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1 Formula One 2005 on Mon May 23, 2011 5:28 pm



Lotus Ford 79:
Win any race in any mode (except online).

Williams Cosworth FW08:
Beat all Bronze Times in Timed Test Session mode.

Lotus Climax 25:
Beat all Silver Times in Timed Test Session mode.

Williams Honda FW11:
Win the Drivers Championship in World Championship

Test Circuit:
Beat all Gold Times in Timed Test Session mode.

Bonus helmets:
A bonus helmet design is unlocked every 30 points in
career mode. No additional designs appear after 600 points. Note:
You cannot choose or change your helmet throughout Career mode.
The most recent helmet you have unlocked is the one you will
have. If you have the final helmet, that is what you will have
from then onwards.

Hint: Career mode: Recommended starting
You are bound to be bouncing around the teams. When
you start, try to start with Red Bull, a team car with seven gears.
By doing this, as you make your way up towards the McLarens and
Ferraris, you do not have to make a completely different set of
setups if you are doing well. If you are happy with the team
you are with, ignore job offers from other teams. Also, during
the off-season go on the team trial if your team still wants you


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