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1 Ty The Tasmanian Tiger on Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:41 am



Unlimited health:
Quickly press L1, R1, L1, R1,
Triangle(4), Circle(2) during game play.

Unlock gallery pictures and FMV sequences:

Quickly press L1, R1, L1, R1,
Triangle(2), X(2), R2, Square, R2,
Square during game play.

Show objects:
Press L1, R1, L1, R1, Triangle(2),
Circle, Square(2), Circle, R2(2) during
game play. The locations of hidden Opals, Bilbies, Golden Cogs,
Rainbow Scales, and Thunder Eggs will be shown with colored lines
from the sky (Opals and Rainbow Scales with a green line, Golden
Cogs with a gold line, Thunder Eggs with a purple line, and Bilbies
with a whitish line).

Aquarang, Elemental Boomerangs, Dive and
Swim abilities:
Press L1, R1, L1, R1, Triangle(2),
Square(2), Triangle, Square during game play.

Press L1, R1, L1, R1, Triangle(3),
Square, Triangle, Square during game play.

All talisman:
Press L1, R1, L1, R1, Triangle,
Square, Triangle, Square, R2, L2
during game play.

Ending bonus:
Successfully complete the game with all cogs, eggs,
and opals collected for a 100% completion to unlock a bonus level,
an extra FMV sequence after the ending credits, and the ''Movies''
option at the extras menu.

Hint: Zoomerang:
Collect 15 Golden Cogs to unlock the Zoomerang.

Hint: Multirang:
Collect 20 Golden Cogs to unlock the Multirang.

Hint: Infrarang:
Collect 30 Golden Cogs to unlock the Infrarang.

Hint: Easy kills:
If you have the Multirang and have to fight a group
of Frills, run around in circles while throwing all of your boomerangs
at once.

Hint: Cricky's Cove: Defeating the shark:

At the bottom of the cove are scuba tanks with air
leaking from them. Hit it with your Aquarang so that it floats
to the surface. The cement platforms are low enough for you to
grab on to. Jump up. When the shark has the tank in his mouth,
throw your Flamarang at it. This will make the tank explode, hurting
it. Repeat this until it is defeated.

Hint: Rainbow Cliff: Easy lives:
Whenever you return to the Rainbow Cliff area from
another area, there is a free life icon that you can pick up.
Follow the dead end gully that is to the right of Julius' lab.
The icon is at the end. You can go back and forth from any level
to Rainbow Cliff as many times as desired to get this free life
every time.

Hint: Ship Rex: Thunder Egg:
On the part were you must get the Thunder Egg for Ship
Wreck, there is a hole in the wall by the anchor. Look in the
hole and throw your boomerang at the button. The cargo door will
open. Swim in and get the Thunder Egg.

Hint: Snow Worries: Crossing ice:
Go to where the very thin ice is when getting the Golden
Cog. Walk as slowly as possible and the ice will not break.

Hint: Snow Worries: Getting the cog on
the ice:
When you get to the cog, enable the "Elemental
Bomerangs" code, then break the ice. Before the water freezes
back, switch to the Frostyrang and shoot them at the water. They
will make little ice floes for you to stand on. Keep doing this
until you get to the cog.

Hint: Two Up: Frill kill:
When you have to get the Thunder Egg, collect over
100 Opals then go by the Frills (but not too close). Hold Bite
and wait until Ty starts to turn blue. Then, point Ty towards
a Frill and release Bite. Ty will kill all the Frills.

Hint: Defeating Bad Ty:
Use Frostyrang. When it breaks, he will lose life when
he is on the floor.

Hint: Defeating Fluffy:
Switch to your Flamerangs and get behind one of the
flamethrowers on the sides. Watch out for him hitting you. Aim
at a part of Fluffy that you have not burned yet, and shoot him
through the flames. If done correctly, he should burn down to

Hint: Finding items:
Look behind waterfalls. There is usually an item hidden

Hint: Warp Stone:
The Warp Stone affects the behavior of a Rang chassis.
When added to the Doom chassis it will behave like a normal rang
except that it has extremely long range.

Hint: Last Rainbow Scale:
Enable the "Show objects" code. You will
see a green line above the talismans. If you go to the gate across
from the pillar and look at the pillar's back, the green line
will appear. Go onto the ledge on the side of the pillar, then
glide to the back. If you are in the correct location when you
land, you will be on the ledge you saw when you were next to or
in front of the gate to the Boss portal. Go to the end of the
tunnel and you will find the hidden last Rainbow Scale. If it
is the last scale, you will get a special prize from the Bunyip

Hint: Buying boomerangs:
To Buy boomerangs you must first gather Opals, the
little red stones that fall out of Frills. Note: The Flamerang
is useful against the enemies who hit stones at you.

Hint: Restore health:
If you are hurt, jump in water then get out. You will
now have full health.

Hint: Dennis flips the finger:
In the Bridge On The River Ty level, lead Dennis the
Cheapskate to his home. When there, go into Ty's view and throw
a lot of Kaboomerangs at Dennis. After awhile, Dennis might give
you the middle finger.

Glitch: Flying seahorse:
In the Rex Marks The Spot level, go to the island with
the large stone-anchor on it. Look towards the volcano in the
distance. You will see a small object moving around in the sky.
Switch to the Zoomerang and take a closer look to see a little
seahorse flying happily in the clouds.

Glitch: Floating:
On the Bridge On The River Ty level, go to Denis the
Cheapscape's house. Go on top of a tree branch and jump into the
log with the basket. While you jump, bite the basket. You will
now be floating as if you are sliding down a mountain. Jump to
make this stop. Note: This will not always work.

Glitch: Ground dive:
Run into a wall for a few seconds, then jump and press
Circle. If done correctly, you will dive into the ground
instead of biting. Note: This will now work in all locations.
It might only work behind the waterfall in Rainbow Cliffs and
at the bottom of the Talisman Pillar.

Glitch: Air swim:
Go to the pillar were the talismans are located. Stand
next to the bottom of the pillar. Run into a wall for a few seconds,
then jump and press Circle. If done correctly you will
start swimming in the air.

Glitch: Zoom in without Zoomerang:
Switch to Zoomerang, then go to some area that is clear.
Throw the Zoomerang, then zoom in. While zoomed in, switch to
another 'rang. You can then zoom in with that boomerang, until
the Zoomerang returns. When the Zoomerang does come back, it will
be stuck at whatever zoom it is at. Also. if you switch out of
zoom in/out mode the camera is zoomed in on Ty's head. To get
it off his head, just switch boomerangs.

Glitch: Two mouths:
Use the Right Analog-stick to turn the camera
on one side of Ty's face and you will see his mouth. Then, turn
the camera to the other side of Ty's face. You will see his mouth


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