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1 Tony Hawk's Project 8 on Mon May 30, 2011 1:08 am



Skate as Travis Barker:
Enter plus44 as a code. Travis Barker will be
unlocked in Free Skate mode.

Skate as the Grim Reaper:
Enter enterandwin as a code. The Grim Reaper
will be unlocked in Free Skate mode (two players only).

Skate as Jason Lee:
Enter chocolatecoveredpretzel as a code.

Skate as Christian Hosoi:
Enter hohohosoi as a code.

Skate as Kevin Staab:
Enter mixitup as a code.

Skate as Dad and Skater Jam Kid:
Enter strangefellows as a code.

Skate as Photo Girl and Filmer:
Enter themedia as a code.

Skate as Colonel and Security Guard:
Enter militarymen as a code.

Skate as Grim Reaper:
Enter enterandwin as a code.

Skate as nerd and bum:
Enter wearelosers as a code.

Skate as mascot:
Enter manineedadate as a code.

Skate as zombie Officer Dick:
Enter suckstobedead as a code.

Skate as skinny real estate agent:
Enter sellsellsell as a code.

Skate as anchorman:
Enter newshound as a code.

Skate as twin:
Enter badverybad as a code.

Skate as Pat the Realtor:
Enter shescaresme as a code.

All specials unlocked in the shop:
Enter yougotitall as a code to unlock. Note:
This does not include decks or pro tricks.

Full stats:
Enter jammypack as a code.

Perfect manual:
Enter allthebest as a code.

Perfect rail:
Enter frontandback as a code.

Unlimited focus:
Enter balancegalore as a code.

Almost all decks:
Enter needaride as a code. All decks except
for the Inkblot deck and Gamestop deck will be unlocked and free.

Inkblot deck:
Enter birdhouse as a code.

Vans No Skool Gothic shoes:
Enter hatedandproud as a code.

Full air stats:
Enter drinkup as a code.

Shaba collector's deck:
Complete the ten Classic Mode objectives in the Downhill
bonus level to get a "Sick" rank. The message "Sponsor
Gear Unlocked" will appear. You can now get the Shaba collector's
deck for free from the deck list in the skateshop.

Hint: Downtown: Easy Stokens:
Stall (Triangle + L2) on a car that is
moving and ride it all through town. Jump off when you are about
to fall. You will get a lot of Stokens. Do not stall on the front
of the car because it will stop. Start at the entrance where the cars first enter. When the cars
come through, hold Up until you are skitchin. Ride around
on that car until it goes around the city and starts to get near
the entrance again Jump off before you get to close to the entrance.
Do not go through the entrance or the Stokens will not count.
After that you should get a lot of Stokens.

Hint: Fun Park: Easy Stokens:
Grind the roller coaster around for awhile to get a
lot of Stokens. Note: Do not fall or get hit by the roller coaster
train. Skate over to the large roller coaster. Enter at the entrance
of the roller coaster skating in the opposite direction of the
cart. Fully skate the roller coaster jumping over the cart when
it comes around and land at beginning of coaster entrance. Do
not fall. Land it to get a few hundred Stokens.

Hint: Fun Park: Grind challenge:
To achieve Sick without any Ollies, grind in the same
direction of the cart. You will be in the middle of the track
and you will get the message "Land For SICK Level".

Hint: High School: Easy Stokens:
After you drain the drainage ditch, Natas Spin on the
crank near the building that is close to a pedestrian. When you
jump off you will get Stokens. A fifteen second spin will result
in 250 Stokens.

Hint: Hill Top: Easy manual experience:

There is a slope where you can manual down to get a
lot of manual experience easily. The slope is a road and when
you look down it, you should see a building with a "COME
AGAIN!" sign on it. There is a spot challenge at the start
of the slope. If you start it, you can try to manual all the way
down. Do not worry about hitting all the spots or anything else.
To get easy experience, just go down the hill as far as possible.
When you get to the bottom, instead of going up, just restart
your last goal. You will be on the spot challenge again at the
top of the hill. From there you can manual down again and repeat
this as many times as desired for lots of experience, fast.

Hint: School: Play piano:
Find the awning painted like a piano near Nyja Houston.
Grind it and it will make piano sounds.

Hint: Easy air stats:
Play the first part of Bob B's Pro Challenge. When
you are falling through the air it counts towards your air stats.
Just start the mission and begin flying through the air. Allow
the game to idle like this, because it continuously resets the
mission and when you do not perform all of the tricks and hit
the ground, it just puts you straight to the top and never stops.

Hint: Higher jumps:
Go up to a guard while off your skateboard and jump
a few times over him. Sometimes you will get an extra boost in
air. With this, you can get to a place that you cannot normally
jump to. You can hit a guard and make him chase you to the slums.
In the lot in front of the Jeep Factory is a hidden spot icon.
Hop the guard and collect it.

Hint: Bonus characters:
Complete the indicated task by completing the goals
in Career mode to unlock the corresponding character.

Bam Margera: Complete Pro Challenge
Beaver mascot: Unlock High School
Bob Burnquist: Complete Pro Challenge
Bum: Unlock the Car Factory level
Daewon Song: Complete Pro Challenge
Dustin Dollin: Complete Pro Challenge
Filmer: Unlock the High School level
Jason Lee: Complete the final Tony Hawk goal
Lyn-z Adams Hawkins: Complete Pro Challenge
Mike Vallely: Complete Pro Challenge
Nyjah Huston: Complete Pro Challenge
Paul Rodriguez: Complete Pro Challenge
Photographer: Unlock the Shops level
Real Estate Agent: Unlock the Downtown level
Rodney Mullen: Complete Pro Challenge
Ryan Sheckler: Complete Pro Challenge
Security Guard: Unlock the School level
Stevie Willams: Complete Pro Challenge
Travis Barker: Complete Pro Challenge
Zombie: Complete Pro Challenge

Hint: Videos:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding

All Pros Behind The Scenes Videos: Beat each Pro Challenge one
at a time.
All Pros Day In The Life Videos: Obtained from Jason Lee once
each time.
Bam Margera Pro Footage: Beat the Bam Margera Pro Challenge.
Bob Burnquist Pro Footage: Beat the Bob Burnquist Pro Challenge.

Daewon Song Pro Footage: Beat the Daewon Song Pro Challenge.
Dustin Dollin Pro Footage: Beat the Dustion Dollin and Stevie
Willams Pro Challenge.
Lyn-Z Adams Hawkings Pro Footage: Beat the Lyn-Z and Nyjah Pro
Mike V Pro Footage: Beat the Mike V Pro Challenge.
Nyjah Huston Pro Footage: Beat the Lyn-Z and Nyjah Pro Challenge.

Paul Rodriguez Pro Footage: Beat the Paul Rodriguez Pro Challenge.

Pro Bails 1: Beat the Tony Hawk Pro Challenge.
Rodney Mullen Pro Footage: Beat the Rodney Mullen Pro Challenge.

Ryan Scheckler Pro Footage: Beat the Ryan Scheckler Pro Challenge.

Stevie Willams Pro Footage: Beat the Dustion Dollin and Stevie
Willams Pro Challenge.

Glitch: City Center: Get up on roof:
Go inside the history building with the pool. Break
the glass to get access to it. Break down the scaffolds so tgat
you can get inside the other pools. Then get back out to where
the main pool is located. Get as much speed and you possible and
Acid Drop into the main pool. Boneless (X + Up,
Up) to get into one of the other pools then boneless again
to get high. If done correctly you will go through and land on
the roof. Check here for where to jump.
Glitch: Downtown: Go through bus:
Go to the high school where all of the buses are located.
Get some speed and Ollie. Go into Nail The Trick mode when you
Ollie into the side of the bus. Your skater's feet will go inside
the bus.

Glitch: Downtown: Skater stuck in midair:

Do the mission for Rodney Mullen. When you first start
the mission, Ollie up. Then, press Start and choose "Quit
Mission". When you return to game play, your skater will
be stuck in mid-air. This only lasts for a couple of seconds.

Glitch: High School: Grind on air:
Go to the gym. Note: You must have done the Nerd's
mission. Go to the top floor of the gym and grind where the streamers
were. You will be grinding on air.

Glitch: Clone trick points:
Do a trick or a combo. After the score has faded from
the screen, go in the Nail the Trick mode. Do not do anything
while you are in Nail the Trick mode. After you come out of it,
you will have the exact same amount of points you had when you
did the trick or combo.

Glitch: Clear "Nail The Trick"
Enable the "Unlimited focus" code. Then,
fall, press L3, then press Triangle before you get
up. This will get you the focus screen at normal speed. Alternately,
Ollie or trick off of a ramp, then press L3 + R3
and enter "Nail The Trick" mode. Because you were in
focus mode at normal speed, when you enter "Nail The Trick",
you will have a clear screen and be able to see better.


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