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1 Armored Core: Nexus on Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:07 pm



Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game in EVO mode to unlock the "Free
Arena" and "Free Missions" options and Left Hand
Karasawa when your cleared save game is loaded. Note: Three Free
Missions will only appear by failing a certain mission, as follows.

Free Mission 4: Intentionally fail the Missile Efficiency Test
mission then play the next Kisaragi mission.

Free Mission 5: Intentionally fail the first two Mirage missions,
then play the next Mirage mission.

Free Mission 22: Intentionally fail the Remove Kisaragi Investigation
Unit mission, then repeat that mission again.

Note: To unlock the hidden Mirage mission (eliminate base attackers)
for 60,000 without intentionally failing, do the first Mirage
mission you get after the very first mission then neglect the
rest. Do the O.A.E. mission and do not work for Mirage. The mission
will now appear. You will know this will happen because you will
have to fight an Arena opponent before that.

First person view:
Reach a 100% completion rating in the Revolution Disk. Then, press
Start to pause game play, then hold Select and press
Start to resume.
Bonus emblems:
Earn an "A" rank in all missions in the indicated episode
to unlock the corresponding emblem.

Crescent Moon: Episode 4
Danger: Episode 9
Dark Rider: Episode 12
Fefnir: Episode 8
Fenrir: Episode 5
Milicona: Episode 13
Necron: Episode 14
Nineball: Episode 2
Pink Cat: Episode 3
Rave: Episode 11
Tofuku-Go: Episode 6
Shadow: Episode 10
Silver Wolf: Episode 7
Sledge Hammer: Episode 15

Hint: Energy blade:
Select the left arm weapon with a blade, then quickly press Boost
as it slashes. If done correctly, energy will appear from the

Hint: Training Exercise Versus AC mission:
Hidden part:

Win the fight against Genobee to get the Finger (for barrel machine
gun) for the right arm.

Hint: Eliminate Rogue Engineer mission:
Hidden part:

Go to where the majority of the MTs are located, then fly up onto
the first "bridge". Go to the right side and press Circle
to get the part. Note: You must be on a slightly lower elevation
than the part in order to grab it. Go past the MTs into the canyon. On the bridges above you will
find the CR-WH98GL Arm unit R. It is a small grenade rifle that
can be hangered.

Hint: Ruga Canyon: Destroy All Enemies
mission: Hidden part:
To get the CR-WH98GL (R arm small grenade rifle), go
forward until you see the three MTs. You will also see two pipes
above you. One of them has this part. A good booster AC is required.

Hint: Ruga Canyon: Destroy OAE Investigation
Team mission: Hidden part:
To get the CR-WR81R52 (R-arm rapid fire sniper rifle),
go in the direction that the monorail is traveling. On the other
side of the bridge (the one the monorail is on and the direction
it is going; and it is also on the top part of the bridge), you
will see the part.

Hint: Ravens Ark: Test With A Crest AC
(Genobee) mission: Hidden part:
To get the WHO3M-FINGER (R arm quad shot machine gun),
defeat Genobee in 55 seconds or less.

Hint: Ravens Ark: Missile Test (Kisaragi)
mission: Hidden part:
To get the JITEN (L arm solid shield), dodge as many
missiles as possible.

Hint: Ravens Ark: New Model MT Efficiency
Test mission (Crest): Hidden part:
To get the CR-WH69H (L arm pistol), survive the test
with three minutes or more then let the MTs destroy you. Note:
If you hide for three minutes it will not count. Use a mobile

Hint: Abex Plain: Guard Mirage Aircraft
mission: Hidden part:
To get the HOHSHI (inside ECM part), on the other side
of the aircraft you will see two piles of metal boxes. Destroy
the one on the left and collect the part.

Hint: Abex Plain: Support OAE Invasion
mission: Hidden part:
To get the E0SMG-ROE2 (extension, ammo for right arm
laser rifles, 24 ammo total), destroy the hangars (small black
buildings) until you find it.

Hint: Bayload City: Remove Special Force
mission: Hidden part:
Note: This is the mission in which you meet Genobee.
To get the CODON (optional part, increases turning speed), face
northwest and look up. On the wall, you will see two doors. The
one with white lights above it has the part

Hint: Bayload City: Eliminate Crest AC
(Red Star) mission: Hidden part:
To get the WB31B-PEGASUS (back boosters), destroy the
AC in 50 seconds or less.

Hint: Bayload City: Secure Escape Route
mission: Hidden part:
To get the L arm, enhanced blade wave part, by the
first pillar (the things that are like arches above the road),
you will see two destroyed transports. Destroy the yellow one
and get the part.

Hint: Bayload City: Infiltrate Warehouse
mission: Hidden part:
To get the A04-BABOON (good defense arms), successfully
complete the mission.

Hint: Bayload City: Remove City Defense
(In Sewer) mission: Hidden part:
To get the IWATO (extension energy shields), successfully
complete the mission, make sure Mirage points are low, and do
not do a lot of Mirage mission up to this point.

Hint: Bayload City: Destroy Mirage Transports
mission: Hidden part:
To get the COWRY (wide and shallow FCS, good targeting
but slow lock on time), do not let a single transport survive.

Hint: Bayload City: Eliminate Crest AC
(Genobee) mission: Hidden part:
To get the CR-WA91MSM (micro missile arms), defeat
Genobee in 70 seconds or less.

Hint: Lectus Plain: Destroy OAE VIP mission:
Hidden part:
To get the CR-WR88RS3 (R arm, high power sniper rifle),
complete the Attack Crest Supply Convoy mission, then you can
do this mission. Make sure you have night vision.

Hint: Lectus Plain: Destroy Crest Rebels
mission: Hidden part:
To get the CR-A88FG (arms, lightest in existence),
clear the mission. Make sure you have a strong AC and a lot of
ammunition. You must face three ACs.

Hint: Lectus Plain: Defend Fuel Base mission:
Hidden parts:
To get the LNO1-SEAL (hover legs), make sure all the
fuel tanks survive. Use an accurate and powerful weapon. To get
CF-LF71 (small biped), you must have high Crest points.

Hint: Kolios Lake: Payback mission: Hidden
Note: This is an Ark mission; destroying Mirage base
after Mirage betrays you. To get the KUJAKU (generator, high heat,
but good energy, and heavy), take out four missile launchers and
ten enemies. The missile launchers are the black gun-like objects.

Hint: Marea Desert: ECM Phenomenon mission:
Hidden part:
To get the LN04-WALRUS2 (hover legs, enhanced seal
legs), the AC must be there and clear the mission (which includes
destroying the AC).

Hint: Nucleo Area: Destroy Power In Mining
Facility mission: Hidden part:
To get the CR-H9SEE (head, good radar, and light),
when you destroy the first generator, find the room where the
second one is located. When you enter the room, you will see a
pile of boxes on a platform (the one beneath you as soon as you
enter the room). Destroy the boxes and get the part.

Hint: Nucleo Area: Prevent Weapon Initiation
mission: Hidden part:
To get the WHO4HL-KRSW (L-arm Karasawa, high power
laser rifle), defeat the Nineball AC/MT in 30 seconds or less.
A mobile AC with power is required.

Hint: Revolution Disc hidden parts:

Episode 1: Reverse Side
CR-194DD2 (inside decoy): Make sure non of your allies die.

Episode 2: Remake
CR-WR93RL (R-arm linear rifle, oracle uses this): None of
the torpedoes can hit the submarine. A hover sniper AC is recommended.

Episode 2:Extend Side
YMH07-DRAGON (R-arm laser rifle, the first AC in the Lost
Field in Another Age uses this, or Stinger): Successfully
complete the mission.

Episode 2:Extend Side
CR-B8STP (CBT fleet equivalent, booster): Get under the platform.
You will see it on one of the pipes.

Episode 3: Extend Side
WHO3M-FINGER (left arm quad shot machine gun): Destroy all
bombs that are falling from the sky.

Episode 3: Reverse Side
KANGI (optional part, increases ECM counter): Make sure none
of the gun emplacements are destroyed.

Episode 4: Extend Side
YWL03LB-TAROS (L-arm linear blade, the first Lost Field AC
uses this in Another Age, or Stinger): Clear the mission
as fast as possible.

Episode 4: Extend Side
ANANDA (good radiator): After entering the second room, turn
left. In that room, the part is on the other side. It is near
the pipes on floor.

Episode 5: Remake
WHO6PL-ORC (L arm small plasma rifle): Go to the last room.
On the other end, there are two floors with a lot of explosive
barrels. Destroy the ones on top to get the part.

Episode 5: Extend Side
WR28R-SIREN4 (heavy back radar): The transport cannot take
any damage

Episode 6: Extend Side
YHO6-LADYB (head that the enemy AC is using): Destroy the
enemy AC in 90 seconds or less.

Episode 6: Reverse Side:
FUNI (extension)-: Destroy the AC in 30 seconds or less.

Episode 7: Remake
CR-YH7OS2 (head that the enemy AC is using): Destroy the AC
in 30 seconds or less.

Episode 7: Extend Side
(extension, missile confuser): At begging of mission, you
will see three black towers in a row. Behind the middle one is
the part.

Episode 8: Remake
CORAL (inside, improved flame rocket), go down to the two
lowest pipes under the building. One of them has the part. This
one is connecting the two buildings. There are four pipes in all.

Episode 8: Extend Side
YA10-LORIS (arms, the first Lost Field AC uses these in Another
, or Stinger): Complete the mission as fast as possible.

Episode 9: Reverse Side
CR-LH79L (small biped legs, Shade in Silent Line uses
these): Protect all four generators.

Episode 10: Remake
JIREN (extension): Turn around completely when you start the
mission. Boost forward to the dead end. Look to left and you will
see the part.

Episode 11: Extend Side
WHO4HL-KRSW (R arm, Karasawa, high power laser rifle): Destroy
three or more units than the prototype.

Episode 11: Reverse Side:
KARURA (back 9 missile launch micro missile): When the mission
begins, turn around and you will see a building to your left.
Enter the building and get the part.

Episode 12: Remake
CR-LRJ84M (legs): Avoid destroying any of the generators in
the facility.

Episode 12: Extend Side
MIROKU (FCS, wide and shallow): Destroy all enigmas and get
the bombs before 1:00 to 1:25.

Episode 13: Remake
NIOH (R arm blade): After the elevator, go to the fourth or
fifth room. In the room, you will see a large vent on the wall.
Destroy it and you will enter a passageway leading to a large
room. Boost up and you will see another vent. Destroy it, enter,
and turn around completely. On the other side of the same large
room, there is yet another vent. Destroy it, enter the passageway,
and get the part.

Episode 13: Extend Side
YHO8-MANTIS (head used by the first Lost Field AC in Another
, or Stinger): Clear the mission

Episode 13: Extend Side
YWH07-Dragon (L arm laser rifle, same one as AC is using,
except left arm): Destroy the MTs in 20 seconds and destroy the
AC (the Lost Field AC) in 45 seconds.

Episode 14: Remake
WL-MOONLIGHT (L-arm blade, most powerful): Clear the mission
as fast as possible.

Episode 14: Extend Side
YLH11-VIXEN (legs, the first Lost Field AC in Another Age
uses these, or Stinger):

Episode 15: Remake
(Extension, ammo for right arm rifles): Destroy massive MT
in 30 seconds or less.

Episode 15: Extend Side
YCO7-CRONUS (core, the first Lost Field AC in Another Age
uses this, or Stinger): Successfully complete the mission.

Episode 15: Extend Side
CR-YH85SR (head used by the AC): Defeat the AC in 30 seconds
or less.

Hint: Special parts:

HO9: SPIDER (heavy head): Get rank 1
MFO5: LIMPET: Get rank 10
CR: 083ES+: Get rank 20
CR: I79DD: Get rank 1 in the Arena (inside decoy)
CR: H9TXS: EYE (the head Genobee uses): High Crest mission success

Hint: Defeating Genobi:
To defeat Genobi in the Arena (#1 ranked), try overpowering
him. You can defeat him with an AC with an E in Mobility, but
ATK in B or C. Try using weapons that will temporarily immobilize
him, like the machine gun arms; or hit him early in the match
with some bazooka rounds. If you are lucky enough, add in a couple
WHO4HL-KRSW (left arm Karasawa) shots. Make sure to have a high
AC, as his favorite thing to do is abuse the grenade rifle.

Hint: (Unnamed) custom AC:

Head: H11-QUEEN
Arms: A04-BABOON
Legs: CR-LT78A
Boosters: N: A
Generator: G03-ORCHID
Radiator: FURUNA
Inside: None
Extension: SUIGETSU
Back Unit R: CR-WBW9BLX
Arm Unit R: CR-WR81B2
Arm Unit L: CR-WL9SG
Hanger Unit R: n/a
Hanger Unit L: n/a

Note: This core is unstoppable. It will take you though any mission
or arena battle. The parts are expensive and must be saved for.
It is well worth it. You can substitute lesser parts until you
can buy all the parts you need.

Hint: Dark Allure custom AC:

Head: H11- QUEEN (tune weight and ECM 30% each, and def shell
and energy 20% each)
Core: CR-C98E2 (tune weight 20% and def. shell 80%)
Arms: YA10- LORIS (tune weight 40% and def. shell and energy 30%
Legs: CR- LH9253 (tune max leg weight 100%)
Booster: CR- B83TP ( tune weight and booster heat 50% each)
FCS: CR- F82D2
Generator: KUKAHU ( tune weight 100%)
Radiator: RAGORA (tune weight 100%)
Extension: FUNI
Back Unit R: CR- WB69RO
Back Unit L: KINNARA
Arm Unit R: WHO2RS- WYRM
Arm Unit L: CR- WL88LB3

Optional parts
O01- AMINO (def shell)
CR- O69ES (def energy)
CR- O69SS (increase stability)
CR- 071EC (increase generator cap)
O03- CODON (increase turning speed)
O07- PRIMER (increase blade attack power)
O08- RIBOSE (add missile display function to radar)
CR- 086R+ (improves radar range)

Base Color: R: 000, B: 000, G: 000
Aid Color : R: 000, B: 100, G: 200
Optional Color: R: 100, B: 200, G: 000
Detail Color: R: 200, B: 000, G: 000
Joint Color: R: 000, B: 200, G: 200
Weapon Color: Blue

Note: This AC can be used for virtually anything and to take down
anyone. The rest is up to your skills. The AC is very expensive
(almost worth 2 million credits) but is worth it. The blade has
the highest attack, and is even higher with the optional part
so that you can outblade anyone. The sniper rifle can be used
at both close and long range, and the attack and ammo that comes
with it is good. The micro missiles, along with the extension
micro missiles deal a lot of damage. Use them to take down slow
or big enemies. The small rockets can be used for manual targeting
in missions (especially since this design does not have a bio-sensor).
Also if you are skilled at using them, it has good attack and
firing interval. The EO can be used in short range combat, and
you can use inside ECM maker to throw enemy ACs off track a little.
The boosters are powerful, and are complimented by a very powerful
generator and good radiator (especially its forced cooling; good
for booster heat). Overall, this AC is good in almost every aspect
and it is fun to use.

Hint: Dead Life custom AC:

Head: CR-H98XS-EYE2
Arms: CRWA91 MSM
Booster: BO3-VULTURE2
Generator: GO3ORCHID
Radiator: FURUNA
Inside: None
Extension: CR-E91 AM
Back Unit R: CR-WB91 MB
Back Unit L: CR-WB8SMPX
Arm Unit R and L: None
Hanger unit and +L: None
Color: Snow White
Pattern: Camouflage
Optional Parts:

Note: This AC is not good in a narrow hallway, but is fun in open
areas. Always use the secondary arm weapon and the CR-WB91 MB
for maximum damage. Only use the CR-WB8SMPX when needed. Even
though this AC is made for long range, do not be afraid to get
close. You may need to tune some parts. This AC can be used for
beginner to expert players. This AC will have a "C"
rank, but it is one of the greatest ACs you can pilot.

Hint: Illusion custom AC:

Pilot name: Eidolan
Core: C98E2
Arms: A92X5
Legs: LH09-COUGAR2
Booster: BO3-VULTURE2
Generator: KONGOH
Radiator: CR-R92
Inside: 1050-MEQUSA
Extension: CR-E02RM3
Back Unit R: KINNARA
Back Unit L: CR-WB9ILGL
Arm Unit L: WLI4LB-ELF2

R: 130, G: 130, B: 130
R: 30, G: 30, B: 30
R: 0, G: 0, B: 0
R: 0, G: 110, B: 200
R: 80, G: 56, B: 0

Note: This AC can defeat anyone in the Arena and is very good
at missions. However, for the last mission when you face Nine
Ball again, use hit and hide tactics. A skilled pilot is recommended.
Optional parts of our choice are recommended. This unit is made
for mid- to long-range, but it can be used in close range if necessary.

Hint: Dragon custom AC:

Pilot name: Anateus
HII-QUEEN (70% weight, 30% ECM)
CR-C98E2 (100% weight)
CR-A92XSC (100% weight)
LHO0-COUGAR2 (100% max leg weight)
CR-B83TP (10% weight, 90% booster heat)
CR-G91(100% EN OUTPUT)
(no inside)

Optional parts

R: 10, G: 40, B: 27
R: 100, G: 100, B: 100
R: 0, G: 0, B: 0
R: 0, G: 120, B: 200
R: 10, G: 27, B: 65

Hint: Ice custom AC:

Head: Cr-H84E2 (%100 ECM)
Core: Cr-C7SU2 (50% weight %50 cooling)
Arms: Cr-A72F (100% accuracy)
Legs: CR- LH89F (100% weight)
Booster: CR-890T2 (100% heat)
FCS: Volute2
Generator: CR- G91 (%100 output)
Radiator: CR-R92 (20% weight, 80% cooling)
Inside: N/A
Extension: N/A
Arm R: CR-WH79M2
Arm L: CR-WH79M2
Hanger R: WH0SM-Sylph
Hanger L: Fuhjin

Optional parts

R: 10 , G: 60, B: 140
R: 0 , G: 0, B: 0
R: 100 , G: 100, B: 100
R: 0 , G: 0, B: 0
R: 200 , G: 200, B: 200

Hint: The Omega custom AC:

Head: H02-WASP2
Core: CR-C83UA; Tune: 50% weight, 50% cooling
Arms: A02-DRILL; Tune: 100% cooling
Legs: CR-LT78A; Tune: 100% cooling
Booster: None
Generator: G03-ORCHID; Tune: 100% condenser cap
Radiator: RAGORA; Tune: 50% energy consumption, 50% cooling
Inside: none
Extension: CR-E825S2
Back Unit: CR-WBW98LX
R Arm: CR-WR81G
L Arm: CR-WL95G
Hanger R: None
Hanger L: None

Optional parts

General pattern: General camouflage
Base: R: 0, G: 0, B: 0
Aid: R: 0, G: 0, B: 60
Optional: R: 0, G: 0, B: 20
Detail: R: 0, G: 0, B: 45
Joint: R: 0, G: 0, B: 130
Weapon colors: Your choice
Emblem: Your choice

Note: This AC is very good and can defeat every other AC in the.
You may need to change the L arm and R arm weapons for certain
missions. For example, sniper rifles for shooting down helicopters,
grenades for killing AC's in missions, or some other higher powered
weapon. It may lack mobility, but its strong defense allows it
to take a lot of punishment and kill your opponent first.

Hint: Ultimate custom AC:

Head: H10-CICADA 2 Tune: 100% vs. ECM
Core: C06-EOS Tune: 20% Cooling, 40% Def Shell, 40% Def Energy

Arms: YA10-LORIS Tune: 20% cooling, 20% Def Shell, 20% Def Energy,
40% Aiming Accuracy
Legs: CR-LT81A2 Tune: 10% Cooling, 30% Def Shell, 30% Def Energy,
30% Aiming Accuracy
Booster: None
Generator: G03-ORCHID Tune: 50% En Output, 50% Condenser Cap
Radiator: RAGORA Tune: 30% En Consumption, 70% Cooling
Inside: CR-I78R2
Extension: CR-E90AM2 Note: Missiles do not always intercept.
Dual Back Unit: CR-W8W98LX
Arm Unit R: WH04HL-KRSW
Arm Unit L: YWH07-DRAGON
No Hangers

Optional Parts:

Note: This AC can eliminate all AC's and conquer all missions,
except light AC's with quick movement. If you get them with the
cannon on your back, heat up his system and make his booster
recharge. You will have a chance to get him. On Episode 14 when
you face Phantasma on Revolution, use the back unit, exceed orbit,
left arm and inside to suppress him. An extremely skilled pilot
is recommended.


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