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1 Test Drive: Eve Of Destruction on Tue May 24, 2011 11:23 pm



Master code:
Press R1, R2, R1, Left,
Right, R1, Down(2) at the title screen with
career and action mode options. All unlockables will now be available.

$10,000 and more reputation:
Press R1, R2, R1, Left,
Right, R1, Up(2) at the title screen with
career and action mode options.

AI Vengence title:
Become the top ranked driver in career mode.

Buh-Kwawk title:
Max out your hit meter fifteen times in a career event.

Chicken Fight title:
Destroy your car within 55 seconds in action mode.

Deadly Ambition title:
Disable all cars in a point to point race.

Fast Forward title:
Win a figure-eight jump race without taking any damage.

Hardcore Mode title:
Wrangle a car in nine seconds.

Old Tyme Racing title:
Gain 100 kills in career mode.

Turbo Boost title:
Successfully complete all of the dare mode challenges.
To use it, hold L2.

Get 40,000 reputation points.

Get 45,000 reputation points.

Get 5,000 reputation points.

Get 10,000 reputation points.

Get 15,000 reputation points.

Get 20,000 reputation points.

Get 2,500 reputation points.

Get 500 reputation points.

Get 30,000 reputation points.

Get 55,000 reputation points.

Get 50,000 reputation points.

Get 35,000 reputation points.

Get 25,000 reputation points.

Get 65,000 reputation points.

Get 60,000 reputation points.

Get 70,000 reputation points.

Your Home track:
Get the top rank in career mode.

Reach the indicated rank in career mode to unlock the
corresponding movie.

Boat Race: Rank 70
Camper Race: Rank 30
Car Soccer: Rank 10
Chain Race: Rank 80
Compact Derby: Rank 90
Derby Basics: Rank 60
Derby Strategy: Rank 50
Extreme: Rank 1
Figure 8 Bus Race: Rank 20
Flagpole Race: Rank 40

Hint: Suicide Races:
Stay to the inside of the track to avoid the oncoming
onslaught of cars.

Hint: Demolition Derby:
Drive around avoiding cars until there are less than
four cars remaining. Drive your car in reverse to avoid damage to your engine.

Hint: Turnaround Races:
Drive past the turnaround point until it says "Get
back on track". Press Select to put yourself in the
opposite direction (it is faster). Tapping R2 (emergency brake) and going to the inside all
the way to the grass is the easiest way to win a Turnaround race.
Going in the grass on the inside line to helps you avoid oncoming

Hint: Career progression:
When you complete 20% of the career mode (80% remaining),
make sure to have one fast car for racing rounds and a cheap "D"
- demolition car for demolition rounds. Modify your demolition
car with a reinforcement upgrade only. For your fast car, do all
upgrades. This saves money and constant churning of cars.

Hint: Quick start:
When in career mode, go to an out-of-town event and
enter it. Make sure that you use a fast car and that it has the
big "D". After the loading screen, speed off and get
ready to press X when the screen appears to race the other
car or not. if you pressed it fast enough, your car will be going
fast with a 7 to 23 mph head start.

Hint: Bus:
While using the bus in the dare levels during a race,
just push the other cars to build up hit points

Hint: Cheap derby cars:
Later in your career, compact cars are nearly forgotten
but they can put up a good fight against cars like the Arrow (Ford
Galaxy). They are cheap to repair and buy. The best car for this
is the Algar (AMC Pacer). It can spin while in reverse, giving
it deadly potential. Other cars with this ability include the
Palo (Ford Pinto) and the Ocelot (Ford Torino).

Glitch: Drive with 0% on your car:
In career mode, you can wreck your car when driving
around at your home. If you impair your car the "Press Start
and jump to home to do repairs" message will appear. Instead
of jumping home, jump to the garage. Go to the paint shop. Then,
exit the paint shop choose to drive around. You can now drive
around with 0% status on your car.


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