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1 Flushed Away on Mon May 23, 2011 5:13 pm



Hint: Rodney's weapon:
Go up to an enemy and keep pressing Triangle.
This will kill them.

Hint: Defeating Arachne:
To defeat Arachne (the first Boss), find the glowing
pedal on the ground. Go to it and press Circle. When Arachne
gets close, press Circle to throw the "egg".
She will leave her stance to care for her egg. Follow and attack
her. Do this as many times as needed (usually three or four) and
she will disappear. Go through the new door to finish the level.

Hint: Faster boat:
To make the Jammy Dodger boat go faster, either hold
X and keep going straight, or continue moving while moving
the Left Analog-stick Left and Right then straightening
it out.


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