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1 Killer7 on Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:09 am



Killer 8: 100 Serum Vials:
Press Down, R1, Up, L1,
Square, Triangle, Circle(2), at the the "Press
Start" screen. The healing sound will confirm correct code
entry. You will get the vials when you start Target 00. Repeat
the level over with the code enabled to get another 100 vials.

Killer 8 mode:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or
hard difficulty setting. Young Harman is a playable character
in this mode.

Hopper 7 mode:
Successfully complete the game in Killer 8 mode.

Alternate ending sequence:
Successfully complete Killer 8 mode.

Hint: Faster blood vials:
When you have lots of "thick blood" and you
do not want your machine to stop working with two or three conversions,
tap Start + X repeatedly when the blood is converting.
Do this as fast as possible and you will see the vials being produced
faster than normal and with less blood.

Hint: Climbing stairs faster:
When your character is going up on a set of stairs
and slows down, do the following trick. Turn your back to the
stairs and start running, then do a quick turn as soon as you
start running. You will climb the stairs faster.


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