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1 Twisted Metal Black on Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:35 am



Unlimited health and turbos:

Set the control option to "Classic". Hold L1
+ R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press Right,
Left, Down, Up during game play. A message
will confirm correct code entry.


Set the control option to "Classic". Hold L1
+ R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press Up,
Down, Left, Right(2), Left, Down,
Up during game play. The message "Invulnerability
On" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Repeat the
code to disable its effect. This works in story, endurance, challenge,
and multi-player modes. Alternately, hold L1 + L2
+ R1 + R2 and press Right, Left, Down,

Mega machine guns:
Set the control option to "Classic". Hold L1
+ R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press X(2),
Triangle during game play. A message will confirm correct
code entry.

One hit kills:
Set the control option to "Classic". Hold L1
+ R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press X(2),
Up during game play. A message will confirm correct code

God mode:
Set the control option to "Classic". Hold L1
+ R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press Up,
X, Left, Circle during game play. A message
will confirm correct code entry. You will have unlimited weapons,
health, turbo, and energy.

Weapons for health:
Set the control option to "Classic". Hold L1
+ R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press Triangle,
X, Square, Circle. During game play. A message
will confirm correct code entry.

No opponents:
Select challenge mode. Then, press L2 + R2, L2
+ R2, L2 + R2 + Circle at the opponent
selection screen.

Alternate weapon view:
Press Select + Right during game play.

Alternate view:
Hold Select and press Down during game play. Hold
Select and press Left to change to yet another view.

Character preview:
Press Circle at the character selection to zoom into the
driver of the vehicle. During the zoom, press Circle again
and the view will freeze.

Unlimited weapons:
Enable the "God mode" code, then the "Invincibility
code". You will disable unlimited health but you will have
unlimited weapons. Note: You do not get unlimited turbo with unlimited

Go to the Freeway level. It is recommended that you destroy all
but one or two of the other vehicles before proceeding. Toward
the center of this level is a large construction site with two
big cranes. The one on the right is holding a pipe, the one on
the left is holding a crate. Use the ridge between the cranes
and the road and aim yourself at the control box of the left crane
(at the center box). You only need to hit it once with some kind
of missile. The crate will then lower into the construction yard.
Shoot it open to unlock Axel. Find the crane with a crate and shoot it with a fire missile on
the left.

Once the ship docks on the island in the Prison Passage level
and you can exit the boat, go to the right (left if facing the
ship). Follow the waterline until you reach some crates. Shoot
them up until a ramp is formed. Shoot the side of the ship until
a opening appears. You will find and unlock ManSlaughter there.

Unlock all of the secret characters, then successfully complete
the game in story mode with all of the regular and secret characters.
A FMV sequence showing Minion reassembling and a "Beware
of Minion" message will appear. He appears after Sweet Tooth
on the character selection screen.

Fight Minion in challenge mode:

Select Minion's Stadium, then choose characters and select Minion.
Note: Minion must be unlocked to fight him in challenge mode

Translated Minion codes:

1. I do not think this is real
2. I must speak in code or he will discover me
3. We are trapped in his head
4. This is how he sees the world, how Sweet Tooth sees his life,
it is not real
5. All of us are trapped in his head
6. I miss the old colorful world
7. We will return to old world one day
8. In the real world my name is Marcus Kane

Start the Suburbs level and go to the entrance to the carnival.
Turn left and jump off a hill to land on top of a building with
a structure on top of it. Blow up the structure to reveal a hole
in the building. Fall through the hole and destroy the panel.
A message stating Warthog has been unlocked will appear.

Yellow Jacket:
Play the Junkyard level and shoot down the airplane
that circles around. A fire missile will do the job, as long as
the jet is the only thing in view. The jet will catch on fire,
circle, and crash into a wall in the lowest area of the level,
that leads to a underground tunnel. The suspended crate's opening
faces this area. Follow the tunnel under the sewers, collect the
weapons and health, and continue until you see a control panel
attached to a large column in the middle of a circular room. Shoot
the control panel and a message stating Yellow Jacket has been
unlocked will appear. Yellow Jacket will appear inside the destroyed

Elevators level:
Begin game play on the Highway Loop level. Make sure
that there are no more than one (preferred) or two enemies remaining.
Go to the bridge with the gap in it. Go to the side opposite the
long tunnel. Facing away from the bridge and to the left on the
other side of the wall, you can see two round towers at what seems
to be a powerplant. Hit the one closest to the bridge with a gas
can. It will pop off and start rolling toward the bridge. Make
sure you and none of the enemies are in its path or it will break.
It will slowly jump the bridge and will make a hole just inside
the tunnel. You will find the cube inside.

Freeway level:
Start an endurance match in the Snowy Roads level.
Get ten consecutive kills without being killed.

Mini-Suburbs level:
Start an endurance match in the Drive-In level. Get
ten consecutive kills without being killed.

Minion's Stadium level:
Begin game play on the Downtown level. Locate the set
of buildings connected at the second story on one side of the
river/bayou. You can find it easily since when you drive between
them, there is a big section of wall that is very visible that
you can shoot out to get to the elevators. There is one on each
building. When facing the buildings from the river, take the left-hand
elevator up. Then, circle around to the back of the building.
Along the way you will notice that the ground changes color. About
one car length to the left of that line is where you want to creep
to the edge and barely fall off. You should hit the cube while
falling. If not, you should be on a different level off of the
ground -- jump (press R1 + L1) to get the cube.
It can be seen from the ground floor once you know where to look.

Power Plant level:
The cube for the Power Plant level is on the end of
the Snowy Roads level with the longer building. The cube is on
the right side, high up, on the edge of the ridge there.

Prison Passage level:
Select a fast car. Do the exact same thing to unlock
Warthog, exceptdo not go in the hole in the building.
Instead, drive to the end of the row of the buildings going to
the left. Then, go to the building opposite that, which has a
flat roof. You can do this by driving to the left edge and facing
the building. Turbo and jump when you get to the other edge. Make
sure to brake when you hit the roof. After this, turn to the building
that is next to you and blow up the vent on the roof. You should
see the black cube after the vent is destroyed. Turbo and jump
when you get to the edge to get the cube and unlock the Prison
Passage level. In story mode, start the Suburbs level and go to the entrance
to the carnival. Turn left and jump off a hill to land on top
of a building with a structure on top of it. Then, hop on to the
building just to the left of you. You will then see a power missile
power-up on the building in front of you. Use your turbos and
jump to that building by pressing L1 + R1. Blow
up the structure on the building to reveal the black cube.

Prison Ship level:
Get fifteen endurance kills in the Junkyard level to
unlock the Prison Ship level in multi-player mode.

Skyscrapers level:
Once on Warhawk's rooftop in story mode, there is a
building in the background where the Minion's Tanker flies off
to your building. Face near the edge of that side and switch the
camera view to the farthest selection. You should see a black
cube slightly off the building. You will lose one life when the
cube is collected, but the Skyscrapers level will be unlocked
in multi-player mode. Note: The way to jump is in the direction
of where the tankers appear.

Sewers level:
Begin game play on the Skyscrapers level. Switch the
view to the farthest away from the vehicle. At the bottom of the
crashed plane and to the left (if you were exiting the plane)
is a small billboard at about car level. Shoot it down -- you
may have to be on the next building (the way the billboard faces)
to do so. It will now bridge the gap between the two buildings.
Put yourself in the center of the board and aim yourself toward
the inner part of the hole. Head in at regular speed. You will
have to lose a life to get this cube.

Warhawk's level:
On the Junkyard level in story mode with any character,
shoot down the green Pizza Boy statue (near the Old Warplane and
crane). His pizza box will fall near the vertical crusher and
form a ramp. Go to the ramp and line yourself up to the crusher.
When the crusher falls, use the ramp. When on top of the crusher,
there will be a building you can drive through to get some weapons.
Off the side of that will be a rotating black cube. Jump off to
the black cube to unlock the Warhawk level in multi-player mode.
Another method is to go to the magnet in the Junkyard level. Use
the jump ability (R1 + L1) to get on top after driving
fast to get a boost. Wait for the magnet to go up. When you get
to the top, jump to the platform to which the magnet is attached.
Jump to that, then face out to the junkyard. You will see a black
cube to your left. Drive to it and to unlock Warhawk's level.

Hint: Special attacks:
Set the control option to "Classic". All
of the following except "Rear fire" require energy to

Freeze: Press Up, Down, Up.
Jump: Press L1 + R1.
Land mine: Press Right, Left, Down.
Charge Mine: Press Right, Left, then hold Down.

Invisibility: Press Left(2), Down(2).
Shield: Press Right(2), Down(2).
Rear fire: Press Left, Right, Down + Fire.

Hint: Alternate fire:
Press Down, Up, Down + Fire
to place gas cans on the ground like a remote bomb. Press Fire
again to detonate. If you wait long enough they will charge up
and will be able to produce an explosion that is extremely powerful.
Note: This does not work with all weapons.

Hint: Recover special weapon fire:
When using a special weapon that charges, hold down
Fire and press the weapon selection either way to stop
using the original charging special weapon without firing it,
or suffering a weapon backfire ammo penalty.

Hint: Proximity rocks:
When using Manslaughter, press Left, Right,
Down then use the special.

Hint: Reverse Turbo:
To turbo in reverse, press Gas, then hold Down
(Reverse) + Gas.

Hint: Advanced freeze:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2
and press Right, Left, Up.

Hint: Get out of Freeze attack:
If you are frozen, press Turbo to break out
of it.

Hint: Stay equipped in story mode:
In story mode, destroy all enemies on a stage except
for one. Before destroying the final enemy, cruise around and
get as many power-ups as you can carry. Also, save your special
attacks until you cannot hold any more. Once you destroy the last
enemy, you can carry these power-ups to the next stage (assuming
you do not lose a life or use the power-ups).

Hint: Downtown level: Extra Power Missiles
and health:
Select game mode and car and begin game play in the
Downtown level. Collect at least three gas cans. Find the "R&D
CHEMICALS" sign. Next to it are three to four large white
spherical propane tanks. One is hidden behind another. Lob a gas
can at all of the visible tanks. Two of them will break off their
supports and roll into the street. Both of them will strike a
different building. After the explosions, the building will fall
into the ground. In their place will be a large number of health
and power missile power-ups.

Hint: Downtown level: Extra health:
Go to the elevator opposite the side of the collapsible
building. When you are near the top, press R1 + R2
to gain extra health.

Hint: Drive-in Movie level: Movie screen:

Destroy the big movie screen and watch for your car
in the clouds where the screen would be. This will not work if
the movie projector (located across from the screen) is destroyed.
This does not unlock anything.

Hint: Downtown level: Hell attack:
On the Downtown arena, have an environment special
weapon form the previous stage. Use the power-up on the Downtown
arena and Hell Attack will start. A helicopter appears in the
middle of the arena and fires large amounts of missiles.

Hint Junkyard level: Easy Endurance kills:

Get as many weapons and environment pickups as you
can. Then, jump into the Half-ed bomber that the environment weapon
activates. The CPU AI will sit under or around the bomber. Use
the environment weapon and fire rockets. They will have trouble
shooting you -- keep hiding here until you rack up enough kills.
To get an easy fifteen kills in endurance mode in the Junkyard
to unlock the Prison Ship level, choose Spectre. As soon as you
start, destroy the pizza boy on a crane to create the ramp to
the up-and-down crusher. Note: Using two gas cans on it works
well. Use the ramp to get on the crusher. The CPU cars usually
cannot make the jump, have a hard time hitting you, and sometimes
get hit by it. There is regenerating health to heal any damage
done to you, and Homing Missiles for when you run out of Ghost
Missiles. Note: That this method takes a long time (at least half
an hour), but does guarantee fifteen kills.

Hint: Junkyard level: Quick death:
Enable the "Invincibility" code. Go on top
of the large car crusher where you would get the black cube. Shoot
down the plane with a homing missile. As it flames towards its
destined crash site, go to that location. Do not worry about the
cars that will probably follow you. Wait there until the plane
crashes. When it crashes, whoever was fighting you will now be
dead from the crash. A sign at the top of the screen reading "Jet
Crash Fatalities" will appear.

Hint: Freeway level: Enter Minion's Stadium
when he is not there:
There is a road that leads down to Minion's Stadium
on the left side of the highway, if you are approaching from the
cranes. There will be a Derby race going on, but Minion will not
be there.

Hint: Freeway level: Destroy a bridge:

Find the bridge were the El Rail goes on. Take a gas
can and throw it at the side. If done correctly, the bridge will
blow up, and later the train will fall off and crash in a pile.
Note: This does not unlock anything.

Hint: Prison Ship level: Electrocute men:

On the Prison Ship level, you can run over a box marked
"Danger High Voltage" and watch the three men who are
sitting in chairs get electrocuted. They are near the front of
the ship on a platform. The box is right in front of them.

Hint: Prison Ship level: Explode Calypso's
Select story mode and play the Prison Ship level with
any character. Get two environments and you can explode Calypso's
blimp in the air. It will crash down, and about twenty burning
people will run everywhere.

Hint: Snowy Roads level: Easy win:
When you get the chance in story mode, select Snowy
Roads instead of Drive-In Movie. When you start the level, drive
to the area where the lightning is located and find a place in
the blockades that is partially open. Drive slowly down and you
will be on an extended platform that has health and some weapons.
Stay down there. The CPU players will start racing towards you
and fly straight off the cliff, right over you. Be careful with
Warthog , as he seems to be able to get up quite easily.

Hint: Suburbs level: Ferris wheel:
Go up the hill towards the Ferris wheel. From here,
you will be able to shoot out one of the legs that holds up the
wheel. Once the leg is destroyed, the wheel roll through the town
and eventually fall into the ocean.

Hint: Suburbs level: Knock down buildings:

Begin game play as if you were going to get the black
cube for Minion's Stadium. Before you go onto the elevators, look
at the chemical plant. You will see two rows of big, spherical
chemical tanks. Hit each row with a gas can. One tank from each
row will roll to a building and knock it down. This may require
a few attempts. Note: Enable the "God mode" code for
unlimited gas cans.

Hint: Axel: Secret special attack:
While playing as Axel, select your special weapon,
then press Up(3). Axle will pull his big wheels together
and them ram into someone, causing more damage than his other
special. Note: You only have a few seconds to ram into someone.

Hint: Crazy 8: Secret special attack:
While playing as Crazy 8, select your special weapon
and press Down(3), Up(3). A purple shield will appear
instead of a silver one. To fire the purple shock you must be
close to somebody, and then press L2. While playing as Crazy 8, select his special weapon. Then press
Up(3) to make his front end light up with electricity.
This also works by substituting Left(3), Right(3),
or Down(3) for the corresponding side.

Hint: ManSlaughter (Black): History:
ManSlaughter, or Black, was actually mentioned in Twisted
by Darkside (Mr. Ash) and a reference by Pit Viper.
Darkside wanted to take a demon back named Black, and Calypso
refused, but Darkside took Black with him forcefully. In Pit Viper's
Ending, she Fires at Calypso and his Henchmen, but lets Black
go. All these references are found in Darkside and Pit Viper's
Endings on Twisted Metal.

Hint: Minion: Secret special attack:
While playing as Minion with any car, hold L2
+ R2 + R1 + L1 and press Right, Left,
Up. This attack requires almost all of your "magic"

Hint: Mr. Grim:
Look out to the left side of Road Kill at the vehicle
selection screen to see Mr. Grim.

Hint: Outlaw: Secondary special weapon:

While using Outlaw's special weapon, press L2
again. Outlaw will fire a blue power missile out of the front
of its car. This only works when an enemy is within your front
view. It will not work when Outlaw's special is shooting backwards.

Hint: Outlaw: Extra damage:
Use outlaw's special and at the same time hold R2.
The machine gun and special gun should hit whoever is in front,
causing extra damage.

Hint: Shadow: Secret special attack:
While playing as Shadow, select her special attack
weapon and press Up(3). She will come through the roof
and fire a turret weapon at her opponents, Outlaw-style.

Hint: Sweet Tooth: Surprise attack:
Have at least two or three specials. Find an opponent
then unleash your Mech-a-Missiles from Sweet Tooth. While firing,
hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Right,
Left, Up. You should hear the sound of a cannon
and see three big fireballs and a freeze ball. You should hit
your opponent with twenty hits, a x2 Missile Bonus, and the Special,
resulting in lots of damage. Note: You will lose almost all of
your energy bar.

Hint: Sweet Tooth's family:
After you unlock Yellow Jacket, watch his introduction
sequence. The boy will say that he has a brother. When he says
this, you will see Sweet Tooth standing in front of the boy and
his father with his back towards the screen. If you look at the
profile for Sweet Tooth in the Twisted Metal 3 manual,
it will say that Sweet Tooth's real name is "Needles Kane".
The drivers for Yellow Jacket are Charley Kane and son.

Hint: Warthog: New hands:
Look at Junkyard Dog at the vehicle selection screen.
Find the window below his back tire to see Warthog and his new
pair of hands.

Hint: Yellow Jacket: Easy endurance counters:

Select any level and enable the "God mode"
and "One hit kill" codes. Highlight the special, so
the spikes will come out.

Hint: Yellow Jacket: Easy kill:
Enable the "God mode" code and switch to
their special attack. Then, use your turbo and ram into someone.

Hint: Defeating Warhawk:
Shoot the tankers while they are on the helipad. Warhawk
does not need to be above them. Warhawk's shields will take damage.
After enough tankers are destroyed, Warhawk's shields will cease
to exist and the tankers will stop appearing. Remember to restore
your health often on the level, and hide when you need to. Also
try using the skill weapon "Satellite" for major damage.
Three tankers need to be destroyed while Warhawk is near them.
The farther away he is, the more tankers will need to be destroyed.
After you have destroyed his shields, drive directly to the middle
of the Heli-Pad. Warhawk will then hover above you. While he is
hovering, turn around directly on that spot until you see nine
spikes in front of you, which is the nose of the Helicopter. Pummel
the spikes with whatever weapons you have and watch his life bar
drop down. He will take off again and hit you with some missiles.
You can move back and forth to avoid them or just pick up the
health from Calypso's own helicopter (most of the time it is nearby).
Warhawk will return and hover over you again. Repeat these steps
until he is defeated. If you are using Crazy 8, you can defeat Warhawk without blowing
up his shield. Just use Crazy 8's special on him.

Hint: Extra health:
After you destroy an enemy car, run over the flaming
driver for a little (but well needed) boost of health.

Hint: Launching people into the air:
First, freeze an opponent, then proceed to blast them
with the most powerful attack you have (preferably your player's
Special), as far as you can under their vehicle. Sweet Tooth seems
to work the best.

Hint: Watch yourself in movie:
Choose the Millennium Drive in movie and look at the
screen. You will see yourself doing exactly what your currently

Hint: See person on fire:
Get to the last stage in the two player mode. Turn
your view upward towards the sky to see a person on fire.

Hint: Extinguishing fires:
When on fire, use turbo to get rid of the flames.

Hint: Recommended car:
Choose Mr. Grimm, then enable the "Invincibility"
and "Weapons for health" codes. You now have Mr. Grimm's
speed, special, and turning without his armor weakness.

Glitch: Invincibility when fighting Minion:

Damage yourself to the point that you have no lives
left, then get your health down to the point where if you get
hit one more time, you will die. Get reasonably close to Minion.
Wait until he starts firing at you, then, quickly use the button
combination for your shield. The shot from Minion must hit you
at the exact moment that you hit the last button in the shield
combination. If done correctly, your car will explode and a shield
will appear around the wreckage. Restart the level. Now you should
have a shield that will last for the entire time that you play
the level.

Glitch: Junkyard: Fall through ground:

Destroy the plane that circles the level, as you would
to get Yellowjacket. After that, enter the building in the center
of the level with the breakthrough glass. Find the part of the
wall where it appears that there is a big hole. It should be towards
the corner. Line yourself up with the hole so that if you were
to drive out, you would drive out straight. However, do not drive
out. Instead, slowly press the gas until you just barely fall
over the edge. After that, position yourself to drive out onto
the open dirt. Yet again, do not drive out. Slowly press the gas
again. Eventually you will see your car "twist" around,
like when you fall off a building and do not land on your tires.
Eventually you will see your car sink into the level and keep
falling into nothing.

Glitch: Suburbs: Fall into building:
In the Suburbs level, play as if you were to going
to get the black cube. From the first building, jump the adjacent
row of buildings. To the left should be a tall black building
and to your right a flat building. Do not use turbo. Go to the
edge, speed up, and jump to the flat building. If done correctly,
you should hit the corner and fall into the building. This may
require a few attempts. It may take awhile to get out, but eventually
you will fall, hit ground, and be able to drive out of the concrete

Glitch: Vanishing bus:
When selecting your car, press Circle to look
at the driver. Sometimes the bus behind Roadkill will vanish.

Glitch: Disappearing missiles:
Before you complete a level, switch your weapon into
a missile (homing and fire missiles recommended). When the screen
says that you won, the missile will disappear.

Glitch: Wasted repair:
In any level (excluding those without repair shops),
go to a repair shop when at critical health. Let an enemy shoot
you as you go up the ramp to repair your vehicle. If done correctly
your car should explode and will have wasted a repair.

Glitch: Fall through roof:
In multi-player mode, choose either the Warhawk or
Skyscrapers level. Enable the "God mode" code. While
on the highest roof of the Skyscrapers level, continue to freeze
each other repeatedly. In time, one of the two drivers will fly
into the air, land, and fall through the roof. This will not work
in every attempt.

Glitch: Freeze kill:
Enable the "God mode" code. Freeze an enemy
and continue to rapidly tap Up and Down to get multiple
"cheap shots". If you time the freezes correctly, a
massive amount of freeze missiles will bounce between your car
and theirs, and the enemy's life will deplete very quickly.

Glitch: Remain invincible:
Have the Shield activated (press Right(2), Down(2))
when finishing a level. You will remain invincible until falling
off of any level or finishing the game.


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