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1 Frogger: The Great Quest on Mon May 23, 2011 6:19 pm



Hint: Avoid fish:
When a fish is chasing you in a pond, stream, etc.,
try not to look back. Keep looking forward and you will lose him
after awhile.

Hint: Defeating creatures on the ground:

An easy way to beat any creature on the ground is to
get on top of a box, barrel, or stairs then shoot them until they
are gone.

Hint: Bog Town level:
When in Bog Town (level 2), go to the town. A little
boy will tell you about someone who will help you find the princess.
Look for the sign and cable car. Go over a little bridge and follow
the path. You will find a bear named mr. Bruiser. To get on the
next level you will need to get honey for him. Go back and look
for the sign that reads "Bee hives". Follow the path.
When the path is over, you will see water. By the water is another
path. Follow the path and you will find bees. They will talk to
you and give you honey. Get the honey and go back to mr. Bruiser's
house to advance to the next level.

Hint: Fairy Town: Challenges:
When you get to Fairy Town, you will meet four fairies.
They will want you to do five tasks to meet the fairy princess.
The first one is planting mushrooms. Go around all of Fairy Town
and find all five seeds. Look for the signs that read "Plant
Seed Here". After that, see the fairies again. Next you
must go to the Tree of Knowledge. Later int he tree you will
meet The Dark One. Hit him a few times and he will die. The next
challenge is hide and seek. These fairies love to play games.
All the fairies are in a barrel. The next one is the cat dragons
lair. You will meet a cat dragon named Hiss. You must stay away
from him and get crystals. The last task is to play tag with the
fairies. You will then go to the extra level, which is The Dark

Hint: Slick Willy's River Boat level:
In Slick Willy's River Boat (level 3), you have to
ring a bell. Go to the front of the boat where about two or three
steps are located. Go up to the steps, then go back slightly.
Press R3 and Frogger will look up. Shoot the bell three
times pressing Square. All doors will become unlocked.
Go to the very top of the boat and go over to Slick Willy (the
alligator). Fight him and win. Defeating him is not difficult
-- just go over and keep hitting or kicking him. You can now take
his speed boat and go to the next level.

Hint: Slick Willy's River Boat level: Cats
in water:
Fool the cats by falling in the water by going on the
ladder. Fall off when the cats are chasing you. They will fall
in the water and not die.

Hint: Level 4:
You will meet a turtle in the beginning. He will say
that a fairy is trapped in the mayor's house. Go that way. When
you are in the middle of town, use your eye view. You will see
something shining. Go that way and get the key. Go to the mayor's
house. The fairy will tell you that it needs a clover to show
you the way to the next level. Go out to the water to the left
of the house. Use your eye vision to see the clover. Go there,
get it, and take it to the fairy. Then, go over the bridge and
talk to it. It will say to go down the mushrooms and go through
the cave opening. Do so to get to level 5, Mushroom Town.


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