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1 Atari Anthology on Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:28 pm



All game modes:
Hold Left + X + Triangle and press
Start at the title screen.

Atari 2600 challenges:
Complete the indicated task in the listed arcade games
and mode to unlock the corresponding challenge in the corresponding
Atari 2600 game.

Arcade game
ModeGoalAtari 2600 challenge
AsteroidsTrippy10,000 points
AsteroidsHot Seat20,000 points
Desert Falcon
AsteroidsTime Warp10,000 points
AsteroidsTime Challenge8,000 pointsSuper Baseball
Asteroids DeluxeDouble Speed
15,000 pointsAdventure
Asteroids DeluxeTrippy15,000 pointsDodge 'em
Asteroids DeluxeTime Challenge
11,000 pointsSteeplechase
Asteroids DeluxeHot Seat
35,000 pointsSuper Football
BattlezoneTime Warp5,000 pointsBattlezone
BattlezoneDouble Speed5,000 pointsFlag Capture
BattlezoneTrippy10,000 points
RealSports Tennis'
BattlezoneHot Seat50,000 points
Street Racer
Black WidowTime Warp20,000 pointsHuman Cannonball
Black WidowTrippy30,000 points
Star Raiders'
Black WidowTime Challenge
10,000 pointsSwordquest: EarthWorld
Black WidowDouble Speed25,000 pointsVideo Olympics'
CentipedeTime Warp17,000 points
CentipedeHot Seat30,000 points
CentipedeTime Challenge18,000 pointsOff-the-Wall
CentipedeDouble Speed20,000 pointsStar Ship
Crystal CastlesTrippy10,000 pointsCrystal Castles'
Crystal CastlesHot Seat15,000 pointsOutlaw
Crystal CastlesTime Warp
15,000 pointsStellar Trek
Crystal CastlesTime Challenge
13,000 pointsVideo Chess'
GravitarTime Challenge6,000 pointsBreakout
GravitarDouble Speed10,000 pointsGravitar
GravitarHot Seat10,000 points
GravitarTrippy15,000 points
Radar Lock
LiberatorTrippy8,000 points
Atari Video Cube
LiberatorDouble Speed7,000 pointsSkydiver
LiberatorTime Warp5,000 points
Swordquest: FireWorld
LiberatorHot Seat8,000 points
Video Pinball
Lunar LanderDouble Speed
400 pointsFun with Numbers'
Lunar LanderTime Challenge
100 pointsHaunted House
Lunar LanderTime Warp200 pointsSubmarine Commander
Lunar LanderTrippy300 points
Swordquest: WaterWorld
Major HavocHot Seat60,000 pointsAir-Sea Battle
Major HavocTime Challenge
24,000 pointsBowling
Major HavocDouble Speed35,000 pointsCanyon Bomber
Major HavocTime Warp30,000 pointsMath Gran Prix
MillipedeHot Seat35,000 points
Double Dunk
MillipedeTime Challenge15,000 pointsMaze Craze
MillipedeTrippy30,000 points
MillipedeTime Warp40,000 points
Video Checkers'
Missile CommandTrippy10,000 pointsFootball
Missile CommandDouble Speed
7,500 pointsMissile Command
Missile CommandTime Challenge
2,500 pointsNight Driver
Missile CommandHot Seat15,000 pointsSurround
PongTrippyBeat opponent by 6 points
3D Tic Tac Toe
PongTime WarpBeat opponent by 1 point
Circus Atari
PongDouble SpeedBeat opponent by 3 points
PongHot Seat50 points
Space War
Red BaronDouble Speed2,500 pointsBlack Jack
Red BaronTime Challenge1,400 pointsCombat
Red BaronTime Warp2,000 points
Home Run
Space DuelTime Warp10,000 pointsCasino
Space DuelHot Seat20,000 points
Demons to Diamonds'
Space DuelTime Challenge
6,000 pointsMiniature Golf
Super BreakoutHot Seat70 pointsRealSports Volleyball
Super BreakoutTime Challenge
45 pointsSlot Machine
Super BreakoutTrippy60 pointsSuper Breakout
TempestHot Seat10,000 points
TempestTrippy7,500 points
RealSports Football
TempestDouble Speed6,000 pointsYars' Revenge
WarlordsDouble Speed800 pointsRealSports Baseball
WarlordsTrippy1,000 points
Slot Racers'
WarlordsTime Warp700 points

Hint: Asteroids: Second dimension shooting:

You must be at the side top or bottom of the screen.
Then, shoot towards that part of the screen. Watch the opposite
screen to see your shots come through. Note: This works best when
a asteroid is on the opposite side, as you will have a chance
of exploding it.


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