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1 Ford Mustang: The Legend Lives on Mon May 23, 2011 5:20 pm



All cars:
Successfully complete all the challenges.

Hint: Slalom bonuses:
Completing all Circuit Slaloms at the indicated location
under all difficulty setting to unlock the corresponding bonus.

2000 SVT Cobra R: New Orleans Slaloms
Chicago Slaloms: Long Beach Slalom
Miami Slaloms: Chicago Slaloms
Mustang V-10 Concept: San Francisco Slaloms
New Orleans Slaloms: Miami Slaloms
New York City Slaloms: New Orleans Slaloms
San Francisco Slaloms: New York Slaloms

Hint: Style Point bonuses:
Get the indicated number of Style Points to unlock
the corresponding car.

1965 Mustang GT Coupe: 10,000: Style Points
1965 Mustang GT Fastback: 20,000: Style Points
1968 Mustang 428 Cobra Jet: 40,000: Style Points
1968 Mustang GT Fastback: 30,000: Style Points
Cammer Fastback Concept: 60,000: Style Points
Mustang II Concept: 50,000: Style Points

Hint: Time Trial bonuses:
Beat the indicated time in Time Trial mode to unlock
the corresponding car.

1971 Mustang Boss 351: 3:10 at San Francisco Alternate Time Trial

1976 Mustang Cobra: 3:05 at Chicago Standard Time Trial
1995 Mustang Cobra R: 4:10 at Los Angeles Standard Time Trial

1999 Ford Racing FR500: 3:25 at Miami Standard Time Trial
Mustang 10L Boss 429 Concept: 2:57 at New Orleans Standard Time
Mustang 6.1L Cobra R Concept: 2:10 at New York City Alternate
Time Trial

Hint: Long Beach Alternative track:
Complete Time Attack mode to unlock this track in Quick
Race/Multiplayer mode.

Hint: New Orleans Alternative track:
Complete Elimination mode to unlock this track in
Quick Race/Multiplayer mode.

Hint: Extra points:
When on the last lap of a race, do an E-Brake Drift
or any other type of drift when you cross the finish line. You
will be rewarded a few extra points even if you hit the wall.

Hint: More speed:
To go slightly faster while racing, press X(2)
or Analog-stick Up(2). You can get a small speed


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