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1 Asterix And Obelix: Kick Buttix on Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:25 pm



Alternate costumes:
Successfully complete the game to unlock a new costume
for Asterix.

Collect all the Gold Laurels in the indicated province to unlock
the corresponding alternate costume:

Asterix's Bathing suit: Egypt
Asterix's Pirate costume: Greece
Asterix's Roman costume: Gaul
Obelix's Bathing suit: Normandy
Obelix's Redbeard the Pirate costume: Helvetia
Obelix's Roman costume: Rome

Hint: Defeating the Battalion:
Jump into the middle of the Battalion and repeatedly
press X until they explode.

Hint: Defeating The Norse Hammer:
Pause game play during the battle with the Norse Hammer,
then press Square to advance past the fight.

Hint: Defeating the Roman Spy:

Repeatedly press X until he disappears.

Hint: Body Slam:
Press Jump + Triangle to have Obelix do a body slam
to the ground. Note: This will not affect Bosses.

Hint: Throw and hit opponent:

Press L1(2) to have Obelix to swing and throw an opponent
to Asterix. Hit them before they touch the ground to instantly
destroy them. Hit the opponent just after Obelix throws him (while
they are in the air), and Asterix will glow and a 3X modifier
will appear.

Hint: Hit enemies with each other:

Approach an enemy, hit them once, then press Triangle.
Asterix will swing them around. Have Obelix throw an enemy towards
you. If timed correctly, you can press Triangle and swing
another enemy around, hitting the other opponent. A 10X modifier
will appear.


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