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1 Terminator: Dawn Of Fate on Tue May 24, 2011 11:07 pm



Cheat mode:
Enter the "Cheat" menu, then enter one of
the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

All weapons:Enter Ibeback as a code.

God mode:
Enter GoAway as a code.

All ten secret levels:
Enter Skynet as a code.

Enter Scanning as a code.

Control introduction sequence:
During the opening screens, press L1 and R1
to zoom in the image in the background. Use the Right Analog-stick to move your view.

Hint: Turret gun zoom:
When you get to use a turret gun in certain parts of
a level, press L3 to zoom in 3x. This will help you see
what you are shooting at, and result in better aim.

Hint: Weapon zoom:
On most weapons, you can zoom in by 3x pressing R1.

Hint: Easy Skynet Tech points:
While zoomed in, aim for the neck of most enemies and
their heads will pop off. Each head is worth Skynet Tech points. When you are using the R-6 handheld rocket launcher and destroy
an enemy, pick up its head to collect Skynet Tech points.

Hint: HK Recon Threat Data:
Get four medals to get the HK Recon threat data option.

Hint: T800 Threat Data:
Get four medals on level 3. This can be quite difficult
because your character gets hit all the time and it is hard to
dodge the enemies. Go to "Awards" to check what medals
you received. Note: This was the cyborg from in T2: Judgement
and The Terminator.

Hint: T400 Threat data:
Finish all the training missions under the time limit,
then press L1 at the mission complete screen to see what
you have unlocked.

Hint: Game Intro option:
Successfully complete the level 1 under the medium
difficulty setting to unlock the "Game Intro" in the
"Bonus Material" screen.

Hint: Easy kills:
Aim for a terminator's head while in battle. If you
shoot its head, it will pop off, and you will get a lot of Skynet
Tech points. Sometimes when you shoot its head off, it will run
around shooting its gun in the air and then explode.

Hint: Adrenaline combos:
Use the following trick for adrenaline combos using
little adrenaline. When you are about to attack with your electric
baton, turn on your adrenaline and start to attack. When you land
the first hit, turn off adrenaline and continue to attack. You
will notice that you attacked with your adrenaline combos.

Hint: Defeating Endos:
Hold R1 to lock on to an Endo. Then, hold L1
to switch to first-person mode. Your target will move from the
torso to the head, requiring fewer hits to kill. Then, pick up
the head for Skytech Points. This will not work well if the Endo
is moving.

Hint: Defeating SkyNet:
On level 10, after placing C4 in the core room you
will see an intermission sequence featuring the T-800 going through
time, and your friends will be trapped. Grab their ammo and go
to a room with a big elevator. Turn left on the screen. You will
see a guardian. Dodge it and hit it with the "eternal"
stungun. You will meet another one. When you get to the top, you
will be assaulted by everything. Destroy SkyNet's generators.
SkyNet is the red-eyed cone in the center. Keep hitting it until
it is obliterated. Exit where you came in to complete the mission.

Hint: Defeating humanoids:
On level 6, you will meet anti-human humans. They are
like T500s, but explode. They only fast way to kill them is with
the shotgun. Using the R6 is a waste of ammunition. On the level were you have to rescue people stuck inside the train,
run into one of the trains by shooting the door off. Once you
have spoken to the people inside, some humanoids will be waiting
for you. Instead of running out of the train, manually aim your
gun (shotgun recommended) and shoot the windows. Then, while still
manually aiming, shoot the humanoids outside in the head. This
can also be used to shoot the flying things. Note: If the enemy
is far away do not use your shotgun, as it will miss.

Hint: Defeating the Terminator:
Keep moving side to side in the hallway and fire, trying
your best to dodge the bullets. If you want to try to inflict
some damage with the baton, you can, as this will save ammunition
but you will risk being hit or grabbed. Once you defeat him he
will return, but without the gun. This time, you move around the
hallways. In a few rooms there will be health, armor, and ammunition.
Keep blasting him. When he puts his arms up, he is bulletproof.
Only fire when his arms are down. Once he is defeated he will
return again, crawling around the ground. Keep blasting him and
moving backwards. However, if you hit the end of the hallway,
run back and roll past him. Then, just keep firing. If you run
out of ammunition there is more in the next room.

Hint: Destroying the Loader:
In level 5, you find yourself in a large room with
a huge robot. If you have plenty of health and armor, run to the
back corner behind the stacks of boxes. If not, you can risk going
up the stairs on the walkway and grabbing the armor and health.
Then, grab the C4 on the edge of the stack of boxes and hide again
behind the stack. You will notice that his shield drops just before
it fires. Drop a few blocks of C4 (you will have to keep re-selecting
the C4) in front of the conveyer belt closest to you. Then, run
back behind the boxes. Wait for the Loader to go to that conveyer
belt, pick up the box, and drop the shield, then blow up the C4.
Keep doing this until it is destroyed. The C4 respawns in case
you run out. Alternately, place the C4 onto the blocks of platinum that the
loader picks up. It will shoot you, but so long as you have enough
strength it should not be a problem.

Hint: Destroying Skynet Tanks:
If you encounter a Skynet Tank, do not waste rockets
on its powerful armor. Instead, use this trick to take out all
the parts. Your best chance is to take out its guns first, then
searchlights. Then, find C4 to blow up the tracks to destroy them.
Be careful where you place it -- the tank can burn you with its
flame gun.

Hint: Destroying Skynet Planes:
This is one of the toughest enemies to hit. Destroy
the plane by firing a R6 rocket at one of its weak spots. Do this
by dodging the rapid lasers, then hit the engines that allows
it to fly in the air. Repeat this process until the plane has
been shot down. Watch out for more cyborgs dropping from the plane

Hint: Weapon damage:

Twin machine guns: Low
PL: High
AP15: Medium
Shotgun: Medium
R6: High
Level 9 bazooka: High
Level 10 multi stun gun: Depends on how long held down
Grenade Launcher: Medium (useful in the T-800 fight)
Level 9 Endo Tager: Low (very useful in brawls)
Prod: Medium (endoes and humanoids only)

Glitch: Electric ball:
In some parts of the game when you use your electric
fighting prod and put it away to use a gun, the game will think
you still have it out. When you leave the spot you are standing
in, the electric ball at the end of the prod will float in the
air. It will stay there until you leave that room.


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