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1 Kessen 3 on Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:59 am



Maeda Keiji:
Have a saved game file from Samurai Warriors.

Have a saved game file from Samurai Warriors: Xtreme

Expert difficulty:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty

Continue game:
After successfully completing the game, you can start
a second game with all magic skills, troop levels, and the weapons,
helmets, and armor that were equipped at the end of the last chapter. Unlock all officer biographies to start a new game with a troop
level and experience bonus. Unlock all music to start a new game with a gold bonus. Unlock all battles to start a new game with weapon and armor bonuses. Unlock all moves to start a new game with extra troop types.

Hint: Rampage "manipulation"
stat building:
Using the Rampage can reap many rewards, additional
gold, experience, etc., while most importantly you can increase
your Samurai's Officer Skill levels, and best of all increase
their attributes WAR (Attack) , INT (Magic Skill offense and defense)
and STA (Defense). Should you enter an Rampage with an opposition
Samurai, you may notice a "bonus" above the opposing
Samurai after you achieve 100 defeats, which then released the
enemy officer into the game. This may be "War Cry up"
or "INT up". If the enemy Samurai has a greater amount
in any attribute or Skill, you will have an opportunity to increase
your own based on their amount, should you defeat them in the
Rampage. The greater amount they have of War Cry" or "Freeze"
in comparison to your officer results in the more you can potentially
gain at the end of the Rampage. However, for the three main attributes,
the game uses the following rule. If the difference is between
1 to 10 you will gain an increase of 1 for that particular attribute.
If it is 11 to 20 you will gain an increase of 2. Uf its 20 or
more you will gain an increase of 4. Therefore, try to choose
your Rampages wisely noting the attribute difference. Hopefully
it will not be not too great or it will be very difficult to win.
The massive benefit of the attribute differences is pre-mission;
you can view all visible officers attributes before you start
the battle. Here you can elect who you will mass rampage. Then,
simply manipulate your attributes by changing your helmet, weapon,
etc. to deliberately drop one of your attributes, in order to
increase it by mass rampaging.


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