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1 ATV Offroad Fury 2 on Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:15 pm



Code notes:
To enter the codes, select the "Profile Editor"
option at the main menu, then choose "Unlock Items",
and "Cheat Codes". After a code is entered, a message
will confirm correct code entry.

Master code:
Enter IGIVEUP as a code.

All ATVs:
Enter SHOWROOM as a code.

All games:
Enter GAMEON as a code.

All tracks:
Enter TRLBLAZR as a code.

All equipment:
Enter THREADS as a code.

All championship events:
Enter GOLDCUPS as a code.

Disable wrecks:
Enter FLYPAPER as a code. Note: Repeat this
code to disable its effect.

1,000 profile points:
Enter GIMMEPTS as a code and press X.
You will get 1,000 profile points each time X is pressed.

Points for wheelies:
Enter GETONUP as a code.

Very fast and aggressive A.I.:
Enter BRINGIT as a code.

Switch aspect ratio:
Enter WIDESCRN as a code.

Acton replay camera:
Enter STOPCAM as a code.

San Jacinto Isles:
Enter GABRIEL as a code.

Aggressive CPU ATVs:
Enter EATDIRT as a code. Note: Repeat this code
to disable its effect.

Bonus ATVs:
Successfully complete the training course to unlock
the blue, green, red, and yellow Ravage Talon ATVs.

Hint: Launch into preload:
Before you hit a ramp, press the Analog-stick Down
then Analog-stick Up at the tip of the ramp to launch your
ATV into a preload. This is very useful when attempting tricks.

Hint: Zoom out:
Choose a freestyle competition track and race there.
Once it begins, hold R1 + L1 + Right Analog-stick
to zoom out to the point to where your ATV and rider
appear very small.

Hint: Slide perpendicular to ground:
From a standstill on ice, pull a wheelie untill you
are on the verge of falling. Release the controls completely,
and you will be sliding perpendicular to the ground. Use the following trick to slide perpendicular to the ground on
front your wheels. From a standstill on ice, pull a very high
wheelie almost on the edge of falling. Note: It is better to have
the "Disabled wrecks" enabled. After the wheelie is
pulled fully, Brake and press Forward at the same
time then release all controls.

Hint: Backflip:
Enable the "Disable wrecks" code, go to the
track with the railroad, and jump off it . You will be launched
in the air. Hold Left-Analog Down while in the air. This
works better in first person view and does not award any points.

Hint: Stay in water longer:
Press X + Down and do a wheelie before
the five second water limit runs out. This will allow you to stay
in the water as long as you can ride a wheelie.

Hint: Drive in stunt position:
Enable the "Disable wrecks" code, then do
a stunt. Keep holding the stunt buttons when you land and you
can drive while still in the stunt form.

Hint: Easy win:
Start with a Red Ravage Talon and edit the engine stats
all the way up except for perhaps two. Take traction down by 1
or 2, and on suspension go up by 2. When you get enough profile
points, buy the ATV that resembles a Yamaha Banshee or the Trinity
Racing ATV and set it up the same as your Ravage.

Hint: Easy points:
Enable the "Disable wrecks" code, then enter
freestyle mode. If you flip the ATV, you can keep doing stunts
until it flips back over. You can get up to twelve combos before
you stop getting points, unless the back tires are moving you
on the ground. It is possible to get up to 30 combos and 200,000
points from one flip over.

Hint: Anaconda:
At the track that looks like the Amazon, go to one
of the tracks that leads into a river. Once there, you will see
an alligator and some piranha. Staying on the bank, drive down
the narrow but deep river and an anaconda can be seen swimming

Hint: Monkey:
On the St. Croix Sound level, travel to the second
island across from a volcano. There should be a very narrow, shallow
creek/river somewhere on that island, barely big enough to fit
your ATV in. Follow it and you will see a monkey jumping around
in a tree.

Hint: Shark:
On the St. Croix Sound level in free ride mode, go
to the volcano. Look around the base of the volcano for some fish
in the water. Go to the island with the trees, just to the right
of the fish. Go to the end of the island and you will see a big

Hint: Back flip:
Enable the "Disable wrecks" code. Go to the
Vancouver Ridge level in pro freestyle mode. Go to the ski jump.
When you get to the top, go down the ski jump and pull back. You
can do a back flip. Enable the "Disable wrecks" code. Go to the Vancouver
Ridge level with the ski jump. Approach the top of the jump with
limited speed, then as you are about to go down, lay on the gas.
When you are about to go off the jump hold Down to do a

Hint: Drive fast and catch big air:
In any track, drive straight until reaching a huge
hill. Go up the hill, and there will be a big flat field. Keep
driving straight until you hear a shotgun. You will be thrown
off very far. When you are at the ATV selection screen, go to the rider selection
screen and change the rider to a female player. Female riders
are lighter and therefore can jump higher and ride faster.

Hint: Big air:
In Prospect Springs there will be an area with a cement
truck where they are building homes. Note: There is another place
with a cement truck near a single home being built; this will
not work here. Go to the place where they a building a few homes.
There will be a ramp before the cement truck. Jump the ramp and
land on the cement truck (spinning part). You fly very high in
the air. This will allow you to do many tricksl but landing is
a problem. Go to the Arlington Stream level (with the train). Ride on the
tracks and run into the front of the train. You will get huge
air that is easy to land. Note: Enabling the "Disable wrecks"
code will prevent you from doing this. Enable the "Disable wrecks" code, then choose the Wheeler
Junction track in Pro Freestyle mode. Hit the tornadoes to catch
huge air. You can the do a massive amount of tricks before landing.

Hint: Arlington Stream: Train speed:
In Arlington Stream, there is a train. The train will
always be going 30 mph. You can prove this by going onto the train
by going up the ramp at the rear of it. Get in one of the train
cars (the one that looks like it has packed down coal works best).
When in it, stay still. Look at your mph gauge to see that the
speed is always 30 mph.

Hint: Freeport Harbor: Challenging jump:

Drive towards the lighthouse on the side with the bridge.
There should be a boat to your left. Get on the hill/ramp closet
to the boat. Try to land on the boat. Be careful of the trees.

Hint: Vancouver Ridge: Go to top of mountain:

Go to Vancouver Ridge in freestyle mode. Look for the
ski jump at the top of the mountain. Once you find it, go very
slowly on it and accelerate down the ramp. When on the ice, go
to the right of the ramp and pass two trees. Turn left on a smooth
part of the ski ramp where the snow meets the ramp evenly and
go up it.

Hint: Vancouver Ridge: Big jump:
When you are at the first cabin follow the path up
to the top of the mountain. Go through the other cabin's pathway.
You will see the edge of the mountain. Go off the edge slowly,
then speed up when the front wheel is over the edge to fly.

Hint: Flaming tire tracks:
Go to the San Jacinto Isles level. Go into the volcano
and drive through the lava. Your tracks will be on fire as long
as you are in the volcano.

Hint: Monkey:
On the San Jamcinto Isles level, you can see and hear
a monkey. Go to the islands that are surrounded by water. You
get on one of the islands and you can hear a monkey. Note: Turn
down the music volume only to hear it.

Hint: Drive in gutters:
Go to the large lake in Arlington Stream. On top of
the large hill, you can drive in the large open gutters on top
of the two water wheels.

Hint: Sharper turns:
To make a sharper turn, use a slower ATV. Turn as close
to the side of the track as you can and you will not spin out
of control. If you use a fast ATV, you will most likely spin out
of control and hit a wall.

Hint: 360 head spin:
In any free mode, press Select and enter first
person view. Slowly turn the Right Analog-stick and your
character should turn his head all the way around.

Hint: Avoid drowning:
When the water is just barely above your head, pop
a wheelie until you almost fall off and try to keep your head
above water.

Hint: Restart song selection:
Press Start and go down to the song list. Change
it to desired song. Then, go up to "Restart" and press
X. The song will start playing as soon as the countdown
begins. Note: This does not work in freestyle mode.

Glitch: Get on top of tent:
When you are riding in free ride mode, go under an
open box tent with stripes on it. Repeatedly press L1 +
R1 to reset on top of it.

Glitch: Get inside cabin:
Go to Freeport Harbor in free ride mode. Go to the
cabin by the water (that has infinite water beyond it). Go to
the side that attaches to the ground and go under it to where
the steepest slope of land is located. Ride straight up and crash
into the floor, then repeatedly press L1 + R1 a
few times to reset inside of it. Go to Vancouver Ridge in Pro Freestyle mode. Go to the top of
the jump. Line up so that you are facing the jump and go near
the edge, but do not go down. Back up as fast as you can and hold
Down. When your rider falls off, press L1 + R1
to reset. This may take a few attempts.

Glitch: See inside house:
In Rock Bridge Park, go to the house with the rock
under it. Hit the bottom of the house. If done correctly. you
will see the inside of the house.

Glitch: Get inside house:
In Prospect Springs, go to the place where they are
building the houses. Go to the one with the jump beside it. Go
to where the jump slants down to the house. Drive down the hill
where the house meets the jump and press Up. You will start
to sink into the sand and get inside the house.

Glitch: Fly:
On the Arlington Stream level with the train, enable
the "Disable wrecks" code. Hit the front of the train
and you can fly. Enable the "Disable wrecks" code and go to any of the
freestyle stadiums. Find an inclined position off one of the larger
ramps on the outside part.

Glitch: Go underground:
Enable the "Disable wrecks" code. Go to one
of the pro freestyle stadiums. Then, go to a slanted area that
is at an angle into the ground. If you hold it for a while, you
will start to go underground. You will then appear on the outside
of the stadium and can explore. Enable the "Disable wrecks" code. Go to Freeport Harbor.
Go under the docks and go up to where it connects to the ground.
You can go underground. Go to the Arlington Stream level. Enable the "Disable wrecks"
code. Find one of the many wooden jumps. Go to the back side.
You should see a crossbar of wood. Go to either side of the crossbar
and give it some gas. Your ATV and rider should go underground
and pop up on the other side. Go to the Arlington Stream level. Enable "Disable wrecks"
code. Go to the short two support beam train bridge. Go under
the bridge to one of the two corners were the bridge and land
meet. Lean forward and give it gas. You will go under ground.
If you do this while the train is on the bridge you will go under
the train. Go to Vancouver Ridge level. Enable the "Disable wrecks"
code. Go to the ski jump. Go off the jump. Turn around and go
straight into the jump. Floor it and your ATV and rider will go
under the jump and pop out from underground at the top. Enable the "Disable wrecks" code. Go to Arlington Stream.
Go to the waterfall and get under the top rock. Give it some gas.
Your rider should go under the rock and pop up on the other side.

Glitch: Go through jump:
Enable the "Disable wrecks" and "Master
code" codes. Go to the Vancouver Ridge level. Go to the bottom
of the ski jump. Go under the jump and do not turn. You will eventually
go through the jump and land on top. Note: Do not press L1
and R1.

Glitch: High above stadium:
Enable the "Disable wrecks" code. Go onto
any stadium track, then drive to one of the big jumps on the side.
Sit on top of the jump and ride over the side. Hit the wall and
press Up then X. You will sink underground and pop
up on the other side. Press X until your ATV flies out
of the game's boundaries. You will be high above the stadium.
Turn around and do the same thing again until you are as high
as desired. Note: The view down gets foggier as you get higher.
Then, drive over the top of the stadium and hold a trick for lots
of points as you fall.

Glitch: Two shadows:
Play on the Dunes level and go to the top of the biggest
hills in the level. Face in the direction that your shadow points.
Slowly inch along down the top of the hill until you look out.
You can see your shadow down on the ground far below, and one
still under your ATV.

Glitch: Hands in wrong position:
Enable the "Master code" and "Disable
wrecks" code. Go to the Vancouver level and find the big
ramp. Do a "hands-free" trick, such as the Cliffhanger,
and hold the trick after you land. Press Select until the
camera is set to first-person view. Your rider's hands will be
on the handlebars. Press Select to get out of first-person
mode and the rider's hands will be in the air.

Glitch: Hold trick position:
Enable the "Disable wrecks" code. Go to any
level and do a trick. When you land on the ground, keep holding
the trick button (Triangle or Circle). Your rider
should hold the position that he held while in the air. You can
ride around with him for as long as desired. Enable the "Disable wrecks" code then do a trick on
any course. Then, hold Circle or Triangle then hold
Circle or Triangle + X. You will now be driving
like that. For example, do a Cliffhanger and you will be driving
on the handlebars or do nothing.

Glitch: Do a trick and drive at the same
Enable the "Disable wrecks" code. Then, choose
any track and go off a ramp. Do any trick and hold it. When you
land, you should be able to steer your ATV and still be doing
the trick.

Glitch: Nothing on the ground:
Enable the "Disable wrecks" code. Go to pro
freestyle and select the Nassau track. When you go over a big
jump press Triangle + Left. Your character should
do a nothing, then land. While still holding Triangle,
your character should keep doing a nothing on the ground. Note:
This works best with the CT Racing ATV.


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