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1 Tokyo Xtreme Racer DRIFT 2 on Thu May 26, 2011 8:36 pm



Bonus license plates:
Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2
at the Conquest mode menu.

999 RP points:
Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2
at the Record Challenge mode menu.

Hint: Easy money:
Practice the Gyhmkana level 10 CA on Haruna or Hakone.
You will need some sponsors to make more money, so apply their
decals to your car. For example, use the S13. The level 10 track
might seem difficult at first, but after a few times it is easy.
The level 10 Gyhmkana CA pays about 100,000 for first place. If
you finish first you will get a sponsor bonus so and can get about
350,000 for 45 seconds to a minute of playing. After a few tries
you can easily accumulate 10,000,000 CP and buy a tuned 4WD car.
The EVO II is recommended, because it already comes with a lot
of good parts. It has minimal tuning, and is very easy to drift.
The only thing you may want to do is change the E-brake power
to 140 to 150 to make it slide easier. After you get the EVO II
you should be able to enter the Gyhmkana level 10 CA on the more
difficult courses. The courses are all the same or level 10; by
now you should know it. The URA Rokko pays 756,000 for first place
with all but one sponsor, so you could easily make 20,000,000.

Hint: Recommended engine modifications:

Critical engine modifications; squeeze as much PS (horsepower)
out of it as possible.

Part A-AKP
Part B-HRM
Part C-UNI

Part A-UNI
Part B-HVN
Part C-HRM

Part A-BAS
Part B-HRM
Part C-UNI

Part A-HVN
Part B-HVN
Part C-HRM

Hint: Recommended turbo tuning:
Critical turbo tuning.

Turbo kit: Your choice.
Inter cooler: GME
Turbine: TZM
Air Cleaner: TRM

H: engine
Turbo kit: Your choice.
Inter Cooler: GME
Turbine: KW
Air Cleaner: Unknown. When you install the first two parts, it
should say moderate. You can learn this on your own by checking
which air cleaner maker gives you the most PS (horsepower).

V: engine
Turbo kit: Your choice.
Inter Cooler: TRM
Turbine: CRA
Air Cleaner: KW

R: engine
Turbo Kit: Your choice.
Inter Cooler: CRA
Turbine: TRM
Air Cleaner: KW


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