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Don's Big Head Goodie:
Hold L1 and press Circle, Triangle,
X, Square at the main menu. A sound will confirm
correct code entry.

Challenge Map 2:
Hold L1 and press X(2), Circle,
X at the main menu. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Hint: Defeating the Shredder:
In the Boss fight where you must defeat the Shredder,
instead of focusing on the many Shredder clones, try fighting
the real Shredder. He just stands still while his clones fight
you. One attack that works well is Don's team move that shocks
any enemy near its radius. Approach him close and use it. It will
shock the clones and him, and he will not be able to attack. Change
to Raphael because he fights the hardest and attack the Shredder
a few times until he recovers. When he recovers repeat the steps
until he is defeated. After this level the Foot clan, use a similar
tactic when a Foot commander calls in more Foot ninjas as you
defeat them. Use the same tactic on him. If you do not he will
overwhelm you with hordes of Foot ninjas.

Hint: Ninja Tag Time: Spiral of death:

There is a laser beam that is fired in the chamber
about every 90 seconds. You have that long to reach a chamber
that will protect you from the laser beam. Each time you reach
one of these doorways that protects you from the laser, it opens
a checkpoint. First, if you are not already using Raphael switch
to him now. You have a far jump to the first platform and although
you could use Mikey's helicopter move it takes too long. To save
time, do a team jump to this platform. You will see two red pipes
with a narrow gap between them. Bird jump between them to the
top of the next platform, then jump from platform to platform
and step through the first doorway. As time grows short, the platforms
will give way. You must be fast. Once the platforms give, the
laser will fire and that is instant death. Also the doorway has
a cage door on it closes while this is happening. You must get
up to the top platform and into that door before the cage locks
you out. Once the cage opens, jump the next platforms and you
will get to a bird jump like the previous spot between the red
pipes. You will now be on a platform that will have a power climb
for Raphael to climb up. Climb the top and jump to the next platform
that has the protection for you to make it to the next check point.
You now have ledges that you must scale up along with the platforms
to jump on. Instead of jumping to the next platform, run across
the wall and land near or on the first ledge to climb. Jump up
to that ledge to the longer one above it. Move to the end of that
ledge and jump on to the swinging poles that are near it, then
quickly swing across all three poles to reach another platform.
Jump onto the ledges above it then scale across the wall and reach
the final platform.

Hint: Building relationships:
Once you reach the level where you can use all four
turtles at once, you must begin to build relationship with your
brothers. Do this by using your brother throw but, take turns
who is doing the throw. For example, Leo throws Ralph and vice
versa, Don throws Mikey. Successful brother throws will build
their relationship then you can use their double team attacks.
However failed throws will make them mad at you, and they will
go away and you must win their trust again. Raphael tends to be
the one that you make mad most often. Getting an "A" in working with your brothers is very
simple. When you are fighting, use the turtle's special move then
fight until more enemies appear. Switch turtles and do the same
thing until all enemies are defeated.


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