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1 Formula One 2002 on Mon May 23, 2011 5:26 pm



Ghost Car mode:
Finish in first place in arcade mode to unlock Ghost
Car mode, which allows you to drive through other cars.

Hint: Rookie mode Australia:
Look for a tarmac on the right side of the track about
half way through. Use it to cut the corner before the long curve
with a high fence on the right.

Hint: Rookie mode Britain:
Use the two tarmacs on the left side of the track about
half way through.

Hint: Rookie mode Canada:
Drive slightly to the right on all chicanes and do
not slow down on the last chicane.

Hint: Rookie mode France:
Do not slow down on all the chicanes, and cut across
the last corner.

Hint: Rookie mode Germany:
Cut across the grass for a shortcut at the second and
third corners. On the third corner, go straight on to avoid the
second timed section.

Hint: Rookie mode San Moreno:
Drive straight on all the chicanes.

Hint: Safety Car tracks:
To drive the Safety Car, change the difficulty setting
from rookie and go through a World Championship with a fast car
(Ferrari, McLaren). Every time you finish first, you will unlock
a Safety Car track. When you finish the season, go to "Rewards"
and select "Safety Car Time Attack Mode". Choose from
the tracks you have unlocked and press X. You can drive
a Safety Car around that track.

Hint: Flying saucers:
Set your car for Kimi Raikkonen, full race distance
on Semi-Pro and start a new championship. During the Malaysian
Grand Prix you will notice flying saucers buzzing all the cars
in the last 20 laps of the race.


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