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1 Tomb Raider: Legend on Sat May 28, 2011 1:46 am



Cheat mode:
Codes are unlocked by performing certain tasks during
the game. A message with the code will appear to confirm successful
completion of the task. Codes cannot be enabled until they are
first unlocked in this manner.
Note: Use the following trick keep cheat codes enabled with a
new game. After completing the game and time trials to unlock
the use of the cheat codes, load a level and enable the "One
shot kill" and "Bulletproof Lara" cheats. Quit
the game and start a new game. The cheats should remain active.
Note: This does not work with the weapon codes.

No textures:
Hold L1 and press L2, X, Circle,
X, Triangle, R1 during game play. A sound
will confirm correct code entry. To unlock this code, successfully
complete the game.

Draw enemy health:
Hold L1 and press Square, Circle,
X, L2, R1, Triangle during game play.
A sound will confirm correct code entry. To unlock this code,
complete the Bolivia level in Time Trial mode under 12:30.

Unlimited assault rifle ammunition:
Hold L2 and press X, Circle, X,
L1, Square, Triangle during game play. A
sound will confirm correct code entry. To unlock this code, complete
the Japan level in Time Trial mode under 12:15.

Unlimited grenades:
Hold L2 and press L1, Triangle,
R1, Circle, L1, Square during game
play. A sound will confirm correct code entry. To unlock this
code, complete the Kazakhstan level in Time Trial mode under 27:10.

Unlimited shotgun ammunition:
Hold L2 and press R1, Circle,
Square, L1, Square, X during game
play. A sound will confirm correct code entry. To unlock this
code, complete the Ghana level in Time Trial mode under 20:00.

Unlimited SMG ammunition:
Hold L2 and press Circle, Triangle,
L1, R1, X, Circle during game play.
A sound will confirm correct code entry. To unlock this code,
complete the Peru level in Time Trial mode in under 21:30.

Bulletproof Lara:
Hold L1 and press X, R1, Triangle,
R1, Square, L2 during game play. A sound
will confirm correct code entry. To unlock this code, complete
the England level in Time Trial mode under 27:00.

One shot kill:
Hold L1 and press Triangle, X,
Triangle, Square, L2, Circle during
game play. A sound will confirm correct code entry. To unlock
this code, complete the Bolivia Redux level in Time Trial mode
in under 4:15.

Wield Excalibur:
Hold L2 and press Triangle, X,
Circle, R1, Triangle, L1 during game
play. A sound will confirm correct code entry. To unlock this
code, complete the Nepal level in Time Trial mode under 13:40.

Wield Soul Reaver:
Hold L2 and press X, R1, Circle,
R1, L1, Square during game play. A sound
will confirm correct code entry. To unlock this code, successfully
complete the game with a 100% completion.

Hint: Bolivia: Gold statue:
After using the stone seesaw to boost the iron cages
up to the platform, open the gate the normal way. Then, move one
of the cages on the side off its plate just enough to lower the
door one notch. Quickly move the cage back. Climb over to the
exit and scale the side of the doorway to get on top of the door.
The gold reward is at the top.

Hint: Bolivia: Silver statue:
On the first rope in Bolivia, turn left to find the
cave that has the silver reward.

Hint: Croft Manor: Gold statue:
Before you can get the gold artifact, you must complete
the Bolivia level. Otherwise, the rest of the manor will be closed
off. After you enter the manor, get the grapple. It is located
in the computer room in a safe behind Zip. To unlock the safe,
use a laptop on the floor. After you get the grapple, get the
pistols in Lara's bedroom. To get the pistols, there are two knives
that both need to be pulled. Then, go head to the library. To
your right is a wall that can be broken by shooting it. Once that
is done, move the bookcase in the wall to one of the pressure
switches on either side of Allister's desk. Then, use the grapple
to get down the other bookcase, which is above the pressure switch
on the right. Put that bookcase on the other switch and a wall
will open up. Grab the PLS on Allister's desk. In the dark hallway
is a switch. After you pull it, a large stone tablet with a clue
will come out of the wall. The clue reads "Above the Waters,
Twin Sisters turn their backs one upon the other to leave the
Ambages unguarded". Go to the end of the hallway and pull
the second switch. Another wall will open up and lead you back
into the bedroom. With the first clue in hand, go to the pool.
On the right side of the pool there are two fish statues that
can be pulled out. Do so, then jump onto the shortest one. Jump
on to the pole, swing to the ledge, jump to the other statue,
onto the second pole, then onto the balcony. There are two Greek
statues. Rotate them so they face away from each other. Once they
are in position, another clue will appear: "Within the Hall
of Knowledge, Tomes of Cerulean, Topaz, Viridian and Crimson in
turn reveal their Arcanum". Go back to the library. Push
in the blue book to the right of the door. Then, go to the small
room upstairs. Push in the yellow book, then the green book, outside
the room. Go back downstairs and push in the red book. After you
do this, a wall will open, revealing the third clue: "Above
the Hearth, revealed visage and countenance touched in haste raise
up the Steward". Go back to the front lobby. To the right
of the door leading to the library is a switch that just came
out of the wall. Before you use it, use the grapple to pull out
the poles leading to the other switch. After that, push the switch,
swing to the other side, and use the other. The fourth and final
clue then comes out of the wall: "The risen Athena turns
to face the Sun, whose burden then reveals the Golden Laurel".
A statue has arisen in the middle of the front lobby downstairs.
Turn it so that it faces the window above the stairs then stand
on the pressure switch. The statue then goes back into the ground
and a stone pillar with the Golden Artifact appears from the ground
in its place.

Hint: Ghana: Gold statue:
At the end of the level, when you stand on button that
opens the timed door, do not enter that door. Instead, go to the
under the door to find a golden statue.

Hint: Japan: Alternate costume:
When you reach a room which has a hanging dragon in
it, you will find a large red box. Throw it to the floor to break
it. You will get a gold statue that gives you a new costume.

Hint: Kazakhstan: Project Carbonek Boss
After the creature is released, run around the dome.
Turn the switches on by pressing Triangle. When you have
pressed all the switches, four balls with come down from the ceiling.
Get onto the magnetic gun in the middle of the room. Make the
balls come to you by using the magnetic gun. This might take some
time because the monster will keep knocking you of the gun. When
you have all the balls pointing towards you, a chamber will open
above your head and the sword fragment will appear. Get off the
gun and point up towards the sword fragment and grapple it. When
you have it, an intermission sequence will begin and the level
will end.

Hint: Peru: Play soccer:
At the beginning of the level, look to your right to
see a soccer ball. You can shoot the ball around with Triangle.
Hit it past the dummy in between the fences and for a goal.

Hint: Defeating Amanda:
Use the following trick to defeat the final boss Amanda
in Beast form. When fighting Amanda, do not go near to the edge,
go near Amanda while she is fighting, or go into the center of
the platform. The easiest way to die is to jump off the edge,
so be careful. When you get Amanda's health down about halfway,
the beast will fall to the ground and an image of Amanda will
appear on the beast's body. Get in close as quickly as possible.
Face Amanda, and press Interact. This brings the beast's
damage threshold down. If you do not do it quickly enough, the
beast will rise and heal to full. You must down the beast four
times to win. The beast will start by using a random attack every
few seconds. Every time you down the beast, the chance is increased
that the it will perform another random attack immediately after
the first. This means that when you have downed Amanda three times,
she is likely to attack four times very quickly. The following
is a list of her attacks.

Spreading attack: The beast will stick its arms into the ground.
After a slight delay, slow, red projectiles will fan out. This
can be easily avoided by jumping over them. Note: This attack
is when the beast is most susceptible to damage.

Upwards blast: The beast's quickest attack, it will pound the
ground with its arms and a burst of energy will appear beneath
Lara. This is the best reason to keep moving.

Melee attack: A simple swipe. Stay away from the beast and it
will not use this attack.

Homing attack: The most commonly used attack. The beast fires
a pink homing smoke-like projectile which will explode on contact.
This has area of effect. The more accurate the blast, the more
damage Lara will take and the farther she will fly.

Shockwave: The most devastating attack. It does not do a lot of
damage but can fling Lara halfway across the platform. Avoid it
at all costs. It acts like the homing attack, but looks bluish.
There is a distinct difference in appearance between the two projectiles.

Hint: Defeating the Unknown Entity in the
Tesla room:
The goal is not to destroy the Entity, actually. The
main objective is to remove the sword fragment for the machine
directly above the Tesla turret. Ignore the Beast the entire time.
First, pull the four levers around the room. They are on the outer
wall and easily accessible. Then, hop into the Tesla turret. If
you are knocked out of the turret, hop back in, healing as needed.
Here, you must use the turret's "repel" function to
launch the four lowered Tesla balls into the beams of energy.
Do not use the "attract" function, as this will just
slow you down. Once you have completed the entire circuit, wait
for the electricity to die down then do it again. When you complete
the circuit the second time, get out of the turret, switch to
first person view, then use the grapple on the sword fragment
and pull it out.

Hint: Dodging:
When Lara on her second "dodging front-flip"
press the Left Analog-stick Back. She will do a cartwheel
and move backwards. Make sure to hold onto to it like that, then
press X and she will do it backwards. After the second
"back flip", press Forward and she will do it
forwards and do the complete lay-out. Use the following trick for easy kills without getting shot. Dodge
enemy bullets by using Circle and X and wait until
they reload. Once they are reloading, start shooting at them or
throw greneades.

Hint: Lara in bikini:
To unlock the white and black swimsuits for Lara you
must complete the game, find all the rewards (including the ones
in Croft Manor) then complete the game again under the time trial
difficulty. Complete Bolivia Redux in time trial mode. This will
allow the use of the "One Shot Kill" cheat which will
help significantly. Note: This will also unlock everything else
in the game, including the pistol upgrades, another thirty costumes,
and the "Wield Excalibur and "Wield Soul Reaver sword"

Hint: Object models:
Collect all the silver rewards from a level to unlock
all object models from that particular location.

Hint: Character profiles:
Collect the indicated number of bronze rewards to unlock
the corresponding character profile.

Alister Fletcher: 90%
Amanda Evert: 70%
Anaya Imanu: 30%
James Rutland: 50%
Lara Croft: 10%
Shogo Takamoto: 40%
Toru Nishimura: 40%
Unknown Entity: 100%
Winston Smith: 80%
Zip: 20%

Hint: Pistol upgrades:
Collect the indicated number of silver and bronze rewards
to unlock the corresponding pistol upgrade.

Increased magazine capacity: 25%
Increased accuracy: 50%
Increased damage: 75%

Hint: Alternate costumes:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding
alternate costume.

Amanda (winter): Complete Kazakhstan in Time Trial mode.
Amanda: Complete Ghana in Time Trial mode.
Biker (no jacket): Collect all silver and gold rewards in England.

Biker (red jacket): Collect all silver rewards in England.
Biker: Complete England: King Arthur's Tomb.
Catsuit: Collect all gold rewards in Japan.
Classic (gray): Collect all gold rewards in Ghana.
Classic: Collect all gold rewards in Peru.
Evening (red): Collect all silver rewards in Japan.
Evening (ripped): Complete Japan: Meeting With Takamoto.
Goth (laced shirt): Complete Japan in Time Trial mode.
Goth: Complete England in Time Trial mode.
Legend (black): Collect all silver rewards in Croft Manor.
Legend (blue): Collect all silver rewards in Peru.
Legend (pink): Collect all silver rewards in Ghana.
Legend (Union Jack): Collect all silver rewards in Bolivia.
Snowsuit: Collect all gold rewards in Nepal.
Special Forces (urban): Collect all gold rewards in England.
Special Forces: Collect all gold rewards in Kazakhstan.
Sport (green): Complete Bolivia in Time Trial mode.
Sport: Collect all gold rewards in Bolivia.
Sport: Collect all gold rewards in Bolivia.
Suit (cream): Collect all silver and gold rewards in Croft Manor

Suit: Collect all gold rewards in Croft Manor.
Winter (no coat): Complete Kazakhstan: Project Carbonek.
Winter (no coat, orange): Collect all silver rewards in Kazakhstan.

Winter (orange): Collect all silver rewards in Nepal.
Winter (pink): Complete Nepal in Time Trial mode.
Winter (pink, no coat): Complete Peru in Time Trial mode.
Winter: Complete Kazakhstan: Project Carbonek.

Hint: Cinematics:
Complete the indicated level to unlock the corresponding

Unlockable How to Unlock
Allies Under Fire: Kazakhstan
Amanda Falls Behind: Peru
Amanda Rises: Bolivia Redux
Amanda Survived: Peru
Amanda's Pet: Kazakhstan
Answers Breed Questions: Bolivia Redux
Any Bike Will Do: Peru
Artifact Revealed: Japan
Artifacts Recovered: Peru
Bedrivere's Legacy: England
Bolivia Redux: Bolivia Redux
Chapter Closed: Nepal
Command Center: Kazakhstan
Dearest Amelia: Ghana
Death By Irony: Bolivia
Demon of the Past: Peru
Destination: Cornwall: England
Digging Up the Past: Peru
Excalibur Reforged: Nepal
Falling in Love Again: Bolivia
Fashionably Late in Tokyo: Japan
First Contact: Bolivia
Going Back In: Peru
Grand Entrance: Ghana
Hasty Departure: Ghana
Heading for the Roof: Japan
Headset Hijack: Kazakhstan
Home Again: Nepal
Hunting Rutland in Ghana: Ghana
James Rutland Talks: Bolivia
Meet Tiwanaku: Bolivia
Meeting with Takamoto: Japan
Myth Becomes Fact: England
Nepal, Part 1: Bolivia
Nepal, Part 2: Bolivia
Nishimura's Warning: Japan
PDA Check: Bolivia
Prize Obtained: Kazakhstan
Recovery and Exit: Japan
Rendezvous with Anaya: Peru
Return to Nepal: Nepal
Returning Home: Peru
Reunion with Amanda: Kazakhstan
Runaway Train!: Kazakhstan
Second Contact: Bolivia
Shields and Maps: Kazakhstan
Takamoto Found: Japan
Team Reunited: England
The Final Piece: England
The Ghalali Key: Ghana
The Key Obtained: Nepal
The Postcard Business: Ghana
The Queen's Story: Peru
The Queen's Sword: Peru
The Stone Dais: Bolivia
Trouble in Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan
Two Shards: Ghana
Unwelcome in Paraiso: Peru
Viracocha's Staff: Peru
Wrecking Crew: Peru

Hint: Legacy Of Kain reference:

In Croft Manor, on the right-hand side of the main
stairs is a portrait of Kain, as it appears in Legacy Of Kain:
. Eidos, producer of Tomb Raider, also produces the
Legacy of Kain series.

Glitch: Disappearing Target Practice:
At the beginning of the Peru level you will see a Target
Practice. Jump on it while running. It will suddenly disappear.
Note: If this did not work, try a different angle.

Glitch: Gym equipment:
In Lara's mansion, go to the gym once you have the
magnetic grapple. Pull out all the equipment that you can so that
they are in the other position. Save your game, then exit the
mansion. When you return to the mansion the equipment will be
seen in the original position. However when you try to climb on
them, they will react as if they are in the flipped position.
When you flip them to the other position the screen will flicker
slightly. Once you flip it again the glitch will not work. The
best one to try this on is the thing above the small swimming

Glitch: Ghana: Outside view the level:

Get past the intermission sequence were Lara finds
the item that her father gave to her mother. When you leave that
little section and get to the checkpoint just outside there, look
to your left. If you are facing the back of Lara you will see
a drain. Run to it, and jump (there is a gap). Lara will fall
and die. You should be able to walk through that stone wall. Walk
through it, and there will be a section that is light green, allowing
you to look around.

Glitch: Ghana: Bottomless pit:
Do the "Outside view the level" glitch. Run,
and Lara will skid to a stop as if there was a jump she needed
to clear. Go back slightly and take a running jump. She will fall
and scream. Lara will still be alive, but you will lose sight
of her. You can draw your pistols and shoot. Note: Save the game
before attempting this because she will never die.

Glitch: Kazakhstan: Invisible burning coat:

In the Kazakhstan mission, successfully complete the
second part where you are on the bike chasing after the train.
There will be an intermission sequence. During that sequence,
Lara will take off her burning winter coat and toss it away. To
see the glitch, successfully complete the game and get a multiple
amount of clothes. Chose any of the clothes except for the winter
clothes for the Kazakhstan mission. At the intermission sequence
after the bike ride, Lara will take off an invisible burning coat.


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