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1 Triple Play 2002 on Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:56 am



Homerun sounds:
Press X to hear air horns while running around
the bases after hitting a homerun. Note: Set the Sound FX volume
to maximum for best results.

Big bat:
Hit two consecutive home runs.

Big ball:
Get three strike outs in one game.

Bigger ball:
Get six strike outs in one game.

Big glove:
Catch a homerun as it is going over the fence.

Fast players:
Steal three bases with the same player in one game.

Small players:
Get over eleven hits in one game.

Hint: Easy strikeouts:
Note: The following trick will not work in All-Star
mode. Throw your fastball at full power and a breaking pitch (slider
or curveball). If you have a right hander, throw the first pitch
high and inside to a batter. Throw the second pitch coming across
your body (for example, with a right hander to the right side
of screen -- player's right) low and outside/inside depending
on the batter (left or right hitter). The first two pitches should
both be fastballs. Throw the third pitch as a breaking ball going
away from your body (for example, with a right hander to the left
side of screen -- players left) low and outside/inside (again
depending on batter). Give a little bit of movement towards the
end of all these pitches with the Analog-stick. If done
correctly, your strikeouts will increase. Play as the Oakland A's and pitch with Zito. If the batter is
right-handed, throw a curveball in the top left corner of the
strike zone. Then, throw a slider in the same location. Next,
throw another curveball in the same location. If the batter is
left-handed, throw him pitches in the top right hand corner.

Hint: Easy out:
When pitching, throw the ball down low and they will
usually ground out. Throw fastballs down and in. The batter will most likely swing
and miss, or hit a lazy fly ball.

Hint: Hide the ball:
Press R1 when you are pitching to hide the ball.

Hint: Pitching:
Keep an eye on the pitcher's energy level. When the
pitcher gets tired, consider bringing in a reliever. The more
heat he throws, the more tired your pitcher gets.

Hint: Throws:
Aggressive throws are by nature less accurate than
normal throws. Save them for when you have to make the big play.

Hint: Batting:
The closer you get the center of your batting cursor
to the center of the ball, the more power you get out of your

Hint: Scoring:
If it is going to be a close play at the plate for
your base runner, tap Down repeatedly to barrel into the
catcher. The collision may knock the ball loose.


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