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1 Tom And Jerry: War Of The Whiskers on Thu May 26, 2011 8:38 pm



Unlimited health:
Press X, Circle, X, Triangle(2),
Square, Circle, Triangle at the title screen.
Once you or a CPU dies, your/their health bar replenishes to the

Unlimited ammunition:
Press Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle,
X, Square, X(2) at the title screen.

All arenas:
Press Triangle, Circle, Triangle(2),
X, Square, Circle, Square at the title

All costumes:
Press Circle(2), X, Square, Circle,
Triangle, X, Circle at the title screen.

Play as Butch:
Successfully complete challenge mode as Tyke.

Play as Ducking:
Successfully complete challenge mode as Nibbles.

Play as Eagle:
Successfully complete challenge mode as Duckling.

Play as Lion:
Successfully complete challenge mode as Butch.

Play as Nibbles:
Successfully complete challenge mode as Spike.

Play as Spike:
Successfully complete challenge mode as Tom.

Play as Tyke:
Successfully complete challenge mode as Jerry.

Play as Monster Jerry in multi-player mode:

Successfully complete challenge mode as Lion.

Play as Robot Cat in multi-player mode:

Successfully complete challenge mode as Eagle.

Secret courses:
On tournament or quick game modes, go to team battle
and place players one, two, and three on team "A" and
player four on team "B". Choose these players.. First
Spike, then Tom, then two Jerrys. You will now have access to
the Some Like it Hotter and Raging Mouse courses. If you want
to play these again, repeat the steps. Note: All players have
to be human (four controllers used). Note: This requires two controllers. To the secret levels (Some
Like It Hotter and Raging Mouse), you must choose Tom for player
one and Tom for player two. Turn off the other players. Note:
Both players must be human. To get the levels again, repeat this.

Hint: Secret weapons:
The following is a list of all the secret weapons and
their effects. The weapons listed can only be found by destroying
the playing field. The message "Map Destroyed" will
appear when you have destroyed everything that can be broken.
Note: In the two secret stages, "Some Like It Hotter"
and "The Raging Mouse", fields can not be destroyed,
thus there are no secret weapons for them.

That Sinking Feeling: Octopus (if thrown hard, causes other player
to petrify).
A Fridge Too Far: Rotten Eggs (poisons player when thrown)
Haunted Mouse: Pirate Sword (stabs player).
Liao Meow: Bee's Nest (stuns player when thrown).
Franken Mouse: Electric Bomb (shocks player when thrown).
Towering Inferno: Time Bomb (10 seconds to throw at other player;
explodes on impact).
Paws: Electric Eel (shocks player when stabbed).
Luncheons And Dragons: Excalibur Sword (knocks player unconsousn
when stabbed).
Snow Fight: Ice Barrel (freezes player when thrown)
Scrap Yard Scrap Up: Hammer (knock player unconscious in one hit).

Unfurgiven: Branding Star (Burns player to a crisp when stabbed).

On Luncheons And Dragons, hit anything that can be destroyed.
When it says "Map destroyed", look for the sword in
the rock to find the secret weapon. The same can be done on all
levels for different weapons. Note: If you use Jerry, Nibbles.
or Tom, you may get a costume on Lungens And Dragons. On the western
level, you can unlock a costume with Tom, Nibbles, and Spike.


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