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1 Tony Hawk's American Wasteland on Sat May 28, 2011 2:03 am



Perfect grind:
Enter grindXpert as a case-sensitive code. Note:
The bar will still fill, but you will not fall when in the red.

Perfect manual:
Enter 2wheels! as a case-sensitive code. Note:
The bar will still fill, but you will not fall when in the red.

Perfect skitch:
Enter h!tchar!de as a case-sensitive code. Note:
The bar will still fill, but you will not fall when in the red.

Always special:
Enter uronfire as a case-sensitive code.

Play as Jason Ellis:
Enter sirius-DJ as a case-sensitive code. Alternately, successfully complete Story mode under the normal
difficulty setting.

Play as Mat Hoffman:
Enter the_condor as a case-sensitive code. Alternately, successfully complete Classic mode under the hard/sick
difficulty setting.

Play as Mindy:
Enter help1nghand as a case-sensitive code. Alternately, successfully complete Story mode under the easy difficulty

Moon gravity:
Enter 2them00n as a case-sensitive code.

Cheat mode:
Clear all the gaps in each level to unlock the "Always
Special", "Moon Gravity", "Perfect Manual",
"Perfect Rail", and "Perfect Skitch" cheat
options. Complete all Sponsor Challenges to unlock the "Full Stats"
cheat option.

Play as Baller:
Get a 100% completion in Story mode.

Play as Barber:
Complete all Skate Ranch missions and collect all 43
Skate Ranch pieces.

Play as Billy Joe:
Successfully complete Classic mode under the normal
difficulty setting.

Play as Boone In Briefs:Get a 100% gap completion.

Play as Boone:
Successfully complete Classic mode under the normal
difficulty setting.

Play as Camera Guy:
Get a 100% completion in Story mode.

Play as Carnival Worker:
Complete all Skate Ranch missions and collect all 43
Skate Ranch pieces.

Play as Chlolo:
Get a 100% completion in Story mode.

Play as Dogtown Guy 2:
Get a 100% completion in Classic mode.

Play as Dogtown Guy:
Complete all Skate Ranch missions and collect all 43
Skate Ranch pieces.

Play as French Man:
Complete all Skate Ranch missions and collect all 43
Skate Ranch pieces.

Play as Graffiti Dude:Get a 100% completion in Classic mode.

Play as Hardhat Worker:
Get a 100% completion in Classic mode.

Play as Iggy:
Successfully complete Story mode under the normal difficulty

Play as Jimbo:
Successfully complete Story mode under the hard/sick
difficulty setting.

Play as Little John:
Successfully complete Story mode under the normal difficulty

Play as Master Zen:
Get a 100% completion in Classic mode.

Play as Mega:
Successfully complete Story mode under the hard/sick
difficulty setting.

Play as Murphy:
Successfully complete Story mode under the hard/sick
difficulty setting.

Play as Oil Rig Worker:
Get a 100% gap completion.

Play as Performer:
Get a 100% gap completion.

Play as Police Man:
Get a 100% gap completion.

Play as Robot Tony:
Successfully complete Story mode under the easy difficulty

Play as Useless Dave:
Successfully complete Classic mode under the hard/sick
difficulty setting.

Play as Welder:
Get a 100% completion in Story mode.

American Wasteland Final movie:
Successfully complete Story mode under the normal difficulty

Bails N' Burns 1 movie:
Successfully complete Classic mode under the normal
difficulty setting.

Bails N' Burns 2 movie:
Get a 100% completion in Story mode.

Neversoft Skates movie:
Get a 100% completion in Classic mode.

Hint: Beverly Hills: Becoming a club member
Go to Beverly Hills and go to the ranch. Learn to do
a Wall Plant and Sticker Slap. Learn to Wall Ride. Learn to Wall
Run and Wall Flip; and Back Flip and Front Flip. Learn to Nada
Spin. Then, go back to the ranch. Talk to Mindy or that girl that
tells you to do things. Go to the man with long black hair with
sunglasses. Finish the tricks he tells you to do in a combo. You
will have skipped two tasks and become a club member.

Hint: Beverly Hills: Air conditioner soccer:

Go up on a roof with AC units. Kick one off of the
building, then kick it to the place where the guard was when you
had to skitch the dog. Get a friend to join you, and you can play
soccer. The walls will be the goals.

Hint: Downtown: See Chavez:
You can see Chavez by the giant fence in the southwest
corner of the map.

Hint: Downtown: See Iggy:
When the businessman pulls out his bazooka in the mission
on how you get downtown, look at the person being blown down the
escalator. It is Iggy.

Hint: East L.A.: Run through clothes:
Go to the clothes shop. You can run all around the
store and thorough the clothes, unlike in the other shops.

Hint: East L.A.: Wheel Of Torture:
Inside the casino on the ground floor are many slot
machines which have scrolling massages across the top of them.
Most will say, "Wheel of Torture..." in bright yellow

Hint: East L.A.: Tony Hawk's Underground
The wrecked train high on the rails reads "THUG"
instead of "THAW".

Hint: Hollywood: Construction worker trying
to levitate goat:
At the bowl on the roof near the skate shop, get on
the second rail going towards the skate shop wall and sticker
slap. Jump on the third (and top) rail then jump off towards the
wall you are going towards. Dismount and you will be in an apartment.
If you look near the bed in story mode, there is a construction
worker trying to levitate a goat. Enable the "Moon gravity" cheat and go to Hollywood.
Go to the pool behind the billboard above the skate shop near
the bus. If you go high enough on the corner of the pool opposite
to the one facing the bus, there will be a ledge you can land
on. There will be a crack on the wall. Walk into that wall, and
you will enter a hotel room with a construction worker facing
a goat on a bed.

Hint: Hollywood: Aerial moves:
Once you get the spiral piece from the radio tower,
you can get a major combo on it by standing in the middle and
doing a manual. Whenever you are about to fall, just jump and
you will be launched straight up into the air, where you can do
some awesome aerial moves. Then when you land, continue to manual.

Hint: Hollywood: Top of level:
Find the dog and the Cello restaurant. Wall run up
the quarter pipe and front tuck onto the catwalk above. Turn left
and follow the walkway to the old wood building. There should
be a arched doorway. Get on top of the arch and turn to your right.
Jump onto the building in front of you. The building should have
a bowl on its roof. Walk until you find a series of fire escapes.
Wall run into each of the escapes individually. When you get to
the top escape, wall run and front tuck on the taller roof then
enjoy the view.

Hint: Hollywood: Tony Hawk's Underground
During the mission when you have to get a 2,000
point, 5,000 point, and 10,000 point combo, after the dinosaur
comes down the bus that hits it has "THUG" on the front,
which refers to Tony Hawk's Underground. However, if you
check the front of the bus after or before the mission, it reads
"THAW", referring to Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.

Hint: Hollywood: Falling Down
The man who helps you by using a rocket launcher
on the escalator is a reference to D-Fens, the main character
of the movie Falling Down.

Hint: Santa Monica: Get onto the stage
without touching the ground:
In the mission where you have to get onto the stage
without touching the ground, grind the rail to the right, and
round the corner. Sticker slap the wall and get off your board
in mid-air. Grab onto a rail with a blue window on top. Quickly
get up and caveman onto the rail and grind around. Boned ollie
onto the top of the stage and shimmy off the edge and drop down.
Run to the person quickly, as you will be running out of time.
This requires a few shots. For the last part of this mission, simply grind the ledge to your
right then jump into a Boned Ollie and land in a grind on the
stairs. Grind the stairs around, jump at the end of them, then
jump into a grind on the edge of the theater. Just go a short
distance around to complete it.

Hint: Skate Ranch: Slow motion:
Go to the left hand side into the dirty green water.
You will enter slow motion mode.

Hint: Van's Skate Park: Electrocution:

Go around to where the sign that says to dismount is
located. There is a electrical box that serves as a ramp. Climb
up to the top and get off your board. There is a pole on top that
you can see electricity flowing through. Hit it with your board
and you will see your character get shocked, and you will restart
on the ground.

Hint: Van's Skate Park: Bathroom:
On the lowest level there is a door in a corner. Sticker
Slap it and go up the quarterpipe. You will come down on another
quarterpipe, and at the top of the screen the message "Yuck!"
will appear.

Hint: Van's Skatepark: Powerade:
Go up to the upper deck where the bleachers, air hockey
tables, and drink machines are found. Find a Powerade machine.
Stand in front of it and hit it with your board. A Powerade should
pop out.

Hint: Pigeon hunt:
Once you get the telescope for the Skate Ranch, it
should be on a barren solid concrete arch, on a wooden stand.

Hint: Easy points:
While on your board, Natas Spin (Triangle +
R1) then go into special mode (L3) and do continuos
trick mods until you max out your special time for that combo.
To get a very easy high score, Rail Stall or Natas Spin. Do as
many trick mods as you can before you fall. Before you fall, activate
Focus mode. This makes it easier to balance. While in Focus mode,
continue doing trick mods until you reach the maximum time limit.
When you leave Focus mode, jump off quickly because you will most
likely fall if you do not. It is possible to get over 2,000,000
points by doing this.

Hint: Avoiding crashes:
When you do a trick off a ramp into the air, and if
it appears that you are going to crash, get off your skateboard
while still in the air. You should land safely on your feet.

Hint: Shred your board:
At Iggyz place by the entrance, there is a wood shredder
(as seen as you first get into the skate park). It reads "Trespassers
enter here" Throw your board (hold Square, then release)
into the mouth. The board will be shown coming out in shreds.
Press Square and you board will fly back to you.

Hint: Switch off board:
While standing, tap R2(2) and your character
will switch his board to the other hand.

Hint: Slomo:
When you have your special, press L3 to do slomo
in single player and story modes.

Hint: Bike tricks:
While on your bike you can do tricks that you have
not learned yet any time.

Hint: Avoid wipeouts on bike:
On the bike, start a high score run. If you are about
to wipeout, press Start and go to "End High Score
Run". If done correctly, you will start again and you will
not wipeout.

Hint: Ride crosshanded:
When you are on a bike, jump and do an X-Up, but hold
Circle until after you land. Your rider will ride with
his hands crossed. You can ride around as long as desied like
this as long as you do not go in the air or do another trick.

Hint: See underwear:
Select a female skater or create one with a skirt.
Enable the "Perfect manual" code and do a manual. Then,
do a handstand and position the camera so you can see up her skirt.
All women in the game wear red underwear.

Hint: Flames and sparks without the cheat:

Do a Primo Handstand. When your skater is doing the
handstand, immediately press R1. He will land the trick
and there should be flames/sparks coming from his board. Note:
This may require a few attempts. Also, you cannot do grinds, grabs,
or anything to do with airing out of a half pipe.

Hint: Developer appearance:
During the sequence when you rescue Boone from the
Black Widows, the person riding the cow is Joel Jewett from Neversoft.

Hint: Created park options:
When testing a created park, while in park editor mode
pause game play and open "Sound Options". Select "Demolition
Radio" and press Triangle(2). The game options menu
will open as if you were in any other game play mode. You can
select "Sound Options", "Control Setup", "Screen
Mode", "Display Options" and "Cheats".

Hint: Das Oath-Awesome R***:
To hear a very small portion of Awesome R***, play
Dead Kennedys-Uber Alles. Wait a few seconds after the track is
finished. You should hear about a half a second of the introduction.

Hint: Look like Hyde from That 70's
Go to the barber and get a brown afro and the gottee/mustache
combo. Then, get tight pants and the Hawk Thunder shirt. After
that, get your black boots and your dark (but not too dark) aviator

Hint: Fat Albert The Movie
The Roller Coaster and Ferris Wheel are from Fat
; even knowing they say that they are from Philadelphia.

Hint: The Karate Kid reference:

When you meet Master Zen for the second time, your
character will make a comment saying "Is this a wax on, wax
on thing?"

Hint: Collector's Edition: Marseilles:
Secret location:
When you enter the level, around the borders will be
a wooden fence. By the fence there is a lamp. Go in front of the
lamp, (or get to a point where you are facing the fence), and
to the left is a scrawny little tree. Near the tree is a little
wooden stick holding it up. Walk over to the tree and knock over
the little stick. The tree will fall into the fence, causing it
to break. Go into the place where the fence broke to find a hole.
Go in it to reach the secret location in Marseilles.

Hint: Joe Black (Viewtiful Joe)
created skater:
Give your character a light yellow backwards hat
with dark red medium length hat hair. Give him that T-shirt with
the white collar and sleeve-ends and make it blue. Put on some
light yellow cargo shorts and light yellow shoes without socks.
His skateoard should have bright, pink wheels and the "thrashed"
griptape. Note: You should make a custom graphic that is just
"HMD" with the bold cracked font. Put that logo on the
front of his shirt and skateboard. He should have a silver watch
on his right wrist.

Hint: Kat Vondi (Miami Ink)
created skater:
Go to created skaters and select Trisha. Make her
shirt black. Next make her skirt black and make her combat boots
gray. For information, put Kat Vondi or Kat as the name, hometown
as Los Angeles, and age 20s to 30s.

Glitch: Invisible bike:
In story mode when your player is on a bike, go into
a nose manual (hold Up on ground). As you are in the manual,
remove controller one. Doing this will allow your player to never
fall. While in the manual, re-insert the controller and wipe out.
Your player will then pick up an invisible bike. You can do anything
on the invisible bike just as you could on a normal bike. Once
you wipe out, the player will pick up a visible bike.

Glitch: Invisible board:
Go into caveman mode (L1 + R1), throw
your board down (Square), and climb a ladder. You will
notice you do not have your board, but you are climbing as if
you have one.

Glitch: Wall sticker:
Stand up to any wall. Make sure you are facing it and
walk into it until you do not move anymore. Drop your board (Square).
It will get stuck into the wall.

Glitch: Skate on wall:
When you are going up a quarterpipe or halfpipe that
is directly on a wall, press Revert and you will skate
on the wall. Note: This will not work in editor mode or multi-player

Glitch: Ladder:
While on a ladder, go near the top but do not get off.
Hold Circle + Up for about five seconds. Then, move
the Analog-stick Up or Down. If you go too
high you will slowly go up past the top, then teleport back down
a bit below the top repeatedly until you jump. If you go too low
you will jump off.

Glitch: Skate while stopped:
Hold Left Analog-stick Down while repeatedly
pressing R2 to have your skater skate while stopped.

Glitch: See through head:
While in story mode, stand directly in front of the
movie theater across the street from the Mann's Chinese Theater.
Tilt the camera so that it is showing your skater's face. Tilt
it slightly more and your skater will have no hair, and when he
moves you can see the inside of his head.

Glitch: Floating graffiti:
Go to the part where you must skitch the dog and smash
the signs. Graffiti the sign first, then smash it. The graffiti
should float in the air.

Glitch: Beverly Hills: Invisible Natas
Find the Santa Monica Parking Garage entrance. Go behind
it and look for a ladder on the greenish hotel. Climb it, then
go up to where it is a circular roof. Natas Spin on the tip. You
will spin on an invisible tip.

Glitch: Beverly Hills: Fall through level:

Go by where you learn the back/front tuck from the
French man. There is a silver plate sticking out off the ground.
Use it to jump at the metal door to the left of it. If you hit
the door correctly, you will fall into "blue hell".
This may require a few attempts.

Glitch: Beverly Hills: Fall into shop:

Start at the strip mall by Rodeo Drive. Enable the
"Moon Gravity" cheat. Ride forward to the bra display.
Go up and on to the top of the building. Go to the big red bush
object and jump over the roof to the open side. Walk forward following
the roof You will soon fall into the skate and clothes shop.

Glitch: Beverly Hills: Mega jump:
Enter Free Skate mode and select Beverly Hills. Climb
to the very top of the Bank Of America building. Note: This may
require a few attempts. When at the top of the building, get off
your board, but keep it in your hand. Walk into the corner at
the top of the building until you cannot move anymore. Keep walking
into the corner until your character moves in that same direction
no matter where you go. Stay at the top of the building and either
throw your board or do a trick using Square. You will eventually
be hurled into the air. While in the air, your character should
be performing the walking action. When you land back in the same
location, you should be able to walk normally again. Note: This
glitch has not been attempted in any other modes.

Glitch: Beverly Hills: Unlimited air on
Go to Beverly Hills on your bike. At the gas station,
go under the triangular platform. There will be a small rectangular-shaped
building. Go the upper left corner (upper as in the side facing
away from the main gas station building) and stall it using L1.
You will become stuck in mid-air. You can now do any trick desired
as many times as needed. Note: This is a good way to get a high
combo score.

Glitch: Casino: Fly through wall:
Go to the top level where the air conditioning ramps
blow you very high. Go to the air conditioning ramp that has the
big waterfall on the left side. Then, enable the "Moon gravity"
cheat. Ramp the air conditioning ramp toward the waterfall. Hit
the wall to the left of the water fall and you should fly through

Glitch: Downtown: Enter wall
Go next to the building that you can break down the
columns with your board or paint. Go in the middle and you will
see a door. Do not go through it or you will end up in a skate
bowl. Instead, go near the corner closest to the rows of dumpsters.
Then, wall run near the corner. Just before you go to the top
let, release the wall run and jump twice. This may require a few
attempts. You will pass through the corner and can go out anywhere
except for the opposite side. Try coming out the doorway, but
if you go back in you will not resume the glitch.

Glitch: Downtown: Fall into building:
Start in Hollywood, then go to Downtown. Once there,
make a immediate right and go towards the building with the five
horizontal bars and a fire at the top. Enable the "Moon Gravity"
cheat. Wall run and wire grab on the smaller part of the building.
Once at the top, jump to the next building. It is not out of the
level boundary. Face the brick formation facing the entrance to
East L.A. Go to the right side of the formation and slowly walk
in the narrow side. You will drop down into the building. You
will be able to hide there as long as desired.

Glitch: East L.A.: Floating spray paint:

At the metro station on the sidewalk, you will see
a "The End Is Near" sign. Spray-paint it and go through
the tunnel to downtown. Walk up and you will see floating spray
paint where you sprayed it in East L.A.

Glitch: Hollywood: Ghost board:
Go near a wall in Hollywood, but not directly up to
it. Hold Square then release. Your character will throw
his or her board. Look closely and the board will phase through
the wall like a ghost. Note: They throw you another board; it
does not come back to you.

Glitch: Hollywood: Corner Natus:
Go to where the bus is found. Go near the back of the
bus where the corner drops down to an angle from the sidewalk
and Natus Spin. You will start to Natus Spin while on the ground.

Glitch: Hollywood: Misspelled sign:
When you destroy the Hollywood sign it is rearranged
at the skate ranch as a wasteland sign. In the movie at the end
of the game where your player kisses Mindy, the sign now reads

Glitch: Hollywood: Enter stores in Freeskate
Go to Hollywood in Freeskate mode with the "Moon
Gravity" cheat enabled. Go to the arched entrance to that
garden place with the fountain in the middle. There should be
a little ledge next to it on the left. Get on that ledge, then
do a front tuck, wall run up, and front tuck in that order to
get on the gray ledge above. Then, repeat that move to get on
the roof of that building. Run over to the side of the roof that
has two flat pillars and a brownish film over it. Walk through
this brownish layer until you fall through. You should end up
in the stores. You can exit through any of the front walls with

Glitch: Hollywood: Skateshop of no return:

Note: Save the game before attempting this glitch.
Go to the Romperwood hotel. Get on the very top of the building
(enable the "Moon Gravity" cheat). Turn right, then
walk through the wall of the object with the pyramid-shaped roof.
Once inside, jump off the back of the building. You will land
inside the "skateshop of no return". The only way out
is to reset the game. Note: Talking to the cashier causes the
game to crash.

Glitch: Kyoto: Invisible skateboard:
Go to the junkyard and jump on the first level of the
rail. Walk towards the right until you are standing on a concrete
block. Move around while still on the concrete and you will go
through it. Then, touch the blue line. If done correctly, you
will be in a moonwalk position. Exit the concrete and press Square.
You will launch in the air and come down with an invisible board.

Glitch: Marseilles: Invisible fence:
Grind or rail stall the fence surrounding the level
and turn the camera so that you are looking into the park. You
will notice that the fence can only be seen from the inside of
the park.

Glitch: Oil Rig: Bounce:
When on the boat to the oil rig, go to the front and
try to go up where the two sides meet in the middle. You will
be bounced backward.

Glitch: Skate Ranch: Ride down rail without
At the Skate Ranch where you have the naked lady statue,
you can ride down the rail without grinding.

Glitch: Skate Ranch: Two Sanchezes:
After you beat the game at the Skateranch there are
two Sanchezs. One is next to Iggy's trailer. The other is standing
next to Iggy Boone Murphy and Mindy by the snake run.

Glitch: Skate Ranch: Sky high skater:
Eventually when you are in the Skate Ranch you will
have unlocked the elevator. In front of the elevator are two long
pieces of wood. Using any character, 50-50 grind the wood piece
on the right with great speed. At the very end of the piece of
wood, fall off your board backwards into the elevator. If done
correctly, the screen will go off to the left and your skater
will re-appear up in the sky as if you were skydiving. However,
your skater does not actually fall, but the screen will shake
and you can do unlimited combos. To exit, press Start and
begin a high-score run. Press Start again and end your
run. You will re-appear back at the ranch.

Glitch: Vans Skate Park: Transparent pick
When going up stairs, go in at an angle. You will go
into a zone under the tall vert. Bump into the clear wall. You
will only be able to walk in one direction. Crash and a transparent
will be picked up.

Glitch: Vans Skate Park: Pass through wall:

In story mode, after you have the skate park taken
away and before you have gone to the casino, go to Beverly Hills,
back by the skate park. You will see a driveway. Go along the
wall to the right of the gate. You will find where a corner meets
with the wall and a building. Nosegrab in the corner until you
fall in the wall and appear on the other side. Go to the left
and you will see a giant dirt mound. Walk up it and jump off the
tip. You will appear at the skate park entrance.

Glitch: Created park: Go through wall:

When creating a park you can go into an SC2 building
by putting a short ladder on it and climbing up the ladder. Notice
that the ladder does not go all the way up, and you will fall
through the wall. To exit, run through the indoor walls or get
on your skateboard.

Glitch: Created park: Big air:
Go to create a park. Select the rails that are crossed.
Wall run up it. When you come back down you will be walking without
pressing anything. Get on your board and you will fly up far away
from the park and can sometimes get stuck. Pull back on the Left
and you will slowly do a backflip.

Glitch: Created park: Go through hut:
When creating a park, put a hut right next to a pool
and up against the edge of your park. Get on your skateboard and
go through the little crack between the pool and hut. Try to go
behind the hut and you will end up inside the hut. To exit, go
through a door or a window. The walls will be solid inside and

Glitch: Created park: Ground turns into
Put a house in the corner of the park so that the back
of the house is against one of the walls. On the side that is
not touching a wall, build a pool next to it. Crawl through the
gap between the house and the pool. Get behind the house, between
it and the fence. Then, get on your skateboard and ride around
until you are in the house. When you get inside, the ground will
turn into water. You will fall in and go back to the restart position.

Glitch: Misspelling:
Complete the game on sick classic mode. When you get
the new character screen, look closely. It will read "Careless
Dave" instead of "Useless Dave". Watch the Wasteland video. When it gets to Mike Vallely, it refers
to him by the correct name. However earlier in the game it calls
him "Mike Valley".

Glitch: Wrong stance:
Andrew Reynolds, Tony Trujillo, and Ryan Sheckler all
have their stances as goofy, when they are actually all regular.


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