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1 Katamari Damacy on Fri Jun 03, 2011 3:12 am



Eternal 1 level:
Build the ball up over 1m, 30cm, 3mm in the Make A
Star 4 level.

Eternal 2 level:
Build the ball up over 25m in the Make A Star 8 level.

Eternal 3 level:
Build the ball up over 800m in the Make The Moon level.

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete all levels except for the Eternal
levels. Then, press Circle at the Earth screen for a sound
test and FMV sequence viewer. Note: Press Triangle in the
Japanese version.

Happy New Year message:
Set the system date to just before midnight on December
31. When midnight passes, a message from the King of All Cosmos
will appear.

Control credits:
After completing the game and the credits begin, you
can control the Katamari in the background to roll up items.
Hidden FMV sequence:
After completing the Make A Moon level, replay it and
create a larger Katamari. Replace your old Moon with this to view
a new FMV sequence.

Hidden cousin:
Once all levels have been completed, replay the past
levels. Somewhere on each map you will be able to pick up a cousin
to add to your collection. Note: This was found to be true on
Make a Star 4 and Make a Moon at least.

When on your home world, allow the controller to remain
idle. Your character will begin to move on their own.

Hint: Tekken reference:

In the Make A Star 4 level, go to the entrance
to the garden and look at the side of the teddy bear. It reads
"Kuma's Bear", refering to Kuma from the Tekken


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