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1 ATV Offroad Fury 3 on Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:17 pm



Cheat mode:
Select "Options" at the main menu, then choose
"Player Profile". Select the "Cheats" option,
then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes.

All extras except Fury bike:
Enter !SLACKER! as a code.

All ATVs in training:
Enter NOSKILLS as a code.

All tracks:
Enter SNOWBATS as a code.

All rider gear:
Enter FITS as a code.

All exhausts:
Enter ENVIRONMENT as a code.

All tires:
Enter THICK=RUBBER as a code.

All bike parts:
Enter MIX:MATCH as a code.

Enter +FOODSTAMPS+ as a code.

Fast racers:
Enter ALLQUIKI as a code.

All events:
Enter IMP@TIENT as a code.

All music videos:
Enter ROCKNROLL as a code.

G-Ride ATV:
Have a saved game file from ATV Offroad Fury 2
on your memory card.

Ravage Talon DX:
Enter single player mode. Successfully complete the
training course with a "Bronze" average.

Ravage Talon EX:
Enter single player mode. Successfully complete the
training course with a "Silver" average.

Ravage Talon SX:
Enter single player mode. Successfully complete the
training course with a "Gold" average.

Hint: Ground stunts:

Wheelie: Press Analog-stick Down while holding Gas.

Endo: While driving, hold Analog-stick Up and press Brake.

Bicycle: While driving, press Analog-stick Left or Analog-stick
and R2.

Hint: Backflip:
Preload suspension at a ramp and pull back.

Preload the suspension at a ramp and hold Down.

Preload, get good air, and quick double down or quick double back
and hold. Do the same for the front. You will rotate faster and
be able to perform additional stunts for a combo.

Hint: Frontflip:
Preload suspension, press Square and press Forward.

Hint: Knock off riders:
If another rider comes up beside you, you can easily
knock him off his ATV by performing a Bicycle (R2 + Left
or Right) to raise your tires into his or her face.

Hint: Quick return to track:
When driving around in freestyle mode, hold L1
then press R1. You will automatically return to the spot
you were at before you fell.

Hint: City Park: Easy points:
Turn around from where you start. You should see ramps
in an enclosed area. Go off one of the grassy jumps to the area
and make lots of points by doing tricks off the jumps. Note: City
Park can only be unlocked by enabling "All extras except
Fury bike"code or by unlocking Pro Freestyle by racing against
the AI. This may require a few attempts.

Hint: Glacier Resort: Easy backflip:
Go to the Glacier Resort level after it has been unlocked,
but do not go there in amateur short track. Ride around and you
should find two colossal ramps that resemble ski ramps. Go up
the side of the ramp (up the mountain). You should see an opening
when you turn. This is how you go down the ramp. With good speed,
you should fall, rather than going down the ramp. Do not worry.
Keep your balance, and when you land, do so much preload off the
ramp and pull back immediately when you launch off the ramp. If
done correctly with enough speed, you should see "Backflip
2500", indicating 2500 points. You can continue the combo.
There should be a hill that you wheelie over to and preload off
and do a trick. Then, just keep doing wheelies and endos until
you get somewhere between 10,000 to 20,000 points.

Hint: Kulumpa Islands: Secret skate park:

At the Kulumpa Islands, there is a skate park. It has
a funbox and two quarter pipes that you can ride off.

Glitch: Magic snow:
On any of the snow levels, remain idle at the starting
line without moving. Your back will soon be covered with snow.
Even, the tops of your rear tires (which are covered by the body)
will have snow on them.


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