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1 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 on Wed May 25, 2011 10:34 pm



Distract opponent::
During a multi-player game, press X, Triangle,
Square, or Circle while your opponent is aiming
and starting their swing. A strange sound will be played. Each
button produces a different sound. More sounds can be heard if
R1 or R2 is held while pressing the other buttons.

Faster CPU turn:
Hold L1 + Triangle when the CPU hits
the ball.

Red shirt:
Successfully complete all 21 courses in "Play
Now" mode. Tiger Woods' red shirt is now unlocked, which
allows the ranges on all clubs to match his actual stats.

Hint: Good drives:
You can hit almost every green in the game with a driver
(400) yard drive average. Press R2 to tee up the ball.
Perform your swing with the Right Analog-stick while holding
D-pad Up. Once your ball gets into the air, you can put
more spin on the ball with spin control. The sooner you press
it and the longer you hold it, the further the ball will go. Also,
for those tough par fours, you may want to try hitting the ball
while using the topspin during your swing and using backspin on
the spin control to get the ball to sit down.


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