB
extension part. Destroy all enemies in the level quickly and get an "S"
rank to get an AC optional part, OP-E-Lap, which takes six slots
and increases blade power.Hint: Reservoir mission: Easy completion:

This trick works against slow/large weapons with low
ammunition (Ox, etc.). Go over to the dam. Fly up onto the first
little door. Land there, then target the opponent and learn how
much ammunition they have remaining. Look up and to the left (or
right). There should be another door in that direction. Fly to
it while zig-zagging to avoid getting hit, and having them waste
ammunition. Then, go back down. You are likely to get hit once
or twice. Repeat this they are out of ammunition, then kill them.
Do not use this trick against machine guns or rifles. It will
appear as if the dam is out of area, but it is not.
Hint: Safeguard Alloy Sample: Hidden part:

Defeat all the MTs and the AC Grinder. The transport
truck must survive all the way to the end of the mission. After
that, you will get a mail from Crest stating that you were exceptional.
You will receive the extension part CEBT-HEX. It is a hovering
booster part.
Hint: Leg part:
In the "Garage" section, achieve a "S"
rank in both the AC tests. You will unlock a leg part called MLH-MX/VOLAR.
It is a heavyweight humanoid leg part that is good for balancing
weight and performance.
Hint: Mid-sized Rocket Launcher:
When the mission where you have to disarm a poison
starts, stay on top of the reservoir dam and travel east (to your
left) and you will find a back Mid-sized Rocket Launcher.
Hint: Spread Bazooka:
In the mission where you have to find a sinking ship's
cargo, look in one of the cargo rooms on the ship to find a Spread
Hint: Use Grenade Launchers and Chainguns
with biped legs:
If you get all of the upgrades for the OP-INTENSIFY
part, save your game and load it again. Equip the OP-INTENSIFY
part and you can fly around using Grenade Launchers and Chainguns
on biped legs just like Ace.
Hint: Defeating Exile:
Once complete the main game and defeat Ace in the arena,
you will have to fight Exile. His skills are not that great, but
his mobility will kill you. Get a heavy AC, go to the parking
lot, and let him get right in your face. Then, use the flame thrower
and big bazooka to attack. You will get 1,500,000 credits for
defeating him. You will also gain access to the "Extra Arena"
mode. In this mode, you and a teammate of your choosing can go
up against two enemy Ravens at once.

To defeat Exile get the best tank legs, the Linear Cannon, and
the flame thrower. Go to the Parking Lot Arena and back up into
the corner. Blast Exile with the cannon. When he gets close, keep
firing while using the flame thrower and he will go down shortly.
Note: This may require a few attempts.
Hint: Inflict high damage:
Equip your AC with the gun with 1000 ammo and the flamethrower.
When in an AC battle, hold Square + Circle at close
range to inflict high damage. It is difficult at first to keep
them in range, mostly when they jump a lot.
Hint: Last mission:
In the last mission where you are told you need to
destroy the controller, it is both a very easy and annoying task.
After completing the first section, which consists of almost nothing
but MTs and laser pillars, all your ammunition and AP are restored
-- do not worry about being stingy. In the second part, you will
face two ACs at the same time who are a lot tougher than they
look. Aside from having to waste a good chunk of ammunition, they
will pose little threat to a good Ravin. After this, you will
enter a long shaft with MTs and laser pillars that can all get
very annoying. Find out were it says target, then slash that seemingly
normal yet breakable wall to expose the generator. The rest should
be obvious.
Hint: Completing missions:
Armored Core 3 is all about preference. It is
much better to go about completing missions and Arena matches
with an AC that you are comfortable with, and not one that may
be excellent but does not suit you. Usually, though, an AC used
for finishing missions is different than one used for winning
an Arena match. Many missions require exceeding amounts of ammo
and something mobile, while Arena battles may need something more
defensive that carries more firepower. It is a good idea to use
one AC for missions, one for Arena fights, and possibly one other
for playing against a friend.

In the mission where you fight a giant MT where it spits into
two pieces when you damage it, fly behind the large part of the
MT. Continuously fire into its back with your arm or shoulder
weapons (machine gun recommended). Also attack it with your laser
blade. You will kill it easily and get an "S" rank depending
on your ammunition use.
Hint: Custom AC tips:
Legs: Do not use Tank legs, Stay with the ORC or EDGE for bipeds
or switch to the floating one with the 4999 weight limit. Unless
you know how to handle them, Tank legs and heavy bipeds are not
recommended. Back weapons: The Smaller Grenade Launcher is better because it
fires faster. Also, the Single Side Vertical Missile Launcher
is great with the VLS (vertical launch system) extension. It dishes
out a lot of damage. The Linear Cannon is a lot of fun, provided
you can get the tracking correct. You should also use the Quartet
Cannon if you have it. The Dual Multi Missile is also very good,
especially with the missile extension. Note: If you can track
with the Chainguns, they are the only way to go. They can cause
a massive amount of damage and are not that heavy. Right arm: You should only use the 1000 ammo machine gun or the
Karasawa. The Sniper Rifle, the bigger bazooka, or the 12 shot
grenade launcher are also good. At worst, use the 90 ammo energy
rifle or the high heat hand gun. Left arm: The howitzer is the only one worth having. Use it when
you have got a lock with your right arm weapon and you should
hit quite often. Also, it has a whopping 50 shots. If you like
laserblades, use the Moonlight. Cores: Use the 1021? Weight Overboost Core. It does not use all
that much energy to Overboost. If you want to use the Exceed Orbit,
the ORCA Core is best; if you miss a bit it has lots of ammunition
to compensate. Radiator: Does not matter. You usually do not heat enough to start
melting, and if you do, you still take a substantial amount of
damage regardless of your radiator. Generator: Always use the heaviest generator. You will find the
others simply cannot put out enough energy.

Glitch: Disappearing assembly arm:
On the "Destroy the Computer" mission, when
you get to the hall with the first assembly area on the left,
stand at the edge of the hall just before the first tress. Move
back and forth past the tress to discover that an assembly arm
appears and disappears from the lower part of the screen.

Glitch: Misspelling:
In one of the later missions, the briefing agent Layiena,
will say a few things. Look carefully at the second page for when
she says "don't". It will not appear correctly, because
"donft" will appear instead of "don't".


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