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1 Firefighter F.D. 18 on Mon May 23, 2011 1:09 am



Unlimited health:
Hold R1 + L1 and press Square(2),
Triangle, Circle, X(2), Triangle during
game play.

Play as Dean "Max" McGregor:

Successfully complete the game after finding all of
the Lost Items. He is equipped at the beginning of each level
with a Drink, three Water-Reactive Bombs, an unlimited Fire Extinguisher,
and an unlimited Impulse Gun. He also has more HP than the standard
Dean McGregor.

Play as Miss Crimson:
Successfully complete the game with over one million
points as Dean "Max" McGregor.

Level select:
Successfully complete the game.

Hint: Avoiding cinders and flames:
When fighting a firestorm or any other major fire,
aim for the base of it and keep moving. This will almost ensure
that you will not get hit by any flying cinders or flames.

Hint: Avoiding backdrafts:
To see and avoid backdrafts, look at the bottom of
doors to see if there are flames coming out. If you see flames,
be careful when opening the door, as there is no way to fight
a backdraft. However, do not completely forget about those doors
because there are lost items sometimes in the rooms. When you see a room that will backdraft, upon opening it quickly
press Dodge (X) + Left or Right to
get out of the way. This might take a few attempts. Stand in front of the door (with
yellow smoke coming out from under it) and press Circle.
As soon as the door opens one quarter of the way, press X
+ Left or Right. If done correctly, you should narrowly
escape the flames. This technique is especially useful when you
have no choice but to open one of these doors. There are usually
switches or lost items behind these doors.

Hint: Avoid falling through floor:
In some levels, there are some tiles that have cracks
in them. Avoid them. When you fall through them, you will suffer
damage and are set on fire.

Hint: Using sprinklers:
When a sprinkler is activated, stand under it for at
least thirty seconds. Your fire gear will absorb some of the water.
When you leave the sprinkler area, your HP gauge should still
be flashing blue. When you now catch fire, the damage is not as
great. Note: When you come into contact with fire, the gauge will
return to normal and you will have to repeat this.

Hint: Move faster:
While running, tapping the dodge button (X)
to make Dean lunge forward. Keep pressing it and you will reach
your destination much faster.


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