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1 Forever Kingdom on Mon May 23, 2011 5:24 pm



Hint: Easy money:
The game has a training session in the first save crystal.
In this crystal, talk to the store owner, and choose "Training"
from the list. While in this room, kill the enemies (one hit),
and they may drop Zoe, which you can keep. To exit and keep your
money, talk to the crystal. Go to the shop and talk to the big blue elephant behind the large
counter. Next, select "Train" from the menu. While in
battle, attack the enemies and take their Zoe. If you are about
to die, talk to the crystal to leave with all your Zoe.

Hint: Equipment upgrade:
At the end of the Canyon of Defile, there is an open
area with some trees and cliffs to the south. One of the trees
in the open area has a Palmira Bee in it. Get it to appear and
kill it. It will drop a piece of Red Palmira. Next, drop off the
cliffs. The second to last tree before you go into the Land of
the Deadwill have another Palmira Bee in it. Go into the Land
of the Dead and go to the left. There is a dead tree on the edge
of the cliff with another Palmira Bee. Just to the west of the
tree is a group of boulders. One of the boulders has another Palmira
Bee. By going back out of the area, into the Canyon of Defile,
you will respawn all of the bees. Kill them all again and repeat
to get as much Red Palmira as desired. Find an opponent then wait until all three characters are close
to the target. Press Triangle, Square, Circle
in order to do the characters' combo. If done correctly, a 3-hit
combo will appear and a Yellow Palmira and several Blue Palmiras
will appear. Use these to upgrade at the shop by talking to the
big blue elephant in front of you. Note: Weaker enemies give many
Blue Palmiras; fight them often.


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