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1 Front Mission 4 on Mon May 23, 2011 6:20 pm



Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game, then save when prompted after
the credits. Select that saved game from the main menu to play
again with all the EPs and money from the previous game.

Bonus demo level:
Successfully complete all demo levels and save the game. Load
the cleared game, then highlight the first level on the selection
screen. Press Up + X to enter the Wanzer Shop. This
will start the secret bonus demo level.

Bonus simulations and weapons:

Durandal Simulation 1: Win Stage 1: Jutland, Denmark.

Durandal Simulation 2: Win Stage 2: German Base.

Durandal Simulation 3: Win Stage 6: German Border.

Durandal Simulation 4: Win Stage 7: Blauer Nebel Castle.

Durandal Simulation 5: Win Stage 12: Zaftran Border.

Durandal Simulation 6: Win Stage 18: Megafloat Base.

Durandal Simulation 7: Win Stage 23: Zaftran Border Fortress.

Durandal Simulation 8: Win Stage 24: Zaftran Terminal.

Durandal Simulation 9 and Galbados Rocket Launcher: Win Stage
6: German Border in 15 turns or less, or win Durandal Simulation
3 in 20 turns or less.

Durandal Simulation 10 and Vampire Arms: Destroy the two Zeder
H2 missileers in Stage 16: Port Nikolaev, or win Durandal Simulation
6 in 25 turns or less.

Durandal Simulation 11 and Zhelanie IV Wanzer: Win Stage 22 Defend
the Carrier with the Carrier's remaining health at 40% or more,
or win Durandal Simulation 7 in 30 turns or less.

Durandal Simulation 12 and Artdeux Machinegun: Win Stage 24: Zaftran
Terminal with 50% or more of the British Army Wanzers surviving,
or win Durandal Simulation 8 in 30 turns or less.

Durandal Simulation 13 and JP75-AdlerII/ EMP9F-LicorneII/ RD33-GlockeII:
Win Durandal Simulation 12.

U.C.S. Simulation 2: Win Stage 8: Port Cumana.

U.C.S. Simulation 3: Win Stage 10: Refugee Village.

U.C.S. Simulation 4: Win Stage 13: Caracas Hideout.

U.C.S. Simulation 5: Win Stage 15: Caracas Escape.

U.C.S. Simulation 6: Win Stage 20: Secret Zaftran Base.

U.C.S. Simulation 7: Win Stage 26: Central Caracas.

U.C.S. Simulation 8 and 22s Leosocial Machinegun: Win Stage 4:
Guinerama Base in 15 turns or less, or win U.C.S. Simulation 2
in 20 turns or less.

U.C.S. Simulation 9 and BOA 36 Bazooka: Win Stage 13: Caracas
Hideout without losing any Alianza units, or win U.C.S. Simulation
4 in 30 turns or less.

U.C.S. Simulation 10 and Minotaur Weapon Arms: Defeat all enemy
units in Stage 14: Governor's Manor, or win U.C.S. Simulation
5 in 30 turns or less.

U.C.S. Simulation 11 and Zenith RV Wanzer: Play Stage 21: Base
Elevator Shaft and move a unit to the bottom platform in 10 turns
or less, or win U.C.S. Simulation 7 in 25 turns or less.

U.C.S. Simulation 12 and Oborona II Wanzer: Win Stage 26: Central
Caracas and destroy Ivanovna's Zhuk II before destroying both
Zhuk I-B units, or win U.C.S. Simulation 11 in 20 turns or less.

Hint: Easy money:
In simulator battles level 1, fight simulator battles
until you get 10,000 funds and your level is at 7. Simulator battles
boost your experience, level, and funds.

Hint: Stage 7:
To complete Stage 7 you must destroy everything but
the three Wanzers by the missile launcher at the top of the castle
they attack. In Simulator Battles, first, make sure Hermes and
Elsa and Preludes to keep your Wanzers safe and destroy the Wanzers
by Wagner. Then, retreat to an area where you can regenerate then
attack again. Go to save a section in a level just before you
attack -- if you lose you will have a new strategy of attack.


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