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1 Army Men: Green Rogue on Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:10 pm



Hint: Staying alive:
Never stay still, even if you are trying to shoot someone
or something. If you move around, it will be harder for the Tan
army to hit you; same with the Bosses. If you miss an enemy, turn
around and come back for another pass, but do not stay still.
For heavy populated areas, go forward but weave left and right
as you do so. This will help keep you alive until the next health

Hint: Recommended weapons:
Try to get the Bazooka and the Flamethrower's power
to maximum. Use the Bazooka as your main weapon. It can blow up
obstacles as well as cause heavy damage. If you find yourself
unable to kill an enemy near you, you can quickly change to the
Flamethrower and melt them, then change back to the Bazooka.

Try the following weapons

Rifle at maximum power. When you are buffed, you will get a gatling

Flame thrower, after you collect three of them it shoots fire

Bazooka at power. When you are buffed, you get double homing

Grenade launcher. Aafter collecting three it starts fires.

Grenade launcher at maximum power. When you are buffed, you will
fire nuke-like grenades that are much more efficient than the
other stages.

Hint: Sink the Shark Submarine:
You must sink the Shark Submarine at the end of level
2. First, kill all the tan soldiers that appear. Hold L1
and press the Right Analog-stick to aim for the gun turrets
on top of the submarine. Destroy the turrets to sink it.


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