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1 Kessen on Sat Jun 04, 2011 12:30 am



Play as the West:
Successfully complete the game as the East.

Play as Minsunari Ishida, for the Kuzegawa,
Sekigahara and Minakuchi battles:
Successfully complete the game as Tokugawa. Issue the
"Enough! We must retire!" army order to play as Jousui
Kuroda andYuki Sanada in campaign mode.

Battle mode option:
Successfully complete the game as the East and the
West. A new option that allows you to choose your battle mode
will be unlocked at the main menu. Any previous battle may be
fought, as either the East or the West.

Hint: Battle strategies:

At the start of each campaign, go for a defensive approach.

Gather your units and await enemy movements.

Intercept advancing enemy units with long-range attacks (canonade/ballista).

Attack enemy units with several units, using special-attacks first.

Keep it going until the enemy unit is destroyed. Do not let routed
units escape as they will reform. More importantly, when annihilating
an enemy unit, your army's zeal will rise, allowing for more special

Use "rally" to raise the zeal of your units when in
battle, preferably on units with long-range special attacks.

Check your unit's status regularly, and retreat immediately if
your unit is losing a battle.

Try to limit the number of engagements, as to have a better chance
of controlling the events on the battlefield. Press L2
to call up a map of the entire battlefield.

Only at the very end (two or three enemy units remaining ) should
you call for an army attack, keeping the units with long-range
attacks at some distance.


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