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1 Formula One '04 on Mon May 23, 2011 5:27 pm



All cars:
Enter RETROF1 as a name.

Jordan 191 car:
Win a season in arcade mode.

Lotus 72E car:
Win a season in simulation mode.

Renault RE20 car:
Win the championship in career mode.

Williams FW14B car:
Win a race in arcade mode.

Alternate introduction sequence:
Get an entry in the top ten lap times in time attack

Control car preview:
When previewing a car, use the Analog-sticks
to turn the wheels.

Hint: Names on B.A.R.-Honda car:
During replays, you can change the camera so you are
looking out of the back, through the rear wing assembly. On the
B.A.R-Honda car, you will notice what looks like lines of text
written on the left hand wing element. Although not completely
clear in the game, this is an accurate recreation of a complete
list of all of the members of staff who work for B.A.R-Honda with
names such as Jenson Button and Takuma Sato (the drivers of the
season), along with people such as Antony Davidson (test driver),
David Richards (team principal for the 2004 season), Geoff Willis
(B.A.R technical director), Jock Clear (Takuma Sato's race engineer),


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