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1 Freestyle Metal X on Mon May 23, 2011 5:38 pm



Master code:
Enter iwantitall as a case-sensitive code to
unlock all riders, bikes, and levels.

All riders and bikes:
Enter dudemaster as case-sensitive code.

All bike parts:
Enter garageking as case-sensitive code.

All costumes:
Enter johnnye as case-sensitive code.

All levels and events:
Enter universe as case-sensitive code.

All special stunts:
Enter fleximan as case-sensitive code.

Enter sugardaddy as case-sensitive code.

All photos and posters in gallery:
Enter seeall as case-sensitive code.

All songs:
Enter hearall as case-sensitive code.

All FMV sequences:
Enter watchall as case-sensitive code.

Johnny Demonic:
On any level in Freestyle mode, get 1,000,000 points
in one player mode.

Hint: Suicide:
Hold X + Circle + Triangle + Square
to dismount your rider. Note: This can also be used as a quick
recovery function if you ate dirt, snow, or asphalt. Do not hold
the buttons down too long, or you will eat it again.

Glitch: Ride up or into light post:
In the stadium with all the dirt jumps, there are two
light posts in the far corner. Go to either one and ride into
the pole. You will go up it or into the base of it.


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