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1 Killzone on Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:13 am



Cheat mode:
Start a new game and enter Shooterman as a case-sensitive
name. All levels and characters will be unlocked.

One shot kill:
Hold L1 at any menu screen, then press Circle,
Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X. Note:
This code may not work on all levels.

All movies:
Hold L1 at any menu screen, then press Circle,
Square, Triangle, Circle, Square.

Big head enemies:
Hold L1 at any menu screen, then press Circle,
Square, X, Circle(2).

Play as Luger:
Successfully complete mission 2 in story mode.

Play as Rico:
Successfully complete mission 3 in story mode.

Play as Hakha:
Successfully complete mission 4 in story mode.

Quick reload:
Press Reload, switch the gun, then immediately
switch back to your original weapon. When you are in the thick of battle you must reload frequently.
When you are low on ammunition or just want to reload (cannot
be done with no ammunition loaded), switch to the weapon just
before the weapon you want reloaded (before it in the order of
weapons you are holding). Then, quickly switch to the weapon you
want reloaded while you are getting it out. Your character will
load the gun with a fresh clip as he or she preps the gun for
use. This will give you a bit more of an edge in battle as you
will be reloading much sooner and faster than everyone else.

Fast gun switching:
While sprinting, release L3 then immediately
switch your weapon. The next gun will automatically appear in
your hands.

Control character selection screen:
Press Left Analog-stick Left and Left Analog-stick
at the character selection screen to move the portraits
in the corresponding direction.

Hint: Last shots:
It should take about four to seven seconds for a grenade
to explode. In that time, shoot like crazy. For easier aim (unless
they directly in front of you), zoom by pressing R3.

Hint: Easy kills:
When in possession of either the Helghast assault rifle
or the shotgun, conceal yourself near funnel-points for maximum
effect. The shot-spread pattern is enough to inflict mortal damage
on dense groups of opponents. Should the survivors retreat; chase
them with a hand grenade. You can easily knock out entire "clumps"
of opponents using only two actions. When in possession of the sniper rifle, you can take snapshots
at "clumps" of enemies. The sniper rifle can eliminate
multiple opponents that are "standing-in-line" with
a single shot. When playing as Luger, aim for an enemy's chest or head and use
her secondary fire. The secondary fire almost always kills an
enemy grunt in one shot (depending on where you shoot them). Also,
this fire mode is completely silenced so that none of the other
enemy units will know where you are. Also, if you cannot find
a enemy, use her night vision by pressing Square for an
easy shot. In the jungle get extremely close to a bush or plants. Zoom in
and you will be able to see the enemy very clearly without them
seeing you. When playing as Luger, pick up a sniper rifle. Zoom with it. If
you cannot see your enemy, press Square and use the heat

Hint: Defeating the Helghast:
If you play as Rico it is easier to kill the Helghast
because of his strong and powerful machine gun.

Hint: Distract enemy Helghast:
When fighting against one or more Helghast, shoot to
the side of them. They will look away for a moment. This gives
you a chance for a headshot, as they will not move.

Hint: Sniper pistol:
The sniper pistol is the weapon that Luger uses. Because
the sniper rifle has a horrible red glow, use the sniper pistol
instead. It has less power, but on secondary fire it can take
out an enemy with a head-shot.

Hint: Fast gun switching:
While sprinting, release the button. As soon as you
do that, switch your gun. The next gun will automatically appear
in your hands.

Hint: Shoot three shells with shotgun:

When using the shotgun, it has two modes of fire (regular
shoots one shell, alternate shoots two shells). By pressing both
fire buttons, you will shoot three shells, which in most cases
is more useful. Try using this on groups or stronger enemies.

Hint: Knife special:
If you are Luger or Hakha, when the action symbol appears
(when you have your knife out), press X to do a weapon
special. Sometimes, you will throw the knife at an enemy's neck,
run up, grab it, and rip it out the side.

Hint: Assault: Destroying the generators:

When in Battlefields, choose the brown location with
a lot of wooden planks and a ruined town in the center of the
map. When you play as the ISA, get the chain gun and a backup
gun. Run behind the three trees behind their base, where the generators
are found. Crouch and hold R1. The chain gun will rapidly
fire bullets. The meter will appear like this, approximately.
|========= |

Keep doing this and the first one closest to you will explode.
Beware of the explosion.

Hint: Beachhead: Recommended sniper location:

When playing as ISA on this Battlefield level, run
out of the small crack in the wall close to the exit from the
spawn room. You will find the sniper rifle. Go back into your
base and go to the other exit, but move to the large pipes. Between
the first two pipes is a doorway. Enter it and climb to the top
of a tower with a very good view of the surroundings. There is
sniper ammunition at the top of the tower, so there is no need
to leave.

Hint: Siska: Triple shot:
Press both fire buttons at the same time to do a triple
shot; the same as the shotgun.

Hint: Kill comments:
You can use this trick while playing as Luger after
Rico joins on a level.

Slit someone's throat with the knife and he will say something.

When Hakha joins he may make comments depending on who sees the

Snipe a Helghast with the scoped pistol secondary fire.

Glitch: Standing crouch:
Set your crouch on toggle. While playing, move left
to right. Keep repeating this. While moving from left to right,
begin tapping Circle. While doing this, tap L2.
It will seem that you are standing, but you are really crouching.
To get out of it, tap L2 again. Have your crouch on toggle. Crouch, then throw a grenade.

Glitch: Unlimited running:
Sprint and when you start to slow down, rapidly press
Circle. This will enable you to keep running while having
none left.

Glitch: Chain gun:
In multi-player mode there are endless amounts of weapons
that respawn. When the enemy or a friend gets the chain gun, kill
them. If you already have it, stand on it. You will be able to
shoot three missals at one time.

Glitch: Helghast shoots in air:
Enable the "Big head enemies" code. Kill
any Helghast and they will shoot up. Note: Do not watch them shoot
into the air if there are any other Helghast in the area. If there
are no more Helghast, you can watch him shoot in the air if you
can keep up with him.

Glitch: Enemy back or front-flip:
Get a shotgun and triple shot (standard plus secondary
fire). Find an enemy (Helghast or ISA). If you fire it into their
chest, they will do a backflip because of the force of the gun.
Do it to their back for a front flip. This works best with the
Battlefields option.


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