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1 Treasure Planet on Mon May 30, 2011 4:45 pm



Press L2, Square, L1, Circle,
R2, Square, L1, Circle at the main

Unlimited musket ammunition:
Press Square, L1, R1, Up,
Circle, L2, R2, Down at the main menu.

Level select:
Press R2, Left, Right, R1,
L1, Up, Down, L2 at the main menu.

Flycam option:
Press Up, L1, Down, R1,
R2, Down, L2, Up at the main menu.

Unlock Gallery FMV sequences:
Press Circle, L2, Left, R1,
R2, Right, L1 at the main menu.

View all intermission sequences:
Press Right, Circle, Square(2),
R1, R2, Left, L2 at the main menu.

Debug information:
Press Left, L1(2), Right, R1(2),
Up, Down at the main menu.

Hint: Barrels:
In a non-Solar Surfing level, do not destroy all the
barrels you encounter. Save a strategic few so that you can retrace
your steps when your health is low to gather the energy stored
inside them.

Hint: Reach higher locations:
In a Solar Surfing level, to reach higher places on
the Solar Surfer, press Left Analog-stick Down after jumping
off any platform or ramp.

Hint: Solar Surfing:
When Solar Surfing, be careful not to go too fast.
You might miss a ring on green energy.

Hint: Items:
In Solar Surfing levels, during the Races, go for the
Gold first. Get a fast time without worrying about collecting
everything because you can always replay the level to get all
the items. The turbo boosts can help a great deal with your time.
In non-Solar Surfing levels, check walls for hidden areas; sometimes
you will see some damage that may need investigating.

Hint: Defeating John silver:
In a John Silver battle, duck to avoid Silver's yellow
bullets. Make sure Jim is not on the Morph Pad.

Hint: Supernova: Gold Doubloons:
After you kill the Salamander, use the cannon again
to hit the gray barrels to reveal Gold Doubloons.


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