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1 Kessen 2 on Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:24 am



Select side:
Successfully complete the game with the Lui Bei or
Cao Cao. Select "New Game" and you will be able to choose
which side to be played.

Hidden battles:
After you finish the game as Liu Bei to unlock Cao
Cao's side, notice that the difficulty level is set at normal
instead of beginner (when you played as Liu Bei). Successfully
complete the game as Cao Cao under the normal difficulty setting
to unlock expert level. Select either Liu Bei or Cao Cao at the
expert difficulty setting. Complete the game under expert difficulty
setting to unlock a hidden battle for each side. As Liu Bei, the
hidden battle is The Battle of East Lau. As Cao Cao, the hidden
battle is The Battle of Chang Zheng.

Hint: Dynasty Warriors 4 reference:
During the FMV sequence where the two men are talking
amongst themselves about Cao Cao and Liu Bei, zhao yun is sitting
there listening. Look behind him to catch a glimpse of the character
Gan Ning from Dynasty Warriors 4 going to sit down. What
makes this unique is that the Gan Ning in the game is totally
different looking.


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