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1 Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge on Mon May 23, 2011 7:41 pm



Alternate introduction sequence:

Remain idle at the first screen after the set-up screen., with
"Press Start". Keep waiting until the screen changes.
You will now view what would be an alternative introduction sequence
with nothing to do with the game.

Flea Deathmatch:
Successfully complete the game.

Hint: Invulnerability:
Collect all the babies during game play. The "Cheat Discovered"
message will appear after the intermission sequence featuring
the baby flying away on a jet pack.

Hint: Blood:
Shoot all of the rabbits in Fur Fighter Village. The
"Cheat Discovered" message will appear. In this mode,
stuffing will appear when enemies are shot.

Hint: Secret Flea area:
In the Lower East Quack level, go past the area where you hitch
a ride on the subway train. Go to the end where you see a brown
fence and a little hole at the lower left side. When you are there,
turn left to find a Chang transport. Once you are Chang go though
the hole, and on to the boxes. Chang will start scratching himself
all over. You will then be transported on his back as a flea with
a heavy-machine gun.

Hint: Land Of Moles multi-player level:

In the first level in New Quack City, if you remember
pushing a model building to block a camera, there is a computer
in the computer room that is destructable. Shoot it until it explodes
and you will unlock a secret multi-player level. Note: Your green
target will turn red on the described computer . The target will
turn red if you can shoot something and get a reaction -- keep
that in mind when exploring.

Hint: Secret level:
In God Machine Valley, in the beaver dam level go to where the
big drill is located. Just beside the drill are some stairs. Go
up and press the yellow button. The drill will turn around and
drill a hole underneath the dinosaur skeleton. Change to Chang.
There is a Change Sphere besides the big Viggo Industries box.
Climb down the hole to reach the secret level.

Hint: Fleas for Bungalow:
In the Jungle Of Despair, go to the elephant graveyard. To get
in, take the wooden elephant that is near the village here. The
fleas are on one set of elephant feet.

Hint: Fleas for Julliete:
In Cape Canardo in the VAB building is a room with three buttons
side by side. When you enter the room the buttons do the following.
The first picks up a booster rocket. The second smokes a lot and
opens and closes. The third cannot be used yet. If you are looking
head on at the buttons, directly across a huge gap from you are
two tokens. Go to a Juliette porter and become her. Return to
the room and walk around on the ground floor until you see scratch
marks on the wall. Climb up and watch out for flamethrower enemies.
Get the tokens and walk along the wall to the left. There is a
"pillar" that you can jump to get the fleas.

Hint: Fleas for Rico:
You can find the fleas on the Secret Island after you successfully
chase Fifi around the waterfall with the piranhas. An intermission
sequence will show a small grate open underwater. Swim in and
defeat the fleas before moving on to the rest of the level.

Hint: Fleas for Roofus:
In one of the Beaver Dam levels are some porta-potties
near the end. Become Chang and kill all the enemies that appear
from the porta-potties. There should be a Roofus transport nearby.
Turn into Roofus, and behind the final porta-pottie on the left
(looking in the direction opposite of the hill where Chang is
located) should be a hole. Enter it to find some fleas. Walk into
them and it will transport you to a level where you are a flea
with a heavy machine gun. Kill all the ticks and Roofus will get
a close up attack upgrade.

Hint: Fleas for Tweek:
In the Dinosaurs level, go upstairs in the bathroom
after you save the baby dragon by the cup of water. Look to the
left of the door out of the room. You will see a tall cabinet
(where some of those rocket launcher enemies were shooting you
from). Fly across, then through the door, and land on the toilet
with the closed lid. Land on top and start blasting.

Hint: Tiny mode:
In one of the levels in the Dinosaur world (but not
the Dinosaurs level), go upstairs or downstairs on the table with
the train sets. Turn into Tweek and look around on the other side
of the room to see an arcade game opposite the pinball machine.
Fly over and complete level 1 to will unlock tiny mode.

Hint: Big head mode:
After defeating Rico's wife and returning her to normal,
go back to Rico's house to play a game of snake. Get a score of
3,100 or more to unlock big head mode.

Hint: Fish eye mode:
After defeating Bungalow's wife return to his house
and play the bear game. Get a score of 20,100 or more to unlock
fish eye mode.

Hint: Scrawners mode:
Defeat Claude in Cape Canardo, then return to Fur Fighter
village. Go to Claude and Juliet's house. There is a small path
in the stone that leads to it near the entrance to Cape Canardo
and the Dragon Mound (this also leads to Chang's house). Go inside
and play the saving babies mini-game. Score over 15,000 points
to unlock the Scrawners mode.

Hint: Rotate cam:
Put the slider puzzle together in under 60 seconds
to unlock the rotate cam cheat.

Hint: Rocket cam:
In the City Of Fear (Anatat Tatanatat), through the
"door to nowhere", find the door with a rocket on. Go
through to unlock the rocket cam cheat.

Hint: Matrix-style effect:
To get the time/split (bullet time) effect, complete
the basketball challenge with three hoops in a row. The message
"Cheat Discovered" will appear in a yellow box. When
activated, and game play is paused, a "bullet time"
effect will rotate around the character.

Hint: Ammo cheat:
After you defeat Winnie and Mai, go to Chang's house
and play his mini-game. Get a score over 50 000 and the "Cheat
Discovered" message will appear.

Hint: Midas cheat:
In the VAB Building, go straight to the Buggy. Go through
the short tunnel to the tube. Turn left, and you will see another
tube heading up. This is difficult, but it does work. Go forward,
and press the forward button as hard as possible. It may help
if you turn around and around. Eventually, you will be at the
top of the tube in a yellow area. The "Cheat Discovered"
message will appear. When activated, it turns the bear's heads
into human heads.

Hint: Defeating the Chameleon Bot:
In the Quackathem Museum after you save the baby in
the cloak and try to go in other rooms, doors will slam shut.
A Chameleon Bot (gold statue) will start moving and will start
to attack you with a machine gun in each hand. Look for the Meekrat
Token, located in one of the bushes near by. Four Meekrats will
attack at anything you attack. Aim at its eye (which is its weak
spot). They last a good amount of time. Aim for eye with a submachine
gun or shotgun and fire. Because Meekrats only attack when you
attack, do not use rockets, as they do not fire as fast as other

Hint: Save the baby behind the fence:
Go to Lower East Quack and find the tank. There will
be a baby behind the fence that is directly behind the tank. Shoot
it and run around the building until you are confronted by another
fence. Then, face the tank. When it shoots you, strafe out of
its way so it hits the fence. Do the same with the other fence,
then rescue the baby. The baby behind the fence is one of Chang's.
You can just see the firefox baby though a crack in the fence

Hint: Save Chang's baby in the apartment:

In Lower East Quack, climb the fence then change into
Chang. Walk along the side and around the corner of the building.
Squeeze into the bedroom and defeat the bears outside. When that
is done, the baby will appear from the last door and ask his dad
why he is shooting.

Hint: Save the puppy on the iceberg:
In Lower East Quack, go to where the puppy is stranded
on a tall iceberg. Bungalow can reach it, but each member of the
Fur Fighters must save their own family member. Get Roofus and
look for a nearby water tower. Shoot it and it will fall off and
leak. Save the baby.

Hint: Get baby in the cloak in Quackathem
To get the baby in the cloak, go upstairs until you
see the first door. Enter it and go on the bureau. You will see
a sign. Aim up to the metal object that holds up the sign. If
you are aiming at the correct place, your target sight will turn
red. Shoot and it will knock all the other drawers over. Go downstairs
and you will see a cracked open glass case. There will be a microchip
in it with the number 32. Go to the cloak room and use it on the
machine. The cloak will come out the window and a baby will fall
out. After that, the gold statue will come alive. It is not really
a statue -- it is one of General Viggo's evil robots. Its weak
spot is its eye.

Hint: Get key in the meteorite in Quackathem
To get the key in the meteorite, push one until it
hits the other. The key will fall out and the man will act like
a sack of crap. Go in the room and push a statue into the laser,
or else machine guns will drop down and shoot you.

Hint: Multi-player mode ice character:

In a multi-player level with a freeze gun, freeze your
opponent and push him or her into a character change. They will
change into that character and still appear frozen. However, they
can now move. This wears off if the person gets frozen again or
if they die.

Glitch: Disappearing character:
When you run into the green orb that turns into the
character inside (transporter), hold Down once inside.
if done correctly, the character will not appear on screen for
a small period of time.


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